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Bitcoin Gold Suffers 51% Attack

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bitcoingold hit with 51% attack, hackers gain 388,200 BTG. south africa kidnapping, ai based youtube explainer gets everything wrong. https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-gold-hit-by-double-spend-attack-exchanges-lose-millions/ https://verifiedtopics.com/south-africa-gang-kidnaps-13-year-old-boy-demands-ransom-of-15-bitcoins/ http://www.justjared.com/2018/05/23/ashton-kutcher-announces-enormous-donation-to-ellen-degeneres-wildlife-fund/ https://verifiedtopics.com/ai-based-youtube-bitcoin-explainer-trained-by-real-btc-guides-gets-it-all-wrong/ https://verifiedtopics.com/john-mcafee-says-the-cryptocurrency-bull-rally-is-near/ https://verifiedtopics.com/binance-confirms-listing-of-the-zencash-privacy-coin/ Sign up with coinbase. buy or sell 100 dollars in crypto currency and get 10 dollars of bitcoin for free with this link to coinbase. https://www.coinbase.com/join/59ab37900671d100b3c25cc5 Want to donate to the channel? Donate Litecoin and send me an email saying how much you sent and I'll try to thank you at the end of the next video! https://steemit.com/@mrsotko Litecoin Address: LUe6Ub9UUGjFxkFbNkBA6nD4ebwRSeSsgD [email protected]
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Text Comments (45)
sonia de la paz (1 month ago)
Im willing to make a donation as long as it’s legit
Youtube World Video (1 month ago)
Media reports of losses are not accurate. We need to hear from the Exchanges how much they lost. The #BTG Double Spend isn't the amount lost - it's the amount "not received."
alicepao13 (1 month ago)
Well, after Verge experienced the same attack twice, I guess I couldn't expect BTG to do any better. They need to put some failsafe in place to minimize the risk. I'm not gonna pretend I'm an expert on that sort of thing but the fact that this kind of stuff is not a common phenomenon but has happened twice on Verge is an indication that they're doing something wrong over there. I'm not saying that this can't happen to other coins but the most popular coins that gather the most attention should be better than this. As for Verge, the developers of which are claiming that it's a privacy coin, I find the fact that they didn't learn their lesson the first time really disheartening. I like privacy coins, I've filled my portfolio with Zcash, PIVX and DeepOnion, and I always look for new privacy coins, so I want people to take them seriously. Verge has become sort of a laughingstock lately.
Aloo Nawaz (1 month ago)
hey bro love your videos can you talk about coinbase/gdax changing to help me understand better of whats the situation thanks
DustinTheGoth (1 month ago)
If they publicized the address the kidnappers gave I'm sure they would have the 15 BTC by now and the boy would likely be released. I'd fucking donate, poor kid.
MJ Snosk8er (1 month ago)
found = foundation.
Schmonkee Shomky (1 month ago)
Whoa. 2 of the 3 guys mining this coin came together to attack the network. Wow! Couldn’t see that coming.
GJL Creative Studios (1 month ago)
Repocoin.io ad before the video. hilarious
ColonelUSB (1 month ago)
I'll just wait till ECC gets bigger, untill then I'll stay poor.
Tom Kory (1 month ago)
BTG has a future for me.
Tom Kory (1 month ago)
85/5000 I have a little worry :( To see the 1000 Dalaris at all during the next year for the BTG.
Derrick Belcher (1 month ago)
I understand that what just happened to Bitcoin Gold could happen to Bitcoin Cash. If I am not mistaken it was Fluffy Pony that pointed this out.
Nate Jay (1 month ago)
Jesus Built My Hotrod! Classic Ministry. This is the correct title.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (1 month ago)
psalm 69 is such a great album lol
DoggDewd (1 month ago)
Hey man can I ask you how you get the picture and picture in videos? Like what software are you using? I can't seem to find what I need because I don't know what to call it really. I just want to make videos with the browser in the background like you and the video recorder in the corner.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (1 month ago)
wmx99 (1 month ago)
Good ole' Bitcoin (BTC) 9+ years without a single hack.
ALTN8NRG (1 month ago)
Maybe there’s an ASIC for Lyra2rev2. Or some zombie malware that takes control of miner GPU’s to launch an attack.
jannu jokunen (1 month ago)
Thanks for the verge video, sold all that shit before it went even lower.
trapped cat (1 month ago)
Great time to buy right now. Everything's on sale.
