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Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

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Why do cats love to hang out in boxes so much? It has something to do with being stone cold predators. And, a little anxiety. Hosted by: Michael Aranda ---------- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scishow ---------- Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters -- we couldn't make SciShow without them! Shout out to Bryce Daifuku, Kevin Bealer, Justin Lentz, Mark Terrio-Cameron, Patrick Merrithew, Accalia Elementia, Fatima Iqbal, Benny, Kyle Anderson, Mike Frayn, Tim Curwick, Will and Sonja Marple, Philippe von Bergen, Chris Peters, Kathy Philip, Patrick D. Ashmore, Thomas J., Charles George, Bader AlGhamdi. ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things to put on your walls, cover your torso and hold your liquids? Check out our awesome products over at DFTBA Records: http://dftba.com/scishow ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Tumblr: http://scishow.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/thescishow ---------- Sources: Sources: http://www.appliedanimalbehaviour.com/article/S0168-1591(14)00236-6/abstract?cc=y https://www.wired.com/2015/02/whats-up-with-cats-and-boxes/
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Text Comments (1106)
sammygirl6910 (21 days ago)
Those aren't boxes, they're murder caves.
ThieflyChap (1 month ago)
24 degrees is comfortable? Cood a heck bor, I stick a fan on at 16!
RoomierLight (1 month ago)
im just like a cat beacus i love boxes
BenjamimaPancake (1 month ago)
1:50 The captions say 'sits in'
BenjamimaPancake (1 month ago)
I like boxes.
Leo (3 months ago)
Go search Maru the Cat on YouTube.
Steve L (3 months ago)
My cat doesn't like boxes at all....like she just loves the sofa 😌
lidette711 (4 months ago)
Ah, my cats must be enjoying the summer heat, then. So that's why they liked sleeping on top of our CRT TV back then. Our cats now the like sleeping by windows and in the kitchen.
Pook365 (4 months ago)
I'm sure big cats would prefer to sit in boxes rather than trees, but Amazon won't deliver if your current address is a tree :(
Khalil Razak (4 months ago)
Why are cat's sosososo cuuuuuuuuuuuute.
David Pearce (4 months ago)
I live in a 3 story house & because of all the windows & front an back door its alway cold even with the heat on so I put a big cardboard box on top of the cabinet in the kitchen so when sophie is downstairs she sleeps or just lays down in their and watches me cook & then lays on top of the stove when I'm done cuz its nice an warm for her.
Giraffinator (4 months ago)
You know, I'm a little pissed that he didn't have a cat with him while he recorded this.
waltz 22 (4 months ago)
Human need lots of space to feel comfortable
Kotelypiesely Kuziak (4 months ago)
I like boxes too
Random Human (5 months ago)
I had a whole bunch of cardboard boxes cuz I was working on this project and my cat was so damn happy cuz of all the boxes it was adorable
Very Original Username (5 months ago)
Huh my cat hates boxes :/
Joseph Wallace (6 months ago)
Why are you so cute
Xtremegaming (6 months ago)
the "cat anxiety=cat-in-box" thing is proven by my cat. also, she is totally an ambush predator. she just can't resist sneaking up on walking people and making them jump!
Gamina Wulfsdottir (6 months ago)
I don't care what anyone says, I like his hair.
Angus The Beast (6 months ago)
Give me that armour!!
Games With Nic (7 months ago)
SciShow I watched a 4 minute ad for this, you are welcome. It was one of those awful PragerU ads. One of these days, I am just going to donate and turn on AdBlock.
rictor5 (7 months ago)
I always get so distracted with this host =D he is quite cute
Matthew Holloway (7 months ago)
Please use Fahrenheit
Freedomcat (7 months ago)
By black Siberian prefers to be on a 25 degree Fahrenheit porch in the winter, until he needs to use the litter box, or gets hungry.
DeathbyPixels (7 months ago)
I bet domestic cats need warmer temperatures (temp-purr-atures, dur hur) because they’re evolved from a species native to the Middle East.
Gary Cooper (7 months ago)
Where do you find cats that sleep only 12 hours a day?
HeII Raider (7 months ago)
My cat doesn’t like boxes!!!
Michael Lord (7 months ago)
No wonder my cat has been so keen to sleep outside on recent 45* C weather
hotdrippyglass (7 months ago)
Cats are the fifth state of matter; the solidifying liquid. They will change shape to fill any space small enough to confine them. From the TV show Deep Space Nine; They are the Odo of the earth.
