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Crypto Security and Scam Prevention

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Text Comments (69)
dannukesem (3 months ago)
Probably an inside job.
Drone Trucker (4 months ago)
Can you review DROPIL
bubblehead581 (4 months ago)
Jason, excellent video on security ... so valid and true. Keep them coming .. apprecaite it .. still a newbee ... keep loosing when I trade but not giving up .... holding plenty of coins you have recommended before you recommended them ... validates some of my homework ... thank again.
emad ali (4 months ago)
Hey Jason, your making people crazy LOL 4 flash Usp..what a heck Why don't you just buy ledger hard wallet
Alex Gonzalez (4 months ago)
“Everyone wants to make money but no one wants to protect it” -Guilty. Had to come here after your last video lol
CRYPTO AI (4 months ago)
So I shouldn’t enter in my private keys on a page that was sent to me claiming a guy wants to donate 4768.94 bitcoin?
Frank Pirrone (4 months ago)
Valuable info. Would love to see this video at 10m views!
Sam Espinosa (4 months ago)
Is the Daedalus wallet safe? If not how do I transfer to flash drive.
ilovemusicsomuch (4 months ago)
How do you put your wallet on a thumb drive? What kind of wallet do you use (for the thumb drive)? Sorry for the rookie question, but hey, I'm a rookie. :)
Matthew Dickson (4 months ago)
Well done sir, thank you for the straight talk!
Crypto Tee (4 months ago)
Btw completed your Udemy course and loved it bro, Thanks
Crypto Tee (4 months ago)
Great video and info
Double E (4 months ago)
I'm going to buy a gorilla drive
Double E (4 months ago)
Thank you
Marc Fi (4 months ago)
the program keyscrambler is your friend.
Randall Newton (4 months ago)
Good pep talk on security. I needed the reminder. Still sorting through the mess that was iGot.
Brijesh Patel (4 months ago)
Guys do NOT trust this person. DO NOT use his bot PROFIT TRAILER. You will loose subscription fees 0.03BTC or more. As well as your entire holdings. This Crypto Crow is fraud.
Allan Le Cornu (4 months ago)
ive had a email that is 100% the same as the makers but it was a scam, ive got no idea how they did it but they did, so yea dont trust any emails even if the address is 100% the same
Andrew Hamlin (4 months ago)
This to me is just common fucking sense and not being stupid. I understand not everyone is tech savvy but if you arent tech savvy maybe you shouldn't be playing in this space.
Coach271218 (4 months ago)
Hey Crow or anyone else. Quick question, what cold wallet are you using for ADA?
Armondo B (4 months ago)
I didn't hear you mention nano ledger... You use one?
Andrew Hartzler (4 months ago)
Jason, could you do a tutorial video for storing crypto on flashdrives?!
JR2012now (4 months ago)
With what you are saying some people are saying that they are giving away coins and you have mentioned that before too. My question is, is it extremely dangerous to give people your receiving address? i havent done it because it just seemed sketchy.
tlbue32 (4 months ago)
Good looking out Crow! BTY I saw your post about your future home! Nice choice, you'll get there man!!
Matt Quaile (4 months ago)
Man I hope you bought btc back at 7900!
Adi T (4 months ago)
Awesome video as always and thank you for the hones option on PT and PF.
Rage Auto (4 months ago)
feeder does work for me iv defiantly seen an improvement in profits since i got feeder. for a small budget of less that 0.5 BTC id say feeder is quite important... I wont easily run without it. yes you do mis out on buys but id rather mis 1% profit than sit with a -30% bag.
Christopher A (4 months ago)
Sir Jason of Appletonshire, Could you please elaborate -how- you store the wallets on your USB's etc? Which file(s) do you transfer there and how do you do it with the passphrases? Do you store them in your USB's too? I think some people here would appreciate to learn more about how to store them and the minimum system requirements for the other PC used, so if you could upvote this comment so Sir Jason can see it I would appreciate it very much! I wish you all good luck in 2018 with your endeavors.
Bruce Bjørkhaug (4 months ago)
You should really use an ad blocker as well - those ad networks have already been compromised many times and infected users with malware and hijacked their CPU for mining. Even YouTube has been affected. I use UBlock Origin myself and enable all kinds of protection, not just from ads.
uowebfoot (4 months ago)
When is the last time you updated feeder settings? Last one I saw was Jan. 4. Great Vids!
