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Bitcoin News | Bitcoin Drama! $250k To Reddit? BTC's New Name & Lightning Network | Roger Ver

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All the latest Bitcoin news, presented by Roger Ver and Corbin Fraser of Bitcoin.com. If you want weekly updates on all the latest bitcoin cash news, developments and announcements make sure you are subscribed. -- Show notes: ► Bitek.co for Columbian Bitcoin Cash Merchants Users ► Order food online with Menufy in Bitcoin Cash https://www.menufy.com/ ► For cash back rewards use https://bitcoinrewards.com and get cashback in BCH! ► Bitcoin trademarked in London: https://news.bitcoin.com/a-london-based-company-successfully-trademarks-the-name-bitcoin/ ► Follow Rory Macdonald the MMA fighter: https://twitter.com/rory_macdonald ► Please check out the Eat BCH accounts: https://twitter.com/eatBCH_SS https://twitter.com/eatBCH ►Beijing Bitcoins for tweets: https://twitter.com/beijingbitcoins ►Jihan Wu (founder of Bitmain) https://twitter.com/JihanWu ► Want the opportunity to win BCH ? Grab it at games.bitcoin.com -- ► Subscribe Now For More Content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCetxkZolEBHX47BqtZktbkg?sub_confirmation=1 ► Follow us on twitter for moment by moment updates: https://twitter.com/bitcoincom -- ► What is bitcoin? -- Bitcoin is one of the most transformative technologies since the invention of the Internet. Bitcoin.com stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that Bitcoin provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network which empowers people to not be marginalized by governments and financial institutions. Bitcoin is freedom. -- ► Want some free Bitcoin Cash? Grab some from https://free.bitcoin.com/ -- ► Who are we? -- Bitcoin.com is your premier source for everything Bitcoin related. We help you buy, use, and store your Bitcoin securely. You can read the latest news or engage with the community on our Bitcoin forum. We also provide helpful tools and real-time market price and chart information, as well as Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin events information. -- ► Follow Bitcoin.com Here: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bitcoincom Instagram: https://instagram.com/newsbitcoincom/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buy.bitcoin.news/ Website: http://bitcoin.com Telegram Channel: https://t.me/bitcoin_tv Podcast: https://podcast.bitcoin.com/ Bitcoin Store: https://store.bitcoin.com Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCetxkZolEBHX47BqtZktbkg?sub_confirmation=1 Topics covered: Bitcoin Podcast, Crypto Podcast, Crypto 2018, Cryptocurrency, BCH, BTC, Rory MacDonald, lightning network, Eric Lombrozo
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Wesley Archbell (1 month ago)
Keep the shirt mate ;)
Martha D.moreno (1 month ago)
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cedracine (1 month ago)
One more misleading attempt. Roger, you are Bcash Jesus and Bitcoin Judas. Stop using and abusing the Bitcoin reputation, get a psy and fix your Oedipus complex!
Tao Jones (1 month ago)
Renaissance Novice Great idea. BCH accepted here.
Renaissance Novice (1 month ago)
Bitcoin.com - Official Channel you guys should make a Bitcoin Cash accepted here t-shirt. It's humorous, gets some name recognition going/let's you find other BCH-ers and is subversive. It tells you the goal of BCH and reminds you that's no longer the goal of BTC. It's funny, last night I was showing a friend a Planet Money episode from 2011 about Bitcoin and it was pretty clear it sounded like BCH not BTC. They had people buying sandwiches with Bitcoin, which BCH approves of but BTC doesn't. Anyway, my two Satoshi's. (Make that shirt)
Rof Lhard (19 days ago)
I was banned at r/bitcoin
VideZoniX (1 month ago)
To me lightning Network is kind of an Oxymoron. Use a blockchain to ensure trust transactions, then perform an off-chain tx the equivalent of writing a paper check/cheque - the most trust based and fraud risk medium for payments - who even accepts checks these days and/or considers it 'risk free' ? Lightning...the speed of a flying tortoise :)
VideZoniX (1 month ago)
hehehe.. Calling Bitcoin BTC and Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash could be the way to go. I keep seeing so many comments from purists really agro at the term BitCoin core. Cheers Guys.
sushi X (1 month ago)
Any name ideas for BCH,........ I think I like Becash!!!!!
sushi X (1 month ago)
Do you remember the times when bitcoin stood straight by it self,.......This trash company is shouting and shouting out too loud, don´t need this war anymore, thats not healthy
JZA (1 month ago)
I tried to buy some Green Tea at Bic Camera, and I was never able to get it because it didnt confirm. I came back an hour after and had to pay with fiat because BTC wouldnt confirm. Granted I only paid 0.01 fee but that's what Coinomi suggested.
