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Simple Method To Make $100 A Day Trading Cryptocurrency As A Beginner | Tutorial Guide

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CryptoJack (1 month ago)
🔥Bitcoin Blueprint - https://bitcoin-blueprint.net ⭐️Trade Calls: https://trade-calls.com 💡10 Free Training Videos: https://bitcoin-blueprint.getresponsepages.com/ Want to pay for the bitcoin blueprint in Crypto? Just email me: [email protected]
Magnus Hodge (11 hours ago)
I got in touch with expeditetools,com .With their hack transfers i received over $28,000 for my business funding.
Alkandros Sergios (3 days ago)
You might have a very wack mentality about binary options, crypto currency, CFDs and stock trading in general because you were one time or the other scammed, that’s true because the internet is actually a mess but am here to correct that mind set, My name is Alkandros Sergios, I will be teaching only the first 50 persons to comment “YES” on this post or contact me on WhatsApp: +447459183785 on how to make $3400 with the minimum investment of $300 in just 5 days you do it yourself. The countdown starts now!!!
hoang dinh (4 days ago)
I do interesting in depth about trading
Anyone who really got 100$ from it?
Endu Nath (5 days ago)
2Day Earn $2670 expertoptions .pw
frazier frazer (17 days ago)
Hi why do we need to trade 50 to 100 bitcoin as u mentioned in the video
Resort (26 days ago)
Lol bitcoin is now at 4,500
XTRON 04 (5 days ago)
Martinez Ezuela (1 month ago)
Triangulartrades the fastest way to earn a 3-way profit risk free.
Kevin Phoenix (1 month ago)
Bitcoin will continue to increase in value until it takes its place on the bottom of Exter's Liquidity Pyramid. As sure as a rock is denser than water. 😜
Steve Douglas (1 month ago)
You can buy Bitcoin and trade with it for profit
Good video.
CryptoJack (1 month ago)
Thanks JC
John Green (1 month ago)
What is RSI and MACD?
Ethnies Chidera (1 month ago)
rsi is relative strength index and MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence/Divergence Oscillator. It is a trend following indicator. It is used to identify new trends in the markets, and confirm if they are bearish. sir i learnt all this from mr bill you should contact him for different things like teaching you how totrade your coin
CryptoJack (1 month ago)
more videos explaining it on my channel :)
Alhamdulillah :)
Poloniex Trades (1 month ago)
+Ahmad Izzat Shahmier Alhamdulillah Do you want to trade?
Poloniex Trades (1 month ago)
+Ahmad Izzat Shahmier Alhamdulillah my friend what do you want us to do for you
+Poloniex Trades Waalaikumsalam warahmatullah :)
Poloniex Trades (1 month ago)
Asalamu walikum
h mulder (2 months ago)
Minimum invest probably between 3 & 4000 dollar per trade. Normally it's around 3 till 5 % profit per trade
Poloniex Trades (1 month ago)
At *POLONIEX* a 10%-15% win profit ratio is guaranteed, but due to price fluctuation of the commodity you should be expecting an 6%-8% profit return
Nicole Miller (2 months ago)
Trading with Pauline is the best thing you can do, she teaches you all you need to do and she can assist you to trade and earn successfully <[email protected] com>
John Mccafferty (2 months ago)
Maybe you should mention as part of Your strategy for using bollinger bands and RSI that once it closes on the bottom bollinger band you then should wait for a confirmation candle to give an idea of reversal. Using that along with RSI breaking or touching over sold then you have quite a few good buy signals.
Robert atVitalityStar (2 months ago)
Robbbyg (2 months ago)
btcs on cryptopia this will moon research it people! Your welcome ;)
Ssuubi Ibrahim (2 months ago)
His much do I need to ibvest
Poloniex Trades (1 month ago)
Do you have an email address sir?
Chiara Francica (2 months ago)
Hi CryptoJack, sent you an email about your signals group, can you kindly check it out please? :)
Chiara Francica (2 months ago)
all good, take your time :D
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
Sorry I have a huge backlog of emails not being ignorant! Should see a reply soon thank you! 😄
Lucas Fazzini (2 months ago)
I have 2 litecoin
Ethnies Chidera (1 month ago)
hello sir i know someone that can change your litecoin to bitcoin and trade for you
Poloniex Trades (1 month ago)
Do you have an email Sir
megyn Kelly1 (2 months ago)
He don't go through in slowly enough. or correctly. In the SELL part, Why do we have to choose the PRICE? i mean set the Price? to buy? we are selling. i dont get it at all. He needs to explain further in this. this is a roadblock for me. and for most people i bet.
