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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies For 2018

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Text Comments (343)
michael bonacci (13 days ago)
Do you have cryptos related to Real estate? Have you ever heard of Muirfield Investment Partners?
Chris Raleigh (30 days ago)
God you got Dent wrong it’s now under 1 US cents
Joop Haan (1 month ago)
Buy Ignis only 0.12 was 20$, Also DMB sleeping hidding coin!!
Oscar Majoros (1 month ago)
your no1 pick- dent never took off- looks like a dead cat
U-VID'IFY TOKEN (1 month ago)
We hopefully, will be on that top list by December. However the app is all about giving back to the people :) Love your show... Keep it up like the stock
rodrigo salonga jr. (1 month ago)
Great research and lots of valuable infos. Can you also have a research for Scidex too? Many thanks.
Nik K (2 months ago)
Digibyte 100% ! will rise a lot! but either way, Digibyte is the best REAL cryptocurrency out there! Do your research instead of promoting your bags
Falcon Belt (2 months ago)
Hi, Can You tell what do You think about the NEXUS project ? ( NXS ) . What about satellite network , cube satellites ? When exacly NXS will start their satellite to space ? Project is awesome. Please research it. Thank You!
Nik Mlakar (3 months ago)
Crypto Crow when u said ADA will hit 100$ that was the time i knew u don't know anything about crypto WTF
Clem Kadiddlehopper (3 months ago)
What are your thoughts on TON GRAM now? where do you buy it ?
FluxXx (3 months ago)
Hey there! Wanna help me out with just a little bit? I would appreciate it greatly! bitcoin yeyyy! 19UtgCBR28gs6dkSSUHXUzrr5BHrwBjjFD
tomsracer5 (3 months ago)
You say you don't want to spread FUD about Electroneum, but you did exactly that by not mentioning any facts or insider information to backup you concerns about Electroneum. That to me is in fact spreading FUD. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt! If you have information and you are really concerned about people investing in ETN then you would explain why. This is exactly FUD. Looking forward to another video of you explaining why. Thanks!
tomsracer5 (3 months ago)
Understand, but then why say anything negative about ETN at all? Again it causes uncertainty. Anyways I don't mean to hate. Like your videos. Great info, I'm maybe just a little defensive on ETN :)
Twin Truckers (4 months ago)
Would you prefer a MacBook or pc laptop for trading?
steven anthony (4 months ago)
Just curious as to where you keep these Top 5 choices once bought?
Dawood Alazzawi (4 months ago)
Thoughts on the rentberry ICO?
Crow them coins!!
Perez Arcades (4 months ago)
can you try and do a video how to move your cardano etc... over to a bank account.
Perez Arcades (4 months ago)
dude you are spending alot of cash lol thats good though takes money to make money.....
Darren Palmer (4 months ago)
good stuff
Timothy Harris Pecker (4 months ago)
Lets make less guesses and more smart choices! Do you know that with an investment of just $500, you can be making up to $2500 weekly via BITCOIN TRADING? For more information, contact me directly on mail: [email protected] com Cheers.
tom thumb (4 months ago)
more volume needed
ericbotelho73 (5 months ago)
I like the Dent logo. Looks “wireless” but the site definitely can be better. All these coins that pump seem to have nice websites and a white paper that makes no sense.
Kocher _ Time (5 months ago)
what websites do you use to buy from i only use coin base at the moment?
SupraSmart68 (5 months ago)
Okay Jason, here are some T-shirt slogans to get you started; "Crow your portfolio Bro!" "Bro, do you even Crow?" "When I need coins, I just Crow Fund." "Hey, do you hear the tiptoe of The Crypto Crow?" "The Crow's no hack, he's got your back." Now, obviously it will help if you can get on Jay Leno and people already know what the hell it all means but you're fairly popular already. Not as popular as I am with 9 subscribers but you'll get there eventually. Patience my friend. Patience.
Joshua Frazier (5 months ago)
If someone would be so kind to tell me what website is the best and safest way to buy cryptos like dent and dragon chain that would be appreciated! Thanks!
Cryptolittle (5 months ago)
Did everyone see Cryptopia crash?? Is it a scam? Thoughts? Watch Did Cryptopia just crash
D Val (5 months ago)
im from the philippines and i wanna invest in these crypto currency companies can someone send me a message and atleast be my mentor? thankyou
Ulbe Bergsma (5 months ago)
What about Bankera ICO?
tovia Grynewicz (5 months ago)
I was wounding if you had any suggestions on someone who will invest for me thanks
Thizz Laden (5 months ago)
APPC ... thank me later
Kevin Corbin (5 months ago)
Where is the best place to buy alt coin?
Jennifer Tavani (5 months ago)
I like your style!
MrSofoklis12 (5 months ago)
legit logical and reasonable picks
Vikram Cooper (5 months ago)
Ethereum Cash -ECASH Mooning, 370%+ returns today in ONE DAY! Thank me later!
