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My wife’s Salsanatti group LIVE in Chicago

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Text Comments (146)
michael h (4 months ago)
Bro you wife is hot in that tux
Schyler Chappell (4 months ago)
Gotta love the parting nose-picking shot
govizworld (4 months ago)
cool :)
Paul Canciu (4 months ago)
I was expecting you to yawn :))
DazzFire (4 months ago)
Nice to see you proud of your wife and supporting her!
Lisa Coleman (4 months ago)
Nice Job. I'm getting dizzy watching all that spinning.
Nick Singh (4 months ago)
they say in slasa , your dance partner or teacher always becomes more than just that! dance creates chemistry crow! just sayin'
Nick Singh (4 months ago)
mamta budhiraja the crow man and his beautiful wife have trust and respect. it was a comment made tounge in cheek! i didnt mean any offence. us British and americans have a certain banter. God bless crow and his family. much love!
mamta budhiraja (4 months ago)
Nick Singh u think u will be forgiven for that?
edoardo barzano (4 months ago)
now i understand your eye bags...Lol just Kidding, Great dancer, latin music rocks....!
Eric Russo (4 months ago)
Tell your wife some random guy from New York said awesome job!
Benjamin Wadahara (4 months ago)
You should be proud of your wife. She has talent. I am like you and don’t have the rhythm to dance that kind of style.
Cristian Torres (4 months ago)
Waoooo like a Cha cha cha salsa hard to dance... great 👍 for Ms Crow
will work for crypto (4 months ago)
Go Crow!
Russell Bailey (4 months ago)
Great show. Should be proud of your wife. Love it.
Levent Doğutürk (4 months ago)
good performance... do we see you up there too next time? :)
DAY WALKER (4 months ago)
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Austin McBride (4 months ago)
This is cool. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your wife's performance - looking sharp.
Jose Taborda (4 months ago)
She's awesome! You need to take some classes big guy... it will be fun to see this huge guy overpowering the stage. Great job supporting.
CraigBMM (4 months ago)
wheres the zoom bro !! your dropping the ball ! hahaha
quitamar01 (4 months ago)
Omar Rodriguez (4 months ago)
WAO tropical rhythm. good dancers.
Jeremy Steele (4 months ago)
Bruh get you an iPhone X. Video is super shaky. Nice job to your wife!!
Barb Thornback (4 months ago)
Brilliant 👍
Teamototo TV (4 months ago)
Why would you let your wife dance so sexually with another man
dome4life (4 months ago)
Hey man, great to see you and your wife having some fun. Congrats to your wife, amazing performance, way outside of my skill reach in dancing! Also thanks to you for all your efforts and helping out so many newbies like me, finally someone trustworthy. Best wishes and enjoy your stay!
Timothy Talley (4 months ago)
Hyunsoo Crypto (4 months ago)
why the fuck r u letting ur girl dance with another dude lololol
Chuck Chuck (4 months ago)
Tel coin how long do you recommend holding?
Jason Dixon (4 months ago)
Great to see 👍👍👍 great moves !!
JACK MCCONNACHIE (4 months ago)
Femi Bankole (4 months ago)
release live2play token you promised us !!
Heather G (4 months ago)
Love it!!! She’s awesome and beautiful dancing! Thanks for sharing! Love how you both support each other’s passions! My career is in the love industry and this is sweet to watch. Enjoy your weekend!
Peter Bissell (4 months ago)
There he is. The poor guy behind you can’t see a thing 😂
juice28 (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing with us
Tyler Starlock (4 months ago)
She was awesome up there! Hope you’re both having fun :)
Brandon Foley (4 months ago)
Buy the way looks like awesome fun
Brandon Foley (4 months ago)
Not seeing you email I'm having trouble with this profit trailer I got though you I'll tell you what's wrong in private email unless of course you want it public my phone# 5093199025 really anyone here that's got figured out can call me thanks so much
Stanley Ndung'u (4 months ago)
Bram Augat (4 months ago)
Apparently eating 18 chimichangas a day Doesn’t prevent a girl from dancing the salsa. Your wife looks like a toy doll next to those other two
Tyson Larson (4 months ago)
Crow, I watch your videos and I am learning a lot from you. I was thinking this trip to Chicago is good for you to get away from the countless and sleepless hours you have invested in crypto. Make sure you take time to tell your wife how much she means to you and spend some extra time with her. Tell her awesome job dancing.
George Linan (4 months ago)
Awesome! When are you getting on stage? :) Great job!
krislivesformagic996 (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing that was really cool!
nightcrawler (4 months ago)
Good stuff man. Thanks for sharing! You’re real good people.
pat harpr (4 months ago)
Great job! Way to support and she’s a great dancer too!
Michael Rau (4 months ago)
Crow you got it all, Family is everything! The Best things in life are *NOT THINGS* all the best to you.... and yours Brother!
JR2012now (4 months ago)
Uhcummmmm I think you need to learn some of that or you can just left and right leg kick the whole time
Vinnie Arjune (4 months ago)
can u dance like that
Vinnie Arjune (4 months ago)
good stuff bro
Russkijmedeved (4 months ago)
Good job man!
John Patterson (4 months ago)
Your wife’s a mover but her partner’s a bit arthritic. Time to shake those tail feathers, throw some shapes, and strut your salsa stuff, Crow
Demetri Parker (4 months ago)
Man, you are in Chicago. Hit me up, will have some fun
Bigcitymao (4 months ago)
That’s was awesome !! hope to see them at the Orlando salsa Congress
Vincent Spaulding (4 months ago)
Very nice Crow that is what life is about kudos to you and your wife.
