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Text Comments (86)
Suppoman (2 months ago)
NEW Course! Only an idiot would miss out for just $8.55: https://www.bitdegree.org/course/cryptocurrency-project-opportunity-of-20182019
Crypto Conversations (2 months ago)
Nice video
Shew (2 months ago)
why isn’t vbucks on here?
joe barile (2 months ago)
Suppo I want to buy your course but I have no coins just fiat. So how do I go about purchasing this course please advise
Phillip Sacker (2 months ago)
You made a comment about payment systems would be good investment at the end of your vid. Which ones do you mean
Joshua Deslie Gilson (2 months ago)
You are such a funny man!
Fred Johnson (2 months ago)
Regulation is the brake on new growth. Big money is effectively keeping it from being finalised to give them more opportunity to try and get in cheaply to control market!
Wolf Blitzer (2 months ago)
Yes we have hit the bottom, again. We will hit the bottom again and again.
Pablo Caso (2 months ago)
Suppoman take a look at ico botchain. The next big thing?
Ashvarya Kharoo (2 months ago)
Perlin review, please
Dumindu Shalika (2 months ago)
Suppo, Can you do a review about Spotcoin ICO? I personally thinks that it is a good ICO to invest. But I would like to know your opinion.
Jackson Frosty (2 months ago)
Historically wrong
Quintin Pringle (2 months ago)
Blockport baby
shan (2 months ago)
How do you feel about your large investment in QSP? Do you think it will rise up and take over?????????????????????
George Agiandritis (2 months ago)
You are still there? He got rid it. That what he said. That nice and credible to what he preaches. And imagine that sold at the lowest, ha, ha, ha.
CRYPTO WORLD (2 months ago)
your prediction wrong
ollo dolce (2 months ago)
answer: shitcoin1, shitcoin2, shitcoin3, shitcoin4, shitcoin5
Tandogan Alper (2 months ago)
And ontology shows 5,63 not 3,63
Tandogan Alper (2 months ago)
How is it putting that much money in a coin with a volume that low without moving the price extreem high
DiscoverBitcoin (2 months ago)
What no gochain? Im surprised. Invested a little in it
dewalt1799 (2 months ago)
What about Remme?
DxChain is a great project!
Nicholas Lubrano (2 months ago)
Sidenote, I think TKY has the most potential of the digital identity coins. Already HUGE in Asia and growing.
Beniamin Miara (2 months ago)
you need to go and visit psychiatrist
Nicholas Lubrano (2 months ago)
Suppo, I have been asking a bunch of crypto youtubers and have yet to get a straight answer from any of them. What's your take on NEO and ONT being labelled as a security by the SEC due to GAS dividends that are passively received. I know you're not from the US (like me), but given your law background, what are the implications?
Nicholas Lubrano (2 months ago)
I converted the majority of my NEO into XLM stellar, but have yet to touch my ONT because I love the project, however, I'm a bit weary
Nicholas Lubrano (2 months ago)
Microphone volume's a little low today
Bhaskar Ghosh (2 months ago)
Check out Zebi's github before investing! 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓 You will never invest.
Paul joseph (2 months ago)
The difference between the circulating Supply and the total supply for ontology is kind of troubling I believe Ian Ballina made that point also any thoughts?
Walter N (2 months ago)
Credits, of course.
WEN FEI (2 months ago)
So long
Respex Koins (2 months ago)
Lol lame crypto crow intro song lol
Craig Neeve (2 months ago)
Tether to the Moon
Rob Morley (2 months ago)
Great episode! 💪🏼
Wave rida (2 months ago)
Hey Suppo can you explain why you sold some Quantstamp to get some Ontology. I know your believe in Ontology but thought QSP was a coin you were very bullish on. Did something changed since you normally don't sell at the bottom and QSP went through the bottom these last days. I am still holding QSP and getting a little worried since your influence is pretty big in the market and you can give a push up or down to a coin. I appreciate your honesty and see that we need to adapt on how markets and trends move but looks like we jumping on every new shinning car discarding the potential of the classics. I like shinning cars don't get me wrong but think they can coexist. Each institution has it's own needs and requirements and for everyone their is a blockchain or even a dag. As a example I don't think every business needs a million tps. Just don't get influenced by all the people you meet lately. Hope you respect my opinion. Take care!
George Agiandritis (2 months ago)
He changes all the time through his career as youtuber in the last year or so, according to the needs. I feel very uncomfortable for Suppo to change over time fast his beliefs in various coins (not few). Something to make me at least puzzled to put it nicely, If you know what I mean.
G. B (2 months ago)
jura cant even spell technology (techology)
Crypto Big News (2 months ago)
Great to hear about SmartCash! 15,257 SmartNodes right now, instant pay activated with the latest update, ATH in January's bull run $2.80 dollars, NOW: $0.073 cents! 10,000 SMART = 1 Master node. Personally, I've been running a SmartNode for 104 days, and it's been paying on point. Outstanding community driven project.