Jin Literatus (1 month ago)
bch please.. do you also have videos about new ICOS too? been following SciDex for a while.
KCN News (1 month ago)
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Martha D.moreno (1 month ago)
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Martha D.moreno (1 month ago)
yes you really should.
smith haydens (1 month ago)
Oh so true. I started investing with him just 6months ago and now i made about 3btc . Im so grateful. Also he has some miners available and will be shipped directly to your location. The amazing thing is these miners consumes very low power .
matt jakob (1 month ago)
oh yeah i've been hearing of this Bitcoin Digger lately. Seems like he's a great crypto god and that's exactly what i need. Would love to contact him asap and help me boost my wallet.
kim Winston (1 month ago)
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Juan Lespins (1 month ago)
BTC should be called SOVC = Store Of Value Coin
Juan Lespins (1 month ago)
Yes, I was banned from r/bitcoin. r/bitcoin is akin to North Korea and Russia, where only one viewpoint is allowed.
charlie sanchez (1 month ago)
How does litecoin and bitcoin cash differ?
David Parrish (1 month ago)
Technically, the Bitcoin Core node software still accepts transactions and blocks from older versions of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash does not accept old versions of Bitcoin nodes.
Vincent Riddell (1 month ago)
Yip, I was banned too. I think there's hundreds if not thousands of us.
Rhyno Souris (1 month ago)
How about Blockstream Coin (BSC)?
Nandi Bear (1 month ago)
I really like the new intro (music and visuals), A+. The Menufy com site looks cool (sometimes I get hungry!) and be able to order food with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) would be VERY helpful! And I'll keep an eye for the upcoming GMO cryptocurrency exchange (especially since they're going to offer BCH pairs!). And very interesting news about the Bitcoin com mining pool will be setting aside part of the rewards for protocol developers. I look forward to perhaps hearing from the lead developer in next episode! Also that was an excellent question about what terminolgy to use for BTC: 12:20 min: Roger asks, "..What terminology should we use for [BTC], it's pretty clear that Bitcoin Cash has more Bitcoiness to it than the BTC version, I even hate to call it the BTC version of Bitcoin anymore because if it it's not digital, electronic cash, as described in the very title of the white paper, it kind of seems dirty or wrong or mistaken to call it Bitcoin. What should we call it from here on out? 12:43 min: Corbin responds, "..It could be Segwit Coin. Could call it Bitcoin Legacy. Could call it Bitcoin XP." 12:48 min: Roger states, "I kind of feel like it shouldn't even be called Bitcoin if it's not peer-to-peer electronic cash. It's some sort of science project settlement layer that they're hoping the Lightning Newtork will work on in the future. I wish them good luck with their project but it's not even Bitcoin." 13:00 min: Corbin states, "They're hoping for a Lightning coin." 13:02 min: Roger states, "Should we just call it BTC?" 13:03 min: Corbin states, "Just BTC maybe." 13:05 min: Roger states, "Lighting ICO?" 13:06 min: Corbin states, "Yeah it's an IOU at this point. That's what they're hoping to solve scalability is an off-chain IOU. And they still haven't solved the routing problem." 13:27 min: Roger states, "I think maybe just call it BTC from now on and drop [Bitcoin]. Because the very title of the white paper says it's a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. The people behind BTC at this point are opposed to using it as cash. If it's not usable as cash it's not Bitcoin. So maybe we'll just start calling it BTC and we'll call Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash or call it Bitcoin BCH, I don't know, we'll see." Also I'm glad that Bitcoin Core (BTC) developer Eric Lombrozo's name was mentioned and that Roger shared the story about witnessing Lombrozo at a Bitcoin meetup in Silicon Valley, some years ago, which was held at a restaurant which accepts Bitcoin as payments. Evidently Eric Lombrozo (and according to episode #3 of Roger's weekly show, so were other Bitcoin Core developers such as Luke Jr.) was telling others at the meeting that they shouldn't be using Bitcoin to pay for meals at the restaurant because Bitcoin is not for payments and that they should use their bank cards or credit cards.
