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Profit Trailer Bags and Bitcoin Doom

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Text Comments (35)
Drone Trucker (6 months ago)
So. Bags are?
Necrostic Productions (6 months ago)
USD/BTC goes up(late 2017), alts tank. USD/BTC goes down (the crash to 6k), alts tank. I don't see much correlation between BTC/USD and ALT/BTC...
Nelson Gunn (7 months ago)
Captain James (8 months ago)
Dude you totaly called that shit. This is a great video. Look at what happened. You called that shit to a T.
Kevin Decker (8 months ago)
Could you do a class on setting up your API on gdax?
Vasiliy Boulytchev (8 months ago)
hey man! qq can you recommend a good discord server for this?
ShinySilverForMe (8 months ago)
Hey Crypto Cow...any idea why the "Config" link wouldn't be on my monitor? I just downloaded the latest version
david felix (8 months ago)
your very helpful thank you
Robert Wells (8 months ago)
You called the dump right!
Mikael H (8 months ago)
Very good insight, im impressed. :-)
Matt Jackson (9 months ago)
A week on, how is the bag situation looking. Alt coins are smashing it at the moment.
Mladen Ninič (9 months ago)
500 USD ? For a profit trailer? For real?
Michael Taylor (7 months ago)
Got mine for $187.
Haryz Hama (9 months ago)
Can you please do a video on setting up trading bot on VPS
sovanndy ung (9 months ago)
Hi @CryptoCrow, I see these min_buy_balance = .15 and min_buy_balance = 0.15 in your DCA . is it correct or incorrect?
MrPCT007 (9 months ago)
advantage of a VPS?
@kbgfamily IG:kbgroup (9 months ago)
What vps do you recommend
MrPCT007 (9 months ago)
ok.I'll have to look into it. I don't game on my pc. Just online stuff. Been looking at some nice MS surface laptops. maybe I'll use them for trading. FYI. Just subbed here. Nice channel.
MrPCT007 (9 months ago)
Just joined the discord channel. I'm in lending programs. I have some profits coming and will start using trading bots.
Starfish Chocolate (9 months ago)
Thats terrible. -23% in 24 hours.
Robert Wells (8 months ago)
He said all that in in the video tho did you not watch it?
Starfish Chocolate (9 months ago)
thats good u held on. still scary to be down that much in a day.
Starfish Chocolate (9 months ago)
Yeh but if BTC holds it value, your alt coins won't go back up to the level you bought in at.
mangomixx (9 months ago)
Problem is that ALT'S rarely regain BTC value as seen from September, as more of these Bitcoin runs happen those bags are going to build up.
mangomixx (8 months ago)
Yes things have definitely changed in this month
Riad Crnisanin (9 months ago)
Thank you man, that was helpful, can you tell us if the bot trading fast with no delays?
nAffie (9 months ago)
Good pep talk for all the bag holders! :)
Ron Rocha (9 months ago)
Seems like it would be a good idea to not to sell during the Bitcoin Pumps
qsrxo (9 months ago)
Been SOM the last two days. Finally overrode it a few hours ago and getting in the trades as they go up, doing great now. Hopefully BTC can just stay stable for us. Lol
Zack (9 months ago)
yes, theGobeOne inspired me too
Supreme Potential (9 months ago)
Do you think USI is legit?
Supreme Potential (8 months ago)
Pitster73 just let him invest his money and find out for his own later down the line. Mining doesn't prove a legitimate business and they're also not anywhere near "one of the biggest".
DietzenDev (8 months ago)
Pitster73 I know they mine Ethereum. They are still a ponzi, they promise returns and you sign people up under you. They just had a huge lawsuit filed against them. Maybe you should do your research.
DietzenDev (8 months ago)
Scam dude! USI is a Ponzi! RUN!
Supreme Potential (9 months ago)
Crypto Crow thanks for your reply! I think they are too and I'm done with them after my loss with hexabot. I learned about profit trailer from you and I have successfully downloaded it. Can you please point me in the right direction to get the settings right. I'm not technical at all and it looks like complicated stuff to me but I'm willing to learn because I want to control my own finances rather than trusting these 'lending platforms'.

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