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Suicide - It Gets Better

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Suicide isn't the way. Don't let the world dictate who you are, what you are worth or what you should be doing. When you're young, its hard to battle the insecurities, the self doubt, the friendships, bullying and breakups. Its a learning process that sucks! It gets better. Your youth is the very difficult process of finding yourself. Your adult years are spent enjoying what you found...
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Rage Auto (1 day ago)
Hey Crow. hope you see this. before i was finished with high school i lost 15 of my friends. due to suicide drinking and driving and other causes. growing up as an unwanted child my parents weren't present at all in anything i did. i studied engineering at NMMU South Africa, learned a lot about cars, loved it found my passion. that saved me later on. i did ok. mother said i should leave it to study business but i refused. they threw me out. my father was other side the country but he sent me away. i had no where to go. so i was homeless for a while. moving from friend to friend until they get tired and threw me out. i got my first real job at a liquor store. i did good and got promoted fast. i moved to the capital city in an attempt to finish my studies. didn't work. long story short i got a job at a photo copy place. spent 5 years there. meanwhile honing my skills as automotive tech i became really good with cars and bikes. my mother passed away eventually and lost my best friend a month later. even though two people hate each other it still hits home. then i found bitconnect. met a great girl made a ton of cash life was awesome. then the crash. lost all my savings in a day. the girl i spent two years with bailed to the UK i was pretty much out of it. was my first attempt then. i survived and realized that i dont want to die at all. so i made a conscious decision. just when i got my stuff together i was in a bike crash.. my brand new R6 was wrecked, this was February this year. everything caved in. everyone bailed. it was the end. but somehow i decided im not gona take this. my leg was pretty messed up. i defaulted back to bar tendering for a while. now i re launched by business and its doing better than ever. i chose my own hours and call my own shots. this isnt even 90% of what all happened but i was over the edge and survived. just like Kevin hines. Jocko willink and Eric thomas have been a great help too. im working on a project and one day ill have a stage just like you where i can tell people to dig in it will get better. i am so glad i didnt give in because i know im going somewhere and despite all odds im still standing. dyslexic unwanted homeless child about to make it big. but i realised money is just a tool nothing more nor nothing less the only value in life are the people close to your heart. people need to understand that. you are right it does get better. now today i can help so many others who are now where i were. the phrase it takes one to know one comes to mind. the facebook groups have been a huge help to pull me through these dark days. thank you for this video. i hope more people see this. its shocking how many people struggle with depression and suicidal and mental health issues... its staggering. each vid each quote each idea. it helps. and if you are out there reading this. you have your own story. dont give the pen to someone else. just like skipping your favorite song half way into the track just so you cant give in. there is more to this world than you know. its coming be ready keep fighting i dont want to see you give in
... thank you for using your platform to address this personable issue... you took the time to show that life is more than just Financial gains... it's all about compassion...
Greg Watson (10 days ago)
Thanks for being real and spreading hope
The Lion's Den (11 days ago)
Stuart Sharpe (12 days ago)
This happened to a 15 yr old kid here in the U.K. and it struck a chord with me as we have a 9yr old daughter who is very emotionally affected by negativity. All this has made us communicate to her the importance to share her anxieties with us and to instil this from an early age. P.S. crow your coins..
rebecca bond (12 days ago)
this is so touching thx crow
JC Stander (13 days ago)
I also lost my brother(Legend) to suicide over his girlfriend braking up, if he only knew the pain he left behind to his family and many friends.The first 5 years after was the worst time ever in my life, luckily I got a son that sort of replaced that pain for me.Just hold on, life will get better!
CryptoThreevus (13 days ago)
Sorry for your loss, and your sons loss. To be honest, these dark thoughts are hard to escape sometimes, especially when you live with them daily. It's so completely and utterly exhausting. But yes... it does get better. Then worse. Then better. Then worse. The cycle continues. It's all temporary, and that's the most important thing to remember. But you are 100% right. We are responsible for our own change, our own lives, our own destiny. Thank you.
