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Buying Bitshares the Easy Way

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We quickly demonstrate one of the easiest way to buy Bitshares: using a bridge inside the online wallet.
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Jonathan Saavedra (2 months ago)
Wow, this has nothing to do with the subject but how small is the world, I say because in the cover image of this video you used the same logo of a Chilean store called EASY (Cencosud), I know why I have one of those stores in front of my house, and it was a real surprise to see that logo in one of your videos, since I follow you for many years when you taught how to use the Peercoin client. A hug!
Sonny Oropilla (9 months ago)
Hi Chronos--I have a question for you.. First let me explain to what happened.. I deposited my ETH from Coinbase to Bitshares Exchange.. My plan was to buy BTS but changed my mind.. Now when I tried to transfer back my ETH to my Coinbase it doesn't allow me to do it.. It has a message that said " failed to broadcast and not enough fund  or something like that".. I should have enough because all I am doing was transferring back my available ETH.. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestion? Your help is appreciated..thanks Chronos
Sonny Oropilla (9 months ago)
Problem solved.. thank you and keep on rocking because you rock!
Chronos Crypto (9 months ago)
Hm. Did you end up with OPEN.ETH? If so, that's an OpenLedger token on the Bitshares blockchain, not actual ETH. You would need to follow their steps to redeem those tokens for "real" ETH on the Ethereum blockchain. If you're already doing that, and you're getting an error, next step could be to contact OpenLedger support. Good luck!
Sonny Oropilla (10 months ago)
Hey guys/Chronos! I am newbie to BTS anyways I’ve been holding BTS for over a month now and when I first bought my BTS my balance was 1400 shares but now it is showing 2200.. Can someone fill me in why my shares had increased.. tia
Sonny Oropilla (9 months ago)
Thank you Chronos!
Chronos Crypto (10 months ago)
Sounds like you don't own BTS -- you own some other token on that blockchain. The 2200 is the estimated BTS value of whatever you're holding. Take a close look and you might see what it is. :) Hope this helps!
Ben Factor (10 months ago)
Maybe you could do a comprehensive video on a cloud wallet and how to set up permissions, authorities, keys, weight.. im totally confused by all that. And is there a way to change your password?
bobandannapurna (11 months ago)
I transferred some Litecoin from coinbase to my bitshares wallet. How do I convert that Into bitshares (BTS)? Thanks!
GEO Archival (11 months ago)
Hello Chronos... ...very engaged in creating a host of crypto assets and am considering doing this on the Bitshares platform. Question: Where are you located and would you have an interest in exploring a relationship with a group of highly motivated people? Please reply via text - 931.551.1786 Jim
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
Hi Jim, not comfortable giving out my phone number, but you can send details by email to [email protected] Looking forward to your highly motivated project details. :)
tim bad (1 year ago)
Is it possible to buy BTS using the credit card?if yes where?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
I haven't found a company that offers this direct purchase. However, one option is to use a credit card to purchase another crypto, such as BTC or LTC, at an exchange like https://coinbase.com. From there, you can exchange those coins for BTS at any exchange that offers BTS trading. Good luck!
Joe C (1 year ago)
I just sent 500 shares worth BTS in BTC using that address like you showed here. It says pending in my coinbase account. How long does it take to complete a exchange?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
The Bitcoin network can be somewhat clogged, at times. I’m guessing you’ll need to be patient.
George Ward (1 year ago)
Ok...JUST getting into all this so be patient. I have opened a Bitshares account. Now I want to fund it. I only want to buy Bitshares [this is akin to buying stock in a company? Right?]. Now, if I understand correctly, the only way I can do this is to use say US Dollars to buy bitcoin. Then, I transfer the bitcoin into the bitshares account. Am I close?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
You're close. Instead of transferring into a Bitshares account directly, you need to trade the Bitcoin (BTC) for Bitshares (BTS). You would use an exchange to do this.
P. L (1 year ago)
I have gone to bitshares.org and downloaded their exchange app. Deposited BTC and LTC. Automatically I got around 5000 shares of BTS. Then as the BTS price goes up, my account has less BTS. Today I have in my account just around 3000 BTS. Under open.BTC I have 1300 BTC, under open.LTC I have 1700, TOTAL(BTS), I have around 3000. Wonder why? Thanks.
P. L (1 year ago)
That makes a lot of sense. I have reached out and no one else has commented. Thank you very much for that. Now I can't get back in as keep saying my password is not correct. I am pretty sure that is correct as I wrote it down. If you have any insight, pls let me know. I can see my account but can't get in. Thanks again.