Battosai Jenkins (2 months ago)
@megyn Kelly1, Heyas. I'll try to explain. When you decide to SELL your coins, the BUY below represents what other traders are willing to BUY at. You don't necessarily need to choose that set price in that list, however he fails to mention that if you choose your own price, your coins will become an 'Open Order' sell which could take hours or possibly days. In other words, you set the price what people are willing to buy for a fast transaction. The risk involved here is what if you try to sell all those Sia coins for 155 satoshis but the buy order is still stuck around 143 satoshis? You will never sell those coins in that day and then you're stuck with all those extra coins that either 1) You will hold on to hoping it will go up or 2) Dump them all at a lower price than you expected. That's another thing he fails to mention again, I myself am learning and only made couple bucks from 2 days worth of day trading. It's tough!
RB-30 (2 months ago)
You explained this day trading strategy really well!
Badoat Lyf (2 months ago)
I don't know about a simple fixed rate like $100, but if you put in enough, you might get to make more than that with DADI. It's up and coming, the idea and tech behind it is great. You should totally check it out. I already grabbed a bag.
Nancy mor (2 months ago)
Crypto is the best in the world and now my profit is on the high side
James Pickering (2 months ago)
Put your BTC address so people can tip you mate!
CryptoJack (2 months ago)
don’t accept tips mate thank you though, bob it into some alts 😁
abbygail sylvia (2 months ago)
I invested on bitcoin and now my profit is on the high side
Žilvinas Deveika (3 months ago)
Does Bittrex also act as a wallet?
Lorette Cameron (2 months ago)
it does have a wallet, but its not advisable to leave your coins on an exchange no matter how reliable they are. get a cold wallet dear
DESIRE Design Pro (3 months ago)
it sounds as risky as stock trading...i think it would be better to buy a bunch of the coin you believe in then hold it for 5-10 years
C J Allison (3 months ago)
Grasped a goodish deal of it, but in no way is this for beginners
David Weber (3 months ago)
C J Allison I can lead you the way to go .
Solomon Clark (3 months ago)
Excellent video, the method is really simple and by virtue of everyone, sin is not to use)
Tuttorials (3 months ago)
Great method, Thanks.
to themoon (3 months ago)
When u were talking about making that 100 $ . how much roughly is needed to trade to make that
Andy Peterson (3 months ago)
Starting your trade has to be on elite You have to start investing with $500 minimum to go in for the promo on Aionmarkets You can purchase Bitcoin, ETH or even Ripple there are lots of other great coin there
denzel brown (3 months ago)
to make those $50-$100 profits would I have to be using like $500 worth of btc?? :(
Poloniex Trades (1 month ago)
You can make more than that, At POLONIEX an investment worth $500 btc you should be getting a profit return of $800-$930. This is just an assumption, you could probably make more than that but not less than $730, We add interest at the end of day trades.
Pauline Burnett (3 months ago)
Hello Denzel feel free to contact me for a more profitable trading strategy that can earn you way more profits. [email protected] I can send you a better strategy
jiexiang li (3 months ago)
Ruzicka Iddings (3 months ago)
EIT Method and invest in your future
9Lanes (3 months ago)
Litecoins around 50$ rn 😂
CryptoJack (3 months ago)
well times change :(
Doctor Mike (4 months ago)
Bitcoin trading
Doctor Mike (3 months ago)
Ruzicka Iddings really Okey can I have your personal email so that we can talk in hangout
Ruzicka Iddings (3 months ago)
I guaranty you that EIT Method is the best trading software.
Unchained Wealth (4 months ago)
Keep balling!
Harold Bauer (4 months ago)
+Cryptojack Jack, does this strategy still work?
Jasmin Flower (4 months ago)
You talk to fast, its hard to keep up when I am just learning.
Ethnies Chidera (1 month ago)
hello sir i know someone that can help
I thank you so much for your devotional service. Certainly I am a novice in this. I really need your guidance in buying and selling cryptos; making daily income like you. Please help me out. I am jobless for now. I need your assistance. Thanks you very much!
David Weber (3 months ago)
TAKING BACK CONTROL CHANNEL hi there will be glad to guide you if you are willing
Christer Johansson (4 months ago)
Well, teach me how to make 500 USD worth of crypto by trading, and I'll buy your 400 USD blueprint course. Great stuff! :)
Davis Moore (1 month ago)
All scam, I can’t contact someone I met online, glad I met an expert in the person of John Barron at a trading conference in Cyprus, now I’m a part of his mining pool, making money weekly. Best part is you don’t have to send him your investment, 100% legit and safe.