Nnamdi Okorafor (13 days ago)
Strong words Jayceon. People need to hear this. We all get so caught up in things that don't really matter. Thanks for keeping it real. I hope this touched someone out there and maybe saved a life.
Robin Goldsmith (13 days ago)
Thanks for sharing Crow. This a topic that often times gets swept under the rug and I applaud you for shedding light on it. I lost my best friend to it so it is unfortunately something I live with. I want to let you know that there are some great resources out there. The Samaritans is a non profit that has groups where suicide survivors meet and just talk. It sounds terrible and depressing and sometimes it is but it truly helps folks dealing with a loss. I am sure they have resources where you live. As a few folks mentioned mental illness like bipolar disorder is often the root cause and not something that can be easily shaken off. It is hard for people who do not have it to understand but we should all keep it in mind when we think about suicide. Kepp up the good work Crow!
Eddie Orellana (13 days ago)
You're a stand up guy crow.
Joe Nico (13 days ago)
This is exactly why I follow Crow, he always keeps it real and speaks from the heart. God Bless you brother!
June Milo (13 days ago)
Depression is a serious illness, nothing to ever be ashamed of. People who don't have it, sometimes don't understand the struggle. My heart goes out to your family and the family and friends of the boy. Thank you for your heartfelt words. It hurts to see you like this.
ulf bye (13 days ago)
Thank,s bro, this was an important video. I’m 55, everything you said is true. This video can be aplied to any age. Thank’s again Crow👍
Samuel Anderson (13 days ago)
You have a heart, Jason. Just keep keeping it real.
Brian Pfeiffer (14 days ago)
Sorry for your loss, I have been through this with a friend sad times for sure
Jacob Nix (14 days ago)
well said ... i agree with you completley
nocternalD (14 days ago)
Gotta love this guy. Real hard htting person who cares from the heart. This is a very serious issue and thank you for sharing.
Rabin1 Timsina (14 days ago)
I love you and respect you even more now crow. Keep spreading the message.
GOONERSHEF73 (14 days ago)
Feel for you bro. Horrible situation. You are a good man with a good heart. Keep going man
Joe Murphy (14 days ago)
God bless you, Jason. I'm so sorry for you, your son and that boy's family. Love you, man.
Cryptomist (14 days ago)
Great message man. Thanks for uploading this.
branmck31 (14 days ago)
Good Talk. Continue to be an *inspiration* . . . .
Steve Kluze (14 days ago)
Junior high is a sharks nest, when it comes to peer pressure.
Crypto Blockhead (14 days ago)
Man I soooo feel for you and your situation. Thank u for sharing this. This topic needs to be out there. My son too, was on the edge a few years ago, we got through it, but it is never easy. Thanks for sharing.
Shawn Coons (14 days ago)
Deep! Always keeping it real Crow!
Anna Itty (14 days ago)
I'm so sorry this happened. Thank you for making this video and putting your heart out there. Love you, Jason. Big hug to you and Xander.
RickyDob (14 days ago)
This is always so sad to hear, I had a buddy who killed himself in high school. Life gets so much better after high school even though it can feel like the weight and pressure of the world is too much, nothing is worth taking your own life for. RIP Tom F.
Ryan Phelps (14 days ago)
I am so sorry to hear what happened my friend. Thank you so much for this video. Your words are very inspiring.
krik newe (14 days ago)
you’re a brave dude to address this topic. We the community feel for for your Son and yourself to witness this tragedy. The life we all live is sooo hard to get thru unscathed, praise the hope you’ve shared today.
cryptohezzyy (14 days ago)
damn man. im sorry to hear that happen close to home, things always get better for sure... keep your head up man prayers for you, your son the boy who past and everyone worldwide.
Troy Joseph Pringle (14 days ago)
Thanks man..
Dj Crazy J (14 days ago)
Your best video to date.