Ian Green (1 month ago)
Bitcoin Lightning or Bitcoin Segwit or yes, BTC.
Ian Green (1 month ago)
I'm *excited* to hear about Bitek in Colombia, but I hope the fees are competitive. The rate needs to compete with banks for international money transfer. ... Building a house! ... Or cheaper than banking services, from the vendors' point of view.
The Real Bitcoin Club (1 month ago)
I was banned from r/bitcoin for posting a Videolink about the Lightning Network and i was also banned from bitcoin.com for posting a link to our club website (even if the comment was moderated and never published) DOUBLE STANDARDS please clean in your own house!!!
The Real Bitcoin Club (1 month ago)
We need a moderation free on-chain reddit, like the new blockpress.com and memo.cash on-chain twitter clones. even r/btc is moderated which is absolutely innecessary as the moderation model of reddit already includes a type of user democracy. we have to build apps where people are identified by their bch wallet signature and therefore we can trust that the other end is a real person and not a multi-user.
DigiMoney Promo (1 month ago)
Thanks guys for providing the world with the original Bitcoin digital cash news and promoting positive community building. Keep the transaction fees low and I will continue to use it rather than Segwit Coin ;)
Adrian A (1 month ago)
Bitcoin dot com - official channel, may mislead people. Im surprised youre not getting sued, again.
Eric M (1 month ago)
I have been accepting BTC BCH BTS DASH ETH and LTC for several months using the PalmPay.io app to buy alcohol at The Midpoint Bar in Toronto but I have to advice customers it's way cheaper for them to convert their BTC to any other currency from their exchange wallet then to send BTC directly. 1 guy didn't listen and it cost him 10usd to send me 18usd
Josh Harris (1 month ago)
Top Comment = Information Bias.
Brendon Duncan (1 month ago)
I've been banned from r/bitcoin, for nothing more than wanting to discuss what Bitcoin was about for the first 7 or 8 years of its life. Now I spend my time at r/btc.
Andy Rowe III (1 month ago)
When the Bitcoin protocol adheres to the fundamental aspects that have made it the ideal money, it can't be beaten. BCH PLS!
Monty Henry (1 month ago)
‪Bitcoin Core (BTCC): https://youtu.be/CF9zTCol8b4 Roger (Idiot)Ver Loves This crypto-currency!!! He’s mentioned it a million times. Sponsored By #SpyGadgetRentals ‬
Damian Gadgey (1 month ago)
piss off asshole ! fucking fake !
aceyage (1 month ago)
To clarify: this is not an "official" Bitcoin channel. This is the official channel for Bitcoin Cash. The website should be called Bitcoincash.com and the channel should be called Bitcoincash.com – Official Channel. Bitcoin is not controlled by a single entity.
Kevin Zimmerman (1 month ago)
Bitcoin Judas!
Edward Patel (1 month ago)
Through the video has a good earning strategy for bitcoin ,but with the mining pool of Mr JOHN HERMAN NEWTON , am making a difference on earning bitcoin , in less than two week am earning 0.5 to 1 BTC with just 0.1 BTC .So i suggest you contact him for more details: ([email protected])
Dan hagley (1 month ago)
fucken Btrash....disgraceful
Daniel Fadini (1 month ago)
Great news! Can you make a "We are all Satoshi" BCH t-shirt? :-)
Time to Invest !!! (1 month ago)
He definitely got payout to support BCH .
