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Crypto Pump & Dump Scams Vs High Risk Investments - Oyster Pearl VS Aeron Coin

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Join me, CryptoBobby, Cryptobud, CryptoLove & the cryptonaugts at NAC3 New York 2/24/18 https://nac3.io The Alt-coin market has been booming. Here's how I separate the hype from the project with potential.
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Ali Alijh (4 months ago)
Nice video 0xbbcd26d93fb0f09136acb68949cef102175b0702
Michael Neugebauer (5 months ago)
Bought oyster pearls for 90 cents.... we will see what happen :)
Krlos Fndz (6 months ago)
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narmatha m (6 months ago)
hi david thx from india. i am a subscriber of ur channel. many thanks for your unbiased information about cryptos
Maji (7 months ago)
Join our pump&dump discord server https://discord.gg/Kkxq2CC If you don't trust it, just watch what coin we announce without risking anything, and see for yourself
David Alvarez (7 months ago)
Hey David great content, and great comments from some folks. I'm learning a lot through your channel. Hopefully I'll become a wiser investor. 0xBc6ac5903A649ad3e0E7b696e51E7C091FFbAe25
Kalinka Pajvanska (7 months ago)
Thank for the comparison. I found a video explaining Oyster (and 2 other Altcoins) quite well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMvuQ1-x154&t=977s My ETH address: 0xab9F1B3f6d3D0C5Bf06B4f74173aD1EF1aE7935a
Thang HoangMinh (7 months ago)
Thank David, another excellent video as always. 0x4c77046444573652c64f5a555aF6b34039dD7ab9
Juan Vincentelli (7 months ago)
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Sergio Alcaraz (8 months ago)
Why Aeron (ARN) Coin Surged From $1 to $10 https://cryptosumer.com/2018/01/08/why-aeron-arn-coin-surged-from-1-to-10-this-weekend/ For me it is a coin with a lot of potential!!
Sean Conary (8 months ago)
Infact Oyster Perl was a Pump and Dump.
Williams Kang (8 months ago)
Thank you! 0x9d899085FE9022e7989c114930499835466be79B
Sascha Frammelsberger (8 months ago)
Great videos with good informations. Keep the good work up 0xe37b5657a10c4efe71857ba25e18e653b6c1116a
A B (8 months ago)
💰The only group i know that gives coin announcements early and free.. but 2000 members max! https://t.me/AstroPump
Rawderson Amaral (8 months ago)
Smart money is in the house watch out!!!!
Rawderson Amaral (8 months ago)
There is only 3 in one trend and the third is going out of business BTC / ETH XRP OR IOTA THATS IT ANYTHING ELSE IS PUMP AND DUMP
Rawderson Amaral (8 months ago)
How much did they pay you!!!! Oyster was in fact a pump and dump Remember value is in integrity! Don’t let money get to your head. You will end up broke the laws of the universe don’t fail.
Rocket Pumps (8 months ago)
join our crypto pump group on telegram 'rocket pumps inc' t.me/rocketpumpsinc
Owe-Martti Lemsalu (8 months ago)
Sumak (8 months ago)
interesting point of view, I love cons more than pro 0x8f1e035B94b04c819b78ED9e0ED5aa9a997C5c8c
Praise and Love (8 months ago)
David, what do you think of masternode coin Digital Price (DP)?
Michael DiSalvo (8 months ago)
Hi David. Thanks for helping me understand scams and cryptos better. Michael 0xd2abc1779aaea3cca23f12558133356559abbdf9
Nathan Spencer (8 months ago)
Thanks for the great video! 0x0fcf2187eb3827bc6913dba04c09764f2dc888c5
f nh (8 months ago)
Arn is not a scam, pay attention will moon soon , whales are buyng it massively will 1000% soon
f nh (8 months ago)
* speculative move* BUY ARN AERON NOW GUYS this Token on FEB will accord with Aviation's lobby , I'm allin with 10.000 $ ,1000% soon. Don't miss the fucking train.