Sunaryo Hadi Warsito (5 months ago)
TRX okay Bro
Tomas Brun (5 months ago)
Where can I find this searchable list you are showing? Is it a trader or just an exchange list? Thanks for the inspiration, now let's aim for the $1M. :)
Siddhant Banerjee (5 months ago)
So I got 600 to invest. Any advice where?
Siddhant Banerjee (5 months ago)
It says you replied, but I can't see the reply itself when under the comments. Weird. I'm not sure what my strategy should be. I don't really get the more technical terms and tech of blockchain so I've been trying to read and and watch people's opinions on various projects. Another thing is that the market is going down so I'm not sure when to invest even if I know where
Sergey Bebenin (5 months ago)
What wallet do you guys use to buy all these ICOs? Thanks
Kruse Collins (5 months ago)
Do you have a video on how you figure out or conclude why an alt coin will perform well?
Tee Con (5 months ago)
Do you have a video on how to buy some of these cryptocurrencies? I'm a nube and have no clue
Mack thompson (5 months ago)
Every place I TRY to open an account is 2 to 3 weeks behind. Any thoughts on how to buy now?
Hibache (5 months ago)
where is your cryptocrow merchandise? i want to wear your shirt when we become millionares in 2018
David Cruz (5 months ago)
LOL Crow We have something in common I was a pro mma Fighter in Central American BOL!!! Any way thanks for all your advice. I really appreciate it.
kurgon1976 (5 months ago)
SO do you have to go to each of these websites to buy, or can you buy most of these at a one shop place?
BlazeYaDeadHomie (5 months ago)
DentaCoin , buy now and hold till the end of this year, you would be a millionaire !
Rick Piano (5 months ago)
Maidsafe in 5 years ,thank me later.
KTrillion Maximoff (5 months ago)
CarbonCoin pumping
Dre Dejong (5 months ago)
Lost credibility went you said ADA = 100 USD.
Rosy Hernandez (5 months ago)
Why about XRP?
Rosy Hernandez (5 months ago)
I just purchased the Ledger but it won't come in until end of March. What wallets would you recommend for TRX and XRP for now?
Nolan Walker (5 months ago)
Wow Ethos blew up since this vid, sitting just over $10 atm.
manifestgtr (5 months ago)
This kind of stuff scares me a bit. People are just investing their money without a second thought. This guy essentially admits in this video that he buys first, researches later. And there’s the China? Japan? China? Thing...I looked into tron a LOT before buying in. This type of activity is really freaky because I know there are untold thousands of people doing this exact thing right now
stene12345 (5 months ago)
Cover Rddcoin!
J Only (5 months ago)
How do you feel about kin??
TooClutch99 (5 months ago)
Check out panchod coin, great team behind it at only 0.00004 cents
RADEK LOREK (5 months ago)
cardano is 1 pick
RADEK LOREK (5 months ago)
cool videos big fan
Mark Stoll (5 months ago)
Thanks for the great information! You won a new follower.... But I believe electroneum will moonshot in 2018! The rocket already started yesterday!
dannywest13 (5 months ago)
Invest in Linda coin for 2000% gains asap its blowing up thanks to this guy
TooClutch99 (5 months ago)
ben youngblood (5 months ago)
This is why DENT will never go far Circulating Supply 10,614,760,961 DENT Total Supply 100,000,000,000 DENT
Shannon Barr (5 months ago)
TRON, POE, Stellar, Cardano, OST, GTO, APPC, BNB is my portfolio. TO THE MOON! :-)
I Don't Care (5 months ago)
Nenad Skobic (5 months ago)
nyan coin to the moon
D Budai (5 months ago)
I feel like this is all so far over my head but I'm excited and interested to learn about it. These videos seem incredibly informative. Much appreciated content!
M H (5 months ago)
Unit price does not make something "cheap" - Price predictions are for fools, combining that with not even calculating market caps based on those insane prediction makes for unless and cancerous information. Only newbs with zero investment experience would take this information as valid. You want ADA to be 100$- You are incompetent at maths and people listening to you are doing themselves harm. UNIT PRICE is NOT how you valuate something, he is simply preying on stupidity and the want for something to go be the next bitcoin at 18k- like something with a multibillion supply can go to 18k- wtf are you insane? please anyone watching this guy go watch people who are competent Coin Mastery- Data Dash, Boxmining.
ARAVIND HEGDE (5 months ago)
This guy is crazy.Dreaming too much.If the prices increase like this , how will the profit can be realised? I mean will we be able to withdraw billions from a crypto exchange? Or will we be able to buy a house or car and by exchanging these crypto currencies?
dizzfuntion (5 months ago)
Forget about money cash dollars euros whatever.....crypto is the future!! HODL for 5 years and you will see a completely new "monetary system" and then you can use your coins for a lot of different stuff. Thats why we crypto lovers should start really betting on the future by only supporting good/solid/useful daily day-to-day projects. You can use it already for a lot of stuff (the crypto credit cards) and even buy a lambo with crypto if you want. And even the governments and banks wants to put their hand in it!!  This era is huge and we need to descentralize af the power!!
