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BTC Bouncing into Resistance Here - Levels to Watch This Weekend

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Learn Technical Analysis - Video Training: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/ Will Bitcoin dip back to $8K again? Many are still expecting that. Bitcoin is bouncing into some key resistance areas and we've not seen the big follow through day yet. There are some signs of strength of the shorter term time frames so we need to consider a few different scenarios. I'll go in depth as to what I see and also review a few alts that look strong here.
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Jay Dee (5 months ago)
Wouldn’t touch IOTA or VeChain. IOTA is a disaster waiting to unfold tech wise. VeChain is a flash in the pan alt that will descend down the same path as most useless alts do as companies will create their own blockchains to track their goods to market like Kodak recently did.
Evolution Entertainment (5 months ago)
What are your thoughts on crypto, in a year or two? Do you think we would see new heights in prices ?
Cryptolight (5 months ago)
NODE, your the BEST!!!!!! Love you Bro.....
marconi314 (5 months ago)
I actually believe that after a BTC had a 5x run in the second half of 2016 and then a ~14x run through 2017, we will be fortunate to leave 2018 positive. In fact, I believe that it will take about 2 years to fill in those gains before we possibly go higher in 2020. You don't get a 70x run-up in ~20 months without having significant pull-backs and sideways action for a long time.
Henock Yohannes (5 months ago)
on the daily chart it looks like the short term EMA crossed the longer term EMA so wouldn't we typically see a drop in the price?
be4stable (5 months ago)
Ty Node, Thanks for the analysis and thoughts on current markets, helps me out tremendously.
Maciej Sulowski (5 months ago)
Do you think it's a good idea to set a buy order at about 8500 $ ? Or is it better to buy after a solid bullish reversal confirmation?
Sabo Beatz (5 months ago)
Can you make something about plc or ebst? Thx
Anthony Taitingfong (5 months ago)
NodeInvestor == TA220 (SecondToNone!)
Brooks Goodnight (5 months ago)
BTC is doomed due to insider whale manipulation in correlation with futures. ETH is next. No way I'm hodling either long term. Maybe short term between futures contracts.
sjaak liebregts (5 months ago)
Dow theory (if applicable here) states: this is a bear market. Btc will be lower in a few months before climbing again.
Dean Smith (5 months ago)
8800-5500 range. Bargains galore with cash 💰
Sonix711 (5 months ago)
Wicked vid - cheers for sharing !!! :) I need a time machine to fix the mini-mess I'm in - never invest more than you can afford to loose - can laugh or cry... I'll laugh at my mini-mess, cheers !!! :) You can laugh at me too !!! :)
B C (5 months ago)
Node, Would love to hear your technical analysis thoughts on Enigma - ENG. Thank you! Took your course and it was great!! Thanks again!
EndeavorWebs (5 months ago)
Watch DENT telecom, now just about 5c, it will definitely blossom this year ! It's holding remarkably this correction.
Stomping Partridge (5 months ago)
New highs for 2018, just not this side of April!
Bitcoin Inspector TV (5 months ago)
end of the month xDDD thats why you dont seee the GREEN BIG BAR... specially afteer xmas XD Your video helped me to understand what I LRADY SUSPECTED - HODL !!!!!!!!!!!
Emanuel Collado (5 months ago)
Reality Check: When is everyone going to realize we are in bear market territory. Its normal people.
The Random channel (5 months ago)
Yes this week is the week when i suspect the bear run to end ... then our party should begin ..... to 25K here we come!!!
J.T. Irby (5 months ago)
You’re referring to the CBOE futures contract I suppose as the CME already expired. We shall see, there aren’t that many contracts to begin with, so to effect Spot price that much is a stretch. Not saying it isn’t possible, just not likely. Guarantee you one thing, on the Feb contracts they will go long on those contracts, so I expect a run up......
The Random channel (5 months ago)
v.high ... also the Bitcoin contract cycle ends this Friday aka 26th january 2018 ... and if the ppl who got into them contracts betted for a price drop, they get a very VERY nice profit from it ...
The Random channel (5 months ago)
get ready to eat them words my friend .... it didnt break the 13000 K mark ... its going down my friend ... get ready ..... p.s. what I smoke is great :P ...
nahush shetty (5 months ago)
J.T. Irby bro if you look at the chart it seems to go below 9k and buy walls are set by whales, they can change it anytime but again chart analysis are just a prediction with a hypothesis, so you cant be sure of anything but its highly possible to go down to 8k or 7k.
Michael Morrison (5 months ago)
US stocks went down 12% about and bitcoin went up pretty good recently as tensions about whether the government will shutdown rise.
gowd gadury (5 months ago)
check the weekly...MACD has not even crossed to the downside yet
Darvinisti (5 months ago)
Why would it matter whether its a long wig or long green bar. Its the same action. It only depends when the low was. Even hours or between even hours (or whatever the time unit is). Why would that make any difference.
Darvinisti (5 months ago)
Garret didnt even understand the question.
Garrett Eriksen (5 months ago)
sorry meant "red bar" not "red buy"
Garrett Eriksen (5 months ago)
A long green bar shows sustained buying. The long wick's show that the majority of the buying was countered with selling. On the other hand a long wick on a red buy is nice to see because it shows that buyers rallied during large sell offs. Quite simply it just shows who won the bar and by how much (bulls or bears).
Darvinisti (5 months ago)
Another useless reply. These people believe in magic. They believe if you say something it becomes true.
Brugllione (5 months ago)
The reply is not useless. Technical analysis by itself is kinda rediculous, but when you factor in that a lot of traders follow the same "rules" then it becomes much more useful to predict things.
Tony van Swet (5 months ago)
Hey Node, you should try changing your chart timezone to UTC
Danny (5 months ago)
I feel like all the hype is around alts right now. Most of this new money that's been flowing in is ill-informed and they see bitcoin as outdated and useless. Until that sentiment changes, I don't think btc is gonna go on a run.
Danny (5 months ago)
Yup. And this is exactly the hype that is gonna cause new alt money to flow into btc. But I still think the alt party isn't over yet. Alts will have at least one more extremely exuberant run this year.
Jay Dee (5 months ago)
James Youkhanis - Lightning Network is LIVE on the Bitcoin blockchain and growing at a rate of 42% a day. It is capable of handling MILLIONS of transactions per second and at a cost of a FRACTION of a penny.
Danny (5 months ago)
James Youkhanis that would be one possible way to give newcomers a reason to support bitcoin, but I think a better way would be to somehow get the idea out there that bitcoin doesn't need to solve the scalability problem right now and that for now all it needs to be is a store of value. The problem of scalability hasn't been solved by any coin, and it's possible that we haven't achieved the level of tech innovation to make blockchains scalable yet. People need to remember that bitcoin's code basically allows for anything to be updated, and so it's not the case that a different proof of work cryptocurrency platform will be able to become scalable and overtake bitcoin -- because bitcoin will simply adapt. Another thing people need to realize is that the only way cryptocurrencies can hold true value is if the network protocol is proof of work. It sounds odd but it's quite true that since bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency built upon a proof of work blockchain protocol, it simply cannot be replaced by a new proof of work cryptocurrency.
James Youkhanis (5 months ago)
I have the same exact feeling as you. I feel that we might have a new KING this year. BTC development team has to step up and implement the lighting network and solve the scalability problem.
M Cox (5 months ago)
Node. Love your analysis. Will you be looking to include Neblio more in your video updates?
M C (5 months ago)
Sylorinnis (5 months ago)

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