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Did The Bitcoin Bubble Burst? New Highs or a New Low First?

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Did the bubble in Bitcoin just burst? If so, where do we go next and what are the impacts to the broader cryptocurrency space. We'll look at the charts and I'll share my views on why this is a good thing. Learn to Read the Charts! 4-Hour Video Course: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/ Newsletter Mentioned in the Video: http://mailchi.mp/323a7a38bda9/bitcoinjcurve
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paladin danse (7 months ago)
*I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info*
Douglas (8 months ago)
hey this is so and so with toptenz and today..
orange red (8 months ago)
Everyone who isnt a complete idiot in crypto does not care about increase of bitcoin. We just want to see it stabilize so our alts can rise. The issue is if bitcoin goes way down all of our alts lose their value. A 3600 XML is worth nothing if bitcoin is worth nothing.
3pezzi (8 months ago)
mmm, it is difficult to call it a burst when price is stil well above 10.000usd , a price that startin 2017 was in the wildest dreams of the cryptosphere (not that there aren't visionaries who were predicting price at higher level or people who start to follow projects that were given less credit but now that are getting steam more and more people are jumping in, i am talking about miota, cardano and deeponion). i wuold defintively consider this like an healty correction, one that will consolidate floor for the next run: will it be 2018 or 2019? i do not mind, there will sure be one ;-)
Jack Burton (8 months ago)
I don't think the Bitcoin bubble has burst and i don't think BTC is in a bubble at all..we are just facing ordinary speculations... i don't know where BTC is going..but i see lots of privacy coins growing recently..this means that investors are more concerned about their privacy and they see in privacy coins a safer place to store their money in rather than Bitcoin..for instance Verge, Navcoin, Zcoin and DeepOnion are rising a lot...what's your opinion on privacy coins?
Derek Jameson (8 months ago)
It is very hard for me trading Bitcoin lately I mostly looose. I am bad trader I admit it.. Nice update on the market feeling more aware where we are heading. I see privacy coins are trending recently. Can you please cover some why Verge had went so high and is it good time to buy Pivx. I trade on Kucoin alot and there is new privacy coin listed there Deeponion. I see that Binance is anounced also can please cover in some of the next videos. If I am not wrong with the charts I see prime entry now and very good fundamentals
VokAin (8 months ago)
Do you really think its a bubble? I just feel like so many new players are discovering crypto and are putting money into it. The alts have been suffering quite a lot during the bullish run of BTC but some in my portfolio actually outperformed it. The one that really pleasantly surprised me was DeepOnion (a low market cap privacy coin) i've bought plenty few months ago for about 70 cents and yesterday it hit 7 USD - not bad! Would love to hear your view on it long term.
Brian Ndung'u (8 months ago)
Could I by the technical analysis training course with BTC?
Mr Yellow (8 months ago)
Bitcoin is a hoax it doesn't exist... Crypto currency is Jewish Scam
Mr Yellow (8 months ago)
Wrong Think crypto currency is Jewish lobby Nakamoto was illuminati 33 degree ethereum is from freemasonry beware its alqaeda hands behind it
Wrong Think (8 months ago)
Lol...really ? Bitcoin and crypto are what can free us from the Jewish banksters and other middlemen leeching from the productive classes. You would prefer to stick with the (((Fed))) stealing from you and your future generations ?
smilingtimes (8 months ago)
Crypto have always been down during holidays either way so I say it’s a combination of both long Bull run and holidays but i agree we needed this correction lol time to get some Popcorn and watch the movie
Joey Barrelwilde (8 months ago)
There can never be a new low because Bitcoin was already at that level at some time. New means it had never happed before, so a new high is all that can happen, 20k would be a new level.
A-LIFT (8 months ago)
Andrew Harris (8 months ago)
Mr. Node Investor.... Can a let us know what you think about XRB RaiBlocks?
Tina (8 months ago)
Your videos are seriously the best. Happy Holidays man :)
Faf Dus (8 months ago)
16 grand for a coin is good walstreet is coming up
Dean Turner (8 months ago)
All bubbles are the same. They rely on stupid people who can't think for themselves and who are also very greedy.
