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Top Four Altcoin Cryptocurrency in 2018!

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Here is a list of my Top four altcoin cryptocurrency heading into 2018. Lisk, IOTA, Ripple and Electroneum. This is not financial advice rather my opinion about what I feel are strong options in the cryptocurrency space for multiple investors.
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Eze Emmanuel (1 month ago)
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Golossus (1 month ago)
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Coin Of Year (3 months ago)
1. MIOTA(IOTA) 2. XRP(Ripple) 3. LSK(Lisk) 4. ETN(Electroneum) http://coinofyear.com/votes/54
gin65zz (5 months ago)
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Ahmed Tohamy (5 months ago)
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Navroz Hussain (5 months ago)
IMO Digibyte (DGB) is Bitcoin on Steroids, at this price it's a steal of a deal right now! Just pretend that the year is 2008 and you can tell the future and the price of Bitcoin is about how much DGB cost right now a mere nickel!!! This is the future coin guys! Buy while it's under rated and cheap!
Crypto Tuto (6 months ago)
buy IOTA here ! https://www.binance.com/?ref=10782697
Ágoston Berkó (6 months ago)
TokenPay + Sumokoin will rule the world in 3 months....
Market Cap Whale (6 months ago)
I think Funfair FUN could be a real money maker. Also look into Enjin Coin EJN they have some big things coming for the gaming world! Both are available on Binance so I forked my handsome verge profits into them hoping to find gold!
False Lunatick (6 months ago)
Verge about to do an epic moonshot!!
Salem abu-alem (6 months ago)
Thank you for listing the coins in your description area
Ken Russo (6 months ago)
I remain firm in my belief that your purchase of some Electroneum (ETN) tokens will prove to be one of the best moves in the crypto space right now. I own 300,000 ETN which I bought at $0.01 ($3000) and could have sold for a 10X return ($30000) but I have not sold a single one. I would not be surprised to see this coin hit $1 to $2 in the near future (1 to 3 months) and continue to grow much stronger ($20 to $30) in 6 to 12 months and beyond. Stay informed by doing an "Electroneum" YouTube search. If you have already purchased some ETN I hope you will sign the petition to list Electroneum on the Bittrex exchange. Here is the link... https://www.change.org/p/bittrex-inc-list-electroneum-on-bittrex
M Simas (6 months ago)
Bankera? B2bx?
Nemesis1313131313 (6 months ago)
Joni Koskimaa (6 months ago)
Raiblocks. Get it while it's still cheap. XD
Yellis D'haene (6 months ago)
You forgot about GoByte - buy now , thank later
Victor K (6 months ago)
Please do a video of bread coin. Low supply and a good app despite being so early. Looks like it could go 5x fast.
ZedsterX (6 months ago)
Man I think it's funny you talk about Ripple so much. I was at the initial give away and was given 50K Ripple the day it went live. Back then it was a joke coin (still is in many ways) but I am not sad I kept up on where it was.
Chr1meT1me (6 months ago)
Electra(ECA) is one of the best coins! I've increased my invest 10x!! And its just the beginning!! 💪💸💰💸💰
Twain Conley (6 months ago)
Everyone needs to look at hard at Modum now!!!
Donald Trump (6 months ago)
rahul virani (6 months ago)
Electroneum will be in top 10 in 2018
mike da bomb (6 months ago)
Do you still stand by ETN? i went through hell to get onto Cryptopia and placed my order. In the interim the McAfee announcement came through and instead of paying $.08 I ended up paying $.10. I can't catch a break. Hoping for a big return. What is your timeline for growth? Love your videos. Keep up the great work and Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Great Gama (6 months ago)
I have digged deep and found a low risk/high reward project called ColossusTX, only at 60sats!!! It is one hell of project! An upgraded fork of PIVX with PoS Protocol 3.0, Masternodes, Obfuscation Mixing Mechanism, SeeSaw reward mechanism, energy-saving and are VERY community driven. Most importantly it is a PRIVACY COIN, and despite being in its infant stage, the rise of Colossus is going to be greater than the rise of Verge! Mark my words and do your own research. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/colossuscoinxt/#markets
Josh Yates (6 months ago)
Jeff's voice
musicfreak9122 (6 months ago)
what about this cheap coin...big supply is most important when masses adopt crypto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI4lJkBzFEQ
Nick (6 months ago)
OMG is no doubt the best coin and will soar in 2018.
willpower242 (6 months ago)
Iota. Ten X. OMG. NEO. Monero. SUB. Cardano.
SnailSpeedSlow (6 months ago)
Gettysburg2013 (6 months ago)
Awesome video Jeff. Lot of good information in here.