Eric Courtois (4 months ago)
Cardano soon to be on Ledger Nano S. Check it out.
I am Cryptonymous (4 months ago)
DADI's external e-mail service was hacked today, and someone e-mailed a "second chance" buy into DADI with an ETH address to send to. I just looked and they received 51.57 ETH just from this scam in just 5 hours. Crazy...their name associated with the wallet address is Fake_Phishing377.
Benjamin Knotts (4 months ago)
There’s a lot of word that the dollar is being hyper inflated (which began long before now) and a new engineered financial crisis is on the horizon. The fiat fat cats have an enemy in cryptocurrency and I believe that’s what this media blitz has been about. And that’s why the 2 month old Tether subpoena news was never mentioned, so the media could pump it up, people jump in, and then they steer into a market crash. As soon as crypto comes back up in full force, the big bankers have an easy scapegoat when the dollar loses it’s value, and the people will be dumb enough to fall for it like they always do. “Look!! cryptocurrency is BAD!!” Just a theory
Rob O (4 months ago)
He says CROW YOUR COINS, not "throw your coins", people!! Need a nice bounce-back when this market bottoms out.
Shak Chedda (4 months ago)
Rob O lol
Rob O (4 months ago)
Uh-oh. Market Cap down to 420 (billion)!!! What are your thoughts about Credits ICO?
Dominic Fowler (4 months ago)
thanks for this
Can you stake cardano
Crypto Crow awesome...thanks for the reply
Dirtboyfresh Db (4 months ago)
Any slots left Id like to join lmk thanks.
B (4 months ago)
you should encrypt your drives and store them at different locations to be safe. If you talk a lot crypto their could be a chance you get robbed. If your drives are not encrypted and get stolen your screwed. its the same as storing bunch of cash under your mattress.
B (4 months ago)
I shouldn't have posted that first response and i am glad you called me a jerk so i gave a better explanation :)
ilovemusicsomuch (4 months ago)
B Understood, B. I’m sorry if I broke some sort of crypto protocol. I am just trying to learn. But of course I see your point and will make it a point to google first and only ask questions after I’ve exhausted my own research attempts. Thanks for responding...and I apologize for calling you a jerk.
B (4 months ago)
if you google veracrypt first thing pops up is "Download VeraCrypt for free. Open source disk encryption with strong security for the Paranoid. VeraCrypt is a free disk encryption software brought to you by IDRIX" that literlarly takes 2 seconds to do and answer your question. if you google usb encrypt wallet ore someting you get tons of guides on how to do it. How are you gonna research coins if you cant take a min to figure something easy out like this. If your read a white paper their will be tons of technical terms you never heard about and are way more complex. how you gonne do that if you ask everything in youtube comments. Crypto is all about figuring things out. Its way more useful for me to tell you to learn on your own than answer questions like that. Sorry if i came off offensive but please DYOR
ilovemusicsomuch (4 months ago)
B : Whoa! I ‘shouldn’t be in crypto’? Everyone has to start somewhere and if I didn’t want to get into crypto I wouldn’t be here. If you aren’t up for helping out new people and/or just answering a simple question, maybe YOU shouldn’t be here. What a jerk you are.
B (4 months ago)
maybe you could do 2 seconds of research and figure out its a open source software and how it works. If you can"t figure shit like this out you prob shouldn't be in crypto sorry.
omarleslilas (4 months ago)
Cryptowallet24 grosse arnaque
Sarah Walker (4 months ago)
I did that same thing. I bought a new Chromebook for crypto only. Then bought a Ledger Nano. I'll look at stuff on the other computers, but only move money and coins on the new machine.
Richard Ruzanka (4 months ago)
Hey did you see the Ethos sneak peek video that just came up on YouTube? It looks like a pretty slick video! Hopefully the actual Ethos gig is just as cool. CYC!
SierraRhino (4 months ago)
I see a BTC/ETH flip by the end of March and ETH mooning. That’s when its time to buy BTC, when it’s bleeding in the street.
Ryan Phelps (4 months ago)
I actually went and bought a new laptop, thumb drive today for this reason.
Christopher A (4 months ago)
Sounds like a good idea mate. I am soon going out to buy two USB sticks myself.