Dean Turner (8 months ago)
Only idiots buy Bitcoin
Clara Jacobs (8 months ago)
HOSSAM HAL (8 months ago)
thanks alot for support us Bitcoin 1HABaR2Q1e3qGt9MiwsPngUQv8eMnbYi6f
Sebastian (8 months ago)
I'm so grateful to be following your channel. I love utilizing your knowledge to double check my analysis before passing it on to my group.
Walery B (8 months ago)
Great video, logical reasoning. Personally I’m in alts that are up and coming long term holds. 3rd generation coins and tech is where it’s at atm.
Takumi (8 months ago)
Bitcoin just broke the downtrend and becomes Bullish again!
II TANFi3LD II (8 months ago)
Who els is holding lol?
AMAZING VLOGER (8 months ago)
thanks bro
J.T. Irby (8 months ago)
I would love to see 8k BTC as I would buy the shit out of it!!! Not gonna happen though...60k mid summer...mark it down and thank me later.....
Reality80 (8 months ago)
Very good video today! Thank you so much!
EL Crypto (8 months ago)
Thank you Node investor.... happy holidays!
Please do LTC review! I'm stuck in it. thinking if I should switch to BTC or stay in LTC until it hits 400$ again?? Thanks
J.T. Irby (8 months ago)
Bitcoin Trader There ya go Node holds long term. Jan. Feb. Will be the launch pad for many of the Alts. Including Litecoin. Long term projection on Litecoin? $1,000 by end of 2018....
Node Investor (8 months ago)
I still hold LTC in my long term holdings
J.T. Irby like January?
J.T. Irby (8 months ago)
Bitcoin Trader IMO stay LTC will take off next year....
Lazarus (8 months ago)
Neil Raxlan (8 months ago)
ICX atleast $50 in 2018, screenshot this.
Moje Prijmeni (8 months ago)
Great vid! More short overviews like that. Thx Node Investor!
justice4germans (8 months ago)
bitcoin is doomed with bankers in charge but hopefully it makes another run up before being displaced by a shit coin
Dave the Wave (8 months ago)
No, just a correction of the A wave up. Your vertical price axis needs compression. No parabola, no bubble in Bitcoin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHrWFg4rhrA
oltean catalin (8 months ago)
Btc chart is s&p 500 chart. Btc 100k in 2018. This correction is shit. take a look at the big picture
J.T. Irby (8 months ago)
oltean catalin Sounds like you got Clif’s latest. Lol. Yep 100k by end of 2018....
oltean catalin (8 months ago)
Wtf are you talking about?
luckyluke (8 months ago)
With a voice so smooth you should start a late night crypto radio station 😁
Jack Sparrow (8 months ago)
siacoin will take over cloud
MrDjinnshukaku123 (8 months ago)
What do you think of Pylon Network? It is under the radar and has the potential to overcome Power Ledger.
Triple D (8 months ago)
People just sold some Bitcoins to get Xmas presents...
borgilskye (8 months ago)
Big event of context is the success or otherwise of the lightning network. This would have a significant influence on the price.
Crypto King (8 months ago)
Has anybody thought that ppl took profits before Xmas and the end of the year. That will put that money back in soon.
snowboarddude77s (8 months ago)
Bunch more people buying from everybody talking about the dip at Christmas parties lol
Evelyn Stone (8 months ago)
happy holidays!
J.T. Irby (8 months ago)
Evelyn Stone Wow!!! Beautiful lady
Cryptolight (8 months ago)
NODE, YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crystal harmonics (8 months ago)
NODE MAN, thank you for all Your wisdom, I have learnt so much from your tutorials and you tube vids, I listen to your every word with great interest. Keep up the amazing work. When you create more tutorials I will buy again. Cheers Mozza
Dazanar (8 months ago)
what program or app or w/e do you use to look at the charts the way you do? im tired of not being able to zoom in properly on such and such exchange
MICKYMAN5000 (8 months ago)
theo haddad (8 months ago)
Dazanar - coinigy dot com
Andrew C (8 months ago)
Bitcoin is antiquated technology
Ron DR (8 months ago)
Like the video Node!! I cant believe you have haters.
BetaOneZa (8 months ago)
What do you think of enigma.co? I think it has massive potential!
FlatTimes (8 months ago)
Buy Litecoin. Better ‘buy’ for 2018, dude.
