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What Is Vibe? - Altcoin Hits Moon Early In 2018

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A relatively new altcoin has hit the moon early in 2018, and that is Vibe. This coin was just placed on the binance exchange, and it's price has jumped more than 400%. Is vibe a top altcoin? Could this be a significant cryptocurrency in 2018? Can it act as a bridge between content creator and audience in the VR/AR space? Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ Top 5 Altcoins Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Top 5 Altcoins to hold in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Les42... Top 5 Altcoins under $1 in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLthj... Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Text Comments (118)
Tech guru SSamrat (1 month ago)
Now what u want to say about it
CAIBO MABO JABO UNDSO (7 months ago)
glad i bought it at 0,4...yesterday ! hope the superbowl ad makes it go to the moon
M. S. BitEth (7 months ago)
May I be so blunt as to say the porn aspects of this are huuuuggggeeeeee? Better buy now, before the SuperBowl commercial.
MrMetalsi (7 months ago)
Oculus vr betuhhhh
Cedric Zebaze (8 months ago)
It’s cheap now!
SR KC (8 months ago)
I dont understand whyyyyyy altcoin are decreasing while bitcoin is decreasing, while bitcoin rising altcoins lose value as well WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ????? SO CAN WE SAY BUYING ALTCOINS IS A SCAM ???
Alan Francis (8 months ago)
Do u have a cooking channel also??? Hehe...I know weird question...but still.
Kevin McElroy (8 months ago)
Positive vibes
Anti Social Worker 247 (8 months ago)
This one is really a no brainer... excellent technology, great team and amazing companies backing the project. I jumped on this one awhile ago!
marinescuaxelandru (8 months ago)
Buy under 10k satoshi until is not to late!!
Mitja Gostiša (8 months ago)
I bought VIBE at 7c, still holding:), too bad you missed it. But check out MAECENAS (ART) - that one will blow your mind!!!!
Kinku Hazarika (8 months ago)
The day before yesterday I bought Vibe on 45000 satoshi....But now under 10000 satoshi....I am having too much loss....
McKenzie Sousa (8 months ago)
Shoutout to the coworker who made me believe in Vibe @ 3 cents!! YOU ARE THE REAL MVP CAMERON!
Herakles (8 months ago)
McKenzie Sousa congrats that’s incredible
edmonpapazyan (8 months ago)
Hi there dis you checked social send??? Can you comment it
Zeki Kara (8 months ago)
Binance de gecirdiler millete 40 bin satoshidrn kalkmaz bu 3 ay
Mustafa Maden (8 months ago)
Zeki Kara kötü olmuş. Ama çıkacak gibi. 930a bile düşmüyor ve yüksek artıyor. Su an al satlik durumda ama güven vermiyor. Geceden beri 100-200 satosi Karla al sat yapıyorum bunu bi halta yaramıyor ama miktar :)
Zeki Kara (8 months ago)
Mustafa Maden 17 den :( Stop da yapmadik
Mustafa Maden (8 months ago)
Zeki Kara kactan aldın:)
PauloRckOFC (8 months ago)
cool coin ! :)
Martovskiy Kot (8 months ago)
Why vibe is going down now? I need to hold it? What do you think?
Marcelo Lopes (8 months ago)
OPT is another coin that will moon when it gets listed on a major exchange. For those who deal ith etherdelta or have accounts on hitbtc, you should buy some OPT to profit the moon when it happens. Yet, it is a fucking great project, with artists joining every time
FreedmanJeremy (8 months ago)
Take a look at LUXCoin (LUX)!!! 20million marketcap with huge potential for 10x gains!!!👌🏼
Mike White (8 months ago)
I bought at 2.30 and it's dropped already to 1.60 I lost a lot taking that jump. Think it will go back up?
sanchezfr442 (8 months ago)
Vibe already has huge partnerships..is going for one of the most interesting technologies..and still under 1 billion marketcap...i see it going to atleast 9 billion cap....Will get announced in the super bowl...Im holding it for a while
John Light (8 months ago)
why did you buy on a all time high smh
divinegrace92 (8 months ago)
Always hold. I bought at 1.80 1.60 and now 1.20 lol
Ebowy (8 months ago)
sure, man, HODL
Rick Debski (8 months ago)
Bought it at 0.44 cents🤗🤗
Linairo Oomen (8 months ago)
bought it at 0.05 cents lmao
Sundeep Sandhu (8 months ago)
CHECK OUT BISMUTH! (bis)... ITS mooning and its the only python based crypto!!! when it hits another exchange its going to go to orbit!
Aubrey Lopez (8 months ago)
‪PLEASE make a video on DOT COIN!!!!‬ ‪PLEASE make a video on DOT COIN!!!!‬ ‪Cryptopias own coin!!! It's only 70 cents‬ ‪Binance coin is at $17!!! ‬ ‪Low market cap! Only 70 cents!!! A lot of growth potential!!!! Please make a video about Dotcoin‬
GAME OVER (8 months ago)
Aubrey Lopez bought it yesterday for 9cent
DiLLy DiLLy (8 months ago)
Cryptopia coin is cef no?