Q4play (8 months ago)
Hey David, I've been watching you for a little while now and I enjoy your no-nonsense approach to vetting these coins. Keep up the good work! 0x2D76f42d87D54C136C020f9d2492224a056B349e
Julien Rayes (8 months ago)
Based on the website below, you can check if your altcoin will pump today : http://voteforcoins.com
G poppy (8 months ago)
maybe facebook is interested in this technology, with recent news. maybe just what zuck is looking for.. any thought
takayna (8 months ago)
i live how relax he is, you simply just never read off his face if he is losing or gaining . +1 love. 0x22A80684Ea471e4b7f4F5412269161023e66D5cA
Crypto Investor (8 months ago)
Michael Tadela (8 months ago)
nice video 0x93ab5fd9D1885BeAC0F52419BB3333d74748be06
Justin 432 Hz (8 months ago)
Thanks, I do have some 77 Aerons...... 0x0D777D6dCADF734c0Ca5e875f9D551166a2D81e5
Anddres Torres (7 months ago)
Upon negotiations with the major European airline, it was agreed to proceed with MoU to define partnership framework. Under terms of the NDA we can’t disclose more details. The team will spare no effort to conclude the pivotal deal #arn #aeron #btc #eth #Ethereum #bitcoin arn to moon now :)
Justin 432 Hz (8 months ago)
Not really, the market seems so in trouble with all those bitcoin stories... but I do think that this Aeron (serious or not) can attract some investers or some big companies interest, they can even buy the whole project and built on it....
GameCore (8 months ago)
Justin 432 Hz what do you think buy more ?
Justin 432 Hz (8 months ago)
Yes, shit !
GameCore (8 months ago)
Justin 432 Hz it fell down today ;((
Will Whitaker (8 months ago)
I would love to hear your thoughts on Airswap (AST). Thanks! 0xb1171837C51a4e215957bE01D2596dfb9F9BbE57
The Ongoing Wow (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video :) 0xEC003449D2577A4dFF539f4F6C9a41E95bC4D5AD
Panondras btsms (8 months ago)
1EzjG78gYTomvca33VntLs7JfR8CJJtPdp hi, how many coins did you invest in?
srikanth T (8 months ago)
0xa6fb919b1d4c15eff5e15466da7d38efb8b19b78 send etherium and help for the good cause which helps in developing countries getting out of poverty
Lemon 162 (8 months ago)
Hi David, Thanks for the heads up on Aeron. It's price is going to keep plummeting. 0x5F30094355A1EE71531cA108Cadac4F9b8a1F1Ad Thanks Robert Mangan
Eisen Heim (8 months ago)
David, I work in this industry directly, and directly with logbooks (Not just pilots, aircraft and life support equipment also). I'd love to chat with you about it to give you a little inside look of what we do and how this kind of thing could help.
David Espinel (8 months ago)
This info is really nice! 0x725Fe1d556E7c5D17655bf3Da97d6D63977551B4
Karl Lopez (8 months ago)
Thanks David! Great comparative analysis. 0x794802b11618da63094e10a61e48a24b50f22aff
JJona (8 months ago)
ETH!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your vids 0x0De704532DB8939c942298807b1A7CB59a46f642
ed rhodes (8 months ago)
0xD4C1f2cA8288D94Ce78916bC10abF731D3e0CC5F you are by far the best!
brainfornothing (8 months ago)
I discovered this channel a few days ago and is really professional, nothing like others I saw (and never going to watch again). I'm subscriber now ;) And you are giving 0.1 ETH for a comment ? Here I am ! :D : 0x8013ded99663eda021c19c073f6a16eb9ad93e36 Cheers !
WHOOPS1E (8 months ago)
@David Hay Your opinion about Linda coin? New privacy coin.