Liberty TV (8 months ago)
They are going to ramp it higher with all the funds starting on Jan 1. Not going to see sub $10k
Roy M (8 months ago)
11,100 and 11,700 bittrex usdt. is $600 difference still considered a valid dbl bottom? i dont think on gdax it came even close to that 2nd re-test, so how can we determine if thats valid when prices differ on all these exchanges. thanks
Jo L (8 months ago)
One of your best videos I have seen. Thank you!
Herver Lemus (8 months ago)
Joel an ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever everever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever eveever er ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever
XPopCornX (8 months ago)
Interesting how TA analysts tend to fud bitcoin and shill alts.
John GT (8 months ago)
Thanks Node !!
DigitalMiningSolutions (8 months ago)
Don't talk like that man..... Just click your heals together and say it with me. "There's no place like the moon. There's no place like the moon. "
Cos Ram Dee (8 months ago)
You're the man Node!!!! Thanks for the update
Who is America (8 months ago)
Some TA indicates that if we go below $10k over Christmas we will double by new years. Merry Christmas all
streetstylz (8 months ago)
This video is sponsored by FUD. $20,000 is the next price target. Followed by $50,000 in 2018
streetstylz (8 months ago)
Charts don't mean $h!t
The Pman Van (8 months ago)
Well you have to get ppl to watch so the titles of videos (not only here) have to grab your attention.
Crypto King (8 months ago)
streetstylz already above 15k since the video and some alts taking a hit.
Dave the Wave (8 months ago)
Purge (8 months ago)
I've seen the honey badger flip his middle finger off while taking off to the moon to the TA evangelists more times than I can remember over the past two years.
joshua loy (8 months ago)
I'm so glad the Bitcoin Mining Rig I bought here https://sites.google.com/site/LowCostMiningRig has lots of accessories
Juan Varela (8 months ago)
Try to look at the day chart with the 200 ema, it looks like it has touch it a couple of times this year, and in this correction, it hasn't. That makes a 4 digit bottom more possible, without messing the draws hehe.
expx (8 months ago)
Nice vid, thanks a lot!
João de Carvalho (8 months ago)
Do you call that a bubble burst???
Joel Flynn (8 months ago)
My take... $14345 breaks above will definitly mean a retest of the old highs, shy of $20k
Ryan Danger (8 months ago)
Good job Node investor. I think you are on the money, Im bearish. Holding tight.
Crypto Planet (8 months ago)
I 'm thinking ETH is a safer port in the storm, nice rising wedge on the 4 hourly just quietly. Check DGB too.
Crypto Planet (8 months ago)
What a charming gentleman, thank you for your sharing your thoughts.
Dean Turner (8 months ago)
Crypto Planet you fucking loser. Crypto is next bubble and your going down when it pops. Enjoy the fall
thym (8 months ago)
Great video man👍🏻
Crypto Cliff notes (8 months ago)
Merry Christmas !!!!
Jorge Echeverri (8 months ago)
great chart visualization on btc!
Gainz For life (8 months ago)
Thanks for your analysis
Brutaltronics (8 months ago)
i hate it when we do lower highs, lower lows.
BigDon (8 months ago)
Another month. 25k
Future Money Show (8 months ago)
Love your videos. There are some emotional weak folks in this space. Pay no attention to them. Keep up the good work!!
Maureen Moody (8 months ago)
Thank you for this post. Very helpful. I respect ✊ your opinion.
Mr Yellow (8 months ago)
Maureen Moody its ur birth right to respect someone's opinion
Crypto Game (8 months ago)
Fantastic review..... let's see what happens it will be interesting to see how this plays out personally I would love to see a pull back to 8k but let's see what it decides to do.
Tyron Deguise (8 months ago)
Very insightful thank you. Would you happen to have any advice on some good resources to start learning technical analysis/chart reading that will be most applicable to trading cryptos specifically? Cheers, Merry Christmas!
The Pman Van (8 months ago)
So sick of you with your sensational headlines. Stop doing this.
FlatTimes (8 months ago)
The Pman Van I totally agree.
Jo L (8 months ago)
Looks like the pressure is getting to somebody...
streetstylz (8 months ago)
emoadatfkid (8 months ago)
I don’t see this title as sensational, no ALL CAPS and no !!!! exclamation points...he just titled it as the questions people are asking.
peter olden (8 months ago)
Erik Koch (8 months ago)
Firsttttt. Thanks for the upload like always.

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