PaterTenebrarum1 (1 month ago)
From a monetary theory perspective it is important to realize that money‘s function as a medium of exchange is the characteristic all other functions- including the store of value function - are subsidiary to. No cryptocurrency is currently money, based on the actual definition of money, which is „the good used for final payment for all other goods and services in the economy, i.e., the general medium of exchange“. However, similar to gold, many have the potential to become general media of exchange, which is why the market started bidding them up in the first place. Until then, they are secondary media of exchange, similar to gold, t-bills, certain precious stones, etc. - this is to say, goods that are highly liquid and can be sold for the general medium of exchange at any time (unfortunately, fiat currency is currently our standard money). If you take away the ability to use a cryptocurrency for payment due to high fees and/or long settlement waiting times, you essentially remove its potential to become a general medium of exchange. That makes the claim that it can serve exclusively as a store of value highly dubious - particularly because it is a virtual instrument. The problem is that while it actually does have a „use value“, it is an abstract one, not a physical one (contrary to e.g. gold, which already had a use value as a raw material for jewelry before it became a medium of exchange). This makes the medium of exchange characteristic all the more important in giving a cryptocurrency value - you might say its exchange value component vastly exceeds its abstract use value component. In conclusion, whichever version of Bitcoin works better as a medium of exchange will also become the better store of value in the medium to long term.
DragonBallForever (1 month ago)
if any have a litel bit of working brain ask question Yourself, why Ver fork on BTC just 9 months ago when BTC rally to 10k and was pure boom for BTC instead 5-6 years ago ??? simpel answer cash grab PnD fellas, he though all that mass BTC holders and folowers will pump money into just forked altcoin-BCH but plan faild and him and Bitmain use BTC to made PnD otherwise this alts will be already dead in water like all BTC forks in past, Im sory for all who loose moeny and buy on PnD but hey at least learn from mistake people !
ShareTheDark (1 month ago)
been banned from /r/bitcoin /r/litecoin and a number of smaller scam coins no critical questions allowed
Luw7 (1 month ago)
Banned from r/bitcoin for typing too loud.
Sean Russell (1 month ago)
Change the name of BTC to 'Bitblock' with the ticker (BTK)
Gemma Casquejo (1 month ago)
I would like to have BCH, I'm from the Philippines. I accumulated some in Coinpot which i never convert to bitcore. Do I need to have another wallet to use it here? thanks
m m (1 month ago)
Jim Dobom (1 month ago)
Thanks for sneaking in that private key! I wasn't quick enough!!! 🐷
Cheap Lightning (1 month ago)
My account has not been banned on R/bitcoin. But posts I have made were. I gave up trying to participate there.
Devar (1 month ago)
Awesome! Now I can even buy the combini fried chicken with BCH!
Dakota Anderson (1 month ago)
bch pls
AvariceUntied (1 month ago)
6:11 Linus Torvalds trademarked Linux to prevent this kind of tomfoolery, someone should have done the same with Bitcoin to prevent these trademark trolls from creating undeserved revenue.
Kurdish Investor (1 month ago)
Id rather buy Litecoin instead of Bitcoin Cash, been around since 2011 and its more secure than Ethereum. Hashrate is well distributed. Block halving will happen next year august 25 to 12.5 Litecoin per block.
DragonBallForever (1 month ago)
B-cash its a scam altcoin/ Ver its no longer in BTC core team so wake up people he shill this scam coin BCH -alts from BTC fork, they lie every day, to new comers in crypto space that didn t know that BCH and whole team its most sick and retard in crypto space. BTC only and one king of all who is in crypto just from 2017 know that and people that start it also will agreed, even Ver himself know that ther is only one and real first coin which is BTC-Bitcoin not scamy BCH -B-cash !!
Ultimate255 (1 month ago)
I love how he tries to buy out all the Bitcoin "names" to push his shitty altcoin. @bitcoin in Twitter, bitcoin dot com, r/btc. Then wants control over r/bitcoin lmfao.. Pretty ironic for a guy who claims to stand for decentralization.
Lex Granados (1 month ago)
‪Roger Ver en Español: lo sobresaliente en el show semanal de Bitcoin.com... https://youtu.be/L7tQkRGnX28 via @YouTube‬
Kev on Crypto (1 month ago)
Litecoin is gonna moon in 2018!!!
cedracine (1 month ago)
... and Bcrash gonna crash! :D (if kiddies stop waisting their pump&dump money on cheap copies being misled by arrogant roger rabbit!)
