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EPIC Profit Trailer Addon PT FEEDER = $1100 in 1 Day

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Text Comments (667)
Sam Graham LMT (1 month ago)
@CryptoCrow would you still recommend Feeder as of now?
Nico Bustos (4 months ago)
I am trying to register at your website, and there is a question, crow you...? I do not know what to answer, I cannot register due this, could you help me ?
shogunsxf (4 months ago)
hey bro you look and sound like negan from the walking dead are you his double
Leon van der Kolk (4 months ago)
Do you want to start with Profit Trailer but don't want to pay every year? I have a Profit Trailer LIFETIME PRO license for sale. All 'old' licenses were turned into lifetime licenses and you are now only able to pay per year (€450). The license is for Binance. If you are interested? Please send me a message or reply here. You can also add me on Discord: TheWalkingDoge#2498.
Lord Earl (4 months ago)
Are these settings still current? Meaning can I still use these settings today?
sososogangster (5 months ago)
@CryptoCrow - do you still recommend Feeder?
Crypto Crow (5 months ago)
I like Feeder yes, especially if you have a smaller budget.
Larry Bruan (5 months ago)
Hi... this is great video... i just bought my PTF and been going through the Wiki to get it going, but it is just that not that easy...and thank you for creating this video. While watching it, you mentioned that you'll be sharing your settings... how to i get hold of you setting file...please advise, I am really really keen to get going with my PTF. Thank you so much.
Snowboat392 (5 months ago)
wheres the free settings
Omeed Familie (5 months ago)
Where are the settings? I don't see them :(
Juan Pinto (5 months ago)
Nice video really good content thank you for sharing an going to purchase booths thank you so much am new in cripto start 4 months ago this sounds great
Nicholas Turner (5 months ago)
Thank you Crypto Crow-I appreciate your sincerity, we can all become millionaires and take the financial health back for our kids college funds, and create cbd hospitals for the kids and elderly.. Thanx, for your leadership and service in this complicated maze of trading
videos (5 months ago)
is these settings for PT and PF are still the best settings
DollarzGeneral (5 months ago)
Apparently with $37.5K working for you and making $1100 in a day is only equal to 2% daily earnings. I would be really impressed if the feeder was responsible for a 4% daily ROI.
aslambek jounidov (6 months ago)
Made 40 bucks today with PT+Feeder, BTC Binance, 500usd funds, but i need your settings crow
Adam Lunt (6 months ago)
Hey Jason @TheCryptoCrow. I've been following you for a decent while and finally decided to try out Profit Trailer. I'm leaving this comment to give you feedback on the profit feeder portion. So here it goes: I pretty much set up the feeder a few days after I bought PT. PT was doing well so I figured so would the feeder. I used your setting shared on this post and it hasn't been too good. I'm not losing hope however I've been stuck on 3 DCA logs since Feb. 11th and have now watched those logs go to -38% and -43% for UKG and ZEC. I also took a hit on ETH. This totals a loss of about $600 if I sell now. I'm looking for some advice on how to proceed. I'd like to get out from under this and continue back to the days of making a little bit of money here and there. Thanks in advance for any input you can give me.
Dawal Limbachia (6 months ago)
Is there a reason why my profit trailer sold xrp @ 0.44 cents when its value was 0.82 cents? This was before adding feeder when I used lowbb settings.
Pleroma (6 months ago)
Crypto CROW. RULZ!!!
Cristian Torres (6 months ago)
I did start with 600 usd and i have done so far 0 its not working no errors nothing run smooth but not make any trades so frustrating
Johnny Vercher (6 months ago)
How and when can I buy the Add on ?
Flatearth Cryptoz (6 months ago)
Dont forget the the crow raspberry pi. (Crow pie). Lmao🤪
Paul Oberman (6 months ago)
Really dig your video. Quick question. Do your configuration files work on mac?
Geneva Hampton (6 months ago)
Please define bag. Thank you
John Pepper (6 months ago)
I have followed this to the letter used your settings the only difference is i am using ETH, all i get is a bunch of Possible Buy Logs and no trading?
