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Top 3 Cryptocurrency Altcoin Sleeping Giants For Jeff

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These are my top 3 altcoins in the cryptocurrency market for 2018 and years to come. I believe these are long term holds, that will make nice gains. My choices are Electroneum, the Monero hard fork for privacy coins and microtransactions on the mobile phones. Then Cardano, which has its first token being built on it. Also IOTA, a project using the Tangle Ledger.
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Altcoin Buzz (6 months ago)
Whats up everyone, thank you for the support and encouragement to keep making videos. Happy to know many of you like the vids. - Jeff Thanks to Crypto Eddie for the video idea on Twitter.
Mohammad Owiesi (6 months ago)
Altcoin Buzz clear poll token will be advertiseing for one weak on Cmc start from 28 of march according to their Chanel in telegram. Two application available for testing : iOS and android. Full lunch in may . Your opinion please ?
Mohammad Owiesi (6 months ago)
Altcoin Buzz can you please tell me your opinion about clear poll and clarify projects please ??
SATYPAL SINGH (6 months ago)
Bro . American gov think to ban some crypto currency which is mainly use in terror funding please see it and make a video for safety to all
belle1113 (2 months ago)
LEDU COIN will dominate in the cryptoworld in the coming days!
Luann Siemon (3 months ago)
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Miro Slatinsek (3 months ago)
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faruk başaran (3 months ago)
electroneum..also Sleeping Giants For Jeff ..also amp is gıant..would be 10 k ...still wait ...is not it jefff..?
Golossus (3 months ago)
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Garrett Piatt (4 months ago)
parrot with those disclaimers
john cena (4 months ago)
First everyone!!! Vote me up. ooh and send donations to my NEON wallet AHPwLQkH486gb13iRve99ogZVaCSNZEmQR
Keeping up with Crypto (4 months ago)
Hey Jeff I love your channel, and as per your request in a video a long time ago, I made a Hodel song viedo. I hope you like it:) I would love for you to play it on one of your videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5XwtnJM5v8
SatyamVEVO (4 months ago)
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Elitepete Vd berg (4 months ago)
Sumokoin is the best privacycoin with a very low marketcap right now. You should check it out. I'd like to know what you think about them.
Eli D (4 months ago)
I would add CIVITAS coin, MN...
Tim Ulrey (4 months ago)
Dude, these are giants, not sleeping giants.
thomas luck (4 months ago)
Jeff you're the best,Brother
Ivonne Teoh (4 months ago)
Thanks Jeff. Great video. I've heard about ETN on another channel. He said ETN is one of his Top 6 coins for April 2018.
Infamous- Lungzz (4 months ago)
Heres the link if u havent registered yet https://www.binance.com/?ref=16897619
Jack Watson (5 months ago)
D I G I B Y T E ! !
Kingy B (5 months ago)
I don't want to hear your opinion, I just want you to think I do :)
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nzguy hero (5 months ago)
Cardano based blockchain - CryptoKami - Decentralized Reserve System. That's more interesting project.
Bhseeker01 (6 months ago)
Crypto is not gonna happen for another decade... at least. All this is BS, just my oppinion... Which I think is correct.
kamtugi mtugi (6 months ago)
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John Pesente (6 months ago)
John Pesente (6 months ago)
IOTA is working with VW on sensors with cars
ruthless josh (6 months ago)
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David Bermudez (6 months ago)
Cardano is in its infancy stage now once this coin evolves it will become the next ETHEREUM but BETTER
Fredward Pimentel (6 months ago)
think you are missing $ZOI. #Decentralized #privacy #ZerocoinProtocol #NoPremine #NoICO #OnlyCPU-minable #LowMarketCap #1stZerocoinWebWallet #MasternodesSoon #Undervalued #altcoin
V Lounge (6 months ago)
Jeff what happened with the 100$ challenge?
Juni LEE (6 months ago)
Nucleus Vision (nCash) looks pretty promising too; strong team and real-use case, and low market cap, only just listed on Binance, and the typical post-ICO whales dumps have already occurred.
Michael Reinert (6 months ago)
If you put DAC79B in the Code button under "earn free coins" in the mining app you will be entered in a weekly 5000 ETN drawing. This is not spam.... Read it for yourself.
Milo The Russian Blue (6 months ago)
Dennis Pfafenrot (6 months ago)
Gigaloader (6 months ago)
Premined doesn't have to mean centralized.What makes Electroneum centralized is that every transaction goes through the ETN app or website wallet. This fact alone makes ETN worthless to real investors and is a security risk not worth taking. Electroneum can just lock your account and your done. There are far better choices for mass adoption as an example ....If you have an ERC20 token like TELcoin you are not limited to an app or any other centralized platform. You can just send from cold storage wallet - if you so choose. It's about freedom and Electroneum is one of the worst centralized Crypto's out there.
