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Blockchain Battles: EOS vs. Ethereum and Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash

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Octav Florescu (1 month ago)
"privacy by default"! yes, yes "crypto anarchy"! yes, yes So you are suggesting some mix of EOS + Monero? @not being allowed to buy plane/train tickets: https://www.facebook.com/NowThisFuture/videos/2142574652450370/?hc_ref=ARSuh2tNHmRyPQo97YUyiepB8bpkpaYvFbY9UacvejIibI33Gzd5bR4Ijl90RywEU1E
Richard Neal (1 month ago)
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vietbui3 (1 month ago)
I need a technical translator for this video.
info GBSemi (1 month ago)
Liberty Block voted NO? Please listen to Dan and vote yes for launch.
T-Fox (1 month ago)
Watch An Open Secret on Vimeo if you want to know about Brock Turner.
Will Zhang (1 month ago)
Is there any comment on oschain? oschain.io
Jin Literatus (1 month ago)
When is the best time to invest? Do you have videos about new ICOs too? I'm interested specifically in SciDex.
Scott White (1 month ago)
Cue fomo for EOS
Selim Bisevac (1 month ago)
EOS will allow developers, free thinking entrepreneurs to thrive without the demonic control of governments. Reward token holders with airdrops and staking, overall if eos pulls this off it could be a trillion dollar company!!
ken ken (1 month ago)
Token pay next
Cimanera (1 month ago)
William Leather (1 month ago)
Tron >>> the only one you need . . .
busymountain (1 month ago)
Phoenix1969 (1 month ago)
Vaporware Speculation.
Jeremy Hanson (1 month ago)
Can you do a review of Holochain? It might be a better solution to decentalized apps.
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T hughes (1 month ago)
Pedophile loving channel. Zionist crap. Fuk you Jeff you scumbag sellout.
five00pagesaday (1 month ago)
Jeff and his friend are idiots. If humans are generally good then explain Hitler and German people wanting to kill a race of people. Good actors do not over run bad and no proof of it. These guys are naive and their anarcho crap has never been tested and is a utopia retarded fantasy
drain the swamp 2.0 (1 month ago)
ask bix weir what the name eos means and soon you realize eos future.!
Juni LEE (1 month ago)
The for-profit Ripple company can freeze transactions on their side.
Upgrade (1 month ago)
Companies need privacy to buy from suppliers otherwise competitors can copy their secrets
Artem S (1 month ago)
Privacy by default! You betcha!
Alien Hunter (1 month ago)
Liberty block what? Everipedia? I need more info about the anarco block thing. Thanks
Guilherme Deus (1 month ago)
oh you bcash shill... lol jk. Can you do a segment on NEM? what's your take on the coin
LORD EGGER (1 month ago)
29:24 what Name Daniel Cra....?
Dan Truitt (1 month ago)
Dude, thanks for the info but you look like shit.
xpressive (1 month ago)
everyoe you ever talk to has fraud written in their faces xD like srly, how obvious is your bullshit
finn1951 (1 month ago)
EOS is a pedophiles coin .
Lachlan Greenbank (1 month ago)
Shilling Bcash.Claiming lightning isn't out. When did you become a shill dude?
A Rose (1 month ago)
Max Entropy (1 month ago)
This guest is the same chap that I referred recently as a light weight or a no weight. He has said nothing significance. This is fluff. . Berwick should have better common sense, than to deal with fluff. The interviewee refers to the track record of Larimer then spins it as if it were a success story. Specifically, that BitShares and SteemIt were successes when it in fact both are failures. More specifically, Larimer created each of the aforementioned systems, and then grabbed the proceeds of the ICOs and bolted. . The guest then goes on to taut the value of the investors that Larimer brings to the EOS venture. This statement s crap. The very least Berwick and the guest could do, would be to google the court documents attached to Brock Pierce. This is disgusting. . The guest then refers to value that Brock Pierce brought to the Bitcoin Foundation. Right. Everyone resigned and left... because of the court documents. . Berwick you can do better than this. . Google the documents. Then decide if you should be promoting EOS.
DOMEATHOME (1 month ago)
Tokenpay (TPAY) baby!!!!😎😎😎
slavixtube (1 month ago)
EOS FTW! Soon to be #1
erfho8y (1 month ago)
Sir, I need to know. What's the intro song?