French Fry (7 months ago)
$1100 with what budget?? thanks
ohyeah10456 (7 months ago)
Thanks for this video. I am a newbie of 1 week using profit Trailer Capital $300, yeah I know lost all of it in Bitconnect I thought I do it myself this time. Definitely going to work on get this add-on in the meantime still studying on configurations and terms etc. Your vids are very helpful Thxs. Jason
kyle petit (7 months ago)
does anyone have an update on crypto crow's PF settings and how they are working?
Rhodes David (7 months ago)
How do I add funds to profit trailer? I'm using binance.
Claudio Carlesso (7 months ago)
Hi, Crypto Crow, I noticed your exchange is Bittrex.... Would anything change if your exchange is Binance?
Claudio Carlesso (7 months ago)
I really appreciate this video
xenomorphelv426 (7 months ago)
Hello. does the settings you share need to be "updated" to the current market date ? (february 13th 2018). or these settings are good at anytime ?
Primoris007 (7 months ago)
Funny he is so excited he is shaking...lol glad I caught your channel. Just setup PT and already making some small gains with your settings. Next stop PT Feeder...thanks Jason!
Jared Chambers (7 months ago)
Hey crow I was looking into using crypto profit bot to set up my cloud, would you recommend?
Andro Tomas (7 months ago)
Lots of bags in a bare market and am only raking 1 - 2 dollars a day.
Herbalife Nutrition (7 months ago)
is this still a good investment to get into?
Patrick Greene (7 months ago)
Can someone answer this question. Is this working fine on Binance? Bittrex is no longer accepting new sign ups.
Muhammad Helmi (7 months ago)
profit trailer license is one time payment for life time?
Reno Nevada (7 months ago)
Will your files work with Binance too?
Deslie Gilson (7 months ago)
Thank you very much again Jason!!
winnie (7 months ago)
Just bought the PT, will buy add on, add on installation, vps next. Crypto Crow what VPS should I choose? thanks
bulletsnbytes (7 months ago)
I was thinking of getting this Where do I get your settings????
Omni Genetics (7 months ago)
Do you have the latest version of pt-feeder v1.3.5.329? released 18 hours ago. some settings are different. what version are you using?
Ben (7 months ago)
Did anyone used his settings - how do they perform so far?
Julian Pizi (7 months ago)
Hi mate, love the channel. Seeing the market crash at the moment seems like the perfect time to use PT-feeder so its ready to catch the upswing! I am a firm believer that eth will over take BTC as it is the dominant tech in the indusry (potentially verge as well). Is it posible for you to realease a version of your settings for eth? Thanks again for the support, look forward to your response!
Brandon Azevedo (7 months ago)
What exchange do you feel is the best for profit trailer? I remember you saying Bittrex because of volume in a previous vid but didn't Binance overtake Bittrex in volume? I'm getting PT and just want to figure out which exchange is best. Thanks!
Fernando Weberich (7 months ago)
Just bought PT and FEEDER plus installation under you. Thanks for the amazing reviews. Were can I find complete tutorials for both?
Fernando Weberich (7 months ago)
With the FEEDER addon you don't need to keep the settings all the time?
Frenki Set (7 months ago)
I am very grateful for your work, nice videos and good tips. If you want, you can donate something to me. I would be very happy You have my respect BTC: 12w2GEeqo5Ef7EPzQEsV2ydpByFZhLRHAX
Geedygeedy (7 months ago)
I just bought Profit Trailer and Im taking massice losses.. Idk if it because the market is on a decline or because I need Profit Feeder as well.. NEED HELP!! Lost -7.03 % since last night.. Im only testing right now so there was only about $160 in this account.. So Im still trying different settings..
Geedygeedy (7 months ago)
Oh im not really worried, Im just a complete noob.. lol I want to educate myself on how to use this thing effectively for when the market comes back. I know this isnt a magic box and will take some tender love and care.. lol I just was trying to see if I was losing from my own fault or because of the market.. I just changed my settings to the ones you posted on your older video in December.
Kyle Compagna (7 months ago)
what i love is how everyone is so compliment oriented ive scrolled for a while and only seen one response saying what his earnings were and they were no that positive...prove me wrong with a better video... please including more time and detail...
Sziráki Ádám (7 months ago)
he has a separate group for PT screenshots on discord, check the link in the more info tab underneath the video, I was just scrolling through and the people having the feeder making some serious buxxxx : )
Sam H (7 months ago)
Does it matter how much money you have to invest once you purchase the bot? and are your current settings still good to use?