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
I think I understand what's going on here: you don't own BTS yet. You still have the OPEN.BTC and and OPEN.LTC tokens, and the BTS entry on your screen is their approximate value in BTS terms. Since BTS was going up in value these past days, the BTC and LTC are showing that they are worth fewer of them. To purchase the BTS, you'll use the decentralized Bitshares exchange to trade between OPEN.BTC and BTS. Does that make sense?
Crypto Gigolo (1 year ago)
Hello Chronos, thanks for putting together these informative clips. Question, I converted my BTS into Ether and tried to withdraw it back to a coinbase acct. now it is stuck in something called "openledger-dex". Any suggestions how to get it out? Thanks for the help. NoDrive55
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Glad you got it worked out!
Crypto Gigolo (1 year ago)
all is well. please disregard. I guess is just takes several hours to process. Keep up the good work!
Tuzulto (1 year ago)
Can I ask, how long did it take to show up in your account when you had to chop the video??
could be really fast or up to an hour, 6 confirmations is max that exchanges ask for BTC transactions...
alex tima (1 year ago)
How can I get in contact with you outside of youtube
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Hey Alex, just pop me an email at [email protected]
Lori Lojacono (1 year ago)
I exchanged LTC yesterday for BTS on blocktrades in my bitshares wallet-saw the transaction gor through and now I have a 0.00 balance. Help
Tuzulto (1 year ago)
Same here....did you get this resolved??
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
I would recommend contacting Blocktrades support. You can also post in the forums at https://bitcointalk.org. Good luck!
Frank V (1 year ago)
Bought some Bitshares with LTC via the Bridge. More than 6% costs? WTF
Ivan Fernandez (1 year ago)
i have a question, i deposited btc in bitshares.org using openledger, how do i buy bitshares using the btc that's in my account already?
Tom R (1 year ago)
I have a few thousand BTS now. Come on the Bitshares.. it's a long term punt I know! ...
Painkillz Abu Omar (1 year ago)
very informative !
minde k (1 year ago)
Thank you so much Chronos Crypto, video and coments below was so helpful
Why cant we just buy bitshares with ours credit card? Why do I need to buy bitcoint -.-
Why I can use my visa or master card in dosens of internet shops? I can buy ETC, BTC and Lightcoin on coinbase with paypal. Why with this new blockchain technology they canot implement simple tech that exist and working. I think this is something more to it, they are making money on all this exchange sites. You have to buy and move your crypto and pay fees evrywhere... Am I wrong?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Basically, because no company is offering that service. There's a danger of being scammed by the user of the credit card, which is why it's risky for the business.
jack black (1 year ago)
great....I posted a comment on your previous video...which this video answered...Thanks..!!
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Sure thing, man! Glad it was helpful!
Marta Miranda (1 year ago)
I have transferred Bitcoin to Open Ledger wallet and now what? It is showing as an open.btc where to from here?
wilksey (1 year ago)
Hey Chronos, Ive just come across your video, looking for a solution to a situation Ive found myself in, I deposited bitcoin into a bitshares wallet, but cannot convert the assett into bitshares, or even withdraw it and try again?? Do you think you could help please?
Wilksey (1 year ago)
Hey Thanks for the reply Chronos, think Ive resolved it now, I managed to restore the wallet from the back up file, despite not being able to log into my account from the dashboard using just my password, its all a learning curve to me, guess its the best way to learn, trying to figure it out..........thanks again, great videos by the way! keep em coming :)
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Did you deposit OPEN.BTC into your wallet? That's a user-issued asset from a company called OpenLedger, so you'd have to contact their support if you have questions about it. That asset can be traded into BTS on the exchange here: https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/OPEN.BTC_BTS. Good luck!
WaterClusterDotCom (1 year ago)
Good one, thank you!
Juan Balverdi (1 year ago)
hi mate! good stuff! im from argentina and i want to buy bitcoins with my credit card. would you recommend me a safe, secure exchange that supports my country?? thanks for the info
Juan Balverdi (1 year ago)
+Chronos Crypto thanks mate, keep up with the chanel, its really helpfull ;)
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
That's a hard question. I haven't bought BTC with credit card before, so I don't have a clear answer. Here's what I'd say: If you don't actually have the money, but you want to use your credit card to buy bitcoins with debt, then I recommend: don't. It's not smart to gamble with borrowed money. If you have the money, I recommend a different method of payment. You'll save money. Have you heard of LocalBitcoins, which shows local sellers in your area? Check out https://localbitcoins.com. Good luck!
