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Get In On Verge Now! - Altcoins Consolidation Ends As Moon Looms

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Verge has seemed to of finished its consolidation period and seems ready to moon! This privacy altcoin is one that we have followed since the beginning of January, and now it seems poised to shoot to the moon early here in 2018. We take a look into the altcoin world of Icon coin, a cryptocurrency using the blockchain to become a massive decentralized network. This is one of the best altcoins of 2018, and is definately a crypto to watch this year. Medium Article on Verge: https://medium.com/@ekryski/verge-xvg-isnt-a-scam-it-s-misunderstood-ab46fb88e55 Verge Website: https://vergecurrency.com/ Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ Top 5 Altcoins Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Top 5 Altcoins to hold in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Les42... Top 5 Altcoins under $1 in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLthj... Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Text Comments (108)
DVS DVSDVS (7 months ago)
XVG is cool
Graham Givens (8 months ago)
Never listen to these lads . Everything is 10x with them. How obvious is a chinese new year dip , called out heajin Lee and said enter back in on the 17th.
Captain Obvious (8 months ago)
Stupiest hint i ever followed :(
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
Joe Taz (8 months ago)
Don't listen to these YouTube fakers that know NOTHING more than anyone else about the crypto market. Do your own research, don't waste your time making these charlatans money
wolf gang (8 months ago)
People got distracted by Ripple, IOTA, TRON etc for quick easy money, and forgot the financial, practical and political impact that Verge can have. I like the quietness of the Verge dev team. And there is a reason for that :-) Time will come. :-)
Brad Carey (8 months ago)
man I'm buying as another $2k of verge now. I see the price range in the 50c to $1 in the next few months. possible huge gains ahead. !!
AltcoinMan (8 months ago)
Hello from México. How many soon XVG up? Days, weeks, months? And USD price. please you forecast. Nice vídeo
Anshul (8 months ago)
Should I hold LTC Litecoin ? I am not sure if that is going to be high as other are COINs taking the market now. Any comment/suggestions ??????
TechTutorials EL (8 months ago)
Please HOLD IT, I swear LTC will be a big thing in 2018 BELIEVE ME
James Cho (8 months ago)
Does anyone have an input on CanYa coin? it's on Kucoin exchange and it released yesterday. They have a working product. Coins in circulation is very low and market cap is not too high atm.
Chris Heemskerk (8 months ago)
just hodl your verge to the moon, soon 0.00007500 satoshi a coin
LIGER ZERO (8 months ago)
By the end of the year, Verge will be where Cardano is now. Around a 20-30 billion dollar market value and a individual coin value of $1.5 - $2
Agera -R (8 months ago)
I see verge at 1-3 $ in august 2018
K B (8 months ago)
it is mooning
Platinum Hyjack (8 months ago)
Verge went from like .15 to .25 just now.
Mark Beggs (8 months ago)
Please check out ELF and APPC. Promising newcomers with much room to grow
john jackson (8 months ago)
i think people are just trying to increase the price by pumping it so they can cut even from their loses lol
xpirate16 (8 months ago)
... are you Austin Hourigan of Game Theory?
Adam Ifrene (8 months ago)
Mcafee is the one who got me into verge, now i hate him but I still love verge haha
LIGER ZERO (8 months ago)
Same lol. Verge is my favorite coin atm (Apart from Tether, I really like tether even though it doesn't change in value) Verge going to 2 bucks I reckon, by the end of the year. Potential to go to $10+ in a 3-5 years.
patrick koekebaroe (8 months ago)
look at dent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
999,999,999 views (8 months ago)
postcoin new 10000% coin!
ctk1982 (8 months ago)
that voice though...
Brandon T (8 months ago)
verge is a shitcoin
Arborsaurus The terrible (8 months ago)
like a parrot eh dummy
I4Ever (8 months ago)
Krojak ? :)))
noblesse noblesse (8 months ago)
thanks..and please make a videoo..verge wallet..
Captain Obvious (8 months ago)
Thanks for nothing man
Dee Gee (8 months ago)
C'mon captain obvious really?
Zachary King (8 months ago)
I don't about you but i made some money early this morning with verge. I bought some right after he posted this and sold early this morning.
Tomas Av. (8 months ago)
You dumb. It's "going up" because BTC is going down. Comaprate it to USD/EUR and you see it's stable.