Cheese Gaming (4 months ago)
How good would a gtx 710 8GB DDR3, 1TB, FX-6300 six core processor
4173 (2 months ago)
not good 710 is lame card and 6300 despite that it has 6 cores the model and architecture is old and outdated
Ryan R (4 months ago)
Dude, for using a Yeti Mic that is right up to your mouth, you sound really quiet. Speak up please.
Jacob ferg (4 months ago)
Dude i'm gonna try this, if you were to buy 167 coins for say $0.08 a piece which would be $13.00 and sold them at $0.19 that would be a profit of $18.40 for spending 13.00 all it has to do is go up $0.09 is that correct? i wanna know if i am thinking about this correctly.
Jacob ferg (4 months ago)
hamburgerfatso every time I invest the coin goes up from 0.00003840 goes up to 0.00003860 then goes down from there, now the coin is at 3717 I think I’m doing this wrong. I know the coin is gonna bounce back up but not much higher than what I paid for it. I could have bought it now and waited for it to go back up. Smh third time this happened.
Jacob ferg (4 months ago)
hamburgerfatso not really, I seen a coin go 10-20 cents higher and if you have enough invested that’ll make a nice profit. So far on my first coin I will not be able to profit anytime soon, I bought it at a bad time waiting for it to go to the price I bought it for and investing in something else.
hamburgerfatso (4 months ago)
Jacob Ferguson except a coin isnt going to randomly more than double unless its some small cap shit coin. The fact that its only a few cents is irrelevant.
Steve Christian (4 months ago)
My Success in Cryptocurrency is rewarding.learning new method and trying them out on a live account is so challenging. Have been able to make 70% profit on my own using [email protected] com technique. I know is difficult to find a good advisor, I never thought would ever find one. So, I make withdrawal once in 3 months. Anyways if you are patient enough to invest,you can go ahead..
Unifii Crypto World (5 months ago)
Hi, nice technic Jack, thanks, I am trading bitcoin with trading signals and it really working awesome!
CryptoJack (4 months ago)
Thank you!
Mark Doe (5 months ago)
Good video but too many adverts , understand you have to make money but seriously if your making money each day cut down on adverts
Guido Janssen (5 months ago)
They always say how much they can earn a day or per trade, but never how much they invest to get those gains.
joaquin favela (1 day ago)
+M34T sounds like Helen made an account to respond to Guido this way
uwumarongie1 (1 day ago)
Helen Walton i would like to learn give me ur contact info
Jokers Grin (6 days ago)
+Helen Walton blow me 🤔
Jokers Grin (6 days ago)
Helen can you blow me 🤔
Flopez 14 (13 days ago)
Guido Janssen check out cryptune
Flip2 Futures (5 months ago)
Or trade futures.... I can make 100.00 in 30 sec. Seriously blockchain is the future but the futures market is so hot right now. Go where the money is!
o o (4 months ago)
Flip2 Futures can you mentor me?
NEM (5 months ago)
Bloodbath in March lol, look at it now in July
CryptoJack (5 months ago)
Hahaha that’s true 😞
Simon Shawn (5 months ago)
buy low sell high a few times. easy, thanks captain obvious!
Helen Walton (5 months ago)
Love and Monotypes not that easy lol . I have been a trader 4 consecutive years the truth is that there is money to be made when you invest in Bitcoin. My point is this: put your Bitcoin or your investment in a reliable platform where you can enjoy profit sharing by percentage. I can guide you if you are interested, react to my comment and I will give you my contact.
Saleh Mohamed (5 months ago)
Should we wait till the price become higher ,and then sell ?(for example ,when the graphic hits 0.0000153 ,then sell it ?)
Ethnies Chidera (1 month ago)
hello sir you should try trading with mr bill
Gautam Iyer (5 months ago)
Easiest way to make a ton of money on crypto: short it all, the bubble has burst.
Amarjeet Singh (5 months ago)
Hi CryptoJack tell me that what does mean by reserve pool in crypto trading ?
Piece of shit LIAR (5 months ago)
As soon as he said Siacoin was cloud storage, that sold me on the future of crypto. I thought crypto was just hype and not backed by anything solid, but the people releasing the crypto are using the computing power from the miners to generate various cyber goods and services. This actually gives crypto something tangible that it's attached to. I would get into crypto immediately because the people that do now are going to be rich beeyatch. I've got a lot of research ahead of me.
