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The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In Right Now - VeChain

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In my opinion VeChain is THE BEST cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. Over 80% of my current portfolio is staked on this one coin. That's how confident I am in this project. And in this video I'm going to show you exactly what's so special about VeChain. Click Here To Invest In VeChain (Binance Link): http://bit.ly/2FKKH8E
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Improvement Pill (7 months ago)
Disclaimer: You should only invest in cryptocurrencies with money that you are comfortable losing. There is a lot of talk about the cryptocurrency space being a bubble and for the most part that is true. There is a lot of speculation and money being thrown into worthless coins, but this does not mean ALL coins are a bad investment. It's up to you (if you're interested in investing) to do your own research on any coin before making a final decision. I did not make this video because someone paid me to do it. I did not make this video because I believe influencing my audience would effect the price of the coin (i doubt we'd be able to make a dent on a 1.5 billion cap coin). I made this video because I came across an opportunity (found out about VeChain) a couple of months ago and decided to research it. As I learned more and more about the company, I started to believe more and more in this opportunity. I wanted to share this opportunity with you guys because I believe it can change some lives. Make some of you wealthier. Take this advice with a grain of salt, only invest with money you have sitting around in the bank doing nothing, and AGAIN DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH BEFORE MAKING ANY FINAL DECISIONS.
Jonathan Nagel (5 months ago)
can you link a video you would endorse as the best intro to what cryptocurrencies Are as a Concept? I just got into your channel an hour ago through the Tamed series (kudos btw) but this video has been removed. could you add al ink in description box that goes into what it is?
dubi799 (6 months ago)
Have you had a look at INS Ecosystem? If so, what's your opinion on it?
Sandgem Town (6 months ago)
Buy it on GDAX. It is the partner of Coinbase but it has less fees so buy it from there and then move it to Binance.
Improvement Pill (6 months ago)
Buy BTC or ETH on Coinbase -> Move it to Binance -> Trade it for VEN (VET)
Improvement Pill (6 months ago)
Father Leo (7 days ago)
It might be worth getting into now 😂😂😂
Justin Freeman (8 days ago)
LOL - so how did Vechain do? I'm not huge on cryptos, but I just dug a little and it looks like it went from trading for 24 cents per unit to 10 cents per unit.
Williams Juarez (10 days ago)
Aaaaaaaaaand it’s gone
Adams 2.A (11 days ago)
Glad I didn't invested. Vechain was at more than $10 in january. Six month later it's at $0.01😂
Basit Muhammad (9 days ago)
no body (15 days ago)
Jenny Reeds Queen (2 months ago)
I'm using *First Million Road* tools for trading
HULK likes green charts (3 months ago)
Wow so many bad reactions. Yet you gave them an introduction into cryptos most people are yet not aware off. Vechain is king of crypto!
Fabian4n (3 months ago)
This video was very useful, Why everybody is hating?
Grits (3 months ago)
So how’s your Vechain coming Improvement Pill?
crypto D (3 months ago)
Nice video, Ledu is up 25 on CMC, any thoughts?
JH H (5 months ago)
Nice fckn Investment advice boi 😂 JK im still going Long
mike da bomb (5 months ago)
So, what do you think now? I'm in VEN and concerned. Thanks
Juubes (5 months ago)
This was just bad
Lui Graham (5 months ago)
So glad I didn't invest in vechain, it was at $14.76 when this was uploaded now it's at $5.59😂
Basit Muhammad (4 months ago)
Lui Graham now it's just $2.36
gustacular (5 months ago)
Cryptocurrency is not a technology. Blockchain is the technology that crypto is based on.
gustacular (5 months ago)
so to clarify, Vechain is not a currency, but a technology.
Sharayia Walker (5 months ago)
I’ve watched every video on this channel some 3-4x still nothing on how to get over ex 😢
Morris Alyas (1 month ago)
if you find a way tell me please
Tadas Zut (5 months ago)
Thanks for the video, I am unsubscribing!
Talia Vo (5 months ago)
I could also say the best crypto game to invest in right now in 2018 is cryptocelebrities.
Mind of Habit (5 months ago)
Thank you for the awesome video! I make Similar self help videos, you guys should check them out!
Tom Jarle Hammer (6 months ago)
It fixes a problem that no one cares about. If something's authentic? "It's authentic, it has a chip on it" is just like saying "it's authentic, I bought it for 200$". Who cares. Not the people buying this stuff, I can tell you that much.
Mr Buddy (6 months ago)
Dude I really admire your channel but the moment you started shilling and created a Cryptocurrency video you ALMOST lost a subscriber. I'm not going to unsubscribe NOW but I might if this channel turns from Improvement Pill to Improvement Shill.