Vintage Bazaar (5 months ago)
Hello Mr Crow, thanks for your videos, if you can also mention where to buy these tokens, that would be great! PS: make sure to bag some $DTB
Mattias Isik (5 months ago)
i invested 2.5k USD in each of these Fun TRX ADA Litecoin XRP ETHOS IOTA Now im just going to try to forget about it and look at it at the end of 2018 or even longer than that, im in it for the long run. I might loose it all or i might get som good earnings. Hoping for a good 2018 :)
Shahrose Khan (5 months ago)
GUYS DENT! IS the best ever
Flying Guy (5 months ago)
Dude, the price doesn't matter. Its the market cap shows its ability to grow, Cardano can only grow a few spots before its number one. Thus, there isn't enough money in the crypto space for cardano to make you a millionaire. The max price is when its market cap is the size of bitcoins, if it gets that level of investment. Thats, (283000MUSD/26000Mcoins) = $10. Love your vids, but I'm just trying to help out. Good luck bro.
Daniel Nyström (5 months ago)
What do you think of Power Ledger? Any potential there?
Investigative Reports (5 months ago)
A Massachussets telecom company has agreed to a deal with a UK based, mobile cryptocurrency called Electroneum. The price is has gone up 30 percent over the last 6 hours since the announcement was mad eon Electroneum's Twitter.
Mauricio Fernandez (5 months ago)
ETN 50$ or 100$?? You know what would be the market cap if it reach that price?? If it reach 1$ or 2$ would be already awesome
DARK FUZION (5 months ago)
Cardano is the ticket to the Moon and Beyond!!Dent as Well...
Andries Kaden (5 months ago)
Love your intro man, must be the coolest intro I have seen EVER
Sean Bakko (5 months ago)
Surprised you never mentioned Stellar.
Test Gigya (5 months ago)
Market cap of stellar going to triple. IBM & Stellar partnership blasts off . FairX exchange is coming at end of January. Stellar/XLM is going to be used as internal conversion of FIAT money to crypto currency in FairX exchange.
Svetlana Z (5 months ago)
hi newbie question here where can i buy Dent and Pac cause i cant find it on binance? please help...thank you.
Chris Sadyg (5 months ago)
How can cardano get to 100$ when you multiply price by supply = market cap 30 trillion lol
Mario Bruneau (5 months ago)
Hey Jason. Great knowledge sharing. I feel sorry for the crow smashing on the window in your video's ouverture splash screen. Crow is my friend like all animals.
jonas hjärtström (5 months ago)
where do u buy Cryptocurrencies
Samuel Bolt (5 months ago)
jonas hjärtström they are lots of platforms out there, it's all depends on the country you are, the type of coins you wish to purchase and the type of currency you want to pay with. Email me for more information ([email protected]) cheers
Sarah Walker (5 months ago)
Where can one get theses more obscure coins, and where do you wallet them? I am using the Ledger Nano S, but it doesn't support many of the other currencies. Killer, informative videos. Thanks
Farhan amin (5 months ago)
how to store ethos ? out of the exchange ? can myetherwallet can hold ethos and does i need to have some ether in that wallet in order to receive my ethos ? let me know thanks
Preet Rathour (5 months ago)
Wat abt reddcoin??
Piel Magazine (5 months ago)
awesome video! I want the crypto crow T-shirt as soon as they´re out in the market! (Ps: can help with the design)
Vinay Gupta (5 months ago)
You have missed XP, my friend
CufflinksOP (5 months ago)
I'm mainly using Binance for buying alt coins. It does not show in history what was the EUR/USD value of the coin when you bought it - only how much Ethereum it cost me. Do I need to start keeping manual excel what was the USD/EUR of the coin when I bought it, or someone has a better way? Thanks!
nanoaquamania (5 months ago)
What do you tink about BAT?? I invested today..
Jii L (5 months ago)
Dent up almost 90% in the past 24 hours
11.11 (5 months ago)
Bitcoin has consistently dropped and risen over 40% throughout its 9 years of being here. is it volatility or just how it operates ? the peopl that bought in at 6c would disagree with you.
chris cronin (5 months ago)
MAIDSAFECOIN (MAID) next to BooOM!? Yeah!! Under $1 now!!
JdogSman (5 months ago)
be good if you could back your judgement with reason why?
Kyle Race (5 months ago)
Dent just doesn't seem valuable imo in this day and age. Why you so sold by it? Also, I'm all for leaving my investment in, but have you pulled or been tempted to pull initial investment out yet?
Jacob Day (5 months ago)
check out Enigma (ENG) it's on most major exchanges and lead devs are two doctors from MIT. At the very least check out their whitepaper
Creative Worx (5 months ago)
Verge is also a topcoin in my opinion.
Björn Nordling (5 months ago)
The sound from the yeti is good, dont worry about it.
Matt Bolt (5 months ago)
Anyone have any thoughts on Experience Points (XP)?
Manoj Kumar kushwaha (5 months ago)
Etherecash 2018 $50 very good coin
gezdim gördüm (5 months ago)
Publica? EtereumBlue ? Linda? Syscoin?

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