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Intro to Peercoin

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We take a comprehensive look at the differences between Bitcoin and Peercoin. This video touches on some of the long-term sustainability issues inherent in Bitcoin, and highlights the aspects of Peercoin that address these issues. Download the slides here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1vtHBI3ZzLRrazKfzAE1W2pOi3qxsukd7vzQNILSP-78/edit?usp=sharing Chinese translation of the slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1aAC_KJYLRdNH8VvqhKkyIuWrMkbVQ2N96JWaS0ThGFY/edit?usp=sharing
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Text Comments (68)
AhaBest (6 months ago)
Peercoin i like
S Mak (6 months ago)
Is there a cap on the total supply?
S Mak (6 months ago)
Congrats on securing sponsorship!
Chronos Crypto (6 months ago)
Good questions! We recently obtained some major sponsorships for this channel, so you can expect many more videos in the future. :) We usually produce bitcoin-related videos, since that’s an area of expertise that many people are interested in. Altcoins do get some focus, as well. Peercoin is a very old cryptocurrency: it was the very first to use the Proof of Stake security model, which has shown itself to be an impressive invention.
S Mak (6 months ago)
Thank you for your reply! I am really enjoying the way you breaking all the important things in the video. Are you planning to make more of these? I am sure its super time consuming, but you have a good style. Have you looked into enigma? There are so many tokens and cryptos that its hard to cover them all. I liked the part where you explained that all proof of work mining have a potential issues down the rode with growing pools. Also, peercoin is the first of its kind that have protocol of increasing total supply by 1%?. In mho this will be more of things to come with cryptos where the supply may be adjustable, or will be programmed to increase depending on certain factors. Do you have any thought on this?
Chronos Crypto (6 months ago)
There is no official hard limit, but the mining rewards decrease in inverse proportion to the total network hash power. Effectively, this means that the supply growth gradually shrinks, approaching 1% per year (from staking rewards). So, I think Peercoin supply inflation is already pretty low, and will continue to fall over time. By the way, thanks for subscribing! :)
I am trillionaire (6 months ago)
Great. Let people know ppc better.
Steve L (6 months ago)
Bitcoin is pretty high !!! Did you ever think this would happen?
Chronos Crypto (6 months ago)
At the time of this comment, Bitcoin is about $15,400 USD. When I made this video, it was $293. No, I did not think this would happen!
No puedes hacer el tutorial en español, para clientes de habla hispana, quedo atento a cualquier comentario.
Christian Holt (1 year ago)
Only one problem you would need 400000 bitcoin to my understanding in order to make the same amount of many that you can make off of many proof of work cryptocurrency. To be fair 1% is more than most banks in the U.S and if the value on what you already have increases you can make quite a bit of money very quickly. so I would say a combination of both is possibly the smartest choice.
Chronos Crypto (11 months ago)
One of us is confused.
Philip Boffa (1 year ago)
Your freaking awesome
Abhinav Ramesh (1 year ago)
Now peercoin is worth around 0.3$ while bitcoin is 1200$!! It is soo difficult to predict what will happen in the future though, ethereum seems to be the next crypto after bitcoin
dirkmirk767 (1 year ago)
Best time to accumulate is when the price is low, about 45 cents a coin now could be ready to pump!
Nicholas Hart (2 years ago)
you drink a lot of water lol thanks for the peercoin info
Hollis Hedrich (2 years ago)
Nice job. Very clearly explained.
Greg ketterman (2 years ago)
Very well done. Thank you.
furquizor28 (2 years ago)
Why Norton detect like malware?
RC Smith (1 year ago)
Pretty much Everything (software speaking) having to do with any aspect of any crypto currency is erroneously flagged as some sort of virus or malware. This is because a few bad actors used botnets and malware for mining tiny amounts on many computers without permission. additionally, [most] computer security software providers are actually quite lazy when it comes to their methods of detecting actual malware. It's far easier and cheaper for them to simply flag all mining, wallets and other crypto-currency software as malware than it is to sift through and find the few malicious pieces of code. this leaves it on the user to ensure the source is trusted and add an exception in your AV software.
Chronos Crypto (2 years ago)
+furquizor28 Hi, I'm not sure why Norton Antivirus would detect the Peercoin software as a malware threat. I would recommend asking in the forums at https://peercointalk.org to see if other users have encountered that. It's possible that this is a false positive, or perhaps there's something going wrong. Thanks for the question!
