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Top 3 Undervalued Altcoins For June 2018! | Top Cryptocurrency Picks For June!

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Ali Rizvi (3 months ago)
u need to pick projects with mark cap under 500, maybe even 250. Those coins will provide a greater ROI. AND FASTER!
sasquach33 (3 months ago)
Good picks..I would add DNotes. Only around .05c should be $2-3, more developed than 95% of the projects out there. Been developing their platform for the past 4 years. Once they launch their IPO in the stock market, they will have major exposure to institutional money. Worth the research you'll see. Cheers!
Jasmeen (3 months ago)
Here's the upcoming top ICO of 2018! World’s First Blockchain-Based “Smart Loyalty” Protocol. Find Out About Token Sale: loyela.com/tokensale Join The Discussion: telegram.me/loyela
Social Sniper (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/kuj1w3M5dos Please give an honest review on this. I guess this is a big ship in future.
Mary Smith (3 months ago)
My pick is contract vault. We will see what happens 'till the end of yeart! Great video! Thanks
Rob H. (3 months ago)
DMB (Digital Money Bits) is the POTENTIAL most profitable coin for the coming times, when in the top 200 this coin goes to 1 USD that mean a profit of 30000% !!!!! Take this tip for free!!!!!!!
Gonde Khatab (3 months ago)
Ncash is the most undervalued coin. Still below the price it came out exchanges. 2cent is a steal for Ncash, when Zil already reached 24c.
Daniel Harrison (3 months ago)
Ncash is scam thats why
Hum Shak (3 months ago)
it's a scam trash coin. their ceo lied about his harvard connections.
Harrison Westbrook (3 months ago)
If you get a minute look into Crystal Clear Token (CCT). Small company with only £296k Mcap. Currently have an app on IOS and Android and on HitBTC. Services crypto so will have a large market. See what you think.
leon vishal (3 months ago)
Wanchain is definitely gonna be a 4x @ least by end of year. $20 east
Gonde Khatab (3 months ago)
75 beoy
John Oakley (3 months ago)
1. Nano, 2. ICON, 3. Wanchain Not sure about Nano, but agree re ICON and Wanchain - also I think Elastos is currently undervalued - just my opinion.
Daryl HX (3 months ago)
great 1s
Henry Guerra (3 months ago)
Electroneum, credits, and nucleus vision..
Salomon Markovich (3 months ago)
much better project compared to bitcoin? do you not remember how this works. The whole point is to get more bitcoin
Ali Rizvi (3 months ago)
Ella Kathrine (3 months ago)
Better get your Bitcoin people, Banks, Venture Capitalists, Financial funds etc are not going to take any risks, the only coin that is proven and has a billion dollar mining industry is Bitcoin. When all financial institutions, funds, banks etc start buying, they will buy 70-80% Bitcoin and only 30-20% alt coins. Don't fool yourself people, buy Bitcoin. [email protected] .com
Drive Tester (3 months ago)
I have portfolio of 5 Alt coins out five 3 you have mentioned rest 2 are IOST and Zilliqa and thats it. I will hold them up for atleast a year or so. Might add Ripple and Cardano down the road but not right now. I am still on the fence for "Bitcoin Diamond" looking at the charts did not justify but when I look at the history of this coin really looks awesome, what do you think??? Thanks for making such nice videos!
david mack (3 months ago)
thanks for the video!
Chowder 007 (3 months ago)
I remember that I lost a lot of money with nano when I bought 109,067 satoshis, I consider that there are other more "stable" projects in which there is not so much risk, an undervalued cryptocurrency should be one that is formed by a good project like anonymous cryptocurrencies , to this day I have saved Zcash, Deeponion and PIVX. What do you recommend?
Larry R (3 months ago)
Great picks!
B Davis (3 months ago)
Like ICON. Nano could goto zero - too many DAG-tech coins up and coming and BTC is going to have everything Nano has within a year with Lightening. WANCHAIN is sketchy too - many in the FINTECH sector are either looking at Ripple or developing their own private blockchain. WAN did a great job with marketing hype - will see if they actually get legitimate partnerships. Plus, they depend on ETH scaling, etc.. Much up in the air with WAN.
Tutu Loda (3 months ago)
Crazy picks you got my respect bro 😃🤟... Continue the great job

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