Ravindu Samarasinghe (8 months ago)
Good video. Keep them coming David...!!! 0xAa67A3B13EF7408c1EA4a053E1B9F115095f28BB
Crypto Sailor (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge 0xfA95807165B18608806E4e2747C9be78ac6A7b41
Ben Duff (8 months ago)
PRL is looking good. Thanks for the insight! 0xF57e78143b4BcaC8E1248204b328EAAB685646bB
David Bowes (8 months ago)
Hi David. Great video as always. Channel is doing great. Just some feedback - the volume of your intro and outro aren't normalised, so they are much louder than your speech. Means I have to turn the volume up and down during your video.
RicoshetSC (8 months ago)
What do you think of Sether ico 0x9FBc521B55055A7E550bBA32c794bC1D6F0b83Ab
Skerd Luzi (8 months ago)
When will PRL give the lambos? 0xd99De3AF27FA3093dC4c9cc6d418036C1a647056
Brett Wright (8 months ago)
Thanks for reading these whitepapers and giving an executive summary! 0xc19919ef6fe8e0b77798e590cff0eb31dc48eb84
Clifford Jacobus (8 months ago)
Very informative! Thanks for your insight! 0x23eD7f987d16f68A8a6cfaa108F8D7fb548fB4Ab
Mateusz Sobiech (8 months ago)
Hi David. What is your opinion on TNT, QLINK and ESC? Solid teams, great projects. Still low market cap. Thanks
Jacob (8 months ago)
check out OP coin new on Cryptopia
daniel cook (8 months ago)
THE. FREAKING. MAN. Thanks for all your knowledge David. 0xaBdf75D314E497dac0C9879cdA80773126Cf2ff3
Tomek Wrzeszczyński (8 months ago)
Great video. Thx to it, I wouldn't buy Aeron. 0xd535103ff06eeb9f22ad91e3db252c65d8429404
Part Time (8 months ago)
Selling Furniture (8 months ago)
Thanks David! great videos and info. 0xf6b99171A16e770dBD8E3f64BD9c9A56771C9558
Uncle grumpy (8 months ago)
good learning experience 0xbb7049EaA30d420524F1EaB855D37a8CAA875A8e
Floris (8 months ago)
excellent analysis, nice to see some actual thought on youtube, thank you
TheLyricallyTuned (8 months ago)
Why not come to Wellington, New Zealand on your BlockChain tour!? Hahah
pacificcoast (8 months ago)
The sad thing is, that despite your measured approach in analyzing Aeron, it'll still pump 100x-200x. 0x0aB14311bfBd85ebAA1f51439f7e0a1044241d0a
andtga1 (8 months ago)
https://discord.gg/XHtqmZ huge gains
kaien97 (8 months ago)
Haha I'm really confused by the rise of Aeron as well... 0x4101aeBb13Ef94725700E7e950A8905944e5B599 Thanks!
toowelly (8 months ago)
Love youre Content, keep going =) 0x4fe1aD14A13189f2a725a4A64b96d04FcA907D35
Vaqaas Mohbat (8 months ago)
Brilliant token - win win for all 0xbfe40d5ae8521020cad8120f17fe9fa085acbbb3
Rock Solid Properties (8 months ago)
thanks for the valuable analysis...you are a great resource 0xfb6C7Db89cb45bd0f597A4B20ad956c588AeA64C
garreth davis (8 months ago)
excellent work
Andreas (8 months ago)
You forgot to mention that you can buy trips and accessories at aerotrips for Aeron tokens.