Peter Page (8 months ago)
mcafee said verge is shit. stick to monero
Slava Kim (8 months ago)
odie ostrich and that
odie ostrich (8 months ago)
...and murder.
Slava Kim (8 months ago)
Peter Page Mccafee said that bcuz he tried to extort verge and it didnt work lol. Look it up mcafee is a joke and should be in jail for extortion.
xKen (8 months ago)
Hey, have you looked into Profit Trailer? From what I've heard, it seems like a really good bot.
Giedrius Pilibavicius (8 months ago)
now this is a shit coin, it wont go anywhere
Discovery Tree (8 months ago)
Yep its on its way....i been waiting for this
Chrissy Shunda (8 months ago)
You called it!!!! VERGE JUST BROKE OUT!!!
Sid West (8 months ago)
COLX is another good privacy coin. Definitely would love to hear your input on that coin. It has a low market cap and alot of room for growth.
Tu Hoang (8 months ago)
At what price will it moon too before it drops again for selling?
Slava Kim (8 months ago)
Tu Hoang I would say 35-45cents before correction.
Livix Inc (8 months ago)
The real Coin going to the MOON is APPC it was listed 3 days ago on Binance and is already higher than Bitcoin Gold on coin index even though its not on Market cap Yet! Hold on for a ride guys!
MyCringyAdventure (8 months ago)
Bi Nguyen (8 months ago)
I bought the dip at 2.7, not gonna like APPC team looks super decent
9gagger (8 months ago)
you don't know shit.
Damian Furrer (8 months ago)
Just sent some LiteCoins to Cryptopia yesterday, but until now not much happened, at least ETN made me Profit.
Damian Furrer (8 months ago)
Finaly Break out!
Dima D (8 months ago)
If you don't know why Bitconnect or Verge have been going down the past week, you should be doing more research. Bitconnect is a ponzi scheme and they just got hit with a cease and desist in Texas. And Verge, well, lets just say anyone buying Verge right now must love losing money.
Shannon Billows Fitness (8 months ago)
Here we go. Missed the moon Slavs. Still time mate.
Dima D (8 months ago)
Slava Kim you’re wasting your time looking for a moon mission in a multi billion dollar coin lol. You’re better off buying micro cap coins that moon on the daily.
Slava Kim (8 months ago)
Dima D until they dont lol. Verge is gona surge before the end of January. Ull regret not putting at least 500$ in there. Haejin even confirmed its about to surge. Haejin probably has one of the best crypto predictions out there
GreatKingsofRap (8 months ago)
Great look. Can't ignore that tight channel. Very bullish.
Paul Webb (8 months ago)
going low
odysseyworld (8 months ago)
Hate it as much as you want but Verge Rules! Not all cryptos can brag of its utility..VERGE!
samuel balanay (8 months ago)
A lot of people don't like XRP and VXG I think they will continue go to the MOON!!! It's only Jan.7 just hold your be ok.👍
xoxojacquelynb (8 months ago)
samuel balanay to the moon
simao bajs (8 months ago)
Dude its a shit coin, people need to do the math with the market caps and supply ect to get a bigger ide of the price. Also this shit without mcafee is aint worth shit.
simao bajs (8 months ago)
Nikes with thier cheap ugly shit ? nah ty. Well my freind let me tell you what i did with some of the money , Gensis vision at 6$ now up to 30$ and did hit the 40+$ mark , Substarum at 15 centcent and allrady at 2.5$ or some shit like that , Wabi at 1.5 up to 5$ now , Qsp at 8 cent now up to 0.5$. tbh all these are very bad investments + the other ones that im in profit and did actually hodl cause they have a nice project and soild team not like hyped pump and dumb verge .Hodl your verge and pray for it to hit that 50cent mark :D PS: u know i got tempted to sell my verge at 10 cent but waited for retards like you to pump it even more xD
Arborsaurus The terrible (8 months ago)
i bet you never did anything wortha shit with your easy money.hopefully youre not a lazy piece of shit...did u buy some nikes.
simao bajs (8 months ago)
Rofl dawg got it for like a penny sold at 26cent for the huge amont i had i made actually my biggest profit on verge but then again when i bought it didnt expect that much of it and then mcafee pumped the shit out of it and retards are buying this shit. anyway GL with your Hodl i did my part and cashed out from it.