A3 Skywarrior (1 month ago)
21 block producers is decentralized? I guess I don't understand enough about POS
Deadbeat Pennyless (1 month ago)
I can't go along with "forkfest". That would dilute Bitcoin Cash. BCH will support fungibility which I think Rafael is confusing with privacy. There is the CashShuffle protocol that is being considered for use on Bitcoin Cash that will provide fungibility and that will help with privacy. Thus it is not accurate to claim that BCH is not considering these concerns. The primary focus is on adoption and making Bitcoin Cash the best medium of exchange in the world.
Alicia I (1 month ago)
Awesome conversation, thanks for sharing all the "good philosophy and good theory"!
TomTom22441 (1 month ago)
Jeff this was a great discussion. I am a subscriber and a supporter of what you do, but in my opinion Ethereum is more in keeping with libertarian principles because it’s just a set of immutable rules that everybody can go by, where as Eos is subject to human commiseration and intervention. Look at the criminal activities of our so-called representative bodies all around the world, scumbags that should be strung up from trees are running all of our countries with very few exceptions. Do we really want to have this human element with all of the voting and politicking and conspiring and influence peddling bullshit contaminating the operation of the block chain systems underlying everything we do? I don’t.
k7gixxer1000 (1 month ago)
Ethereum Classic is the only immutable Ethereum
Robert S (1 month ago)
EOS will be $50 by end of year. All the haters will lose BIG LEAGUE.
ken ken (1 month ago)
Robert S very possible
JJESSEE (1 month ago)
Kiwi AustEcon (1 month ago)
Majority rules democracy. Yeah great idea. A crypto government. Ancaps seeking out government?? Wth
pedro magoo (1 month ago)
Thank you for this great video.
srigyre (1 month ago)
Sociopaths/Psychopaths move to the top of centralized hierarchical systems. The solution is to decentralize authority so power can't be leveraged so easily by these bad actors.
Diane Collee (1 month ago)
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John Caz (1 month ago)
TokenPay (TPAY) is what you guys should look into! It’s not an ERC20 token, it’s a BTC fork with the best privacy option plus they just bought a stake in s German bank to facilitate a working relationship between fiat and crypto ! Would like to hear your thoughts, please look into it
Effortless.IT (1 month ago)
Tokenpay is going to be a top ten crypto. DYOR!
DOMEATHOME (1 month ago)
John Caz agree. Very promising projekt, and a pretty advanced one, too!!
Man 'O' War A (1 month ago)
Jeff Berwick-what do you think about Credits(CS)?
Coinmarket SWOT (1 month ago)
Great interview. The dislikes are because people in CC don't want to face the truth.
badsf madf (1 month ago)
Nobody cares about the amount of ETH that EOS holds that could possibly be dropped on the market after launch?
Obi-Wan Kenobi (1 month ago)
I sense that you start to loosing the momentum
Robert Lefebvre (1 month ago)
Way too much trust in voting and democracy. The US Congress is a perfect example. They have the lowest approval imaginable but reelection is the norm. They all have been co-opted by special interests and so too could any crypto currency
Gustavo Monraz Durán (1 month ago)
Welcome to Jalisco! Have a nice stay. I'd love to work for you.
Gary Scalf (1 month ago)
Thanks Jeff great video
Gary Scalf (1 month ago)
It is amazing to me that so many people don't understand what is happening with Bitcoin and Ethereum in the CRYPTO Market right now. There has been at least for two years now everyone talking about why there has not been a mainline adoption of Crypto.I like what Vitalik Buterin said "the problem with Ethereum is Ethereum" . There has been this race for scalability for over a year now and every body knows it . Bitcoin with 3 transactions per second and Ethereum with 12 (TPS). You can't have any significant Corporate Adoption on such a slow platform. the Blockchain has been Decentralized yes, but in Operability No. Bitcoin gave us Blockchain 1.0; Ethereum gave us 2.0. The Block Chain as we know it is about to come to an END with its high mining fees and super slow (TPS). EOS is coming and it is not just another coin on the Block Chain 2.0 Crypto Market Cap, it is another Block Chain all together. It is the NEW Block Chain 3.0 with the scalability of millions of transaction per second for FREE for all its users. Why else would Bitmain one of Asias leading mining companies apply to be a Block producer for EOS. Anytime before when there was a Bullish Run in the Market last year in Coinbase, GDAX, Gemeni, or any other exchanges, they shut down because they couldn't handle the high volume. EOS will not only bring us a faster Block Chain but better and more efficient Exchanges as well. Are you kidding me! Do we really not understand why Bitcoin and Ethereum will not be used as the trading currencies any more for other altcoins. The era of the Block Chain 2.0 is over and you better reevaluate your holdings because it is all about to CHANGE. EOS and Blockchain 3.0 is here JUNE 3. Thank you, Dan Larimar and Block.one !
