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Ripple Price Correction - 1-8-2018

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In the last 24 hours we've seen a big ripple price correction. In this video I touch on why I think there's been a drop as well as how having core positions is important. - My site with more information and resources: http://blocksmarty.com/ - Buy Cryptocurrency: $10 btc free for the first $100 you purchase https://www.coinbase.com/join/55f70dbeb68725008300002e - Mine cryptocurrency: 3% discount with my code: 6e3UWz https://www.genesis-mining.com/ Coin Tracking Tool: https://cointracking.info?ref=B334910 Convert Crypto: https://changelly.com/?ref_id=4fd642ed5bbc My twitter: https://twitter.com/BlockSmarty Subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM0imHR5C689j9qifbs-zIg?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlockSmarty Support my channel with donations: (Thank you so much!!) BTC: 1JVKrPfYeY8rMWyeeyW5dCUXjcEfRmvLJn EOS: 0x47353a86AE8B983D1bBc9140999E487D7d779F7A Dash: Xvm4mwDtJpZxZFVyJy4YzDHddYZ6La4aFb Ethereum: 0xD2d0CEc99AC38DE1A420C984fb810F2a9CDA30E3 Litecoin: LRaZsWRWkKKK1QS4AjP5Ha5QaGZPcsZ6P9 Ripple: rKG7R7kYwqSzQLHXBN3mnj89YdP9Wvhxvq Raiblocks: xrb_19i8mwn73a8yc5jksf69yws59rdybnoxqbonbrbk1jpcfxu6fcrrrh455jnp I greatly appreciate any donations!
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Text Comments (49)
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I forgot to add in this video I added some more resources on my website. If interested you can find them here: http://blocksmarty.com/resources/
Данил Зенков (2 months ago)
Ripple basically can't stand even $40 due to its huge issue and destination! But the GPT token from the T0kenGo project may well be due to the development of the project!) If interested, you can get tokens at the office. site of the TokenGo project at a minimum price of $0,36, because ICO is coming! https://t.me/TokenGo_EN
Passive Income Dude (2 months ago)
Don‘t be fooled, make your money and get out at least once a day over night. Have a vid on it how i trippled my money in a week with ripple. Granted was a good week but still...not hodl shit here
Stranger Danger (5 months ago)
i thought it was money gram, not western union
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I had heard western union prior to making this video and now I'm hearing money gram too.
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American Real-Estate (5 months ago)
Email this law firm. We are trying to get a big class action lawsuit for Coinmarketcap pulling the Korean Exchanges off to cause the markets to crash. They knew what they were doing. If this is the case shouldn't all companies not report their business in South Korea??? Coinmarketcap is full of shit and the big tech companies and Warren Buffet don't want to see the Crypto guys have more wealth than them. And can anyone find Coinmarketcap's address? I and a few other would like to visit them in person. With the Olympics in S Korea most of us would had made huge profits. They did it on purpose. http://www.thompsonhine.com/services/bitcoin_cryptocurrency
Mat Rog (5 months ago)
Well buy the rumor , sell the news ...
bhauger1 (5 months ago)
How have the jews missed this
Crypto Famous (5 months ago)
How do I buy XRB
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
It will be listed on binance soon, but you can use bitgrail (at your own risk) now.
CapitalCryptoCurrencies (5 months ago)
nothing dropped.... they un-listed korean exchanges....
CapitalCryptoCurrencies (5 months ago)
no notice or nothing...somebody getting paid lol.
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I posted about that in my video today. I do think the un-listed Korean exchanges didn't help and put some fear selling into the market, but it's bounced back nicely today.
William Assis (5 months ago)
Please Donate BTC 3FFEJp3LtdiZYJ5NxQzSEDPgRufgggftdt
Renis Kuci (5 months ago)
I don’t understand how everyone is surprised that ether is so high. Everyone is buying ether so they can convert it to alt coins, but Coinbase takes two weeks to transfer, so ether is sitting pretty while everyone waits for their ether to transfer to Binance or any other platforms. Just saying.
Daniel Rueda (5 months ago)
You can use Changelly or Shapeshift
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
You're right man - I agree with you that everyone is buying it from coinbase to convert/trade other altcoins. I honestly never had to wait 2 weeks to transfer there though, for me it's usually only a few minutes tops..maybe I'm lucky though. I personally won't be using it much this year unless I really have to.
Niceone (5 months ago)
Hey BlockSmarty - nice walkthrough, and thank you for your thoughts! I am now a subscriber :) Have you looked into Oyster Pearl? Sounds like an interesting solution to the online advertisement vs adblockers-problem. I'm intrigued, so I just threw a nice chunk at them.