Winston Sawyer (4 months ago)
yepa yepa !
Terry Vogelaar (4 months ago)
Lovely music, lovely dancing! You're a lucky man, bro
BillBurros (4 months ago)
I'm guessing she's the one on the right?
bigvic71C (4 months ago)
Your wife is beautiful, but the one in the middle and them thighs!
Aaron (4 months ago)
Props to your wife. Nice job, love the thumbnail of the video. It doesn't say "I'm a creepy stalker in the audience" or anything like that. (all in good fun) Hope you are enjoying your trip.
DJI 101 (4 months ago)
Salsabor 👍🏼
Crypto Blogger (4 months ago)
I can't believe some of these childish immature comments like is he jealous someone else is dancing with her or other worse things. Hey losers, if you can't make a mature respectful comment about the man and his wife or their relationship, then don't. Geez. Some real knuckle draggers here. I just missed that part where he may have mentioned which lady was his wife since there were three dance couples up there.
Rozzie Smith (4 months ago)
You lucky S.O.B. 😂. She is def. A pro.
Tom Prillo (4 months ago)
Jason when are you getting on stage!
Erik Montezuma (4 months ago)
Jason, get salsa lessions without her knowledge and take her to a salsa club for her birthday! Or maby at valentines day if your a quick learner 🙂
Erik Montezuma (4 months ago)
Crypto Crow Just saying, women love romance man. But its romantic enough to support her at the salsa contest i guess. Have a nice sunday!
Juno Jang (4 months ago)
Nice one man!!
Nathan Bennett (4 months ago)
Nice to see husband and wife supporting each other.
Jon Brooks (4 months ago)
Cool of you to share with us. You know she wishes she could dance with you up there. But if you're like me, there's no effing way.
Carlos Irizarry (4 months ago)
Brother Crow, that is awesome!!! Love the vibe!!! Happy for you!
Maurice 303 (4 months ago)
I wonder if the Crypto Crow can move like that on stage or dance floor LOL.
N0TS0SUBTLE (4 months ago)
Another man dancing with my wife... Oh hell no. I'd learning the Salsa real quick and pick up some moves from Dirt Dancing. Lol
Douglas Alferez (4 months ago)
Amazing, you just keep winning
Charlie D (4 months ago)
Great show!
Jason Schneider (4 months ago)
In the near future, I think your going to become some folks favorite You Tuber. Appreciate what you do sir
Jason Schneider (4 months ago)
HAHA Awesome.
Serene Living (4 months ago)
Hi Jason, I’m happy that you don’t forget to take some rest and take care of your family as well. You are my favorite that’s why I am one of your patrons.
Vintage Vanity (4 months ago)
Wow!!! That was wonderful. She’s a great dancer. I know you are so proud of her.
James James (4 months ago)
The Lady can 💃
David Hampson (4 months ago)
How come they had you sitting in the 4/9s Thought you would have had front row priority...What really matters is that you were thereto support her.....and you still got to post to you tube...who said that men couldn't multi task...was it a women :):):) Enjoy the rest of your evening..and thanks for a bit of family fun.....next you really need to introduce us to "Pain in the ass 1-2-3 " :) :):)
Reelworthy (4 months ago)
Too fun... Apparently four people do not like salsa, lol
Dominic F (4 months ago)
Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
runako clothing (4 months ago)
make sure you try harolds while your in town
SomeGuy8796 (4 months ago)
Way to go Brother .. sport it! .. LOL!!
Sau Wong (4 months ago)
Do you dance with her? Do you feel bad you’re not dancing w her up there and it’s another guy?
Rodger Morelli, MBA. (4 months ago)
Get it Crow!!💃🏻💃🏻
Dimitri Georgoulas (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing the real and important things in life! I love how real you are! Never change brother!
mjpongan (4 months ago)
Do you dance too ?
phogzzz (4 months ago)
they look fantastic. you must be proud.
Miggity Miner (4 months ago)
Why aren't you up there Crow
Sylvain Dube (4 months ago)
Respect from Canada Quebec !
Sylvain Dube (4 months ago)
please don't put a yawn when she dance!!! :)
thechiquito2099 (4 months ago)
Crow let me know if you guys wanna grab a drink later on!
Generation Recon (4 months ago)
best luck!!
Generation Recon (4 months ago)
hell yea crow!!
Truth Betold (4 months ago)
right on brother!
RUwatching (4 months ago)
Haha Thats awesome
Timothy Rowland (4 months ago)
Hey ya scruffy bastard you need to shave! LoL!  Awesome you support your family like you do. Have a safe trip home!
rmzayas (4 months ago)
love it, your wife really rocks salsa!!!
G.I. The One (4 months ago)
Best Review Ever.... Much Respect Mr. Crow .. You are Definitely my favorite You tuber
Jefferson Kind (4 months ago)
Why would you let her dance with some other dude??
R (3 months ago)
lot of keyboard warrior with no sense of reality mate.
Barrett Clausen (4 months ago)
Pathetic question and pathetic attempt to save face.
Jefferson Kind (4 months ago)
emulate DeM At least, your comment made sense.
Jefferson Kind (4 months ago)
Kristine Cunningham Who said anything about "possession"? You did!
Peggy Johnson (4 months ago)
That is just great!
francis james (4 months ago)
lol. I thought you meant she was in a salsa making competition! LMAO!!! My wife is a bellydancer!! Dancers are the best!! great moves!! :)
Jim Scheltema (4 months ago)
Yes, there is life other than crypto! Way cool man.

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