Triton (6 months ago)
But the Problem with VeChain is that the Technology isnt here im not saying its a Trash coin But its a higher Risk than Holding something like ETH or Btc
Tanmay Dubey (6 months ago)
Hey... can you make an video on increasing consciousness
Jay's Music (6 months ago)
Thanks for this
Tomas Pham (6 months ago)
Dogecoin for 2k18, you can say what you want but this coin is going to change the world.
Marty jr (6 months ago)
This has NOTHING to do with self-improvement! -.-
Or St (6 months ago)
:)))) Nice job guys , you won this guy some money. Look at the price chart of VeChain after 16 jan . To see how he used his subscribers to pump up the price by 3 dollars. . . . This world is full of fools ... :(
Patrick O'Connell (6 months ago)
Sensitive subject, sensitive times lol... bcc
Cryptonite (6 months ago)
Wabi is better We want a 100x not a 5x
Frank Thomas (6 months ago)
ENJ.....Enjin Coin!!!....Get that sleeping giant  before it rises out of the ashes. Shows promise, Really was on track before the Coin crash. Buy it in the second dip!!
Eddy Breton (6 months ago)
This is absolutely terrible. VeChain went from .26 on Dec 1, 2017 to 7.18 on Jan 1, 2018, reflecting a price increase of 2,660%. It trades on exchanges that do NOT charge fees for market makers, resulting in spoofed volume. This shitcoin is created by chinese whales to further extract capital from the uninformed, the crowd. I'd unfollow, but I enjoy your other content.
Chronos (6 months ago)
Sweet! Love that you're also interested in VeChain <3 Got in myself at 1$ and 2$, and bought some more at the 4$ dip after the korea panic
Ivan Gonzalez Hansen (6 months ago)
Man, thank you for all these videos. Actually, this is my favorite YT Channel :) I have to watch a lot of tour videos and start to apply most of the tips.
hasen195 (6 months ago)
Classic silicon valley circle jerk. I usually like your videos but this one is just .. laughable. (sorry; honest opinion).
Zhou Marco (6 months ago)
do they have a wallet? Cause I can't find anything about it!
Rick Reed (6 months ago)
OK i bought some vechain. which wallet should I use to store it?
Frank Thomas (6 months ago)
STENEUM coin!!! Boom
Ammekaly banay (6 months ago)
Dear Improvement Pill Where Can I parchase VEN I’m in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦.
MrBibster91 (6 months ago)
Pump and dump
Luis Mejias (6 months ago)
100% Genuine Question: What exactly backs up a VeChain coin? One is not buying shares but rather crowd-funding VeChain as a company to implement their chip technology to track products/goods. How does a ICO compare to an IPO for instance? and What exactly are you investing in when you purchase a coin? Thank you.
TedKeyboard (6 months ago)
WaBi does exactly this, has more partnerships and has a MUCH lower current market cap. So why not them instead?
Dewan Hassan (6 months ago)
At the time of this video posting the price of VEN was $3.60 and now it is $9.10. You would have gotten a return of over 250% or 2.5x your money if you had listened. At this point if you are disliking this video the only reason you should be doing it is because you forgot to invest after being informed of why. Congrats on your returns @Improvement Pill. At what price did you buy it at if you don't mind me asking?
Andy (6 months ago)
With cryptocurrencies you don't want to buy at all time highs most of the time, unless you're holding long term or the charts have been stable for a while. The best time to buy this coin was on the recent dip when improvement pill uploaded the video (Jan. 16) If you're watching this video late and are buying at an all time high, don't blame others if you lose money.
Chris Morrissey (6 months ago)
Don't invest in what you don't understand, and especially don't endorse very volatile financial products to your fanbase of mostly entrepreneurs. There are very few people in general who both understand cryptocurrencies and are in a position to invest in them. In my opinion having invested successfully for 5 years and read plenty books, is that crypto's ought to make up a speculative piece of a much larger portfolio, maybe consisting up to 10%?
InternetMensch (6 months ago)
well.. could have been more informative. maybe some cons or considerations would have been gr8. or details on HOW they want to obtain the security for the goods and services. coz so far this sounds like a commercial to me. like raiblocks 7000k transactions per second etc. every youtuber just repeats the commercial.. so i disliked the video. need details on the tech and real world usage proof.
PMonkey (6 months ago)
Please! Make a video about aura like those about meditation!
John Sheppard (6 months ago)
PRPS is the next big coin
Joe Picone (6 months ago)
Market Cap = Total Circulating Supply X Current Market Price
TheShufflejimmy (6 months ago)
Improvement Pill Can You Show Us How To Buy Vechain Coins ??? Keep Up With The Work
Ante Saric (6 months ago)
Seriously? You are uneducated when it comes to this matter. Why would you put your self in this position? You are losing reputation and face with this video. This is pure propaganda pump&dump video. Highly unethical.