Sirius (1 month ago)
What's all this talk about EOS being a pedophile coin?
Resley Cassaro (1 month ago)
Jeff, I guess it has been a long time since the last time you did a Bitcoin transfer. I transferred 1 bitcoin a few weeks ago and it cost me 0,33 cents and it took a few minutes. Transferred 100 Litecoin the same day and the cost of a staggering 0,03 cents. And only today Litepal reported a Litecoin transfer with fees as low as fractions of 1 cent.
Self Invest (1 month ago)
So, interesting, no mention of NEO or Cardano. The "platform" space is getting crowded, so it takes a fortune teller to guess the winner correctly. Still, EOS might do well, all I'm saying, you have to put a loooooot of trust into one of the contesters, and hope it works out...
ZEE GEE (1 month ago)
Bitcoin Private was created as a fork of Zclassic and Bitcoin. anyone who held either of those has Bitcoin Private, a privacy coin.
Paul Marin (1 month ago)
BCH is doing great things...the haters of BCH only repeat what they hear like sheeple without researching facts..BCH is doing some great things....DEEP ONION is a very interesting privacy coin and community....very low supply as well...
Adrian A (1 month ago)
EOS vs Ethereum may be a real battle there, but to attach to that your shill bullshit about Bcash vs Bitcoin... now thats just pathetic.
Blk Wolf (1 month ago)
This was a great information video. The only way for the people of the WORLD to truly be FREE is that we need to have crypto exchanges that we can trade with out the government oversight. Why should we pay taxes on our trades. If they can't tax us then they will not allow us to have platforms for our trading and investing. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO OPT OUT OF ANY EXCHANGE THAT WORKS WITH THE GOVERNMENTS THAT WANT TO TAX US ON OUR TRADES.
Jon Runyan (1 month ago)
Annoyed by Burwicks shit rat dogs always barking. Fuck. :)
Thearchon beatsall (1 month ago)
LTC vs Bcash
MARIO (1 month ago)
No clue what this guy is talking about BUTT theirs this crypto called XRP
Mauricio Villamil (1 month ago)
EOS = Paedocoin
ken ken (1 month ago)
What does being a pedo have to do with innovation
Maurice Vanegas (1 month ago)
Fools always lose their money and it is obvious you know very little programming.
Maurice Vanegas (1 month ago)
But you have not missed on being a moroon
Mauricio Villamil (1 month ago)
I am not broke, nor will I, on the other hand, it seems you don´t have the privilege of choice in the matter, but to follow ANYthing that gives you some crumbs.
Warren Buffoon (1 month ago)
Stay broke
bornnemisis (1 month ago)
Online privacy is dead. You really think a wire from your house can't be intercepted and monitored. Bitcoin was never private, bitcoin was meant for TRANSPARENT PAYMENTS so you can FOLLOW THE MONEY see its to fight COREUPTION!
bornnemisis (1 month ago)
Carlos Salinas (1 month ago)
EOS and Bitcoin trash are fucking jokes
TheTrumanShow (1 month ago)
Vitalik "friend" of Rotschild DYOR!
Mugen Power (1 month ago)
EOS 21 node exit scam....
Vicki S (1 month ago)
Sorry Block one is corrupt and if corrupt people develop a product - STAY AWAY - look at the central banks and their product - that did not work out so well. Just lost my paid subscription.
Tony G (1 month ago)
Also Decred
Tony G (1 month ago)
You forgot about Tezos... It's being realeased this month
Enrike G. (1 month ago)
I dont understand why Jeff never never speaks about LTC.. is because he does not get any comission from?
mcdjchandler (1 month ago)
Good question. Litecoin is the new and improved BTC. 1st gen tech.
Steven Kiley (1 month ago)
Hey Jeff, I want to promote Liberty Block in my crypto anarchist group on facebook, but you didn't provide any links or information in the description. Any chance I can get a link? Thank you sir!
Aaron Ainslie (1 month ago)
"Hey Weirdos" scared me. Thought you could see me on my webcam. Nice beard!
S. Hanselman (1 month ago)
Pedo coin!
S. Hanselman (1 month ago)
Dollar Vigilante: Brock Pierce is part of the deep state pedo cabal!! Look into it!
mark traver (1 month ago)
Its funny how the FIRST blockchain with a "MORAL" Constitution and "ETHICS" set by the community (as opposed to a wild west type anything goes ETH environment more in alignment with the desires of "pedophiles") is being targeted as the opposite...... aka pedophile driven...... Obvious Ludicrous,,, ,,, EOS is the way to STOP pedophiles etc.