Nora Perez (14 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your story Jason it's hard to deal with mate loved the background picture it gets better your so right it really gets better thanks for you kind wisdom ...
me tee (14 days ago)
You call yourself an ogre, but you're all man. I love your vulnerable and heartfelt message and I dig your humanity. It does get better, you just gotta make it through the darkness, because beauty awaits you. Mucho love to you, Jason.
NYC Urbanista (14 days ago)
This is by far your most powerful video .. I'm going to have my 20 year old son watch your message. Thank you for being you, Jason!
Andre v d ende (14 days ago)
Dont know where we going to with the world
StoneHeart06 (14 days ago)
Mr Jason, your points were made very truthfully. Life does get better. There are always ups and downs in our lives since days of our birth and some of us still within the womb of our moms. Life has many emotions that are placed within us, and sometimes, we have no real understanding how to deal with some of them. Many of my years I have had to succumb to family and friends who believed there was only one way out. One in particular whom was more close to me than most would have in a lifetime. I too have had the thoughts you described at your darkest times in life. As you, I made my way out, for the better. Even now as times are a bit harder, I have my beautiful wife and children to keep me stonger than as was my youth. Life does get better, even with the ups and downs. Day by day. Keep your message today strong and unforgotten daily my friend. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a blessed gift. Every person's life, no matter what age, is a daily gift. God bless Mr Jason...
D M (14 days ago)
Crow!!! This was one of the greatest videos ever. I understand, we all understand...life can be frustrating and hard sometimes. Much love and respect goes out to you and your family. Sad to hear about your son's friend. Stay real and Honest...and keep up the great work..
Chuck Chuck (14 days ago)
So sad sorry to hear that bro.
Subhakar (14 days ago)
Sorry for your Son's loss, You have a big heart man...this one is a much needed video. Thanks!
ProtieuS (14 days ago)
What do you do If you fall From a roof, 15 years Ago , And been robbed cheated, ? While being disabled, Im still here. Its HArd
CRYPTO AI (14 days ago)
You never cease to amaze me bro! Suicide is a very very real problem in the world and even in this crypto space. I was hacked for a pretty substantial amount of money and that shit ate at me pretty bad. I can only imagine what others have gone through with the ponzi schemes and hacks. It’s a terrible feeling but you’re right about it getting better. I’m a long ways away from recouping the money I lost but following your channel has helped educate me and turn me on to some good trades. Keep crushing it Crow, you are appreciated by many!
Neon Monkey (14 days ago)
Wow... Truly heartbreaking. Thanks for your message and your honesty and for caring Jason. Crypto doesn't mean shit when you realize that people are hurting. Thoughts and prayers
Michael Sheldrew (14 days ago)
I shot myself...barely missed my eye....I have half a tongue. 14 hour surgery... and it does get that bad. And generally it is months of depression(I hate this word)/bad times stacked on with uncanny bad things that all happen at once. For me a lot of it came from my Dad and the bible my the way other people treated me. I give talks occasionally ..the best thing for me is to practice doing "bad stuff" ...like eat a giant steak or buy something I can't afford..subtle ways to stick it to life you know.. smoking..maybe not drinking unless you are with friends. Jump out of a airplane .but with a parachute ..and people always say you could just talk to me... but most of the things that cause it for me can't really be expressed and it would take like an hour to explain them and people stop really listening after like 5 minutes anyways and then sit there trying to stay engaged because they think you're going to off yourself if they take a break or something. Just be honest with people that want to talk to you or are thinking about suicide. Honesty is the next best thing you can give someone that is really having a hard time aside from fixing their life and most of the time people can't do that for someone else. It's the shadow thoughts that creep in that cause the problems..."she thinks I'm stupid" "he really just wants it for himself"... your subconscious knows when people are lieing and from that it can create all kinds of scenarios. Too bad most people won't answer yes to questions like "do you think I'm stupid" if it's true. Anyways good talk brother you did a good job.
spot Momma (14 days ago)
GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!  For doing this vid., it is needed .
dannukesem (14 days ago)
Death comes to us all, it'll get here, no need to rush it.
rmzayas (14 days ago)
Thats the worst thing that can happen to a parent.