Christopher Kinnaird (6 months ago)
ulekiN (6 months ago)
I love it. Since the video came out the currency doubled in value. All you guys out there saying it's trash lmaooo you had been warned
Dario Šimunović (6 months ago)
Wow VeChain actually got pumped! Thanks Improvement Pill ! :)
Terence Chill (6 months ago)
So many haters, I love this video. Thanks for the info IP.
Mohamed Nasser (6 months ago)
That is surely a great choice and great video Still love ur videos and please enlighten us with any other futuristic coins !
Joshua Chakkapark (6 months ago)
Because of this video I invested in Vechain. Four days ago my estimated value was at 3000 dollars (the amount I put in) now it is at 5437. This guy has dedicated his time to help people and you all make accusations that he is trying to push his own coin. Thank you improvementpill for all your years of helping people improve.
molehero (6 months ago)
using your subs to shill a coin lmao new low
Siragusa w (6 months ago)
One question you guys, where can saved more than 50 different krypto coins safe for long term? Which cold stor, which wallet accept so many different type of coins, if have to.... any tips guys please
Cedric Olieux (6 months ago)
smh at people thinking a video with 37k views will impact the price of VEN/VET
James Brooks (6 months ago)
Please don’t just listen to this guy. The coin he is promoting is very risky and near as established as many other coins. Do you own research.
Pentru Barbati (6 months ago)
Evrybody is an expert in cryptocurrency now
Helmuts Gerhards (6 months ago)
Where can you get a free wallet for this? Is there free vaucets to test or browser farming for this?
Newjeffersonman Hi (6 months ago)
So how do I invest in veChain, new investor.
Jack TM (6 months ago)
Lost a sub
Motivação Para Todos (6 months ago)
why ppl crying to much bout his video?
Mark (6 months ago)
Seems interesting concept but I can't get the idea of you making this video in hopes to confront your own doubts and fears to make yourself feel more confident... I guess you know the concept of that though, so it is unlikely but still. Anyway, I have been in the stock markets for 4 months actively now and made around 19% in short-term trades. I am not professional but I know some things. I hope I don't make too long of a post but this chip thing rather seems like really interesting COMPANY concept where to invest, since it is revolutionary in industry 4.0 concept - the data monitoring, connectivity, IoT in agriculture and even giving products detailed "identity" of some sort. It gives that feeling like you watch some Kickstarter and they promise to make a spaceship which takes you to Mars. Yet we all know a guy who in some sense quite literally is doing it aka Elon Musk. Yet as an ex-economics and now electrical power engineering and mechatronics student I have this question how affordable this solution is. I mean, they would need to grow their production sizes really rapidly if they want to grow rapidly: bigger factories, faster machines etc - upgrading all those are expensive to do which increases the marginal cost. It would be really interesting topic to analyze. I hope you ignore my first paragraph and won't be mad. I would really like to see some real quality discussion here. Really interesting for me at least. Thank you.
Mark (6 months ago)
I don't quite understand why should the cryptocurrency have a factor in this. I get the chip part but is the currency closed-end fund? And doesn't it seem like the cryptocurrency part of the company seems to rather be a limiting factor because "All participants must use VET to get products and services."?
Ahmed S. Zugail (7 months ago)
I guess what he is trying to say is, money is the best improvement pill...
Nityendra Singh (7 months ago)
You are ruining your reputation by shilling vechain. Just focus on what made you famous. People ll lose trust on you as I just lost.
Awesome tech World (7 months ago)
Cryptocurrency have higher fluctuation and highly depends on bitcoins .If bitcoins dies every cryptocurrency dies
Dat Guy (7 months ago)
What about BAT + the Brave browser as a means of revolutionizing the way content creators get paid? Philip DeFranco even mentioned it today.
Applied Hobbies (7 months ago)
Thanks so much for the video, I just did hours of research because of it, I even read the "not a white paper" white paper. So I have an honest question that I hope you can help me answer. So I understand it has a lot of applications in the "real world" by tagging products with block chain embedded RFID trackers and helping consumers keep track of the authenticity, that's a real and valuable service. My question is, how will this help drive the value of the coin? It seems there is an enterprise solution, and there is the coin, but I don't see how they are necessarily related or how let say, if lots of companies started using the authentication service, why the value of the coin will go up or down.
DomZ Ross (7 months ago)
where and how do i trade VeChain
thtfhuj tutu (7 months ago)
So many negative comments and baseless statements. So it's ok for people to have channels shilling shitcoins like Tron but the moment he shares something he's personally excited about which has a solid backing and working product people go wild?
Tiger Jockey (7 months ago)
I think people are going to get the impression you were paid to shill the coin, when that was just a launching off point for the real shill, the crypto trading site. I have no problem with this kind of shilling, but oof bad timing to talking about cryptos when we're getting reports of suicides and mobsters breaking knee caps over Bitcoin fueled ponzi schemes. I've been waiting for the obvious bubble to burst, and for the public interest to recede before seriously thinking about investing in cryptos. I'll take your advice and look into the crypto you recommended, and other current lower market caps with weight behind them.
