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Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

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At the general demand, this is my top 3 cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. I have been ask a lot what are my best cryptocurrency to invest in this year. So I decided to make an updated edition for 2018. Let me know your question in the comment section below. Learn how to invest in Cryptocurrency: http://cryptoinvestingpro.com Follow the blog: https://alexfortin.com
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TEKTHRASH (1 month ago)
Is there a chance that theses cryptocurrency is the New World Order Money for they're new system?
Sunflower123 (4 months ago)
I agree with you!
7figurecycle (4 months ago)
What do you think about this cryptocurrencies: https://www.business24-7.ae/best-cryptocurrency-to-invest-2018/ Most of them are altcoins but I would still be interested in your thoughts..
Samuelson baker (4 months ago)
Personally I think Xst Stealth coin on the ledger nano s ( 21 million total supply ) 20 cents , has a big amount of growth all other coins with that supply on the ledger are at least £2 with larger supplies , its only on bittrex and cryptopia with a low market cap , but thats what we want more bang for our buck . thats my tip , good luck trading .
togoshigekata (5 months ago)
BiblePay (BBP) - 10% of coins go to Charity - CPU Mining Only - 38% of coins rewarded to Cancer Research Miners - Masternode Governance - ASIC Resistant - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2388064.0
Risma Traveller (5 months ago)
Once take a look at Gold Bits Coin. It's an amazing crypto. It provides Real Gold Backing feature, which has not provided by any other cryptocurrencies so far.
Carlos Aguirre (6 months ago)
what about Draftcoin (DFT)??
Dmitriy Rastorguev (6 months ago)
1. Bitcoin 2. Ethereum 3. Zcash/Monero You're welcome)
Junaid saif (6 months ago)
Monero 10x in 2018?
abdo lucass (6 months ago)
thx bro💪
COINS & TOKENS (6 months ago)
Guys dont forget , more than 90% of coins and tokens are not sure about them future like gambling. Only a few will survive in the future. Do your research before buying and be sceptic. My top 3 after reseach is Digixdao, Electroneum and Ripple.
Steve Mascari (6 months ago)
Good to see everyones opinions. For me, Neo is the one in my opinion. Weiss Ratings also gave Neo an A-. Neo is the first blockchain to get an A. I have sooo many more reasons for my pick of Neo, but I'll leave it at this.
abdo lucass (6 months ago)
hi give me the symbol of this 3 crypto? thks bro
Alex Fortin TV (6 months ago)
Elhoubbadi Mohamed (6 months ago)
I want to see more videos from you.
Elhoubbadi Mohamed (6 months ago)
thank you, you have a good logic, a free man who speaks freely.
zeeshan baz (6 months ago)
Alex plz also make a video about Neo and anyother a more risky sort of investment in ur opinion, beside bitcoin,ethereum. Like neo, or anyother smallcap coin.
zeeshan baz (6 months ago)
Steve Mascari me too. My top pick is neo even above bitcoin. Only bcz i am big fan of their team. My only pick is neo and just betting on other projects with 10,20%. Neo is my 2-3 year hold atleast. After that may be i ll sell my fst neo.
Steve Mascari (6 months ago)
I'm soooo bullish on Neo. I have so much faith in the team and project that i threw everything at Neo. You also get Gas which goes up in value as well. Then you have Da Hongfei who is the founder of Neo and he is a Legend.
zeeshan baz (6 months ago)
Hi alex why not Neo?
zeeshan baz (6 months ago)
Okay. But i am a big fan of the team. Neo team is i thnk superior then anyother cryptocurrency/blockchain project. They are working hard to make neo better. If possible plz make a review video on neo. And also tell us why you are not a fan..! We want your frequent videos atleast once in a week. I follow many other crypto youtuber's but for the yearly predictions ur predictions were the most accurate i thnk and also u are the first who come across when i start learning about crypto. So still a big fan of u ☺️. Stay blessed and keep sharing ur feedback. Crypto community needs you.
Alex Fortin TV (6 months ago)
Not a fan
Tanvir Arafat (6 months ago)
what about Bitcoin Private ?
Alex Fortin TV (6 months ago)
No long term value
newgaia kwon (6 months ago)
And eBCH coinpulse.io
steve d (5 months ago)
Alex Fortin TV it will trust me
Alex Fortin TV (6 months ago)
Far fetched that it will gain mass adoption.
newgaia kwon (6 months ago)
newgaia kwon (6 months ago)
How about eBTC? Born 4 months ago
meatandbeer (6 months ago)
Matthew Hui (6 months ago)
Nice conservative picks, agreed
Alex Fortin TV (6 months ago)
Joshua D (6 months ago)
You told me ethereum last year so thank you
Alex Fortin TV (6 months ago)
Glad I was helpful but remember to always make your own research.
Matthew Monkan (6 months ago)
I think you are spot on with your picks. As for your tiebreaker at #3, I prefer Monero because of the developer talent and because it has high existing volume of real-world usage (e.g. dark web markets, North Korea circumventing economic sanctions).
Alex Fortin TV (6 months ago)
Developer wise It think Zcash is ahead of the game, they are also more wallet friendly and more widely accepted than monero.

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