Adam Chad Adam Chad (7 months ago)
@Crypto Crow - You're a bad ass man! Keep it up and thanks for your time and efforts.
Matthew Calvin (7 months ago)
Crow you are a stand up dude. Not trying to hammer people or play games. Keep it up brother!
Eternal Being33 (7 months ago)
can profit trailer with vps traffic be channeled through tor/vpn? thanks for the video very useful info
Ken San (7 months ago)
hi , i want to buy feeder but need help getting settings
Nathan Little (7 months ago)
Fantastic video! This will really help and has answered most of my questions. Keep up the great work.
H A (7 months ago)
I downloaded your settings.....will they work for Binance?
Steve Crypto (7 months ago)
Thanks Crow,what sort of % are you making daily ROI,so approximately what would .5 btc bring in daily?
Eien Rozen (7 months ago)
Subbed :D Gonna buy pt and feeder sometime this month. Will use your links, because these lengthy videos are treasure troves of info.
Larry Shepperson (7 months ago)
my bad...... your the man Crow
Larry Shepperson (7 months ago)
hey crow trying to get a lil more information on profit trailer
Minuteman 0311 (7 months ago)
Thanks, good video
What strategy does it use ?
Marc Benlisa (7 months ago)
I've been watching for some time now. You're a good man. You have a big heart. I hope you kill this crypto thing and make tons of millions lol. Best of wishes.
Mikes Exclusive Watches (7 months ago)
This sounds awesome, getting in now.
Chico GG (7 months ago)
your videos are so helpful. i subscribed on the 2nd one ive seen today.
Nelson Gunn (7 months ago)
I started with $1400. and 1 week later. I have $990. Using your settings off Discord. Trailer and feeder are good .......Only if you want to make pennies I almost forgot..... also to lose your money each and everyday
UniqueVaporz (7 months ago)
Can PT feeder with your settings be used on Mac on Binance exchange or will settings need to be changed?
Scott Dunning (7 months ago)
Should I use your Profit Trailer settings as well, do they have to be used with the settings for Feeder?  Just got my feeder.  I don't have a ton to start with (about $500 USD), will that make a difference on the settings for both PT and Feeder?
Patrick Greene (7 months ago)
Scott, that's the amount I'm thinking of starting with. What's your experience been like so far?
david Team (7 months ago)
The setting for what budget ? 1 BTC ? Why your setting "MinBuyBalance": "40" ?
david Team (7 months ago)
What is the setting of this feeder . ?
Paul Gardi (7 months ago)
I'm curious what trading budget are you using that is giving you the profit in this video?
Corne Mouton (7 months ago)
Bullshit title, there I said it. Click-fucking-bait. You can achieve some growth but you fucking loooove over-exaggerating don't you. I hear there's some big-ass 'Eve' battle on tonight, guess you need to cover your (ship) losses somehow.
CraigBMM (7 months ago)
what happens on internet issues ? if you get disconnected . it automatically restarts? .. what are options for running this on a dedicated server .. and not off your own computer?
Gary Levy (7 months ago)
Hey Crow, what kind of budget would you recommend using with PTFeeder? $1000 Min?
Thompson A. (7 months ago)
I want to join your group what do I do.
Leigh Quick (7 months ago)
thank you sir!!
Pablo M (7 months ago)
So how does PT Bot actually work? Do I buy it download it and run it that's it? I actually own several crypto currencies right now but would like to start trading buying and selling using a bot.
t fu (7 months ago)
frikin crazy....love it!
t t (7 months ago)
Love the videos mate!
Maxime Joanis (7 months ago)
How's the bandwidth hit when adding PTFeeder?
Crypto Soerin (7 months ago)
I agree about the video of a fresh install and setup of pt/ptf. I have been trying for over a week to figure out how to set up a vcp and run pt/ptf on it with little progress.
Tom G (7 months ago)
discord is a bunch of dummies that dont help good luck i tried
Tom G (7 months ago)
answer why its not buying
Tom G (7 months ago)
yeah ok support is aweful
Phil Michmerhuizen (7 months ago)
Hey Crow have you had any luck with setting up EMA cross strategy? Just wondering what the results are compared with your spread settings.