Kidades (7 months ago)
Although it might get into top 10, it can't go more than 7-8x within a year. It's better to invest in a promising ICO, as they can easily go 100-200x
bangousta1 (7 months ago)
Fabulous VECHAIN, look at officials partners and more... and with THOR, excellent... do ur own researchs
Every Day Discovery (7 months ago)
But this isn't Investing Pill...
Raj Vaswani (7 months ago)
Cryptocurrency itself doesn't solve any existing problem. So it'll eventually fail. Just a matter of time until the bubble bursts. Don't believe in techies or people who say they invest in them as they DONT. Tell them to Show proof of their investment. I bet even improvement pill won't show any proof. No offence but this video was just for making more money as people these days are investing and researching more in crypto than any other asset or investment class. To end In simple lay mans term crypto currency is like a video game. Don't invest in it. Period.
Pedro Chang (7 months ago)
Improvement Pill, I know you really don't care what people say, but I just wanted to support you in your venture to talk about these finance. It is unfathomable how butt hurt people get when you make videos pertaining to wealth, but as a business major, isn't all your videos helpful in a round about way to make wealth? It is much harder to be successful without being clear minded (meditation) or having good social skills. I highly doubt people who are giving you grieve on making this video are aware of this. I hope this cheers you on to continue making videos that have not necessarily been your area of focus. I'm sure you're still exploring new topics that will increase your potential to teach even newer topics (for me to learn too). TL;DR I totally support you going after explaining about something you're lately been passionate about. Keep up the great work!
Ikooko (7 months ago)
I've been thinking and have come to realize that despite your messages having traits of truth and competence a singular trait is lacking; the evidence of the end result. In writing often the author is considered separate from the text in question, however in the aspect of life coaching credence is often given to the message when the author is looked upon as a motivational figure. The latter has been filled by Improvement Pill's presence on Youtube and other media, but the true aspect of the figure is missing. To put this shortly, YOUR MESSAGE WOULD HAVE MORE CREDENCE IF WE KNEW WHO YOU WERE. Advice on CryptoCurrency, Dating and even anything else would only be made more valid if we knew who you are. The shift towards the sudden advice on cryptocurrency as well as what I've observed as click-bait in recent videos has begun to underwhelm my trust level. I still believe that you push stellar content from time to time, but how about a face from time to time eh? Cheers, Ikooko
Kaahn (7 months ago)
What do you think of Tron?
Superpasi7 (7 months ago)
The coin you’re promoting just lost 28%
Alfred Lo (7 months ago)
Trying different ICO may be one way to earn
Shaquille Alderman (7 months ago)
Should invest in ven/btc or ven/eth?
Deadly Gaming (7 months ago)
why the vechain price is getting lower ??? 4$ now
Deni Torie (6 months ago)
now 7
Kevin Losciale (6 months ago)
Now 9$
Tim Atkins (6 months ago)
Market correction. It actually was one of the best performers. Now $8 at time of typing.
TiNo (7 months ago)
Better investment: BNB Coin
poiewhfopiewhf (7 months ago)
wow... I legit just got done commenting on how based zeus led his viewers to bitconnect. wtf man
Robin (7 months ago)
The market cap is not much money has been invested in a coin, but the amount of coins times the price of that coin. When you say that is equal to the total investment, you're not taking into account that the first coins were bought at a lower price than the price is now. Thus the invested money is less than the total marketcap
M.Falkey (7 months ago)
Here is the best answer: none of them.
Superpasi7 (7 months ago)
It’s gonna be just like Bitconnect
SaturdayCoffee (7 months ago)
Dogecoin is the wey
Chillypuwn (7 months ago)
Although VeChain looks promising, this is not the type of shill video we need. It focuses way too much on "get rich quick" than it does the actual technology...
Nathan Kiefer (7 months ago)
Chinese government? You know they spy on people, like their own citizens, im sure they want to use these to those ends.
Jonas Weiß (7 months ago)
I usually like your content but comn man. You are openly promoting something that is 80% of your portfolio. If you had any idea what you are doing in crypto there would be no way ever VeChain would be more than 20 % and thats really really aggressive allready. I have spent a ton of hours on crypto and noone who knows what he is doing would ever have 80% of his portfolio in one coin (besides Bitcoin).
fpsSYRIA (7 months ago)
I wish I had 1 million dollars so I can invest it in this gem. It’s going to moon!
seigemeister • (7 months ago)
Vechain huh?¿ Will have to look into it!
Anh Tuấn Lê (7 months ago)
Why I cannot register account :3
Songlao Sin (7 months ago)
Can I store Vechain in paper wallet? anyone tell me a way to store it
Meet Lunagariya (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your opinion

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