Gilian (4 months ago)
I was in the bee token ICO. They warned a couple hundred times about scammers on all their social media and through e-mail. They also said multiple times to check from which adress you got e-mails from and that they would only send e-mails with ONE specific adress. They also said they would ONLY use ONE specific eth adress and the CEO showed the adress on a paper in a video. They said many many times to only use that adress. They also announced about 10 times the max contribution was 0.1 eth, which they also spammed in their Telegram a couple hundred times. Yet people were sending 30 eth to scam wallets. And then afterwards they blame the bee token eventhough they covered all their bases. Their telegram got spammed by scammers, it was ridiculous. They were constantly removing them very fast and eventually just muted the channel. And people were saying they didn't do anything about it. About the same happened with Medicalchain ICO. Telegram spammed by scammers and people complaining just because they didn't get KYC approved and couldn't invest. It's like these ICOs are filled with children who can't be bothered to read a simple e-mail with instructions.
Chris Gipson (4 months ago)
How are you putting wallets on thumb drives? Might be a dumb question but i was under the impression you needed a specific made device like the nanoS
Vintage Souffle, LLC (4 months ago)
Chris Gipson as long as you have your seed and password. If you ever loose your wallet they'll send you another wallet. If you loose the seeds and your private key you are fucked. I keep my seeds and keys elsewhere. Or offsite.
James Read (4 months ago)
Crypto Crow great heads up mate....I received one of their scamming emails after trying to participate in Bee Token...Fortunately I recognized it was scam immediately. I've pasted below to give everyone an idea what to look out for. DO NOT SEND any crypto to this address guys....it is a SCAM!!!!! Image ICO CROWDSALE IS NOW OPEN! After much waiting, The Bee Token is proud to announce that our crowdsale is NOW OPEN! You used this address to register to our newsletter so we thought we'd give you some instructions on how to participate. Firstly, we have modified your contribution maximum limit to be 104.43 ETH so please don't send more than this or you won't be compensated. If you are receiving this email then you are permitted to join the ICO but your contribution limit is only guaranteed for 24 hours so don't miss out! Secondly, to celebrate our NEW partnership with Microsoft thought we'd give you a 100% BONUS on all tokens sent within the next 6 hours. We guarantee that The Bee Token will double in value within 2 months or we'll give you your Ethereum back! Our Ethereum ICO address is: 0xdf1ec2E44a8B1774B068eCfc5EF1c937A86bAf3E Image The ICO sale will close upon reaching our hard cap of 5,000 Ethereum so act fast before we run out of room! Kindest regards, The BeeToken Team
pat mclaughlin (4 months ago)
i agree we need a vid.
CryptoHick (4 months ago)
yea, could you do or recommend video/guide w/some more info? Is there any advantage to the way you're doing it vs a trezor or nano wallet? I have a basic idea but not for 100% and don't want to miss anything and or eff up..thanks!
Olivier Santos (4 months ago)
Hi there, to start i really want to appreciate all the content you share to all of us, you are a big reason why i got into crypto at the end of December. I know you are really busy but could you one of those days make a video to show how you back up crypto into thumb drives cause i got no idea and i ve tried to look around for videos but don t fine any. Thank s again and crow your coins!
paul lindsay (4 months ago)
I saw someone with your name and picture trying to scam people in the comments on other YouTubers channels. I also got one of those scam emails too from the fake crow.
paul lindsay (4 months ago)
Crypto Crow I saw your video like two days before I got the email. Knew it was a scam beforehand. Keep up the great videos bud.
erick zavala (4 months ago)
Thoughts on zouk coin ico? It's basically another bitconnect they claim they have lending ready blah blah blah looks like a scam imo
Rocket (4 months ago)
Hi Crow, How do you feel about Coin/Token wallets that are offered through there websites? Is this just for staking purposes?...or Can I download them onto a desiginated laptop and leave them on there?
Ryan Flannery (4 months ago)
Hey Jason, love your videos. Keep em' coming!
Brad Luscher (4 months ago)
Ledger needs to manufacture faster! Do you use and trust Daedalus?
edoardo barzano (4 months ago)
Crypto Crow bit slow dl the blockchain but great wallet.
Commando Master (4 months ago)
Great mic. Bitcoin keeps crashing! Panic sell all your coins!
Holti holti (4 months ago)

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