Amir F (1 month ago)
Sue the SEC !!! (1 month ago)
You phony, Rodger Ver.... Bitcoin is the first prototype and the best.
Belal M (1 month ago)
I have been banned by r/bitcoin!!!!
vitaLickMyButerin (1 month ago)
BCH is not Bitcoin. BTC is Bitcoin. BCH is Bitcoin Cash (Bcash). Just another alt coin.
vitaLickMyButerin (1 month ago)
"Babies are Dying!!!"
Lord Gondor (1 month ago)
https://news.bitcoin.com/bch-powered-charity-eat-bch-starts-feeding-people-in-south-sudan/ yes, and you don't care about it!
Crypto Roo (1 month ago)
Decentralized Thought youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMpAklXQxme_wZi3sdHdHVQ
Mert denim (1 month ago)
why bitcoin cash if I can use litecoin? For store of value, I still prefer bitcoin.
Meladath (1 month ago)
Why use cash when you can use gold. Why use gold when you can trade sheep. Why trade sheep when you can kill someone and steal their stuff? Those questions were just as pointless as your question.
No body would need litecoin is core hadn't crippled BTC.
vitaLickMyButerin (1 month ago)
Sounds like a bunch of horse shyte! Bcash = Btrash
How To Sand A Floor (1 month ago)
can you guys make sure the volume is a little louder on the next vid? my laptop speakers arent great but I dont usually have to hold my laptop to my ear to hear
OOO (1 month ago)
Great video guys!
BitcoinRewards (1 month ago)
Nice work guys - enjoying the weekly Bitcoin News with Bitcoin.Com! Thanks for the shout out!
dav paws (1 month ago)
i love how you advised on naga coin(ngc) keep up the good work
James Cook (1 month ago)
BCH is Bitcoin. I was banned from r/bitcoin, reddit is garbage.
Abilbek Narembayev (1 month ago)
Roger Ver is going OneCoin's way.
Eric Lambroso is such a fucking sellout (because he is most likely paid to write/say that shit). What he basically said there is that some AUTHORITY, which he labels as "neutral" party is what is needed to control transactions... kind of what banks do? WTF? That guy could not be more seeking to add centralised and most corrupt authority (the bankers), if he tried, I guess the only thing more he could do is to say it out loud and say... "banks want to see and control all your transactions"... that is the only thing he could say that is more direct then what he said already. What a cunt... pardon my french ;-) Eric is not interested in Bitcoin, he is only interested in telling people NOT TO USE BITCOIN... you could not be more foul and ANTI-BITCOIN then that... and everyone should know that is the type of people that control BTC code, and r/bitcoin reddit sub... and some people still haven't figured out why bankers are funding these people? That is what I call STUPIDITY :-)
What to call BTC? I like to use logic: - Bitcoin is a system with specific properties which are outlined in the Bitcoin white paper - BTC is a deliberately crippled version of Bitcoin which no longer works as Bitcoin system should - BCH is the only properly working version of Bitcoin system So the only logical conclusion can be that BCH is the actual Bitcoin, and BTC is just a Ponzi scheme now... you can call it Bitcoin Core, you can call it broken Bitcoin, you can call it Bitcoin 1MB limited... doesn't really matter as long as reality about it is known to everyone. No normal person would want to put their hard earned money into something that doesn't work as it should. If it isn't or doesn't work as advertised its shit and its a scam.
Cryptomoneybro (1 month ago)
Всё зависит покамест от битка, а биткоином управляют большие игроки и одинешенек из вариантов выяснить их энтузиазм - это Фьючерсные уровни. ..
I've been banned at r/bitcoin also, months ago. That place is just an echo chamber of brainwashed people and paid actors by Blockstream/bankers who hate Bitcoin and don't want it to be used as money.
이채림 (1 month ago)
Bitcoin Cash is failed Loser's project :) Noone buy BCH
Marcel Chuo (1 month ago)
I've been banned on r/bitcoin too. Let's be real. If we are subscribed to this channel and not trolling Roger in the comments section because we believe in civil discussions, there is a very high chance we are banned on r/bitcoin.
