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Higher Low at 7900? Bitcoin Price Analysis & Market Update

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Update on Bitcoin and prices levels to watch near term. Plus some thoughts on the longer term picture LEARN HOW TO READ THE CRYPTO CHARTS! Check out my 4-Hour Technical Analysis video course. More info at: https://nodeinvestor.com/training/ Follow me on Twitter @nodeinvestor This is NOT financial or investment advice. Nothing I state, share, express, or allude to should be considered professional advice or recommendations of action. This channel is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. All content contained within is all just my own opinion and experience. Consult a professional for any tax, accounting or legal related questions you may have.
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PROMPT CYBER (1 month ago)
I believe this is the best time to focus more on bitcoins. Because bitcoin has turned to a currency that drops down to invest. And I get my bitcoin without paying to any one from johnnyrons222 @gmail, soon when it booms it would be sold for 20,000$ and well all make more profit
My Days With Sound (1 month ago)
0:08 Hey hey hey wassa Node Investor!
TheKC1003 (1 month ago)
The pullbacks are flattening out. First week of june the wedge will be broken and the we’ll climb towards the 13k resisting line.
MDemZ (1 month ago)
Actually i am 12% bullish w risk rewot ratio a whoopin 88% on that downside. Yeaah, fibonaccis playin his hand and that ema isnt helpin! Gotta keep your eye on that support line without it we dont stand a chance
Sigurdur Palsson (1 month ago)
Fatigue - well put! Exactly the sentiment I'm observing after the Consensus conference. Bull season may have to wait for a few weeks still :P
Crypto School (1 month ago)
Sigurdur Palsson ... Months
Sonix711 (1 month ago)
Wicked vid - Cheers for sharing !!! :) I agree - I'm like 75% sure that the low is in !!! :) ... My 25% doubt is basically Tone Vays calling for $3K BTC ... mmm ... !?!?!? :) ... I really don't wanna see that... $1,200 down to like $400 is one thing, but $20K down to $3K is a completely different thing, as far as I'm concerned - I'd say down to $6K was about right, so that's in the history books now, right... !?!?!? :) Cheers !!! :)
Polopunk (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing your rational take on things 🤓 Perspective is hard sometimes!
Polopunk (1 month ago)
I just feel like the banks and big players are in now and they’re keeping prices down and manipulating the markets 😐
Matthew Worner (1 month ago)
Americans always love to see a show, the rest of the world is more patient
Matthew Worner (28 days ago)
Node Investor love your work btw
Matthew Worner (28 days ago)
Node Investor I got bigger fish to try
Vention1MGTOW (1 month ago)
If people keep wanting to sell their bitcoins below 10k I'll keep buying and Trezoring them. Now that the house is paid off I generally buy about 2000 dollars a month worth of btc. People got spoiled by the big run-up last year. 90% of the time bitcoin just trades sideways. At times like this I accumulate. I don't trade. Every time I tried that sort of thing I got my ass handed to me. Took quite a haircut during the dot com crash, and I lost a bitcoin back in the cryptsy days. I was only willing to gamble with one bitcoin. If I could make it grow I might have put in more but I lost it. Since then I've just bought and added to my bitcoin stash. Eventually when we get back to the 20k area I might take an early retirement. I don't have time to be both a good diesel mechanic and learn to make it as a trader but once I'm a gentleman of leisure I may take time to learn. It may be too late though since high frequency trading is soon to crash into crypto. It's hard to compete with the bots.
Schmonkee Shomky (1 month ago)
Not even tether pumps can reverse this bear
Le LEVYATHAN (1 month ago)
Be careful with those rebounds... BTC will fall again .... the conditions of a new euphoria are not around yet ... the losses were too big ... still too much mistrust, there's not enough volume
Tomas Hardy (1 month ago)
I managed to buy a Telegram - token today too www.tokenrating.site/buytelegram Waiting for a great growth)
I repeat once again! It's impossible to earn a lot of % on coins with high ploughback! It is necessary to invest in coins from the very beginning of their origin! Here is an example - ICO Telegram is an ideal variant www.newtokens.org/gramtoken
Andrej Čolak (1 month ago)
XVG is first massadopted coin.
Andrej Čolak (1 month ago)
Wank$ or fuk$?
Andrej Čolak (1 month ago)
I can see,there is lot od heaters here.How you call USD when used to pay pornhub?
5c4v3ng3r (1 month ago)
Andrej Čolak silly vergin 😂
1greenMitsi (1 month ago)
lol vergins
Andrej Čolak (1 month ago)
Did all of you manage to buy Telegram tokens? Over 80% of tokens were sold for a couple of days on icorating2018.info/gramnews I'm surprised) This coin has a bright future)
Crypto E (1 month ago)
Hey Node trying to take your course but I want to pay in BTC. Let me know
TheKhashMoney (1 month ago)
Chris Rust (1 month ago)
Here is your reward ...🥇🏆
tiabiamama (1 month ago)
TheKhashMoney I am glad you will have something to tell your grandchildren.

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