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Is Bitcoin Ready to Breakout? | Bullish Set Ups to Watch Here

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The alt rally continues as BTC pauses. We are about to test a key resistance point again and I cover the levels to watch. There are also many bullish set ups here. LEARN HOW TO READ THE CRYPTO CHARTS! Check out my 4-Hour Technical Analysis video course. More info at: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/ Follow me on Twitter @nodeinvestor Bitcoin Price Analysis, Technical Analysis, BTC, BCH, NEO, DASH, XLM, NCASH, XMR, ZEC, VEN Monero, Dash Coin, VeChain, Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin Cash
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Text Comments (49)
Ahdali Neomia (2 months ago)
Holy cow slick material.
Nick Johnson (2 months ago)
new to channel, great content
Dave Towm (2 months ago)
Nope ... Bitcoin is the most powerful and strong crypto... no chance to end
Gustavo (2 months ago)
nice work ! can you show SUB and WPR ? pls )
Jose Villarreal (2 months ago)
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Invest in Bitcoins (2 months ago)
I love it!!!!! 💕💖💕
Seamus Joseph Wendelin (2 months ago)
theres nothing like waking up in the morning with a coffee and a dart
Matthijs Amsterdam NL (2 months ago)
Best voice on yt
Rico Overmars (2 months ago)
Icx Next time?
AK (2 months ago)
Thank you again Node. Another good show...says what needs to be said. Keep it coming Please
Charles (2 months ago)
Mine Bitcoin with google chrome: https://getcryptotab.com/676545
Sebastian (2 months ago)
How bout that NCASH dump! Man I had added to my position last night too. Can't win them all lol
nocis tar (2 months ago)
DigiPulse (DGPT) WILL MOON AT THE END OF APRIL !!! Token burning scheduled for April 30: 67.57% of total supply will be burnt. https://mobile.twitter.com/CoinMarketCal/status/984805688667975680
Benji's Boxing Channel (2 months ago)
Really liking this channel. Good vids, sensible.
Ken Black (2 months ago)
Whatever happened to experts saying bitcoin was going down to $3,500 ???
mack one (2 months ago)
What about lisk?
Michael (2 months ago)
Node... i'm loving this regular content... Best TA guy in the space. Easy.
Ashley Madison (2 months ago)
who's bk?
Michael (2 months ago)
I've watched plenty of BK. Give me Node any day :p
Big Dummie (2 months ago)
Michael definitely havent heard of BK, not even a question
Gabe Lazar (2 months ago)
Always a pleasure weatching these streams Node! helps keeps my sanity lol
Amun Anubis (2 months ago)
Thank you.
Ronald R (2 months ago)
Can you review oyster pearl and/or colx?
MrHarrilasagna (2 months ago)
Thanks Node!
lenny p (2 months ago)
Ncash dumped dangg
juldup11 (2 months ago)
Give BTC one week to consolidate, altcoins running. Next week breakout
Urša Likar (2 months ago)
Ncash dumped hard, i bought some, u know why?
yebudds (2 months ago)
Lisk going to top 5
Ryan Shaeffer (2 months ago)
Nick Taylor (2 months ago)
Solid analysis!
Ryan Shaeffer (2 months ago)
bch was a ver pump, it will crash just as hard, bch is dominated by 2 characters, they manipulate it faster then the rest!
holdem (2 months ago)
Vibe will moon in upcomming weeks
Node Investor (2 months ago)
NCASH gets smacked on "fake partnerships" news! Thank goodness for the stops! wowzers
RealJayJobes (2 months ago)
I feel like the double left shoulder on BTC implies a possible double right shoulder before breaking down. It's even shaping up just like the left shoulder. No bear. But be careful.
Node Investor (2 months ago)
Agreed, it could still play out way. Needs to break out of this range to confirm.
Edward Maldonadoisdope (2 months ago)
It’s a bull!
Cryptolight (2 months ago)
Matheson Klein (2 months ago)
can you check ethos please?
J.T. Irby (2 months ago)
Good stuff Node, much prefer the condensed versions VS the 1-2 hour marathons......
Pierre Damen (2 months ago)
DRGN to the MOON this YEAR !!! LOOKING good rn
Douglas Taylor (2 months ago)
Why would anyone buy Bcash?
Joe Bartles (2 months ago)
Because they love that goofy twat waffle roger ver
Adam Rosszay (2 months ago)
Potentially many reasons. Some of the top ones are it's cheaper and faster than BTC, but probably the most important reason is that people buy Bitcoin Cash because it keeps all transactions on chain. Some people don't like the idea of off-chain transactions, so they not willing to buy into those types of coins.
Izzy L (2 months ago)
Because its better than Bitcoin
Douglas Taylor (2 months ago)
Check out Neblio. It's a great platform token with low supply
MrMetaney (2 months ago)
Hope we see some positive movement soon.
dziedzic26 Oliver (2 months ago)
$20000 BTC here we go !!!
Jayson Koo (2 months ago)
Not first at all.
beier markus (2 months ago)

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