Bjorn TheBearOfCrypto (14 days ago)
Been there too ... heroin ..but now I have a great life I work as hard as you crow if not harder..good on you man..it does get better
Victor Enriquez (14 days ago)
God Bless ya Crow! May the Lord comfort that family & your step son in this tragic time of loss! You had me balling! So sad! This is one of the main reasons I love your show because you post very informative info & your a very down to earth giant who seems to really love & want to help people! Keep up the great work & please tell your step son that we are so sorry for the loss of his friend!
Vaqaas Mohbat (14 days ago)
Your a good bloke Crypto Crow!! Big love Big guy!!
Sue Felix (14 days ago)
I was there too at 15 from abuse and neglect. I had a gun to my head crying, same kind of scenario. I didn't really want to die I just wanted it to stop. I don't know why I didn't pull the trigger but I'm glad I didn't. I married at 16 to get out and then things changed. It does get better.
Massimo Sircana (14 days ago)
Hello Jason, I'm sorry that your family have to go thru that. I know what it feels like I thought about ending it myself a few time. Everyone keep strong...I'm in a shit time at this moment but I know is temporary.
Massimo Sircana (14 days ago)
Indeed my friend, thanks for your inspiring videos
Crypto Crow (14 days ago)
All of our struggles in life are lessons being taught in real time. Life is a game and you only lose when you dump the board.
mokrohond (14 days ago)
Smart message from the thoughtful MAN
Sue Felix (14 days ago)
Poor baby, so sad. Its so hard for those left behind.
Dirtydj 823 (14 days ago)
Great message crow! This is def. A topic that needs more attention! Sorry for ur sons loss!
Just MeMe (14 days ago)
It's the new drugs they put them on. My friend's son committed suicide at 17. Damn big pharma
Erik Montezuma (14 days ago)
Your a such a good person, would love u as a brother!
Erik Montezuma (14 days ago)
Crypto Crow hahaha, but seriously you are a strong sensitive pure good and intelligent man.it’s like the perfect older brother. maby in next life 🤞🏻
Crypto Crow (14 days ago)
I ate all my siblings so consider yourself lucky. :) I did always want a brother. :)
Greg Myers (14 days ago)
Im sorry to hear about the loss of your sons friend YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT SUICIDE ITS NOT THE WAY GOD BLESS YOU MAN :) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!
Jorge Delucca (14 days ago)
God bless you Jason! Its videos like this that give me so much respect for you! As others have said already, someone needed to see this.
Yusuf Saleem (14 days ago)
" Stay alive and stay in the game".....so true !! Great advice ! Boys need to learn not to orbit around any girl, you orbit around G'd !
M. A. Phillips (14 days ago)
My stepson committed suicide 15 years ago at the age of 14. It all involved a young girl and bullying. It was one of the saddest days in my life. It's truly not the answer, and it hurts very deeply the ones you leave behind. You just have to suck it up, live your life and things will get better as you develop a better positive attitude.
Cryptopedia (14 days ago)
Good talk bro
Gary Bentley (14 days ago)
God is good........ He wants you to have joy even thru bad situations... I pray for the family and I ask that God Bless you for this video
Clive (14 days ago)
Come on bro, this topic is for a different channel
Crypto Crow (14 days ago)
Deal with it.
Rajesh Shinde (14 days ago)
Good messages about life, Crow!