Byron Maxad (2 years ago)
u need more views perfect presentation!!
Jonathan Mafi (2 years ago)
this was...pretty good :) you wasted NONE of my time! good intro. Think i might join the forums.
Sreng Rattana (2 years ago)
And i wonder how many Peercoin in total? As Bitcoin is 21millions coin.
Chronos Crypto (2 years ago)
+Sreng Rattana Good question! The maximum supply of bitcoin is 21 million, but it will take many years to reach that level. Peercoin doesn't have a maximum supply, but the inflation rate is a good measure of how quickly the supply is growing.
grim789 (3 years ago)
jesus ppc was expensive i just bought a bunch on btc-e for .57 lol
Anton Anime Hunter (3 years ago)
And the lowest (fee/price in dollars) ratio for a cryptocoin award goes to .......
Chronos Crypto (3 years ago)
+Vertigon100 Great question! Probably a coin that's not used by anyone. You can find a list of such dead coins at http://coinmarketcap.com. If the coin tokens are nearly worthless, then the corresponding transaction fees would likely be pretty much free, as well. With Peercoin currently priced at below $1, its transaction fee is already very low, below one cent in USD terms.
Anton Anime Hunter (3 years ago)
Do you know any fee-free cryptocurrency ?
Chronos Crypto (3 years ago)
+Vertigon100 If a cryptocurrency didn't have fees, it would be bloated by attackers who could send millions of meaningless spam transactions at no cost. The fee is an important part of keeping a cryptocurrency secure.
Anton Anime Hunter (3 years ago)
What is the fee for this coin ?
Chronos Crypto (3 years ago)
+Vertigon100 Hi Vertigon! I'm not sure what you mean by the fee. The trading fee depends on the exchange. The transaction fee of the Peercoin network is 0.01 PPC per kilobyte, which means that sending PPC from one address to another usually costs 0.01 PPC. Hope this helps! Welcome to the community.
Ignacio Cabero (3 years ago)
Amazing video
justsomeguy3612 (3 years ago)
You look like Topher grace from that 70s show. one of my favorite shows :D.
crypto coiner (3 years ago)
What s your view on the possibility of a 51% attack on non hash cash PoW like XPM?
Chronos Crypto (3 years ago)
Though I could be wrong, I don't think the non hash cash algorithm is specifically any more likely to avoid an attack. The biggest attack differentiator is market cap -- you can't make millions of dollars by controlling the XPM blockchain (yet). If XPM and BTC traded market caps, their risks would be reversed as well.
crypto coiner (3 years ago)
Great video (that I ve rewatched for the 3rd time now) Questions: what would be the benefit of a minting pool if they would be already doing what one is already doing in solo-minting?  how would a peercoin minting pool work? why would it be useful for someone that has very few peercoins?
Chronos Crypto (3 years ago)
Think about how a Bitcoin mining pool allows a small miner, who can't expect to find a block on their own, to share in a proportional slice of the reward, based on the percentage of mining power contributed. A Peercoin minting pool would work in a similar way, with the same benefit. By pooling together their minting power, a group can increase their chance of minting a block, which minimizes reward variance.
ManuHernz (3 years ago)
Bitcoin, Peercoin or any encrypted coin goes to an end either way. Not any artificially produced digit coin is speculation. It's nothing compared with our local Digital DNA, whose support is the Human Genome. In this case THE VERY HUMAN BEING is the support, the basis and the representation of an unlimited budget. And all is under control by the very associates. All this allow us to defeat the IRS and the Bankgsters. So, let's just stop trusting all this speculative ways of producing coins artificially with every time centralized system of speculation or digit coin production. Ahh It's really annoying to listening this guy swallowing big amounts of water. Really disgusting!
ManuHernz (3 years ago)
+Chronos Crypto Sorry for being frank, but it's disgusting for me when even in movies people eat and speak, that's something I can't stand. Apart from that thanks to your appreciation of the idea about the Digital DNA, and yes it's to be implemented in my city and province, with a total control of every neighborhood. We cannot just speculate by producing coins, in our case the DD doesn't have any value but the person to whom it represents. And there's no need of production with computers, because it works by assignment to every person.