Emily (8 months ago)
Excellent vid as usual. Thanks 0x2bC6e42008f4112AEAc9b942c33b0cF3BdaDC6e2
Kevin Denecke (8 months ago)
Thanks. Interesting video! 0x4c785604c50D1d2A4D7c9D9951C86bd05D5767B6
Alon Na (8 months ago)
How do you think the lightning network will effect bitcoin? 0x36E7D503915A8F3b08289d72B209Defb7940Ec2d
BIITR INC (8 months ago)
Great advice and I hope people will invest in reading up and believing in the technology of these crypto companies. 0x9F1414F1441361b54497Fc2468a62276d3f0C968
Mükremin İncedağ (8 months ago)
I hope it doesn't continue as IOTA did, 0xa59e82917643f84232d6fc8b62e8a24ee27c5a2c
Mükremin İncedağ (8 months ago)
I hope it doesn't continue as IOTA did,
Ian Enero (8 months ago)
Hi i just found out about your channel, you got nice videos and analysis on the different coins.. thanks for reviewing my lovely PRL (oyster pearl) :) 0x96dc35eba7383b00ce51585eea88e031a3ede3c9
Peter Walker (8 months ago)
Pearls of Wisdom! 0x7960685a57Cf0AEa79DEF8908CDCad0C4133C6c8
Peter Walker (8 months ago)
Pearls of wisdom
Rado (8 months ago)
Thanks for the videos! ETH: 0xdE9C3287D923D02D57E01e6a99D1c0406fc1936c
Nikolaos Armenis (8 months ago)
Loving your stuff man! Go aussie go
faress (8 months ago)
Thank you for explaining this. 0xdd951404bb9ef354dadf0fe76c40cfc6343b700e
Froken Firklover (8 months ago)
Thanks David for explaining these coins. It seems like Aeron unfortunately is trying to force a new solution for a problem which the aviation industry doesn't recognize they have. This is a typical recipe for adoption resistance. 0xD16F878e161504357b02Ed113d27C955661655a6
Karim Jovian (8 months ago)
When are you guys coming to New York?!?! Would love to attend your event! 0x6A55cF9a9F42b1296F9a07722d0fcF26B17C05a5
Nikita Bobyshew (8 months ago)
Nice vid %) 0x6A6eAf933Ac55e5bAb0a537a8556A1d4Bd52592c
Biso Kunwar (8 months ago)
Please sign up on Kucoin to buy Oyster Pearl , hottest crypto right now https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1y3Pt
TheKeyboardPacifist (8 months ago)
I appreciate you breaking down that shoddy whitepaper for us! 0x5e4715A9030240C11059EFF24F65A901A5773971
TeamDM24 (8 months ago)
Check out SNC (SunContract)! I think it’s a great long term investment. Low market cap with a lot of room to grow. Also it is a good energy project and a great platform! Please look into it!!!!
Ian Enero (8 months ago)
Vee (8 months ago)
Love your energy! Thanks for the giveaway and the info :) 0x0060c23d343c6e3ab31fdd9820f795f827d8ef9e
Michelle (8 months ago)
Awesome thanks! 0xCD60c89CB7C874922261F111402f5D0Bfbca37EF
Dennis O (8 months ago)
Love your channel! 0x2a17A1D0A89CB3D43701fd38C6d3BE8880406370
garretlim (8 months ago)
good job breaking down the new cryptos out there 0x30f3B019f9eA12E3bF4cf36e0DA6e74534a14B18
Roy McGregor (8 months ago)
favourite crypto guru on the block ,,,thanks for th tips m8 0x12962beDA7f45DEeeA8c0Bc5e135588caC043C7e
Kiwi Puff (8 months ago)
Cheers David, good research 0xEB4B94FED687e0E839F253dC10E30b6d7317b1FF
Caleb Smith (8 months ago)
Keep the good work up! 0x7AC82cc6dEBe4046F1ea9d99EdBA45417694394a
Rohan Bhatore (8 months ago)
Great show David. You are really Helping the crypto community become a saner place 0x2013Cef7262cA5DF8C2C55D6d6c4c5245b76EEa6
Allan S. (8 months ago)
Look this people, is CEO http://naviny.by/rubrics/mobile/2003/05/20/ic_articles_127_143651
Lisa Lowery (8 months ago)
Meshud Ahmed Djamil (8 months ago)
Thnks david for sharing as ussual! 0x3d78fede5f18f785c6376cace6008a52f48d0e16
CJ Kirk (8 months ago)
love the new music but doesn't seem to match with you. I think when you put out a video rapping over it, it will more more sense
Matt Davey (8 months ago)
Tres interessant 0x18909814FFac01B9Ed180E8037448B4D89930fA9

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