Crypto Knight (14 days ago)
Bless you mate. I lost my partner to suicide and i doubt i will ever get over it. Not a day goes by when i don't think of her. As you said, "we/you just have to push through it". It gets easier but it's always there. My heart goes out to the boys girlfriend. I can imagine how she feels but no one is to blame. Unfortunately we can't control another's actions that's why listening, talking and understanding our kids is so important. Problems come and go but death is so final. My advise would be to anyone with these kind of thoughts, talk to someone, don't feel a wus, we all get down, just talk to someone and let it off your chest. It definitely helps. Take care
Zaza Pipe (14 days ago)
break up at that early age could be devastating that is why parents gotta monitor that process as it unfolds and be there ... I would have called a professional escort to baby sit him in lingerie and suck him off till he is anew again for at least a week, now with that experience he is set for life, I mean that's an estreme measure to take but as a parent if I see my kid going down fast then i have to bring him up even faster...that shit is crushingly hard on a soft bone... I wouldn't blame it on the kid...at all! Parenting people!! help these young bones be men and women and don't ignore them like they are dumb and stupid...these are nuclear bombs in emotions and feelings you got to watch them!!
Gregory J. Mullen (14 days ago)
Everything sucks for everybody all the time regardless of age, unless you see through the fake stupid games you have been programmed/indoctrinated into. Watch YouTube video - Alan Watts: Suicide
Gregory J. Mullen (14 days ago)
The cold reality is no amount of advice or reasoning is good enough for the affected individual. The only thing that truly matters is Joyfulness and play. We are all too busy telling each other to just get through it like it is some kind of military exercise. Nature works differently. Cryptocurrency can set us free. Give it away! We are on the verge of a new paradigm on the planet. The current form of capitalism is so oppressive to our biology that suicide makes more sense. Time for society to change.
Rittoo Singh (14 days ago)
Sad video but touching so sad tho 14 years old man words can describe what to say I've been couple positions in my life that thought you know what f*** it, but light is at the end of the tunnel and it does get better hold on and be strong crow your coins and enjoy your life love your videos man truly
pine (14 days ago)
Love you man . You’re a saint
pine (14 days ago)
Crypto Crow experience is everything !
Crypto Crow (14 days ago)
I wish I was. But I am experienced. :)
Sherri Thomas (14 days ago)
Thank you for this! I'll be showing it to my kids:)
Juraj Gondek (14 days ago)
Man when you talk from your heart its so strong ... incredible , truthfull holy sh*t .Honest man on youtube platform that ive ever seen.
Jeury Baez (14 days ago)
Great message, the Lord keep blessing your live and your family and keep your son strong . Really sorry for that kid.
MyMysticMama (14 days ago)
Idk - i think the idea of having to make a lot of choices and be 'independent" doesn't sit well with these kids. it adds to the fear and uncertainty. these kids today lack a sense of protection and nurturing, also lack boundaries, core values, and a sense of support/unity (tribe). lack a stable, unconditional mother figure and an alpha father figure. i think the future scares the shit out of them. and - they're growing up WAY too fast!! also can't leave out blue light from electronics, and the studies that show a correlation between the rise in smartphone use and the rise in suicide and depression amoung children!! maybe your charity should be something closer to home? supporting a local crisis center - funding a summer camp program, or something through a church that offers children guidance and support? *i'm very sorry for your sons loss!* xox
Peter Ong (14 days ago)
Amen Crow!
FabooOnline (14 days ago)
Great video, Crow glad to see your bringing awareness to the world.
Vitor Corredoura (14 days ago)
Good men..helping others is great...continue like that man
Crypto Mike (14 days ago)
god your awesome man
Crypto Mike (14 days ago)
this is such a tragic thing to have happened. I just finished watching 13 reasons why on Netflix HUGE eye opener to this kind of thing I would recommend watching it.
Good messages about life, Crow! Thanks for sharing this heartful story...
Yel Vall (14 days ago)
You gotta continue cheering us up! you good at it! and we need it!