KTUnicorn 005 (7 months ago)
I’m part cat I sit in laundry baskets and it’s always to dang cold!!
Pei Sun (7 months ago)
I got a cat pride add.
Animezingly (7 months ago)
I just gotta say, when we get a new box in the house it's like Christmas morning for my cat. He absolutely loves boxes. Especially new boxes! If only I could be as content and happy as that little jerk. Love him anyway.
Elizabeth DeWitt (8 months ago)
Or just get a dog?
Or just get a dog what?
The Man (8 months ago)
Cats don’t need reasons they just do
Calvin Hodgson (8 months ago)
That is why my cat likes to hide under the covers in winter. I have one sleeping there now!
Simon Carroll (8 months ago)
cats are so weird
Lovi Poekimo (8 months ago)
I wanna sits on Michael Aranda's face
kravenofspider (9 months ago)
I think they like temps in the high 60's as they seem more active.
Cody Osborn (9 months ago)
With the fur coat, I always assumed the house was too warm for kitty!
Grayson Melita (9 months ago)
that must be why my cat likes to sleep so close and snuggled to me!
Blake the bacon boi (9 months ago)
My cat gets in the blinds. Lol
CastelDawn (9 months ago)
24 degree? hell, i keep my house at around 20 lol
mz4life the robloxtuber (9 months ago)
amazingdany (10 months ago)
I learned stuff today.
madbear3512 (10 months ago)
Because it cute duh.
JAYLEW (10 months ago)
Hey it's the "no blink" guy
Cilly Honey (10 months ago)
My cat is part Siberian, he loves the cold and I think the house is too warm for him as he loves to hang outside most of the time, no matter what the weather and I live in Oregon.
cool247 (10 months ago)
or it like having a bunny
stormy (10 months ago)
i love boxes too😅
Andres Guzman (10 months ago)
I love my weird-behaving cat
Adian Allen-Brooks (10 months ago)
Anyone else like it above 80°F? 😝
Elizabeth Shaw (10 months ago)
Boxes and containers are two cats what the Thunder vest is to dogs.
Über Kirbeeh (10 months ago)
I have two boxes in my house for a reason
Sheryl Tay (10 months ago)
What about 31C in Singapore?
turtlehead2 (10 months ago)
My cat hates the heat. But loves boxes.
AstaLawl (10 months ago)
Wait, 24 degrees celcius?! I'd burn away!
The Impish Dullahan (11 months ago)
...My cat just tears the box apart.
Dee B (11 months ago)
I need a box of my own
The unknown XD (11 months ago)
I give my cat a box and it just ignores it and it sleep on my freezer
EpicMapper (11 months ago)
Most snakes are also ambush predators, like my ball python
Sam Teinert (11 months ago)
"If it fits I sits" quote of the day XD
Fernanda Pires (11 months ago)
I have a burning question! I make handmade cosmetics and today after making a batch of conditioner, I noticed that my introverted cat became suddenly very interested in me and wanted to follow me around and snuggle me. I use a cationic surfactant called behentrimonium methosulfate and came to the conclusion that cats are drawn to cationics (coincidence?), since it's common for lots of cats to be attracted to dryer sheets and laundry washed with fabric softener, they all contain cationics surfactants. Why do cats get this catnip reaction from positively charge ions? What happens chemically? Does anyone know?
Francesco Sorce (11 months ago)
They probably don't if the box is Schrödinger's... well... half of the time at least...
Red Diamond (11 months ago)
I put a little box next to my cat and something funny happend... The cat went into a box and became almost water :D
Zom Bee Nature (1 year ago)
I had a cat that laid on top of me and almost crushed me. Sometimes it felt good, other times I thought I was gonna suffocate. Everyone, please watch my tiny nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!
Robin P (1 year ago)
1:24 So this is why my cat likes to be in my sauna all the time... it's always around 35°C in there due to the extra insulation.
artemis ani (1 year ago)
this is similar to a system created for frantic cows. they created a machine that closes around the cow to calm it down and it makes it feel more safe
Pass The Butter Robot (1 year ago)
My cats love sitting in cardboard boxes, but only briefly. After a short period of time it's as if they get bored with any particular box & won't go in it again. If I then put a new box on the floor, the same thing happens. I would have thought if the Kessler & Turner theory was correct, they wouldn't behave like this?
3C Kitani (1 year ago)
So, cats aren't claustrophobic.