Joesph Harbor (6 months ago)
Been watching love your input!!! Wanted to scream noooo on your btc buy at 15. Xem neo and a CPL others have burnt off excessive fat I'm holding safe there. Just jumped in btc at 11, waiting for whales or whoever to see it up to 15 ish then Ill watch for another raid. I'm thinking a whole coin at 4000. Fck the sharks, watch and strike. Sun zu!!!!
卐 BigMan 卐 (6 months ago)
Opinions on tron?
David Holcroft (6 months ago)
i think there next big partner might be toyota, after looking at this blog https://blog.iota.org/iota-selected-by-tokyo-metropolitan-government-program-fde6b34ddc16
Daniel Molina (6 months ago)
Damn I need some IOTA now! I need to uber more lol. Grind grind grind...
crypto maniac (6 months ago)
Electroneum will be huge. now people are realizing it. Poor bashers during the ICO.
Romain Escaich (6 months ago)
"Except, I'm not drinking any alcohol right now, I've had coffee", made my day in this Red Sea. Can't agree more, would add too Verge, Cardano & Ethos. Thanks Jeff
Goodcat007 (6 months ago)
Dude, the mobile mining tool on ETN *isn't* a real miner. It's a SIMULATOR. It's not real. It's a game.
simonhhh100 (6 months ago)
Miners are mining 1000's of coins per day on varies rigs and in mining pools and converting it to cash...that's what! You need to read the technical white paper before spruiking misinformation
Goodcat007 (6 months ago)
I have, that's not the point. The point is, it seems many people are touting their "mobile miner", as some sort of revolutionary tech. It isn't. ETN has a very capable marketing team, that's for sure. As for your "so what": When you mine a coin, you are producing a real world crypto currency. This simulator isn't producing anything. There's nothing tangible. That's the "so what"
simonhhh100 (6 months ago)
So what?...It is not designed to be...it is specifically designed to be a platform for mass adoption... Read John McAfee's tweet or read ETN's technical white paper
L B (6 months ago)
Im going against public sentiment and say Dogecoin and LiteDoge are the sleeper coins.
Vince T (6 months ago)
ETN for sure!!! John McAfee's approves of ETN. Better buy it while it is still cheap.
Phil Thomas (6 months ago)
Electro is a BS coin. Be careful with it.
Tony F (6 months ago)
Should i buy Verge or More ETN?
Jordan S (6 months ago)
Bought some etn. Hope it pays off!
Greg Strasburg (6 months ago)
Can you share your thought on ReddCoin?  it was exploding yesterday up over 400% but today it was poor.  Do you see it rising to say $1.50?
D Tour (6 months ago)
Andre Ballas (6 months ago)
This doesn’t look good. HODLING Ada & Trx
TheDemethar (6 months ago)
IOTA has no real relationships with Microsoft. Why are you still mentioning that rumor? Wow man.
HodlersWeekly (6 months ago)
Ripple, Cardano, Stellar
Chris Bird (6 months ago)
Lisk excites me ..if all goes to plan this will be huge with scalability and adoption than ETH
GGG Zuir (6 months ago)
Please tell me where i can invest $$$ ripple...
Sebastian W. (6 months ago)
great video! thx for answering my question on Twitter! Great community as well!
Dub Yuh (6 months ago)
Wow, buying Verge under a penny, able to get size.. MAN anyone know any other opportunites like this one? Vibe is all I got.
Andrew Farber (6 months ago)
Why have you been excited about IOTA since you found out about Tangle vs Bitcoin?
Andrey Ribka (6 months ago)
Good vid, thanks!
swljones123 (6 months ago)
XVG is the way to go especially now, good time to buy
Dyna1One (6 months ago)
Hey man, what about discord servers as social media? It's mainly used by gamers, but I've noticed a big increase by youtubers and companies to get a close chatting environment for the active market and community
C.D. B. (6 months ago)
and cardano and rChain
Lukáš Pellant (6 months ago)
I have started with $500 in September and I am now on $2200, most of that thanks to you...
Crystal Torres-Kolberg (6 months ago)
Lukáš Pellant thanks for the inspiration I'm in the same boat, a few hundred dollars and praying for a miracle.
stackerlord (6 months ago)
Could you make a video on wallet options for these coins?
Fred doopers (6 months ago)
canes (6 months ago)
What are your thoughts on POE
FeelinGood (6 months ago)
Skycoin is real sleeping giant. Watch what happens when they get listed on more exchanges. Yes, they are an old coin but that only kept Skycoin undervalued until they get more exposure. 2018 is the perfect time to get in to it.
Cosmo Powers (6 months ago)
Cool thanks
FeelinGood (6 months ago)
Similar to Substratum, they are creating a decentralized internet. However, Skycoin has been in development for 5 years. Only thing lacking is the marketing. Which I believe they will focus on in 2018. They are already planning to add their coins to other exchanges in the near future.
Cosmo Powers (6 months ago)
FeelinGood what niche does skycoin fill?
