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Overview: TokenCard (TKN) the Cryptocurrency Wallet, Debit Card and Token. Should you invest?

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Overview: TokenCard (TKN) the digital currencies and assets with the token app. Should you invest? tokenCard project is basically divided into three elements: the Token Contract Wallet, TokenCard and Token App. The Token Contract Wallet is an Ethereum Smart contract wallet that functions as a user’s token bank account, funds are taken from here whenever user swipes the card. Team is based in London and they also have a US office in Seattle. There are 13 team members. They held an ICO where they raised almost $13M in May 2017. The core elements of TokenCard are, in brief: - The Token Contract Wallet, which secures users’ assets and enforces user-set spending and security parameters. - The TokenCard, which connects Contract Wallet to the network — enabling online payments, point of sale transactions and ATM withdrawals, using ERC20 tokens inside the Token Contract Wallet. - The Token App, which neatly unifies the process, offering a clean and intuitive experience. Ultimate goal is allow users to easily spend their cryptocurrencies in real life. More information: https://tokencard.io/ Follow me on social media: Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/F2AEhRGvvSlFITz... Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crypto0Coins Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crypt0coins/ Steemit: https://steemit.com/@dmae You can also use my referrals: Coss referral: https://sso.coss.io/api/invite/XJZ89O... Binance referral: https://www.binance.com/?ref=10136785 Coinbase referral: https://www.coinbase.com/join/580f4ae... Or donate: ETH and ERC20: 0x43d42eeF0952629EA5B384B6283eBd608c02A709 BTC: 36hqDXqFxWBjb5D4U9XxKFLCQXHHwjtQZX LTC: LawVWy6BPAiv8BC7QwqmzroLE5QTP3npzK ETC: 0x19f7359510b1ee73a4552b2b2652fe0b32e35a0a NEO: AHwKiZrUbdZX5pLkixqUHvpKE1js5t8mZ8 DASH: Xrya3sVGzhARZuY6g9zHg3FLB5rCtLMtEy ZEC: t1VG9gvMAhhVMHSQbwmARwUZCxYTBxWEP2a IOTA: 9WWZDDGYS9PVKSUODNFLRJXHWFVXKZICDWBIRJKIEWUFKLD Love you but keep in mind that this is not a financial advice!
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Joseph Walczak (6 months ago)
SRN - Partner with Google?, Messi (most paid athlete?), first ever blockchain phone?
gegenspammer (6 months ago)
Can you Review Nuls? Is it really as good as cardano?
LittlePaws (6 months ago)
Hi dude! How does one claim their free asch airdrop tokens? Apparently it's closing in 4 days😱 could you post below or a quick vid on it? Good time to promote asch too 😃
Arpit Mishra (6 months ago)
Hey Crypto Coins! Great work. What do you think about Telcoin (TEL)?
Ian RJM (6 months ago)
Eidoo can do all this and more.
persie PRINCE (6 months ago)
Any ideas on telcoin
Tomislav Džepina (6 months ago)
If TenX give up from dividends because of the security classification what then about POS algorithm. You get coins (we can say dividends) by staking coins in your wallet. What about master nodes ? Can you clarify this a little bit please ?
Dan Bow (6 months ago)
Red Pulse will be speaking at the World Economic Forum 2018 Annual Meeting in #Davos on January 23 - 24 https://twitter.com/red_pulse_china/status/954634970772860929
Arvosta (6 months ago)
https://inbot.io/join/Bk2j9Hp4f Through this link you can register for new project. Only email registration and adding telegram nickname needed to qualify for free airdrop of tokens (It really takes about 1-2 mins). Registered accounts will get 30 day airdrop of tokens approximated at 50 tokens per day. NOTE: The 30 day airdrop will start in few weeks. InToken is a utility token used to purchase referrals for B2B customers. InTokens can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. The token’s value is derived from the value its holders place on its utility. (White paper can be found on the front page)
James Formica (6 months ago)
NAS / Nebulas is on the rise . Partnering with GIFTO... Besides that .... it’s going to be huge. NAS will be in top 20 soon.
Selfm8 (6 months ago)
i would love to know your opinion in hpb havent invested yet because im to lazy to register on other exchanges haha but what i could find out sounds realy promising what do you think? The Chinese EOS - Circulating supply ~37M - HPB mcap = ~$200M, EOS mcap = $6.8B - UnionPay and $NEO partnership - 1M trans/sec - Working product, now marketing - In talks with big exchanges (Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin) - NEO as angel investor - Award winning team - Software and Hardware enhanced blockchain for enterprise use - Not on big exchanges yet
Drool Alot (6 months ago)
You're the best!!
insigh01 (6 months ago)
Hi Crypto Coins. Another good analysis. Not sure if I am willing to risk on cards until the dust settles more. What do think of AppCoins and BRD. BRD in particular going to have erc20 tokens on their wallet very soon
Juan Alanis (6 months ago)
What about Eidoo buddy?

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