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Here Is My Bitcoin Trading Plan For Today

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BTCKYLE (1 month ago)
Thee Merch ► https://teespring.com/buying-all-the-dips#pid=227&cid=2666&sid=front
L S (1 month ago)
Keep making these vids! They are so helpful!
RADEK BELIK (1 month ago)
Hi , just subscribed to your channel, can you please tell me what platform you using and do you have any extra program to moving these lines on the platform? I am on coinbase (gdax) and it doesn't have these helpful functions. Thanks
RADEK BELIK (1 month ago)
BTCKYLE - thanks brother
BTCKYLE (1 month ago)
Use coinigy. The link is in my description.
Carter Radke (1 month ago)
Saw you in the Privatix telegram today, if they do actually start some marketing with their alpha release how high do you think the market cap could get to within these next couple of months?
BTCKYLE (1 month ago)
Their product IMO is very undervalued. At least 5x from here. No financial advice!!!
Heisenberg (1 month ago)
Lowkey shills on the whiteboard in the back. lmao. Just playing. Thanks for the video, love the analysis.
Xyz Abc (1 month ago)
Bro can you give me answer of one question please- i am waiting for 5000,3000 for bitcoin since jan should i still wait for 5000🤔
Xyz Abc (1 month ago)
Thanks for like😊 eagerly waiting for your today’s video
Xyz Abc (1 month ago)
BTCKYLE I know bro I just asked your opinion any way I watched whole video 👍 once again fabulous job 👍👌 will keep eye on those trendlines👀
BTCKYLE (1 month ago)
I cannot legally tell you what to do. Im not a FA
A H (1 month ago)
Do you trade daily? What percentage gain is a day maker for you?
Vercusgames (1 month ago)
I do not recommend day trades. Stick with weekly. Put in after a giant dip, cash out in a boost. Rinse repeat every week or two.
RigoRocks23 (1 month ago)
I think it's important to note how much it costs to mine 1 bitcoin on average worldwide and how supply and demand will affect the price when it fails below the cost of mining :)
James Luckhurst (1 month ago)
White text (instead of red) on the hoodie would look so much better and tie in with the lace
BTCKYLE (1 month ago)
Good eye, I can surely edit it and see how it looks.
Get Saved (1 month ago)
Thank you for the update!!!
Rock Auto (1 month ago)
Good Job !

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