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
Thanks for subscribing Niceone! I looked at Oyster Pearl the other day and I think it's an interesting idea. I'm kind of torn on it, but I think it's certainly a problem that needs a solution for advertisers.
Kenneth Miller (5 months ago)
i heard it was the amazon news that made ripple spike
steveninthe (5 months ago)
coinbase will come, dmm is coming on Thursday, western union and american express are coming... crypto's are not a crusade, they're to solve a problem
L2design (5 months ago)
KEEP BUYING!!! EVERY 1000 WILL BE 1 MILLION when it hits $1000
Chris Gallo (5 months ago)
never 1000... 20 max...but i hope im wrong !)
Wesley Peters (5 months ago)
watch this space, 100 not so far fetched/ trillions bud, trillions
Silver Jaguar (5 months ago)
L2design it will never ever in life hit 1000 let alone 100 the market cap is just not there flat out
Justin White (5 months ago)
Great video - thank you
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
Thanks Justin!
Mike Morrison (5 months ago)
Wasn't the drop in market cap dropped a lot by coinmarketcap.com not reporting Korea pricing?
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
You're 100% right. I was going to talk about that in my video coming out today :) I make my videos very early in the day (4:30am EST) and often I don't see the news out there yet so I completely missed it as being part of the reason for the dip.
Ronnie LaRue (5 months ago)
I agree with you. I also believe the Rockefeller's and those involved in the banks are not gonna let a complete decentralization happen....thus they will back RIPPLE by investing the BIG bankroll into them which will cause the price to jump. A start man would invest more into Ripple while the price is down because the boom is COMING. Especially when it gets dropped on coinable and GDAX this month
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I could totally see this scenario playing out man.
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I could totally see this scenario playing out man.
Eduardo Rodríguez (5 months ago)
Tom do you know anything about raiblocks getting into binance? It already won and it’s gonna be listed but when 🤦🏻‍♂️? I mean it’s good this correction we’re seeing but I figured it was just gonna be a couple of days. You seriously see XRB as a long term hodl? And any thoughts about tron, I’ve heard of an announcement that will happen this weak in regards a big partnership. Thanks for all your videos they are really helpful!
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I'm going to have to look into it some more. I follow them on twitter and saw they announced they had won, but I haven't had as much time as usual to research things in the last couple days. I'll try to look into it a bit tonight, but I'm guessing they don't have an official date quite yet bc they're always tweeting about it before it goes onto an exchange.
piotr (5 months ago)
ASVP WILLIAMSON (5 months ago)
thanks for the explanation!! ltc: LTj6SF569gyU5n3wk6FYzpaYbsv1USohfG
Txiv Fab So Lo (5 months ago)
Too many dumb-ass here expecting to be rich in a few month........this is proving that we are evolving from apes...everything need time..........times=$...
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I don't think what I'm saying is unrealistic. I'm talking about 4-5x gains in a year (for my core positions) This isn't unrealistic from what we've seen in cryptocurrency over the last year with the massive bull run in my opinion. I mentioned what you're talking about in one of my first videos when a guy was talking about electroneum going from 8 cents to $30 per coin in 3 months...like what world are you living in? Its market cap would dwarf bitcoins if this were to ever happen...and that's not gonna happen haha
Kit Siang Tan (5 months ago)
Should just remove the Ripple from the list of Cyrpto space , which they can't even met the first criteria of Crypto which is decentralization. Just let the owner play his XRP with the bankers and should list their Ripple in NASDAQ. We can make money together with others coins or tokens. Interesting video about the Ripple: https://youtu.be/sE7PLgAZWgE
steveninthe (5 months ago)
ripple is busy being decentralized
BecomingfreeCOUK (5 months ago)
Someone took 20 billion out of XRP in 4 minutes. I don't even comprehend how that can happen so quickly.
steveninthe (5 months ago)
btc to zero, like aol and netscape
BecomingfreeCOUK (5 months ago)
I think you need to do more homework, Steve.
steveninthe (5 months ago)
all cryptos are going to zero as they don't solve any real problems yet.... the point of cryptos at the moment is to pull fiat currency into the system before the big crash that is coming.... and all that will remain, is XRP
BecomingfreeCOUK (5 months ago)
I've just found out that it didn't actually drop - coinmarketcap is not showing Korean markets as it inflates the overall prices too much - this is the reason for the sea of red! https://thebitcoinnews.com/ripple-coinmarketcap-pulls-off-korean-courses/
BlockSmarty (5 months ago)
I honestly don't hold any ripple. I bought some fairly recently at around $1.08 or so and sold it at $2.34 for a profit a few days later and got out. I've always been a little worried when it comes to ripple. It's also tricky right now because I think the lesser known alt coins will yield the biggest gains, but they come with a lot of risk as well.

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