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Market Recap - Bitcoin Pulling Back but is the Low In? Alts Still Strong!!

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Latest Newsletter - My top picks for 2018: http://mailchi.mp/028915ed7555/toppicksfor2018 Learn Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrency: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/ Charts Reviewed: BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, AION, WABI, NEBL, SUB, QTUM, ICX Bitcoin has been pulling in for the past few days but if you've been holding the right names, it's more than offset this pullback and we continue to see altcoins rotate with strength showing up in new names. The high-fliers from last week such as Ripple, Tron & Lumens continue to slide while names like Neblio, ZeroX, NEO and ICON have been strong.
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Crypto Conversations (8 months ago)
Love it...
Tae Jang (8 months ago)
Please review coss in the near future
Chris Lacey (8 months ago)
Great video, straight to the point and informative. Do you think people are starting to realise Bitcoin is not the best crypto due to it's numerous drawbacks, such as high transaction costs, and are now favouring alts such as ETH, which is my best performing high market cap coin that I hold or even small market cap coins such as DeepOnion which has performed nicely for me too. , I wouldn't be surprised if ETH caught up with Bitcoin at some point in the near future the way things are going. I feel NEO might rocket soon too
Night Hawkz (8 months ago)
Great Video - Alts have continued to stay at a strong level when compared to their November and early December values, despite the regulations reports coming out of South Korea. I feel that as more and more countries get involved with these regulations, it can only help to increase the demand for Privacy coins such as Monero, DeepOnion, Dash, Xspec. I have been stocking up on them since July when the SEC started making moves.
Zmaku (8 months ago)
That is my strategy too. Privacy coins will be more and more in demand as people do not like this increasing regulation. There are two choices here, to go with well known coins as Dash and Monero or what I like to do, find small cap privacy coins and get big gains in short time. One of the new coins that I had massive gains is GoByte but it is already very expensive. DeepOnion is another great choice as it is on a small dip after massive run so it should shoot up again very soon.
MrHous26 (8 months ago)
Nice concise upload. I think Bitcoin is due for another run up. It seems that for the past year, Bitcoin has pumped up then dropped between 30-40% before another pump. Its been like clockwork. What other smaller cap coins are you looking into? I'm following DeepOnion because I think privacy coins are going to have a great year in 2018. DeepOnion is a mid-cap coin now and with their roadmap I think its going to be huge. Let me know what you think!
Tuck Buckford (8 months ago)
Bitcoin is the old legacy technology. Ripple XRP is the future
Kevin Nguyen (8 months ago)
https://discord.gg/6gBxytA 170k Members PUMP AND DUMP GROUP ON DISCORD!
Ash Vecchio (8 months ago)
NEBLIO was the best ICO I ever got in! If I were you I'd get into GEMS ICO. Buy 100k coins at a minimum. It's going to 1000x. POLL is next to run and is a great low float like neblio. Those who bought neble like myself also got poll at the same time. 100 mil market cap will make it 16. per coin and Zclassic with the bitcoin private fork.? Btc looking liek it may hav a dead cat bounce and continue down. With heiken ashi candles it's broken the 50 day and bch is outperforming it.
scortchcake1 (8 months ago)
chad362wiley (8 months ago)
Node can you do an analysis on QSP (binance). thanks
Jordan Palmer (8 months ago)
new intro is fire
akmer (8 months ago)
can u pls look at ETP?
BTC Node (8 months ago)
Thanks again Node, followed you in from the newsletter, made some nice gains. Thank you.
Gary Winehouse (8 months ago)
Damn, then 5 hours of posting this, the alts start to pull back too.
Tyrone Goodliffe (8 months ago)
you showed the xrp charts when you were talking about trx..
Covni (8 months ago)
So I am day-trading using bitcoins as my trading currency, currently got about 50% of my portfolio in bitcoins for that reason. But for the last few days all my gains in bitcoins have been compensated by its fall. Do you guys have any tip ? You think I should rather hold USD when I ain't trading ?
Silly Panda (8 months ago)
Covni you should be trading ETH, i too switched from btc
raulpatriotmove (8 months ago)
Can you talk about HTMLCOIN it’s like QTUM, a BTC and ETH hybrid
DgibsHardstyle (8 months ago)
Check out ZCASH. Breaking out of an inverse H&S.
MKCYL (8 months ago)
Please cover KNC. One of Three Projects that Vitalik is involved in. Their Platform Launch is in February.
salmonconnections (8 months ago)
Price prediction for WABI by the end of the year?
S Prosper (8 months ago)
salmonconnections 23$
jeremy k (8 months ago)
Correction predictions for neo? Run up in US dollar valuation has been strong, stratis too.
Cryptolight (8 months ago)
NODE, Your the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NUFCMVFC (8 months ago)
Lol, i think you were on XRP Ripple when discussing Tron?
CryptoNimmo (8 months ago)
yeah I was just gonna say that, he was looking at the XRP chart when talking about Tron
Danny Cali (8 months ago)
TRON is coming back baby! $0.60> by the end of the month!
Slake Thirsty (8 months ago)
Tron heard you and complied in spades. .24 to .11 in 5 days.
Brugllione (8 months ago)
Tron still needs to lose more than half of its value before anyone gets interested in it again...
Slake Thirsty (8 months ago)
I had 20k a week ago. Sold half and now the other half is worth 5k. Hope you're right, but the hype might be over until some real progress is made.
Gary G (8 months ago)
Iam holding 20k tron but thats so true and funny.
Slake Thirsty (8 months ago)
The most expensive white paper idea in crypto.
Nick Emmons (8 months ago)
2:12 - BTC 3:21 - ETH 4:41 - LTC 5:25 - NEO 6:03 - ICX 6:17 - AION 6:29 - WABI 7:09 - QTUM 7:24 - NEBL 8:04 - XRP 8:24 - TRX 8:44 - XLM 9:00 - SUB 9:54 - BTC
Lica Ly (8 months ago)
This is the voucher I used when I register to hashflare and I was able to get free trials https://sites.google.com/site/HashflareFreeTrial
Gordias Gordian (8 months ago)
Are you going to have an ETH $1400 party?
Wisky Tom (8 months ago)
ETH is loaded with survivors is all, but rather than women and children ETH's lifeboats are full of chicken shits. Once the storm is over they'll flock like gulls back to cheap alts
FUD MACHINE (8 months ago)
sell everything now don't be a fool this guy isn't a financial advisor. you can't do anything with any of these coins except speculate on future events when your stomach is rumbling your only rich in your imagination you are gambling with your future bitcoin was at 20k and all the smart people sold. Even charle lee sold his litecoin
Joe Bartles (8 months ago)
Ok. I am selling everything including my wife
J.T. Irby (8 months ago)
Slake Thirsty (8 months ago)
If FUD MACHINE says sell, well then, mister, I'm selling.
oeo1977 (8 months ago)
FUD MACHINE user name checks out, well played sir, well played.
Fraz Kader (8 months ago)
Let’s bring BTC to the moon!!!
Koens (8 months ago)
ETH to the moon!!!
Crypto Addict (8 months ago)
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