Tys (6 months ago)
Get ripple Fuck the high But it When it goes on Coinbase Get ready for lift off lads Strap the fuck in
Omen (6 months ago)
Can we invest in your subscriber base going up. Nothing but green there. Nice work
David Rothfarb (6 months ago)
cheers to beers jeff
Alfred Kararqi (6 months ago)
Watch the interview with data dash and cardano founder .. I gotta say I do not think anyone really knows what a crypto is .it's only what we want it to be .the future is in the tech .not the wealth
OBJEX ONE (6 months ago)
iota still doing that tangle nonsense........any good wallets
E REN (6 months ago)
litetrain..........all aboard....
Gentleman Hack (6 months ago)
iota is scam stay away from it
Ace Stojevski (6 months ago)
Yes to LISK & IOTA, yes yes and yes. What a 2018 coming up for both of these!!
RezurreXion (6 months ago)
I really like WaBi and Zcoin
Mentes Livres (6 months ago)
IOTA price just tanked really deep, $3.50, time to buy some more!!!!
TJ (6 months ago)
anyone else watch these videos at 2X? :)
Magic11 (6 months ago)
Stellar, Verge, Nem
Daniel Kelso (6 months ago)
Don’t know about IOTA. There’s much negative sentiment floating around it. And when it dips, it really dips. All your other recommendations are weathering the storm so far, but IOTA seems like damaged goods to me.... Might have to wait at least a couple of weeks to see it do something good. Who can wait that long in Crypto? 😂
Jamsek90 (6 months ago)
So silly comment regarding IOTA. What "negative sentiment" lol
Anthony Pooler (6 months ago)
Hey Jeff have you heard of Hashgraph?? It's somthing that can make the blockchain obsolete because it's faster and there's no fees. I guess it would similar to the tangle network that IOTA has
S is for Success (6 months ago)
Look, if you have the money to invest, which means you can afford to lose it, my opinion is that its best to diversify your investments into your top 8-10 picks of new, affordable, and prominent future alt coins and just hodl until summer 2018. This is my strategy, and im going to continue to document my journey in my channel.
B Thomas (6 months ago)
Beer me
Todphysique (6 months ago)
Bro, check out safe right now. Killing it now that its back on trade satoshi. Just tripled my money in a few hours.
Lukaku's First Touch (6 months ago)
When Jeff said "I'm just a guy sitting with you at a bar, only i'm not having any alcohol" - spilled all the water on my screen. lol
젯조JetJo Gaming (6 months ago)
EOS is coming boys
Nick Amodei (6 months ago)
Jeff how do you think tax season will effect the market? Lol
Nikolai (6 months ago)
LISK or PIVX?????
Greedie (6 months ago)
"a snarly look on my face" LOL you have some amazing descriptions in your vids
Nick Amodei (6 months ago)
Coffee Jeff, because you never sleep. Haha
Anthony Garcia (6 months ago)
Buy the Dips!
Tide Pods (6 months ago)
PIVX buy right now and HODL
rob andone (6 months ago)
Verge, Cardano ADA, Ripple XRP, Electroneum.... bonus - Tron
TinyT-RexArms (6 months ago)
Bro's - you need to look at Covesting. Thank me later.
WISDOM FOR LIFE (6 months ago)
Cheers! You cover a lot of coins, so I'm glad to see you cover your top 4! IOTA - zero fees is where it's at. Ripple - Good job holding out! We need that low cost coin on coinbase... LISK - dang, should have got in on it when it was $5! Electronium - Hoping this will bring crypto to the masses... Could be epic. Also can't wait until it's on some other exchanges!! Thanks again for the great video.
Hey Now (6 months ago)
Iota is still locked up on Binance... Can't withdraw but can trade.
Adam Chalmers (6 months ago)
Future Money Trends just sent out an email to their subscribers telling them to consider buying ETN. They are a very reputable in my opinion.
Tony Berkman (6 months ago)
Jeff check out IoT Chain $ITC. They are doing IOTA type things though still off the radar. Their whitepaper shows they already have big commitments / deals with companies that need blockchain type security for IOT devics.
Unlimited Expectations (6 months ago)
Please do how to buy alt coins for dummies 101 because I definitely need the lesson I'm very new
Nikolai (6 months ago)
So are most of these good buying options currently right now, or just keep an eye heading into 2018? I don’t want to buy at a high, but I also don’t want to miss the boat.
Michael Gerard (6 months ago)
honestly cant stop watching any opinions on tether?
germandude010 (6 months ago)
Ethos is going to be savage next year
Tony Berkman (6 months ago)
King (6 months ago)
Trevor Dodson (6 months ago)
Would love to own Lisk but we don't buy ATH's here. I'll wait.
James Huffnagle (6 months ago)
No EOS? But EOS is simply....BETTER!😉👏🏻👍

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