S. Hanselman (1 month ago)
mcdjchandler: Thanks!
mcdjchandler (1 month ago)
i think you mean Brock Pierce.
Marko Jovanic (1 month ago)
Hey guys, check this out! Project Contract Vault is here, making legal and smart contracts!
CouragePope (1 month ago)
Cryptos are dead lol
anglekan (1 month ago)
CouragePope since when?
Chevayo 369 (1 month ago)
Steem Forever
S.D.A.C (1 month ago)
PIVX is the best privacy coin Imo
Medeiros (1 month ago)
why not monero?
Ken Semotiuk (1 month ago)
Jeffie'fake hawk'turdstick is the cult leader of the anarco poke her in the hole colony', which means booze, cocaine cola tobacco exploitation of virgins, some under age, all in all, jeffie is a bad boy!
Ken Semotiuk (1 month ago)
As tone Vay says,. Bitcoin are for speculation and the alt coins are a scam!
kris b (1 month ago)
That was a really good interview/discussion. Thanks
Verma (1 month ago)
Bitcoin Cash - A club who doesn't understand Computer science & Economics...
Lu1s.com (1 month ago)
right, right, right, right, right...
A Haeg (1 month ago)
Interesting: our anarcho-capitalist develops a liking for government. My problem with free markets is that it completely favors the ones, who compete well. It results in the centralization of capital and power. That is not free, not democratic...and not anarchic. Not the society, I want to live in.
A Haeg (1 month ago)
So, everything for the smart and hard working and nothing for the weak? Is that your wisdom?
dastardlyman (1 month ago)
what a load of bollocks - i want to see successful people doing well. i dont want to see lazy arses doing well. life is about hard work. if someone who is clever and works hard i WANT them to have more success than someone who is not hard working and clever. im old. you will see the world in the right way when you are older.
Jeremy I (1 month ago)
EOS, cmon JB.
Seaton1518 (1 month ago)
11:40 the dude is just sitting in a chair do we seriously need multiple camera shots of him? 😂
Rob B (1 month ago)
Tokens will run away from Ethereum buggy in front of the horse and jump on the EOS super train.
Simon Kanoon (1 month ago)
Ethical or unethical Block one are a bunch of paedophiles
slavixtube (1 month ago)
You are a paedophile mass murderer and an idiot too.
Russian Bot (1 month ago)
Your statement is true. But we can't let their Satanic mess spill over and cloud our judgement. Look around, everyone is now a racist because someone says so and yet the real racists started the the narrative and now hide behind it and control it being exempt...you follow? By the way, Sirius is the Dog Star of the Canaanites who behind much evil conspiracy against man but I'm not saying you are part of that without more evidence.
Sirius (1 month ago)
You can't trust pedophiles, the world is run by pedophiles. Anything created by them is surely directed by the elite.
Michael McGuire (1 month ago)
Outro is fucking sick my daughter and I've been laughing for a long time about it good job guys!
hitwill (1 month ago)
EOS is a great product that gains speed, at the cost of decentralisation and security. (EOS uses DPOS and has very few nodes compared to Ethereum, which is why it runs so much faster.) However, blockchains built on top of the Ethereum root chain can gain **both** speed and security. LOOM on the Ethereum network already lets you do that, and has created an EOS like chain to prove it: https://medium.com/loom-network/everything-you-need-to-know-about-loom-network-all-in-one-place-updated-regularly-64742bd839fe https://medium.com/loom-network/announcing-zombiechain-an-eos-like-dpos-sidechain-for-ethereum-dapps-e0eba6c244da
System of voting based on how much stake (CAPITAL) you have, is the worth system for voting as it gives all the vote into small number of people who have the most wealth. This is what Capitalists system is based on also, and why the workers in a business who do all the work have no say in what the business they work in creates, how they work and where the profits go, and all of the vote (decision making) is in hands of capitalists... which is the prime reason why businesses exploit workers more and more as the business employs more and more people, and the capitalists exploit more percentage of wealth produced by the workers. PoS = Centralised system, always was and always will be because its a system that rewards those that have capital and fucks over those who don't, it allows for small number of people to manipulate the vote because they have the most stake, which will always result in these people doing things that favor them, and is the prime reason why Capitalist economic system always creates more wealth inequality and divides people into class citizens based on how much money they have, and the little guy always get fucked over.