K10YSR (1 month ago)
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (1 month ago)
that ticker is on a website called verifiedtopics with crypto news sources. its not an add on. its sweet though yeah?
Robert S (1 month ago)
Man, I'm done with this crap. It's over!
Proda Jie (1 month ago)
Jesus didn't build just any car. It was a hot-rod good sir! If you han't seen "In case you didn't feel like showing up" live video, I highly recommend it.
dastardlyman (1 month ago)
i loved the "bitcoin as explained by a.i." ive shared it on fb and emailed it far and wide, very funny. well done on finding it and sharing it with us
Travis Schaefer (1 month ago)
Do verge and btg have similar coding?
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (1 month ago)
highly doubt it. the verge attack was a mining exploit. BTCG used a 51% double spend attack if you want to call it that.
Con Corrales (1 month ago)
Ummm I need to correct you on that kidnapping, the kidnappers asked for 15BCH thinking that BCH is Bitcoin. Because they receive a " FREE Bitcoin (BCH)" from Roger Ver a day before the kidnapping. Poor bastards, even if you send BTC to them they're not going to receive anything. Because they have a BCH wallet. Thanks to Roger V again.
dastardlyman (1 month ago)
great video. thank you for the news update
mikey Dent (1 month ago)
omg i was imaging this happening... all those who resist the ASIC monster shall be attacked from the mighty BITMAIN!!! Resistance is futile!!!! ur meager hashing power is no match for us....
volvo09 (1 month ago)
Sadly asics exist and they have so much more hash power / watt... Keep them away and unless you can -guarantee_ they can't ever mine the algorithm it's just easier to attack a network with them. Although that's my big bitmain fear, they "own" most of the hash power by creating the hardware.... If they turned all their sha256 devices against bitcoin through a botnet (under their command or not) they could EEEEEFFFFFFFFF IT UP. Scary!
r3dMarmalade (1 month ago)
The way someone would acquire 51% on BTG isnt ASICs but more likely someone just buying it on nicehash. This is actually an argument for ASICs as someone investing large sums of money would never risk turning his machines into pricey heaters when the coin fails - bitmain included. Buying hashrate on nicehash however - risks just the immediate investment, and as we can see it pays off. Furthermore there isnt really much developers can do to "fix" this, since this is how blockchain itself works - if there is a 51% consensus, blocks get orphaned... and it really is up to exchanges and other people dealing with large transactions to secure themselves if someone tries to reverse those same transactions. Unless of course we want to decentralize the network, make some sort of FED that will take care of it and forget about 51% :)
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (1 month ago)
could be. lots of potential hashpower on nicehash.
Litecoin Lucky (1 month ago)
If I had to choose I would have far more faith in BTG devs than XVG in regards to closing this exploit! VTC could be vulnerable to with a 51% attack, but they are aware with fixing the issue & vigilant.
Fat Man (1 month ago)
The guy next to ashton is the manager for some small rockband... u2... madonna... And good news, arrested development is comming back !!! season five starts may 29 !! And if you have netflix..check out the series called "happy"... most wierd thing this year..
S47 (1 month ago)
McAfee is owned by intel!
Stefan Lagerstam (1 month ago)
If and when BTC hits 10k and holds for the day. I will send you a 100 dollars in LTC. That's a Promise! Your Channel rocks!
doopy noo (1 month ago)
Bitcoin gold deez nutz!
Thomas Arbec (1 month ago)
Was gonna load up on LTC if it dropped below $15. Almost made it.
TheMusicYouLike (1 month ago)
Lov the vids
Meetlofe (1 month ago)
Uh...Richard Blackmore? Anyone with a name similar to Ritchie Blackmore deserves to have some Deep Purple or Rainbow played for them, not Ministry...
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (1 month ago)
real metal.
Ryan Schob (1 month ago)
MrSotko CryptoCurrency May he rest in peace, as he burns in hell.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (1 month ago)
hmm maybe man. wasnt quite ritchie though. deep purple and rainbow are great, but that 6.66 was real evolved metal. ronnie james dio sung about holy divers and rainbows in the dark and shit bra. good stuff, but on different level.

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