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Bruce Fenton: Talking Scaling, Roger Ver, Bitcoin Unlimited

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Bruce Fenton is a bitcoin investor and enthusiast who has helped fund multiple projects and manages $100MMs of assets. Teamspeak: ts.whalepool.io Telegram: telegram.me/whalepoolbtc Twitter: twitter.com/whalepool Stream Downtime/Restart: 12:00 GMT+1 and 00:00 GMT+1 for ~1-3mins
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Ravi Bhojwani (1 year ago)
Thanks Bruce ...Objective Pragmatic and informative...
RocRoc (1 year ago)
Who are these people? Why we can't have multiple development teams and multiple implementations? Isn't that more decentralize than one core?
Spencer (1 year ago)
on the empty-blocks mined issue: I don't see it as wrong... a miner either doesnt have time to validate latest block and include transactions before they find an answer that wins them 12.5, or they're choosing to reduce supply at their own immediate expense. They've got their overhead, they've won a block, even if they want to collude, they've invested enough to have this right and to throw away fees that they could have earned. If we don't like it, we can mine. Would it be possible to reward one or more preferred miners, maybe via their well-published shared p2sh multi-sig, who do a good job of mining complete blocks by adding them as an output (where we include our fees) and send our transactions out with minimum or no standard input-output fees? Many miners will see a no-fees transaction and ignore but the miners who are members of the multi-sig could clear those transactions from the mempool when they see that preferred-miner fee output.
Spencer (1 year ago)
so I havn't considered what that would do to the fact that normally they'd have to wait 100 blocks to spend their coinbase, no clue how that changes things. I know that if I could have confidence that I knew of a pool of individual miners (large set of folks at home with minimal yet decentralized mining investments) that I'd prefer to throw an extra output in a no-fees transaction to reward this set of miners as long as I knew they were likely to find a block a couple times per day. (edited: it would be like voting for miner decentralization just as we do when we choose at the market).
Frank Flores (1 year ago)
We must oppose Blockstream Core's retrograde agenda.

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