Quinn Loi (1 month ago)
+Mark Lim Tien Ming I don't think that it's just to make a quick profit if it goes up cryptocurrency is appreciated from many different aspects some of which are from the medical side and some of them are technological sides some of these going to actually do hold values some of them for raising funds so now they're not just something to Hope grow and make money off of there's real stuff behind it for example xrp is trying to do with with the banking systems to replace Swift it strikes me as odd that you're on here to give people advice but you don't know this
DolphinNerd (1 month ago)
How much money do you start with
Mark Lim Tien Ming (1 month ago)
The whole reason to own crypto, unless you are an enthusiast of the technology, is the money to be gained by the appreciating price
Quinn Loi (2 months ago)
Seriously you should show some maturity and change your name from piece of s*** liar to your actual name
Helen Walton (5 months ago)
gary adams the truth is that there is money to be made when you invest in Bitcoin. My point is this: put your Bitcoin or your investment in a reliable platform where you can enjoy profit sharing by percentage. I can guide you if you are interested, react to my comment and I will give you my contact.
Benjamin Cortez (5 months ago)
Your earnings depend on the amount of your investment capital, how well you understand the asset you are buying/trading and also the amount of time you spend trading. So, in essence, you determine how much you earn i can't deny the services of Mr Garreth indeed his Aid in the issues of trading in profitable ventures has proved to be [email protected]@gmail
Victor Vladimir (5 months ago)
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Alberto Elizondo (5 months ago)
has anyone actually had success with this video?
Helen Walton (4 months ago)
The Fool very body has the right to their opinion, I am a Walton do you understand what that means? "SHILL" do have you proof?
The Fool (4 months ago)
Helen is a literal shill. Read the other comments.
Helen Walton (5 months ago)
Alberto Elizondo how are you?
Hi man what did you set you MA at
CryptoJack (5 months ago)
50 :)
Fat Cat Funnies (5 months ago)
If this isa beginners guide then Idont think you can help any begginers but thanks. Bye now lol.
Helen Walton (5 months ago)
Fat Cat Funnies the truth is that there is money to be made when you invest in Bitcoin. My point is this: put your Bitcoin or your investment in a reliable platform where you can enjoy profit sharing by percentage. I can guide you if you are interested, react to my comment and I will give you my contact.
Leonardo Parra (6 months ago)
Wait what happened to the Russian English guy?
sonu Kashyap 91 (6 months ago)
Sir please sand your contact no sand sir
Ethnies Chidera (1 month ago)
hello sir you should contact mr bill for any trading advice or teaching
Poloniex Trades (1 month ago)
Do you have an email Sir
Lil Quent (6 months ago)
great video,
Crypto Taker 47 (6 months ago)
It isnt summer 2017 lol
CryptoJack (6 months ago)
Lol my bad
Justin aaq Long (6 months ago)
Jack, how wallet do, l need just to hold them and trade at some point?
Paul Rogers (6 months ago)
yes its bad ...but gotta get better
Justin Cleaves (6 months ago)
Is day trading or swing trading worth it with capital taxation if your only making about 50-100 per day?
CryptoJack (6 months ago)
Only taxed on profits I think so yeah it is! That’s like saying is there any point going to work everyday because I’ll be taxed lol
Vassy Rng (6 months ago)
How do you get to this layout on Bittrex? Or did they change their interface? The current one is much less intuitive to me..
Candice Hughes (6 months ago)
Good information, thank you
Ethnies Chidera (1 month ago)
hello madamyou should try trading with mr bill, i promise you won't regret
Raita Sorin (6 months ago)
Hello there until now i never believed in trading but then since i saw you now i believe it for first time in my all entire life, for me it does make a lot's of senses right now, is not to be Billionaire but making a few margins like 100€ a day that's for me so it's so profitable! Congratulations
Lonnie Boudreaux (6 months ago)
What are the fees of buying and selling?
CryptoJack (6 months ago)
0.05% if using BNB to pay fees
ohkamanda (6 months ago)
"Bcash... who cares..." hehehe
CryptoJack (6 months ago)
hahaha 😁
Milo (6 months ago)
Bcash who cares? The 4th largest coin. How can anyone interested in making money take you seriously when you say that making you seem l ike some sort of an ideologue.