SAKINA AU-YEUNG (1 year ago)
My cat doesn't like small places and he can't hunt
Zom Bee Nature (1 year ago)
People with black eyes are creepy Everyone, please watch my tiny nature videos. There is no talking in them.
o m (1 year ago)
they're stressed out so they stuff themselves in places they sometimes barely fit in, and they sleep for almost the entire day? damn what a mood
Nathanael Ries (1 year ago)
I'm a preteen and I make forts and my mom's cats go in there so now I now why cats go in my blanket fort
WhiteArks s (1 year ago)
I love scishow, but why does this guy allways urk me when he talks so much with his hands uggg...
vargurlord (1 year ago)
i think there is something wrong with my cat. it dont like boxes...
Will Burton (1 year ago)
I have a cat. Three cats.😸😸😸🐈🐈🐈
Scott Norton (1 year ago)
Also be sure to give your cats plenty of hugs. Your body temperature is normally 37˚C, which is within your cat's comfort range. By curling up with your cat, you can transfer some of your body heat to your furry friend. If you wish to use this technique for keeping your cat warm, try to start them at a young age, to get them used to being handled. An older cat would plot your imminent demise.
Natanya Dobos (1 year ago)
Kye Talks (1 year ago)
My cat is half Norwegian Forest Cat, and he LOVES the snow, lays stretched out against the cold window in the winter time, and hides in the cold basement in the summer, barely ever going outside. He's a winter kitty 😺 (NWF have weather resistant fur and toe tufts to protect their toe beans. Bear (my cat) can't run around on hardwood floors in the winter because his toe tufts get so long he slips around!!)
Shemesh Navon (1 year ago)
my cat doesn't want to eat. he will drink milk and eat a few morsels. I gave him a big of chicken and he ran off.. :( help us!
Liss Firefly (1 year ago)
I love your videos!
youtube_addiction23 (1 year ago)
My cats love to go in paper bags from the grocery store. Just have to be careful to remove the handles so they don't get caught around their necks.
Robert Snider (1 year ago)
made a bed with a heated blanket, loves it, especially since it's in a hollow night stand with a curtain
dragonfirechimeravids (1 year ago)
24°C? How is that comfortable? At least 28,preferably what the cats like, I like 30. Luckily, it's mostly 28 to 35 here
D. G. (1 year ago)
My cat sits under a low desk with a heating vent under it. I sometimes sit down and feel a sharp pain in my toes. Coincidence? I think not.
Ashley Buchanan (1 year ago)
a comfortable 24 degrees celcius?!? i knew that was hot even before i looked it up, but thats 75 degrees Fahrenheit. thats a crazy temperature to keep a house at. mine is 65 during the day and even lower than that at night or when no one is home
100thfail (1 year ago)
Nagarath16 (1 year ago)
24 Celsius is way too hot to live in as a human! It's too close to summer heat! Unless you're elderly.. Who can live that hot house?
IDontBelieveInPenises (1 year ago)
Every time someone talks about a Jaguar kitty hopping through the trees or roaming city's endangering Children, all I can imagine is a driverless, Jaguar F-Type driving through alleyways and stalking children.
IDontBelieveInPenises (1 year ago)
When my cat was a Kitten, she would sleep in my Slippers.
Normal'sWayOverrated (1 year ago)
Hey, if I fits I sits
An why they like to sleep on laptops
My cat got really, really sick a long time ago. She had a pretty severe case of anemia (the vet even prepared us for her death after having her hospitalized for a week). We began noticing she was ill because she entered a box and didn't want to go out, she just stood there watching everything and breathing heavily. I think I get it now, she was ridiculously weak, she probably thought she wouldn't be able to react to things properly as cats usually do and decided to retreat to a safe spot. She must've been suffering a lot. Ps. If anyone cares, my cat had a miraculous recovery thanks to the care of the amazing vet, it has been over a year since then and she is as healthy as ever :)
Clarinet Catato (1 year ago)
If my cat gets too cold, sometimes she doesn't go sleep in a box. She'll go sleep on me at 3 in the morning
Agent Washingtub (1 year ago)
Because they're godamn adorable, that's why!
shantanu panda (1 year ago)
is it just me or is he using "can i has a hamburger" grammar
Patricia A (1 year ago)
mine loves cupboards instead
Queen Aysha (1 year ago)
I love how SciShow is basically obsessed with cats XD
Nicole Reeves (1 year ago)
thank you for saying "sits"
WolfydaWolf129 (1 year ago)
it's cuz cats are liquids, haha

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