Alejandro Blanco (1 month ago)
Great work guys! Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin the other project we should call it ForkedTC
Nolan Wray (1 month ago)
bitcoin cash will likely not be capped at 21M. Miners will have no incentive to mine given transaction fee's are too low.
Reformed Bugman (1 month ago)
I was banned by those naggers.
at BitcoinJake09 (1 month ago)
Oh and like when you(Roger Ver) sold explosives online and got charged for it!!?!?!?
Amir F (1 month ago)
fireworks lol. the gov is messed up anyway so why do you care so much?
bernie mack (1 month ago)
Bitcoin cash is Roger's coin....which makes it a little to centralized for me...
Bitcoin cash is Rogers masterpiece the man is a visionary !!! The only coin to reach mid 4000usd lastyear and drop to 700 mid feb and bounce 1500usd april 2018 Regards South Africa
Naresh Dhiman (1 month ago)
The bitcoin cash will dramatically change the millions of people's lives. Unstoppable
Adriano El Casinero (1 month ago)
BTC or Bitcoin Legacy if I were you
Lochaby (1 month ago)
Question for the dev: what do you think would happen if the dollar collapsed and the use of bitcoin tried to fill the gap in its current form. I know BTC would immediately become congested and useless but what about BCH? How long would it take to get it running at that kind of capacity with low fees?
Baltazar Bächli (1 month ago)
Salmon Maw
Lochaby (1 month ago)
You guys need a more comfortable set. Get a table, channel Joe Rogan. Also someone over there figure out how to get Roger on Joe's show...
TreeGuy (1 month ago)
We should call Bitcoin - Bit Ore
AXmaktr X (1 month ago)
Shitcoin segwit
Baltazar Bächli (1 month ago)
Here here
Ivan O (1 month ago)
BCH is a payment method far superior to payment methods such as PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Credit Cards, etc. because with BCH there is no central authority that manipulates the fee rate and can freeze or TAKE BACK money from you. When someone sends you a payment INSTANTLY via BCH, it becomes YOURS. INSTANTLY. With BCH there are no charge-backs, or days spent waiting for a pending payment to clear. If you do not like BCH then from the point at which you receive instant payment, you can quickly convert it to whatever fits your personal ideologies whether it's fiat, precious metals, pizza, etc.
Ute Ute (1 month ago)
Yes,ive been banned.
Oscar Arntzen (1 month ago)
BTC = Bitcoin Titanic. Supposed to be unsinkable - ended up at the bottom of the ocean after ignoring several warning signs.
Tao Jones (1 month ago)
I'm seriously going crazy trying to buy up as much #BitcoinCash as possible. Guys. I'm not giving financial advice. It's a command. Get as much BCH as humanly possible. Share it. Use it. Replace it.
kim Winston (1 month ago)
So guys for quite a year now, i have been searching for a way to improve my earnings off cryptocurrency and i got too frustrated until i met This Crypto Digger who makes me about $500 every week with his mining device. his email is bitcoindigger86{at}gmail .com or text 470 231 5053
brian81877 (1 month ago)
Lucasworthmaster (1 month ago)
shut up fatty.
Crypto Ware (1 month ago)
new users will request "BTC" pairing by summer's end lol
Rick Cisneros (1 month ago)
one thing i hate is Coinbase fee's, they charge an arm and a leg to buy and sell BCH, and whats worse. They put a $5 spread on top if your buying AND they let you sell $5 lower then the real time quote. The excuse they use is there is so much volitility, they put a $5 premium buying and selling. WTF? thats such a BS excuse, if they were worried about volitliity why always place a $5 out of favor to the buyer or seller? I mean no matter what, you cant buy at the real time quote and you cant sell at the real time quote, they ding you for $5. So, not only do they charge huge fees, and charge that $5 above and below quote. Then, they want to charge a miner fee, to move your BCH off their wallet onto your own wallet or onto another exchange, even if you move to GDAX, thats their own exchange and they want a Miner fee to move your own BCH over to GDAX. WTF?