Szilard Virag (6 months ago)
such horseshit. What do you base off that 50-100 dollars? That depends on the money that the individual has, price of bitcoin, price at cashing out etc. Stop trying to fill your videos with nonsence info and click bait title. Fucking twat.
Jack Black (6 months ago)
now i wonder , how do you transfer those daily gains into your bank account and actually use the money uv made?
CryptoJack (6 months ago)
Coinbase or localbitcoins
Svetlana S (6 months ago)
Still have not been able to find a reliable Trading System? Then you have to go through Hwa phoenix 5.0 cloud, the highest paying trading kit developed since its launch has made 60% of my initial investment within 4weeks.
OBADIAH SAWA (6 months ago)
Damn am lost
Charly Imsel (6 months ago)
You don’t know what the coin is going to do If it’s loosing 18% chances are high that he will keep doing that In fact you set a sell Order for wins but nothing which will save your funds against that loses.
M N (6 months ago)
Hallo Jack, I hear a Dutch accent, is this accurate? Do you provide sessions in holland? Love your videos!
Robin Barton (6 months ago)
I want to leave you a crypto tip, do you have a tipwithcrypto link?
SV.Lambo (6 months ago)
Make video about Photon Coin 🔥👍🏻😍
Saghir Ahmad (6 months ago)
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Notes Taken, truly valuable and usable information shared here! appreciate it man! :)
Shivam Nayyar (6 months ago)
Bcash who cares wtf?
CryptoJack (6 months ago)
No one! 😆
Mario Sifuentes (6 months ago)
Can I pay in btc?
Poloniex Trades (1 month ago)
Do you have an email Sir
Helen Walton (6 months ago)
Mario Sifuentes Do you have Bitcoin? I can help you make huge profit from it.
Justin aaq Long (6 months ago)
Jack, the price bitcoin cost 9 thousand dollars. How can we purchase that price.
Prismatic (6 months ago)
Hi Justin. You don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin. You can buy any number of satoshis. Start just with what you can afford ;)
Mike Elbow (7 months ago)
Leave the USA and your chances of gaining wealth without being battered by the IRS for trying to move foward in life. If you are willing to put in the time. It is hard to find a key to the lock for the chains we wear in the US. Disgusting shit....
Justin aaq Long (7 months ago)
Jack, how do l start to invest bitcoin for $100 to start.
Annabelle Brookson (6 months ago)
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Ricky Chavez (7 months ago)
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Chad Davis (7 months ago)
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Tony Gasperson (7 months ago)
How much do you start with to make 100 a day
Phil Cosgrove (7 months ago)
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RISE (7 months ago)
Ofcourse you're gonna make 100$ a day if you're putting in $2000 of Siacoin for daytrade.
Tech Sales (7 months ago)
What % of your capital do you use for trading, and what % is longer term investment?
CryptoJack (7 months ago)
I trade with about 10-20% of my capital at the most :)
Amma b (7 months ago)
maybe a little slow but this doesn't seem that simple.
Prismatic (6 months ago)
A lot of trading is simple in principle but no trade is a guaranteed win. The complexity comes from how you manage risk - setting appropriate stop losses, maximising your risk:reward and your win/loss ratio over time. The more experienced and familiar you become with different indicators the more you can improve these :)
Annabelle Brookson (6 months ago)
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The Lion's Den (7 months ago)
Check out Nexty coin.. its gonna be huge!
Otis Tyson Boris (5 months ago)
Why do you feel so confident about it being huge? It looks pretty good so far
Frank Robbins (7 months ago)
Great video Jack, do you do something similar use Binance
Annabelle Brookson (6 months ago)
Well, i have to make this recommendation, As a person that has so much interest in cryptocurrency, i found a valuable information on youtube, which i went after i met Anatoly who was able to create a mining bot for me which generate btw 200eur to 400eur based on the day, but its daily.. it was unbelievable at first because i was skeptical about the whole mining always think it was a slow way of making bitcoin and could also be a scam.. But this is worth every penny in, You can contact on Skype live; libertas_25 Another amazing thing, because of my interest in trading.. I signed up for updates on which coin and ico to invest in.. Now im proud to say Im on profit both ways check him out guru.com/freelancers/anatoly-vlad
CryptoJack (7 months ago)
Yes check my videos on my channel
Rajesh Babbar (7 months ago)
Very shitty strategy - could immediately put you in hodl
kings1372 (7 months ago)
Thank you for video been trying to register to binance for two weeks now are they accepting new users yet?
Ameer Rosic (7 months ago)
Register on www.e-currencymart.com instead.

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