RealerSuperheld (6 months ago)
My favorites are COB since it's a low cap exchange coin with some need benefits for the holder. Then DBIX because it is the first and only coin that targets islamic bankinng (valued at 2 trillion a year) hence it has no competition. It is used as part for trading pairs on Palmex (an arabian exchange). It will suport arabian language for programers. All together a really new niche nobody else can (!) fill out. It's like a door opener to the arabian world. Last, but not least, Data Streamr coin. Like IOTA, Streamr is an IoT coin with industry solutions. Better than IOTA is its approach for real time data use. The coin is Ethereum based and thus did not try to invent the wheel again. Completely undervalued. A real rocket ready to be launched any time soon
Dung Bui (6 months ago)
Check out this decentralize exchange that almost ready to lunch. Do not miss it. Hack Free - Absolutely the future of trading https://www.altcoin.io?kid=MFB03
Victor Contreras (6 months ago)
mine: Electroneum, FunFair and SALT
xblatino328 (6 months ago)
ETN to the moon!!
NeboFilms (6 months ago)
ETN is w o r t h l e s s
ak scrambled (6 months ago)
ADA is a no brainer for me, all good things take time.
Flatearth Cryptoz (6 months ago)
Iota doesnt even have a wallet! Never buy iota
Rodolfo Oliveira (6 months ago)
Buy ECA coin = $0.0009 Electraproject.org Proof-of-Staking/Atomic Swap
Alex Ware (6 months ago)
don't get electroneum
AnEclecticSoul (6 months ago)
Jeff, you might change your mind about iota after hearing what Richard Heart has to say about it.
David. Atencio (6 months ago)
zoin is the best lower cap coin
Dan Hamilton (6 months ago)
Iota in top three is crazy talk.
Bob Goudreau (6 months ago)
Neblio is the only sleeping giant.
Justin Fattz (6 months ago)
Good picks!
CashPenguin INC. (6 months ago)
Whats going on jeff is a fucking idiot and his opinions suck he has nothing to offer that is substansial
tajmgambler (6 months ago)
I heard quite a lot of bad stuff about Electroneum, on Youtube... its a scam or whatever. What do you make of that?
Shutter Eff3ct (6 months ago)
Cool website, thanks
Crypto Pies (6 months ago)
https://tokensale.faceter.io/special/a0b36c Wanna invest in faceter ICO? Use link to profit from 100 FACE extra tokens as a welcome bonus!
gertjan van der meij (6 months ago)
VOX is a sleeping giant ! ( VOXELS ) Because ' Virtual Reality ' is the future ! Also ' STEEM ' is going to be big ! Because it will overtake Youtube ( with D.TUBE )
Heli (6 months ago)
Love ETN.
anagnose (6 months ago)
1 MIOTA = 1000000 IOTA. So it is more scalable then Ada
cosasverdes (6 months ago)
Nuls. That's where it's at in the platform coin world (Ardor will do well, too once wallet is fixed). DeepOnion. That's where it's at in the privacy coin world. Intensecoin would be my runner up. Go get it, people. ADA is a disaster, people! Uninformed "investors" are only buying it b/c it's "cheap" in USD and the people buying it have no clue what coin circ and market cap are. This is similar to dorks buying Ripple which isn't even a cryptocurrency. It's not even a working product for goodness sakes.
Victor (6 months ago)
KIN, NCash & Linda Coin!
Joseph Dykes (6 months ago)
ETN mobile miner up and running now. That's a huge accomplishment for Electroneum
kevin vt (6 months ago)
For you that hold ITOA watch Richard Hearts video on it.
kevin vt (6 months ago)
Wow, Dude Iota is crap... It is a coin FULL of problems programmers laugh at this blockchain full of holes the only way I would take this train wreck if it was FREE.Cardano has a CRAP wallet Daedalus.The only coin that's ok so far is Electroneum.Just because you talk about coins does not make you an expert, DO YOUR HOMEWORK...
Alexandru Bolovan (6 months ago)
Hi there insert this code in app miner electroneum : F72DE2 . Chance to win 5000 ETN GO TO THE MOOON
Santosh Palaniswamy (6 months ago)
Well Jeff, I do agree that it is the decision of the investor that is to blame at the end of the day. However, dont discount the influence of youtubers on those decisions. It would be nice to have youtubers accept that responsibility and not just brush it off. People are watching your videos coz they think your opinion has some value. So dont take it lightly is all I am saying. Fair?
R5 LLC (6 months ago)
These have got to be the worst picks I have ever seen of a group posting videos. This guy is shilling his horrible coin picks. No use of actual coin. Coins will be gone by 2020. Do your own research people. These coin picks are of a newbie that has no clue
kingofallcrypto (6 months ago)
Cardano is overpriced hype coin. EOS is the real fucking deal!