Y K (1 month ago)
Necessary right approaches;for all exchange facilitates the ability to vote for EOS holders on the exchange,on going eos block producer vote. The fundamental principle of block-chain (decentralized network) is, the state of being diverse. In this circumstance one entity voting on behalf of all, truly defeat the over-all purpose. Purpose the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. One of the responsibilities put on exchange hand, when they accept this challenge, to be one of trusted digital currency exchange. Diversity of nature formulated. ... Humans are affecting nature to a greater and greater degree and this is contributing to the reduction of biodiversity globally. To better assess the consequences requires a better understanding of the environmental conditions that the species in an ecosystem live under. Example: The Voting Rights Act of 1965, signed, aimed to overcome legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented African Americans from exercising their right to vote as guaranteed under the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Thank you for everything you do for the ecosystem.
+-ED- Again, you are delusional. This is why you choose to remain ignorant. Who controls our government? The GLOBALISTS, that's who. The GLOBALISTS at the top are comprised mostly of the highest level of international banksters. Who promotes socialism and communism - the GLOBALISTS. Why? Because they want to deprive people of property rights. If you declare all belongs to the collective, then you can destroy individual rights and turn everyone into slaves through taxation and debt. Meanwhile, the GLOBALISTS exempt themselves from the laws and you Leftists apparently think that's ok as they as they promote more Leftist ideas. You people are truly the useful idiots of the puppet masters. Who was making money on both sides of wars hundreds of years ago? The Rothschilds, one of the primary GLOBALIST families. They're the ones creating the wars, you utter fool.
Invest It in... well no, because this is how you always end up with few rich fucks dictating the rules to everyone else, which naturally they will want to help themselves even more. A "stake" is not just financial... there is something called personal stake, your life, and everyone is affected by it, not just the rich. With stake being the primary guide as to who makes more vote, is recipe for economic inequality, which always creates economic classes in population, which eventually leads to increased poverty of the majority of the population, which eventually leads to revolutions, and those people chopping the heads of the few rich fucks that controlled everything beforehand. Didn't you learn anything from history? Oh I know.... history in capitalist world is twisted to suit their personal agenda, which is why they created Soviet Union as their enemy, even though the capitalist west funded and did business with Nazis in WWII while Soviets and partisans were the only ones fighting them and the ones that actually liberated Europe from Nazi Germany (and they were also the target of hired German people by the capitalist west, mainly US and GB to be a bully and destroy rise of communism which was and still is threat to capitalism and rule of the rich). PS: My objective is not equal wealth distribution, my objective is for everyone to EARN the money they have, and not to exploit work of others, which is what monarchs, slave owners, feudalists and now capitalists do. Real equality will only come from having democracy at workplace... as this is the root of economic activity, and as long as small minority dictates it all, you will have massive inequality, these people controlling government, and all forms of media, then using them to brainwash people, and using the propaganda and in name of patriotism make you go into illegal wars and mass murder, so that they can profit from it. That is my goal... to educate people what capitalism actually creates and what its real life effects are, and always were... so that we can all change the society for the better, so we don't have minorities rule over everyone, and they can't control government and media to create wars and create mass murder. Just look at how many wars the US was in... since its inception its been in war every damn year, with exception of 21. No other nation was in as many wars at the US... not even close... and the GB which is like a "parent" to the US is the greatest (meaning largest, not great as in good) colonialist... which committed mass murder also, and then all other colonialists, all of which are capitalists nations and monarchies... coincidence? No its not, its because the people are not in control but small rich minority is in control.
Rocky (1 month ago)
Those who have more at stake have more votes why should it be otherwise. Of course if your objective is wealth redistribution than apply for welfare
massif (1 month ago)
What about VeChain vs Ethereum?
Chris Smith (1 month ago)
EOS does not have a strong community. Its all sleezy investors and the uninformed newbies. This is going to be an epic disaster.
Maurice Vanegas (1 month ago)
If you do not know programming move on....
Jake B (1 month ago)
It's got a huge community, their GitHub has broke top 8 most active C++ project
Dan Truitt (1 month ago)
That pile of shit just went up 16% today...
Carlos Salinas (1 month ago)
that is for sure EOS is a big pille of shit
Jay D (1 month ago)
both lamer and vitalik look like alien beings
Neurolicious (1 month ago)
Larimer is inbred
Carlos Salinas (1 month ago)
creepy bastards putalik and mierdimer
Chris McWhorter (1 month ago)
His name is Larimer, show some respect.
dastardlyman (1 month ago)
lamers eyes are very close together. freaky
#LiveLoveOrDice (1 month ago)
#AI AlReady developed IT's own code of morality ;) <3
go Eos love it and what there doing for the world

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