ADELIN ADELIN (8 months ago)
1.6$ atm but it is growing . Get it now
Aartjan Venema (8 months ago)
Who cares, you're too late!
john jackson (8 months ago)
aabooot ayy hehehe
Drew Skeez (8 months ago)
Please do a video on CAPP. Its also AR/VR.
JQ JQ (8 months ago)
plz donate for hepatitis C geno type 1 treatment. youare the best crypto youtuber. best new year wishes. Regards bitcoin donation 1B7YtWXrpwL2hvuN3JMYHb2yrB4dRrnfPS lite coin LLGknJRqw9xB6z5smkJKwPLs8NCav5uyAd Cardano DdzFFzCqrht5R9sj3o7ptpdzWWaSEN1E5ExPmijEPE4oiNvZjneuJ4J578qeKmu8ZQmvShP9JRCf4jeRLijN7bq2MPZUGEJAiJjCrvGh QTUM Qb4TJDbQqctsPuUPmi8rgq2uwuFNEnACYx
Mike Jones (8 months ago)
David Kizler (8 months ago)
Is there any way to know in advance when a new coin is about to hit Binance?
dthao227 (8 months ago)
David Kizler twitter...follow binance
ASVP WILLIAMSON (8 months ago)
David Kizler also interested
Alex Hik (8 months ago)
Vr isn't mainstream yet because of prices and the technology is in early stages, even the resolution of the upcoming new Vive isn't enough to get in the right levels of immersion and they need to fix motion sickness and fov reduction. I will not invest in this project even if the price dips but I can see a bright future in 5 years when companies will be able to afford 8k mini displays for vr and fix all the major problems then we can talk.
divinegrace92 (8 months ago)
AleXander LaLiLuLeLo yea I was thinking this however I think it’ll come sooner than we think. And now would be the time to invest for the years coming forward. Just bought a shit ton of vibe at $1 lol
TheSeattleboy206 (8 months ago)
Denk dich fit (8 months ago)
Electroneum will be a gigant
divinegrace92 (8 months ago)
CheffiBrah it’s a monero form but it’s also pushed for mass adoption. And they have good partnerships. I did the ico sold my 50k at .10 and it went to .20 the next day Sucks hurts inside lol
CheffiBrah (8 months ago)
What is so spesial about it?
Wayne Tran (8 months ago)
Denk dich fit AGREED !!!!! To the moon 2018 !!!
Alex Alex (8 months ago)
South korea raided bithumb and looking to ban crypto, tether up while you can.
Alex Alex (8 months ago)
Go back to trading your $60 account. I made 5k buying tether during the drop and reentering at the bottom. Enjoy working at tesco bitch.
Meo Nello (8 months ago)
it is a FUD, idiot
Fidel 2Point0 (8 months ago)
i tweeted them and told them they're bulletproof. Amazon partnership too! Lmao
Lord Potater (8 months ago)
They have a superbowl add with monster. it's going to the moon. way too many partnerships to ignore this. Buy on a dip this week under $2 and wait.
98Azy (7 months ago)
whats your plan with your vibe right now? :) HODL?
R.S. La'Point (8 months ago)
January 20th big NEWS for VIBE!!
Tomas Ferko (8 months ago)
VIBE seems to be recovering already :)
Tomas Ferko (8 months ago)
True. Binance is great, but a lot of other exchanges are a pain in the ass and you take a big risk holding coin on exchanges like hitbtc. We need more and better decentralised exchanges imo.
Tomas Ferko (8 months ago)
Not to mention that when coin rises up in value they don't change their withdrawal fees! Fees for big coins like BTC or ETH are ok, but for small altcoins it's absolutely terrible. I had to pay 145 VIBE for a cost of something like $1 on eth blockchain. That's 100x + more expensive and they still have not lowered their fee! I really recommend to avoid hitbtc no matter what.
Mustafa Maden (8 months ago)
Tomas Ferko no I only use binance nothing else. But most of them have the same problems I think
Tomas Ferko (8 months ago)
Mustafa Maden I wanted to sell some on Binance for that super high price (20k sats +), but I couldn't, because I had all my VIBE on hitbtc(the price on hitbtc was a lot lower than Binance) and my withdrawal was stuck for 2 days and then the price already fall a lot, so now I just hodl. People on hitbtc reddit all seems to have problems with withdrawals and deposits. Some people say they didn't receive their money in weeks, so if you have some crypto on hitbtc or plan to open account, please be very careful of this exchange.
F Cam (8 months ago)
Got it in September at 0.02. Almost lost faith in December...
Ebowy (8 months ago)
got it in ICO stage so happy right now :)
Victor K (8 months ago)
January is worse than december
Happy Tree Friends (8 months ago)
Well damn!
Chris Martinez (8 months ago)
how many shares did you buy at.02?
Zarj (8 months ago)
You should get in on NLC2 once it hits a major exchange it will do just what Vibe is doing.