Investing4 Life (14 days ago)
13 reasons why!!! Netflix
Zaid Algashami (14 days ago)
This is why I follow crow <3
Sarah Walker (14 days ago)
I just went to a funeral a week ago for a guy I thought I knew better than I thought I did. He apparently felt unloved and unneeded, so he killed himself at the age of 32.
hans tuiners (14 days ago)
Gravel Pit (14 days ago)
Male suicides are a very real problem. Watch out for boys and men. Don't be a rescuer or enabler, just be a brother where you can. You might save a life. Suicide is permanent solution to temporary problem. Unfortunately substance abuse plays a major role as well and its tricky as hell to overcome.
quitamar01 (14 days ago)
Somebody needed to hear this. Thanks Crow for being you. You may have saved a life today.
Christopher A (14 days ago)
Crow, I love your channel and you as a person, but I want to say that I hope you understand that people who commit suicide are neither weak nor hopeless as you call them. It is not as easy as just "getting yourself together" (I am not saying you said it was easy btw). Childhood neglect and/or abuse has detrimental effects on an individual and societal level and can manifest itself in many ways, one of them being lack of emotional coping mechanisms to problems. If your "base" and sense of self is underdeveloped or askew, events such as break-ups can hit hard and trigger other unresolved emotional issues. It is not easy to dictate tomorrow if you lack the emotional tools. It is like being asked to build a treehouse without a hammer. Most of the people who commit suicide don't really do it because they want to die, but rather because they can't bear to live. Big hug to you Jason.
Conan Clarke (14 days ago)
Ur a good man Crow. Watched my kids suffer through a half a dozen suicides in highschool. As a parent its heart wrenching. I try not to even imagine how the famillies feel. Or how that child must have been suffering. You dont want to give the kids trouble for anything. My wife is afraid to raise her voice at them. Thanks for this my friend. Mb it will change someones path. We can only hope. Love and light.
Wolfman RN4L (14 days ago)
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, we’ve all had that thought cross our minds going through tough times growing up. I lost my little brother to suicide just over a year ago, so this hits home. Thanks for sharing crow.
Gulf Coast Granny (14 days ago)
My 13 year old daughter came to me yesterday wanting to watch the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. A show about a ten girl and her "reasons" for committing suicide. We had a long discussion about why I didn't want her to watch it. Why giving life to those kinds of thoughts is counter productive to her life, and why there are no "reasons" to give up on life. We talked about some real life stuff yesterday. I have 5 adult children and 2 still at home. Kids today are exposed to so much more than they were just 10 years ago. Life is harder now than ever for young people. I hated having to have that talk with my girl, but I believe it was a necessary one. I'm sorry for the loss of your son's friend. I understand the shock and pain written all over your face in this video. Parenting sure isn't for sissies.
Terence P. Hill (14 days ago)
So sad, keep the communication on going and open Jason. Youth of today are very emotional and stressed.
MSHunter (14 days ago)
So true! Guys spend time with your kids, not money. Like Les Brown says it's possible. No matter the situation it's possible that you can do better. You can become better. Hardtimes come but they come to pass. They don't come to stay.
Evren A (14 days ago)
Jason. Thanks for this video. it is important not to forget what is really important in life.
Revisible (14 days ago)
Really good message!
Root Wave (14 days ago)
Great video - many need to hear these kind of things to maintain hope. 🙌🏻💪🏼
Dimitri Georgoulas (14 days ago)
Always keeping it real! Love you brother!
pubg stuff for sharing (14 days ago)
For those who feel like they have no control over their lives: that gets better too! Edit: spelling
NoonanClan6 (14 days ago)
Jason, you have no idea how the timing of this message came at the exact time I needed it, thank you!
Crypto Crow (14 days ago)
I hope you're not contemplating anything bad my friend. As hard and hopeless as things can feel sometimes, even when you feel you have nobody that cares or understands, I assure you, we do. Its often these most difficult times in our lives that become the building blocks for tomorrows greatness. Dont rob yourself of that potential. Learn from it and become stronger. I wish you the best.
Barb Thornback (14 days ago)
So very sad!

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