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Is HashFlare Profitable in May 2018?

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This video goes through HashFlare profitability in May/June 2018, focussing on: - Current profitability - Discount code vs price - Traffic vs contract prices - Minimum withdrawals HashFlare profitability guide: https://www.anythingcrypto.com/guides/hashflare-profitability-2018 Cloud mining calculator: https://www.anythingcrypto.com/cloud-mining-calculators/medium Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/anything_crypto
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Anything Crypto (1 month ago)
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Chong Fongyee (1 month ago)
I join HF last year with lifetime contract. Suddenly they change to 1 year contract. And then change the minimum withdraw amount to 0.03. I only hv 2TH. in 1 year mining also cant reach the minimum withdraw amount. Some how. Now they say bitcoin mining now no profit, no paying btc already. But contract stil running. Now more worse is they everyday keep deduct the account balance for their maintenance fees. No gv me mining profit stil take my account balance btc for paying their maintenance fees. Since no reach minimum withdraw amount. Js can see them everyday take my btc. Nothing can do.... Support team totaly cheat ppl. Scam hash flair.
Rick Deckard (1 month ago)
As of June 2018 Hasflare is not profitable. In fact they take more on maintenance fee than you earn. I have 96TH and that's not generating any bitcoin, they're citing the difficulty level and low bitcoin price, although that's true HF takes .35 per TH regardless of whether the price of BTC goes up or down, and therein lies the problem. If you must go with Genesis, I"m making close to the same with half the TH power believe it or not and they're life time contracts (for as long as it's profitable). HF should be avoided at all costs, these jokers are amateurs flying by the seat of their pants changing policies at will with no regard for their customers. I"m glad I got in just before their price hike and even still anything under 100 TH will not be profitable. Should be avoided at all costs.
Chong Fongyee (1 month ago)
Rick Deckard u hv check u acc, did they everyday take u acc balace for paying their maintenance fees? Even they no paying mining btc profit again.
Unknown (1 month ago)
Hashflare is scam! Scam ! Scam
Yordan Velikov (1 month ago)
Total scam! I learned in the hard way when I purchased 14ths and loosing 10%of my money. buy on your own risk
Lance Phillips (1 month ago)
Hashflare are thieves with no morals. They stole lifetime conyracts then rose the prices twice. Their maintnenance fees are ridiculous I wasted 80 grand on those mofos before they stole lifetime contracts. NEVER TRUST HASHFLARE.
Lee the taffy (1 month ago)
clear and concise keep up the great work . Thanks
Matthijs van Basten (1 month ago)
I have no audio ☹️. What is verdict?
Anything Crypto (1 month ago)
Yes if BTC's price were to go above $15k over June, and continued to increase on par with difficulty increases, HashFlare contracts may become profitable again. But this is a very big risk to take, and at these prices you'd likely earn more USD by just buying BTC (remember this isn't financial advice though, even buying BTC is still very risky).
Matthijs van Basten (1 month ago)
Anything Crypto thanks man! But it will once BTC gets back up in June righy 🙈?
Anything Crypto (1 month ago)
TLDR; None of their contracts are profitable at the moment - and many on Twitter/YouTube are saying they are, so you need to be very careful. 😟

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