Ronan o hEidhin (8 months ago)
i Love your channel but...Profit trailer support is disappointing to say the least. Profit Trailer is difficult to use for a beginner and trying to get support is frustrating. I have witnessed many Profit Trailer clients experiencing rudeness. This is not good for business. Wake up, provide support for those that have just began using your profit and have spent their hard earned money Profit trailer. I love your videos Crypto Gnome, I have put your settings into Profit Trailer but it has done nothing but give me errors. To even get it to run was an uphill battle. 2 days and nothing. I know you are not responsible but you promote it. Im sure if I had a successful YouTube channel I would get support...
Logan Maximus (8 months ago)
I'm a programmer. That config file is in a format called JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a self-describing text format that makes it easy to configure and send data across the internet. It is also very useful for in memory data structures and programmatically getting properties easily by name and format. The reason for the double \\ in strings is because the \ character is special in the programming world and is used to escape characters. So by using the \ you are saying I want to escape the next character and not let it perform its special function. And then the next character is a \ and is treated just as the character. This is one of the ways that Windows is frustrating in the computing world.
Phil Michmerhuizen (8 months ago)
Today (17 Jan 2018) I used your settings and with .15 BTC I still made $100 in a totally red market. Thanks!
gsehrc (7 months ago)
Thanks a lot for the answer! not many people said if it works well or not. I hope you will make some good gains on GDAX :)
Phil Michmerhuizen (7 months ago)
I have a few bots. I am not currently using PT of PF. I am using a bot to trade the 4 major coins on GDAX because I am sick of Bitcoin price affecting the alts so much. I will probably fire up the PT again someday or sell it if possible. I am always tinkering with things and PT was just one of my hobbies for a bit.
gsehrc (7 months ago)
Hey Phil! are you still using pt+pf and could you manage to make like 1% average every day on top of the whole investment? I'm trying to decide weather to buy PF or not? thx
PreDaToR (8 months ago)
I am interested in this, waiting for reviews/feedback in the chat before i go ahead
Bitminer90 (8 months ago)
Hello mate are your settings also for poloniex??
DG899 (8 months ago)
How about an update of how the bot and this add on have handled this recent market downturn? Now that would be a real selling point for this if it handled downturns well.
Rodrigo G R M (8 months ago)
I respect a good addon, but 0.02 btc? The bot itself is 0.03 for one exchange only.
sessy33 (7 months ago)
Tenzing Norsang (8 months ago)
Which one do I purchase? there is PT Feeder and PT Feeder Install! What is the difference?
Jarron Robinson (8 months ago)
Tenzing Norsang The install is an additional cost to have them install it for you remotely. You need to buy both if want them to install it. If you want to install it yourself then you would just buy PT Feeder.
Double E (8 months ago)
Do you have to have a running VPS or some kind of virtual server or cloud server system to use this bot and add-on??
Double E (7 months ago)
sessy33 thanks
sessy33 (7 months ago)
Sense Make Dollars (8 months ago)
I followed the setup instructions to the letter. Started running the bot at 5am came back to my pc 10am. I have a bit of a loss. Is this normal? do I need to make the bot run longer?
sessy33 (7 months ago)
that is not possible, the bot does not sell at a loss, sounds like you just have bags you need to wait to sell, you haven't lost anything until you sell at a loss.
huntbot (8 months ago)
Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz next vid don't put your silenced phone next to your mic LOLOL
huntbot (8 months ago)
You Are What You Eat (8 months ago)
huntbot It was on vibrate, not silent.
Ville Sunikka (8 months ago)
All the pairs are marked "BTC-LTC (Bitrex style)". If i run this on binance do i need to change them to "BTCLTC" form?
Crypto Chan (8 months ago)
how do you make 30 min videos? I have trouble just making one. haha
Jason Ball (8 months ago)
This sounds amazing. So I assume this trade bot is designed for me to "press play and walk away"? I work over 50 hours a week and I can't just watch the market all time. I'm new to this and looking at different ways to trade
sessy33 (7 months ago)
basically yeah, but Do so at your own risk. The pt feeder alone is a massive safety net just because of how it works. But anything can happen.
Tom Mix (8 months ago)
Awesome, but please stop your camera from bouncing. I am getting seasick!

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