Noel Reynolds (2 months ago)
Thanks for the video. Will buy the BDG course asap, really just to test out BDG!
Vasilis Nikas (2 months ago)
Dta mate ??? Artificial intelligence project .m
The Ohana Life (2 months ago)
further to fall...we are going sub 5k.
Menho Donoghue (2 months ago)
lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crow your coins that was so funny dude!!
Anji Kumar (2 months ago)
Oops missed the live again! Just caught up. Such a lot of good info, great video 😊x
Willie van het Kerkhof (2 months ago)
Kim haircut.
Sheri Beltran (2 months ago)
I love the singing, don't listen to any of the noise below. I look forward to you because you're always so happy and it always puts me in a good mood even though people are whining and are annoying.
Crypto Doggo (2 months ago)
Fuck your courses
JayClassic (2 months ago)
Please buy my KooL Kitty Klub coin if you support cats.
Noam Dana (2 months ago)
Thanks for your time Suppo.
Average Perch (2 months ago)
Anny spoilers here who know the top 5 coins and the biggest investment he have done ??
Crypto Bok (2 months ago)
Hi :-)
jason showalter (2 months ago)
Check out the new exchange BITALLEX having a ico right now only 8 cents and pays dividends like kucoin but better
Benjamin Krafka (2 months ago)
Amit Patel (2 months ago)
top 5!!!!!!!!!! common Suppo
Crypto M (2 months ago)
36 min?!?!? too much!
SAM (2 months ago)
now everbody panic and play titanic music and panic sell everthing
Walt Howard (2 months ago)
Suppo, pounding Sherri is looking good on you. You losing weight?
Wesley Barras (2 months ago)
Bogdanoff: He bought, dump it!
Haf 1 (2 months ago)
Next 100x coin: BAX coin! Remember ;)
tavga rahim (2 months ago)
u are great!!!!! U never talk About MAN? What u thing about it?
Scotty06WWJD (2 months ago)
Thanks SUPPO! You forgot to mention Apollo Currency! BEST privacy coin EVER, comin' up..way better than Monero or Verge. They have an amazing team and about to launch on SEVEN Exchanges within the next couple of weeks...=)
Mike Dronkers (2 months ago)
No elastos?
Kapitein Crypto (2 months ago)
On paper these 5 projects are all good! Especially pchain but i dont know what they been up to except credits. These Guys give daily updates on their development progress and potential partnership meetings. 🤔
Bear Bull (2 months ago)
have a look at DasCoin please and let us know what you think?
Michelle Williams (2 months ago)
Love me a double dose of Suppo in one day.
Odisei Miron (2 months ago)
Very good channel ...just stop singing
p b (2 months ago)
Suppo when you say zilla!!!! Is it zilla or zilliqa....I'm always confused....
p b (2 months ago)
Suppoman thanks suppo,,,great opportunity to invest yesterday but unfortunately invested when crypto was high😫....good luck to you ....
Suppoman (2 months ago)
p b Seele is pronounced ZELA
Adrian Gutierrez (2 months ago)
Hey suppoman do you have comments about liquidity network ico?
Suppoman (2 months ago)
Adrian Gutierrez no
DazzFire - Rhiannon (2 months ago)
Oh, I missed the intro earlier. CryptoCrow's 'Crow Your Coins' song is pretty awesome. :) Do another interview with him!
MSHunter (2 months ago)
Free download link in his description!
CRON BTC (2 months ago)
Suppoman, you need to realize the coins that will survive has already been chosen. Just take a look at the Circle app and your answers will be there. All of coins that will be in Coinbase are in Circle.
Alex 1407 (2 months ago)
circle app?
D MAN (2 months ago)
Great stuff Suppo , you had Banca on your channel but can you make a video on Banca ? Which is The Wall Street for Crypto and Blockchains you explained .. perhaps Banca can be great for overall Crypto which can bring many new investors to invest in potential projects in Crypto .. This can be huge what you think Suppo ??
Mohanad el nokali (2 months ago)
You're a fucken fraud
Yassine AK (2 months ago)
BridgeProtocol (TOLL) will be the biggest digital identity thing :D
ReggaeWise (2 months ago)
We all are buying small amounts
Craig Black (2 months ago)
Craig Black (2 months ago)
hi mate, it was my browser, was using chrome, changed to windows edge and worked, just wouldnt load up the checkout page, allgood mate , alldone, bout to sit down now and enjoy watching it. cheers
Suppoman (2 months ago)
Craig Black yes everything should be working fine. Where r u having issues?
AML86 (2 months ago)
What’s up Suppo! It’s Lookin dry and outside is hot
bob jenks (2 months ago)
Hi from cornwall suppo
suzwazup (2 months ago)
U are funny :)

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