PaterTenebrarum1 (1 month ago)
Jason R. What do you mean by "no competition"? There's plenty of competition, he could move to another exchange in one day.
Rick Cisneros (1 month ago)
great cant wait,
Jason (1 month ago)
Coinbase knows they can do this because of no real competition. When Binance opens their new exchange with fiat to crypto you will see people leave Coinbase for Binance. Binance CEO is a humble man and their fees will be much lower. Cant wait.
jerry french (1 month ago)
Heck yes! Roger thanks you for calling out Segwit coin out attack out, 5 billion reasons I am a Fan. I love the boldness. Please just keep doing what you do.Never a doubt. Thank you BitcoinJerry
Kiwi AustEcon (1 month ago)
And the gambling thing!! Losses go to growing bitcoin cash! Awesome
Kiwi AustEcon (1 month ago)
Increased production quality. You're progressing so fast
Kiwi AustEcon (1 month ago)
those paper wallets look nice. I also like the black and yellow ancap colours
dobe4ever (1 month ago)
Bitcoin Segwit (BCS) would be a good, less misleading name.
Paul Lambert (1 month ago)
Blockstream Troll Coin (BTC)
Eric M (1 month ago)
Who cares? BCH is better than BTC today but I doubt BTC will ever get their shit turned around with only wall street and Twitter trolls and its CEO vocally backing it. Almost all people not in crypto think bitcoin is dead so good luck getting everyday people to drink the tainted juice
Thomas Hägg (1 month ago)
That works. Also Bitcoin LS or just LS is the Legacy+SegWit network.
Ash Vecchio (1 month ago)
Have not been banned from the reddit. All posts get deleted if they're pro BCH tho. Def call it by the "BTC" ticker. Again, pls feel free to use and appoint any main admin to the Japanese Bitcoin Cash telegram. t.me/BitcoinCashJapan Contact salmon aburi in the group and she can do this for you.
Vanquish Audio (1 month ago)
I got banned from r/bitcoin with 3 different accounts.. facepalm
CoinCity.io (1 month ago)
Call it BCore
at BitcoinJake09 (1 month ago)
CoinCity.io BitcoinCore(BTCC) is BCore already hahaha
Ivan O (1 month ago)
Roger. Your weekly updates are powerful and I can see it's positive effect already quickly clearing up confusion within the community, and, Thank you for specifically helping the novice get the meticulous information that they need EARLY which is EXACTLY when the truth is the most effective . Keep up the great work!
I'm glad to help!

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The miners are interested in finding a nonce which will create a hash with certain characteristics. Lastly, they have to find a random value that they included in the header, which makes the computed hash over that header a value below a particular target. In other words, they do not have to agree to change the protocol. Though there are a few gold diggers attempting to fill their pockets and certain projects that aren`t viable and shouldn`t be encouraged in any way. For users running a complete node, it is a fairly painless procedure to upgrade the software to the newest version. The process of locating a new block to extend the blockchain is known as mining. Proof-of-Work systems utilize cryptographic hashing algorithms to create the action of mining a block a complicated computation. Our software is totally incompatible with altcoins. Changes and modifications to how that it works need to be approved by consensus and every CPU gets a vote. To start with, it`s essential to realize that hardware wallet users control entirely their private keys. Whether you`re bullish or bearish on Bitcoin Gold, you ought not lose your coins as a result of careless mistakes! On the 1 hand, it may result in making a coin that solves all the pending issues. There`s no currency or digital asset named Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Cash increases the range of transactions that may be processed per block. You could send any quantity of money, any place in the Earth, almost at no cost. You`ve made some great money already on the market, but you want more. For a wealthy individual, BTC`s price premium may be viewed as a plus. For someone without lots of money, BCH`s low price may look like a great deal for Bitcoin. If you have some concerns about the worth of Bitcoin after all forks, you need to be ready for a drop. The distinction is that not all of these suffer the chain split. The primary problem is Bitcoin imposes a hard limit on the magnitude of a block, the location where transaction information becomes stored. The end result is many straightforward wallets, called SPV wallets and very commonly found on your phone, will be quite confused about which chain is Bitcoin. In Bitcoin, the most important reason is known as the network effect.