Chronos Crypto (3 years ago)
I don't know of a way to use DNA as a monetary unit, but that's a clever idea. You could perhaps use your unique DNA signature to generate a personal Peercoin private key. That could be interesting! Apologies for the copious water drinking. This entire video was done in one sitting, with no cuts, and it's hard to talk for 37 minutes without water! :-) I've been able to improve on this in my more recent videos. Thanks for the comment!
GrumbleSpot (3 years ago)
Thank you excellent video explaining the difference between POS and POW. Just what I was looking for. Subscribed!
ElAsaltaCulos2 (3 years ago)
I understand how 51% is a security concern, but it doesn't make much sense to do this, unless you are using money that came out of your own pocket (i.e. the government) to carry out an attack.  Why would I invest so much money into buying and destroying something that cost me so much money and resources? It is a pretty legitimate threat that a government can shut down, however.  That I can buy.  These pools usually pay out weekly or daily, don't they?  so if the government was to shut down the main bitcoin miner, would it not divert resources to other pools once it goes offline?   Either way, thanks for the video!  I am learning tons
Chronos Crypto (3 years ago)
Your analysis seems accurate, that a 51% attack could be self-harming, and that the shutdown of one pool would trigger a divergence of resources. I'm glad you enjoyed the video! Thanks for the thoughts.
Wekkel Ekkel (3 years ago)
Great video: Peercoin has a really interesting take at the original Bitcoin software. I sure hope its good features will lead to success in one form or the other.
TheKapers83 (3 years ago)
Why Peercoin? This is why: 1. Bitcoin can not implement PoS since miners will not agree to destroy their business. 2. In 2140 a country would like to keep some reserves in cryptocurrency. Will they keep it in a technology secured by hardware worth a million ounces of gold, or in a technology secured by coins worth more than all the gold in the world? My bet is on Peercoin winning the race as a store of value :)
Davidka1978Xoroshiy (3 years ago)
one more like for you Chronos.
Lucas Betschart (3 years ago)
Very cool. I think #Peercoin minting in a   #OpenTransactions   #Voting -Pool will be a great incentive for exchanges / voting pools members to join a Peercoin pool. So you might even can make a Peercoin exchange without fees, just making profit from the minting.
TheKapers83 (3 years ago)
Sounds amazing!
globalbotboy (4 years ago)
Hey Chronos, why didn't you tell everyone how they can get a 10 PPC Tip by creating a Peercoin node on a Raspberry Pi?   Check it out:  http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=2800.0
jnberger (4 years ago)
Lol, who would ever watch a 38 minute video to introduce themselves to PPC?
Alvin Yap (7 months ago)
I did, and I'm gonna look deeper into it.
TheCryptoGuy (3 years ago)
any investor who wants more info about what they are investing in 
Sentinelrv (4 years ago)
People who don't have a limited attention span and do their research.
Brad Armstrong (4 years ago)
I would.  Too bad you are so closed-minded.
PJ R (4 years ago)
Did you make this video because Peercoin is dying ?
Jonah St-François (8 months ago)
I'm profitably mining Peercoins, 3 years after you posted this. There's no way to know something is dying till there's actual proof of it.
TheCryptoGuy (3 years ago)
peercoin is far from dying, infact it is one of the few alts that have stood the test of time  
the gourd king (4 years ago)
+Chronos Crypto When Litecoin hit 6 something dollars people said the same thing about it as well.
Chronos Crypto (4 years ago)
If you search the internet, you will find a LOT of people in late 2011 announcing the death of Bitcoin after it crashed from $35 to below $3. The arguments were quite convincing, yet they were wrong. I think Peercoin is currently going through a similar phase.
the gourd king (4 years ago)
+PJ Rib Yeah, Peercoin created a helpful video for people to better understand it. Must be dying. What terrible logic.
Peer Coin (4 years ago)
Excellent video for everyone who is curious on what is beyond Bitcoin. Peercoin is an innovative, secure and sustainable alternative. This video shows you why.
quiddity65 (4 years ago)
Thanks for the info! Many exciting things coming to fruition!!
WEI ZHAO (4 years ago)
Good job! :)
Sentinelrv (4 years ago)
Very informative video!
Arlie Jefferson (4 years ago)
Nice job. Very thorough.

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