Nicky P (1 year ago)
i used openledger to get my btc in my wallet now i cant for the life of me figure out how to actually purchase bitshares
George Ward (11 months ago)
Went to bitshares.openledger and was able to login with my bitshares login info. I see some Etherium from previous and the Bitcoin I just tried to send. How do I get them from openledger and purchase Bitshares. Transfer and Deposits aren't making sense. Openledger deposit gives an address but seems like that is going the wrong way. Don't I want to send from openledger TO the bitshares account? Also noticed it says [at the top of the page] that I have a balance of 86 Bitshares [that would be the total of both items]
George Ward (11 months ago)
I did this too. Xfrd BTC from GDAX to Bitshares address given when I selected 'Deposit' in my Bitshares account. BTC gone from my GDAX account but I can't find them anywhere on Bitshares. Trying your link from your 6mth reply. I don't have an account with openledger. Is my $50 in BTC gone?
Silver Warrior (1 year ago)
I'm having the same issue, have you done a video on taking my new OPEN_BTC and converting them into BTS? At this point I'd just be happy to get my BTC back??
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Sounds like you turned your bitcoins into OPEN.BTC, so now you want the Bitshares DEX market between OPEN.BTC and BTS. Have you tried this yet? . https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/OPEN.BTC_BTS
S Naas (1 year ago)
Chronos, I enjoy your videos. Here is the thing that drives me a little nuts about this crypto currency. I used your affiliate link and opened a Bitshare account. I have never purchased any type of crypto before and hold no BC. I simply want to purchase $1000.00 US worth of BTS as an investment with a visa card, cash, wire transfer, US currency.. money. But it seems a seriously daunting task. How can I just buy it. Must I buy BC from someplace else and then send it to Bitshare in order to purchase/convert BTS? I swear to you I am not an idiot.. I just don't get it. What am I missing here? Anyone? Fastest, easiest way to purchase $1000 worth of BTS without a ton of BS?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Bitcoin is a niche investment. Bitshares is a niche of a niche, so it's hard to get in and out. I don't think you're missing anything. :-)
jestingle /143/ (1 year ago)
Coinbase. If your cards/bank account aren't working and it gives you a 24 hour bug go to Accounts, click BTC Vault and follow the two steps of verification. I have not personally bought any btc yet but I will likely be investing a fuckload into BitShares as well as other projects of Dan Larimer like EOS, Steem etc. You're going to need to figure out how to transfer the bitcoin from Coinbase to an exchange website like bittrex, where you will then be able to purchase alt coins like BitShares. I highly recommend really figuring out how to keep your coins highly secure before you get involved in buying anything though. Or if you do buy it, but it and then immediately figure out how to keep it all very secure. Good luck :)
S Naas (1 year ago)
@jestingle - Thanks for that info. I was starting to figure that was the case. Have you purchased any BC yet? Do you suggest any place I could purchase with a bank transfer? Thanks again..
jestingle /143/ (1 year ago)
I'm getting into Cryptocurrency too, and from what I know, it seems like you have to buy bitcoin first and then buy the alt coins (bit shares included) with bitcoins rather than USD.
VIREtaMigraine (1 year ago)
Many thanks Chronos, your explanation is perfect ! I am using Firefox (with Chrome I cannot access today). Many thanks for your excellent videos and kindest regards from Switzerland :-) Chantal
Emre Şengün (1 year ago)
Hi i join after close chrom now try enter again login but i cant enter. System not accpet my password? How will i open my page
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Make sure CAPS-LOCK is off. Sounds like there might be an issue with your password. Good luck!
mlm bizz (1 year ago)
I have a brand new account and I wantyed to deposit but when I click deposit/withdrawal i get nothinh what should I do?
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Several different companies service deposits/withdrawals on the Bitshares blockchain, so this depends on what company you're using. You might want to post about this issue in the forums at https://bitsharestalk.org. Good luck!
Luxiano Valdez (1 year ago)
Hello, I tried to deposit some BTS from an exchange but when I paste my AC name, it gives me an error code?? If you have any insight on how to deposit BTS it would be greatly appreciated, thx!
Luxiano Valdez (1 year ago)
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
I wonder why the exchange would give an error. You might need to open a support ticket with the exchange to find out what the error code means. Good luck!
Lee Gordon Seebach (2 years ago)
Excellent! Thanks. Could you also do a basic video on how to buy and sell on the Bitshares exchange? That would be very helpful. I've been trading there but really don't know what I'm doing, and trying to learn it this way - trial and error - I just give up in frustration. I'm sure many others would benefit from a "Bitshares trading 101." Thank you for considering this.
Lee Gordon Seebach (1 year ago)
Chronos Crypto thanks Chronos!
Chronos Crypto (1 year ago)
Hi Lee, your wish has been granted! Check out our new trading walkthrough: https://youtu.be/gWxTLesvJhI
Govannon Frei (2 years ago)
I tried to read your lips, please open your mouth then you speak. Thank you.
HowzatDCC (2 years ago)
nice video. Thanks for the info.

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