Eslam Elgazar (8 months ago)
what is his fiat that hes always talking about?
Eslam Elgazar (8 months ago)
Chris Rickwood so he’s tryna clear his normal currency? That makes no sense. Don’t get me wrong he’s very intelligent and makes some good ass choices and actually helps me out in investing but I️ wanted to know why he hasn’t done so yet
Chris Rickwood (8 months ago)
Eslam Elgazar Fiat means normal currency.
DoM (8 months ago)
Only today that Vibe caught my eye, as I actually own a VIBE Subwoofer. Went on their website and I was like. WoW. Too bad that I’ve missed the Train...😕
C K (8 months ago)
added to binance so it had huge gains. Look into MANA its way better VR then this
Jonas (8 months ago)
I always thought Mana was just one of those P&D coins haha!
Bay Harbor Butcher (8 months ago)
Rather take a look at CAPP. Working with Intel, Alibaba...
Happy Tree Friends (8 months ago)
Does mana have partnerships with monster? Does it have a future mention in a superbowl commercial?
AltcoinHustle (8 months ago)
are they making waves at ces? based on their website it doesn't look nearly as solid
Jp Highbaugh (8 months ago)
im glad someone is enthusiastic in this market because im supper stuggling, ive got money in ripple, cardano, tron, wax, enjin, and zcash
Happy Tree Friends (8 months ago)
Loo that's why you're struggling!
Jp Highbaugh (8 months ago)
soluschristus1689 I hear you TRX is at .09 cents lol jeeez I'm HODL for dear life
soluschristus1689 (8 months ago)
Most of us have those coins. I took a huge hit today myself, but take heart my friend, they will go back up, just hold on
Randy Ngan (8 months ago)
Would like to hear your opinion on Gifto GTO its a neat virtual gift giving site to awesome content creators like yourself that will be able to be use on multiple existing social media sites.
AltcoinHustle (8 months ago)
I normally don't buy on the highs but once all the big altcoin youtubers make videos on this in the next 24hours it's going to pump even more. (cough altcoin buzz cough)
chkwng (8 months ago)
it got added to binance today, nothing more
Paul Wuisman (8 months ago)
I like his enthusiasm!
zack w (8 months ago)
Very interesting
Simon Tse (8 months ago)
I see a trend in all of your vides.  You tend to talk about coins that just HAD a bull run.  Anyone can look at market cap and see that.  I want to see you make a recommendation BEFORE the bull run.
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
Educator, not an analyst.
DreadLocPics (8 months ago)
im so mad i saw that comment and was like who cares about VR! major face palm!
Cedric Zebaze (8 months ago)
Its cheap now
Chris Dino frio (8 months ago)
BCC Journey what charts?
R.S. La'Point (8 months ago)
Coin market cap also sucks, use real charts.
R.S. La'Point (8 months ago)
um bra, all time high was $6.00 when it dipped to $1.90 Hell YEAH !!!
R K (8 months ago)
Btw I was late on Vibe and jump on at 2.90$ But as you said if Vibe can deliver with all its partners then it's gonna be big. So I was so excited that I jump on Vibe at 2.90$ Hope I will not regret this.
Happy Tree Friends (8 months ago)
Lol 2.90 is high to enter, but no as bad at 9 like some other ppl entered.
AA (8 months ago)
as usual another Pump and Dump
Tomas Ferko (8 months ago)
MattAndRob HumorShow no, vibe is on Binance just few days. The pump was, becouse of the Binance listing news! Another thing is that they are at CES conference and it started on the same day.
MattAndRob HumorShow (8 months ago)
Happy Tree Friends how is that relevant? Vibe has been on Binance for a long time now. It just randomly started increasing in value (with no reason behind it) and now it's receding back to it's original price. That's proof enough to me that it was a pump and dump
Happy Tree Friends (8 months ago)
So did you watch the video? And did you pay attention to the news? When things list on Binance or any exchange for that matter, theres always some knucklehead who buys the coin at the all time high. And then everyone who was already holding vibe is trying to get rid of it as fast as possible for as high as possible
MattAndRob HumorShow (8 months ago)
AA that's what I'm thinking too
R K (8 months ago)
Please please can you take a look at Luxcoin LUX and ClearPoll POLL.
August Priest (8 months ago)
R K I will gladly look at decision token, thanks
R K (8 months ago)
August Priest yeah for some reason Luxcoin is pumping lately. Hope that's gonna continue :-) Take a look at Decision Token too. Similar to ClearPoll. Btw ClearPoll is announcing partnership with Clearyfy soon I think. Not sure.
August Priest (8 months ago)
R K yea I love and have both
When Lambo? (8 months ago)
I'm in. VIBE looks like an amazing project with amazing potential.
Enrico Gus (8 months ago)
could listen to your voice all day
Kuro Neko (8 months ago)
Vibe moon today!
DaStefann (8 months ago)
Nice moon you had
Mehmet Tunc (8 months ago)

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