LIGER ZERO (8 months ago)
Verge haters just sad they sold all their verge and can't buy back in xD Market cap 16.55 billion. Verge will hit 20 billion value by the end of 2018 so over a buck
Arborsaurus The terrible (8 months ago)
lol how many generic morons have said this and been proven wrong multiple times.just keep your mouth shut
julian johnson (8 months ago)
Good job dude
fpsSYRIA (8 months ago)
So should I drop 3k on verge?
Hollanda1975 (8 months ago)
fpsSYRIA Hope you didn't do that. Crypto moonrocket fails in jan 18 😏
Joe Taz (8 months ago)
fpsSYRIA do not listen to YouTube fakes
Slava Kim (8 months ago)
fpsSYRIA its been announced today. Buy now before its to late. Its already went from 16cents to 24 cents within 1 hour.
fpsSYRIA (8 months ago)
so lucky man! when will bug free stage 4 be released?
Slava Kim (8 months ago)
I ha e 10k in verge, bought in at 8cents,still holding. Im expecting it to surge to at least 35-45 cents when wraith is officially released, bug free stage 4
agito makishima (8 months ago)
these charts dont mean ish! theres too many verge coins and nothing other than speculation, Bitcoin will retake entire space
MyCringyAdventure (8 months ago)
agito makishima well he predicted it anyways! Non beleiver!
Blair Mac veigh (8 months ago)
lambos & what not
Daniel Clark (8 months ago)
riding on 20k since November 21st..yeeehaaawwww!
saddampbuh (8 months ago)
flowerkiron (8 months ago)
it's about to happen
HigH ResonancE (8 months ago)
Happening now mate. boom
Tantium (8 months ago)
guess youre right it is climbing
Dee Gee (8 months ago)
Nope now
Shannon Billows Fitness (8 months ago)
Tantium (8 months ago)
yehh uh no boom
xKen (8 months ago)
aaaaaaandd......its going back down lol
Dikianify (8 months ago)
BitConnect has been criticized for being a literal ponzi scheme
Endryl Nery (8 months ago)
nice pump attempt but nah... this project is designed to fail... much better projects around there... not to mention verge is been done by legit amateurs
Arborsaurus The terrible (8 months ago)
you dont know jack shit iv seen sunerok the verge developer in an interview with pivx developers and he makes them sound like retards
jA CH (8 months ago)
The way you talk makes the video unbearable to watch. Please stop doing the forced radio host voice thing.
Kaionfire (8 months ago)
I really like it, adds to the excitement of the topic!
julian johnson (8 months ago)
Quit being a hater...go make videos and gtfo
Zachary King (8 months ago)
If you don' t like the sound of his voice then don't watch his videos. Plus i don't think he is forcing the radio host voice thing that is just the way he talks. I also think he is the youtuber named Krojak feel free to look it up and see he always talks that way.
W Bru (8 months ago)
I agree, verge a fantastic idea and management. A lot of fud, but fundamentals solid. Great buy right now.
Crypto J (8 months ago)
FUD Clearing Wraith Protoco ironed out and released w/o bugs Media coverge. eg the sun PR getting better, xvg whale not spreading false info as much New marketing team, coding updates Release of verge core wallet 4.0 Forbes interview soon Legitimate announcements coming soon!(Monday)
Mrz◇13 (8 months ago)
shizza82 (8 months ago)
no whitepaper or photos of the team ? no thanks.
Scotty Nguyen (8 months ago)
Dee Gee (8 months ago)
You must be asian
James Harden (8 months ago)
I need some more
Lukaku's First Touch (8 months ago)
Not this scam again!!
Insane Skills (8 months ago)
The whole crypto world is a scam. Were paying FUD for imaginary coin, I love it.
Brandon Fisher (8 months ago)
Put his name and image as Jon Snow, but not really Jon Snow, your are the scam mate,
eraldo703 (8 months ago)
Oh, i faild for that fud, going to take a better look at it, thx!
Super Shmeep (8 months ago)
You must've fell for the fud that IP addresses were leaked when they weren't <.<... They have it working, and I don't know if they are still working on the transaction speeds because that was an issue at one point recently, but this is definitely not a failed coin. XD
eraldo703 (8 months ago)
for what i know verge is a coin that has the principal promise of being untraceable like monero but with fast transaction speed and low costs like xlm, but this coin fails at the transaction speed and is not untraceable like monero, in another words this is a glorified dogecoin, the graphic may say this coin is going up, but if you are not day trading it, i wold not recommend holding this coin.

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