Gleen Allen (6 months ago)
Jeff look into NCASH just listed on Binance
Guest (6 months ago)
M TD (6 months ago)
We're crashing again, double top at the 11,500BTC prepare to drop back to the 200 day MA
Georgi Zlatev (6 months ago)
Can you make a video on Oyster (PRL) and (SHL) 6 april airdrop?
SATYPAL SINGH (6 months ago)
Bro . American gov think to ban some crypto currency which is mainly use in terror funding please see it and make a video for safety to all
gianfranco d'agostino (6 months ago)
Credits is a good project?
Airdrop Point (6 months ago)
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gerevas (6 months ago)
you got that mixed up...Electroneum max supply is 21 billion , circulating supply is just over 6 billion, in this case 6 billion is all there is in existence at the moment due to it being a true crypto until it is mined to 21 billion ... both of these are also very different from total supply which is usually held by devs and off the market
michal kocis (6 months ago)
you idiot recommended titannium scamers as a ICO Of the year ?? retard
Dirty Church (6 months ago)
zilliqa and zebi
muddi funstar (6 months ago)
i think the major problem with iota if i can remember was that the wallet is shit
Nzo TOPA (6 months ago)
Electroneum was the very first crypto company to be invited in the 2018 MWC ( Mobile World Congress ) in Barcelona ! Ive invest in Telcoin too but Electroneum is a step ahead
Daniel (6 months ago)
14:20 he start talk about etn
Atm Smasher (6 months ago)
I've been watching your videos for the past 2-3 months .. Great info Jeff ... But you have to work on your emotions ... It brings negative vibes.  Just wanted to let you know my opinion so you can bring this channel to another level! Have a good day! Take care
One Bitcoin Buy Sell (6 months ago)
If Electroneum you can use in shops and pay for goods (PAY by mobile Phone with Electroneum) then Electroneum will be good. But now is only for nothing
Jim Lahey (6 months ago)
They lied about being listed on Kucoin.
Guillermo M (6 months ago)
You need to let your viewers know that Gavin Andersen is one of the leading developers and proponents of Bitcoin Cash.
crypto Investor (6 months ago)
Jeff you lost me with your #2 pick being IOTA. If you are invested in it, that's fine. No one knows what teams will end up doing, iota has been a disaster. Watch Richard Hearts last interview with dougpolkcrypto.
Ken Semotiuk (6 months ago)
Jeffie says, snowflakes 🐑 people and Muppets buy more bitcoin before it goes down in price again like it did last time!
David white (6 months ago)
not cardano
M Simas (6 months ago)
To 3, undervaluate: Reed coin, lisk and verge
BlockSmarty (6 months ago)
Cardanos "peer reviewed research" stole ideas from EOS and didn't even cite them with any credit...
Matt Robinson (6 months ago)
Great video.
John Cool (6 months ago)
jeff you are a breath of fresh air..i only listen to you on altcoin buzz..you are for real and you dont beat around the bush buddy..thank you.
Nana Koranteng (6 months ago)
wont do well 0x836c5e4f2d885c87f85ba3c7e3937d980628378d
Geno Baruffi III (6 months ago)
The vids are great. Keep them coming.    My only comment(s).   shorter more focused videos. WAY less caveats.  We KNOW already that you are not TELLING us to buy anything.   The vid that Seamus (sp?) did yesterday was the perfect length.  10 minutes or less should be your target.  Please!
Kai Sedgwicck (6 months ago)
the amount of fud created around iota by competition shows us . iota is the investment to make because iota gets the most attention and fud from these ppl. (gavin, peter todd, vitalik, andreas a, richard h, mit fake report about iota vurnerability, ... , a lot of bloggers who repeat the MIT report and dont know they are spreading fals information... the list goes on and on.. ). Until now 0 of those ppl have an actual proof of any weakness in iota.. i repeat: ZERO PROOF here's what i do.; for every fud about iota.. i buy moar iota
Maximum Integrity (6 months ago)
Thanks Jeff for the great content! Check out thorncoin as well, they are paying me daily with high interest! Highly recommended for those looking for passive income
Claudine Caamud (6 months ago)
Kane7645 (6 months ago)
I like all the etn Fanboys...
Jason Burdett (6 months ago)
all confusing and non specific talk with many 'i'm saying it does or i'm not saying doesn't' like comments. what a waste of my time watching this video
Mr Larbi (6 months ago)
Seriously Jeff - You've got to ignore these negative people and comments - Too much time wasted talking about them that could be put to better use on your videos - Focus on your concrete followers - Your advice is top notch - We know that !!
Prodigy Defender (6 months ago)
IOTA got their contract with the City of Taipei (Capital city of Taiwan). Machine to machine tech is another great prospect of theirs.
Primoz St (6 months ago)
Im holding UTRUST, COVESTING, SPECTRE and ETN for long term
Karlo Peternel (6 months ago)
Great video Thx
Gary Langford (6 months ago)
Stop shilling your shit coins that you hold
ken tran (6 months ago)
1000 dollars one on alt coin, kgo

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