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My top 5 safest long term Cryptocurrency investments

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💰 These 5 Cryptocurrencies & many more available with Coinspot in Australia https://www.coinspot.com.au?affiliate=CYTZX Learn Cryptocurrency Invesment Fundamentals with me in the highest rated course on Udemy https://goo.gl/3o1m1b Check out Independent Reserve for BTC, ETH and BCH https://www.independentreserve.com?invite=JTRUFT Trade alt-coins on the Binance exchange https://www.binance.com/register.html?ref=10202857 Keep your cryptos safe with a Nano Ledger S https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/0a40 Social Media Twitter https://twitter.com/Cryptos_Aus Steemit https://steemit.com/@cryptowithbeau LBRY @cryptowithbeau 📩 For business enquiries, contact us at https://cryptocurrencyaus.com/contact/ Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser, nor am I an accountant. This is my personal opinion based on my own experience and interpretation. Everyone is responsible and accountable for their own research and financial decisions they make. Referral and affiliate links do earn me commissions but they are products or services I personally use and I would not endorse if I did not believe in them. Cheers :)
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Cryptocurrency Australia (10 months ago)
💰 These 5 cryptos and more available in Australia with CoinSpot; https://www.coinspot.com.au?affiliate=CYTZX. 📚 My simple registration guide for CoinSpot can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwztdDEJjKU 📚 Want to learn more about Cryptocurrencies? My Udemy course is rated 4.7 out of 5 on Udemy and is just $29. https://www.udemy.com/buying-and-investing-in-cryptocurrencies-for-australians/?couponCode=CRYPTOAUSCOURSE 🔒 Keep your cryptos away from hackers. Get a Ledger hardware wallet at https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/0a40 💻 My simple setup guide for the Ledger Nano S can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwWr9RT0nN4
cryptoslice (11 months ago)
yes. watch out for those fees tho
Jillian Windshuttle (11 months ago)
does coinspot sell omisego
Christopher John (11 months ago)
Man your channel has absolutely exploded!! Congrats
Michael Sebastian (11 months ago)
Hey mate any updates on coinspot? Getting a error 502
Tech Tinker Tutorials (19 days ago)
Market conditions and price aside (i know this video is over a year old) do you think the fundamentals for NEO and OMG are still strong or are there new contenders that stand over of these?
adrianmxmx (2 months ago)
NEO is on sale. Def a great coin to hold/ ETH actually sucks. My reason, if you push billions for DApps off eth, this does not make sense from an investor standpoint. From an ENG standpoint, efficiency is not there when the input do not meet outputs. How many users use DApps overall? I am an engineer, and if we placed in that amount; that company would be closed with many out-of-the-money investors.
adrianmxmx (2 months ago)
Great content. I thought 10x was over due to credit cards deny's?
Ross Griffiths (2 months ago)
Genesis Mining is the best cloud mining service, you can check them out on their website or youtube. Use this code: 1hjKkR for 3% off your cloud mining contracts :)
osdinapetries (4 months ago)
For long investment only XRP
Peter Beeren (5 months ago)
Thank you, great, just loose the "music"
willpower242 (6 months ago)
willpower242 (6 months ago)
crypto D (7 months ago)
Unless I understood your video incorrectly, but Ledu is a coin backing a long term project.. Which is supposed to be on that list
mussaddiq husain (8 months ago)
Siacoin and dgb?
Jason Anselmo (9 months ago)
Bitcoin is a scam. Its a high tech Ponzi scheme just like Bernard Maddoff scam. If you are a smart investor you should cash out as early as you can. Its a ticking time bomb. Tic tac tic tac...
Jeffries (10 months ago)
Can someone answer me this..if Bitcoin will always be king exactly why ? transactions and technology is outdated ,its slow ,mining cost the earth .......why will it always be number 1 ? it confuses me....sorry but i am still learning pretty much and would enjoy your opinions
Carole J. Buckley (9 months ago)
SupaKet would you want to give it a try?
Jeffries (9 months ago)
There is something that i should have noticed before as well .If Bitcoin was allowed to simply drown itself under its own steam and stress ,lose and die status as perceived as a definite case of being in palliative care ,it wouldn't give great hope or credibility to the new wave off coins maybe.I say this but it's still not really convincing me ..
Jeffries (9 months ago)
Carole J. Buckley i am sorry i don't use that . I mostly Facebook or Youtube really .I dont Twitter as well.Where else can we chat ?
Jeffries (9 months ago)
I may re post to Reddit or i hope to join Steemit as well maybe .
Crypto Charicema (10 months ago)
Hi all, Just launch my first Crypto Channel Based in Townsville, Australia. I’m giving away $100 (AUD) worth IN BITCOIN BY following the steps on my first video. Thanks for the support.
Melbourne Shorts (10 months ago)
Hi mate,  I'm trying to day trade crypto in australia. Do you know of any?  I opened coinbase dropped in $100 then tried to transfer to GDAX - bang. i can't trade in my region. Do you know of any trading applications i can use in australia?  Thanks mate
Gary Scalf (10 months ago)
lGreat channel and the research info you provide , also love the background music, you ought to keep it.
Natalija Boka (10 months ago)
Crypto Australia, would you agree that investing in Platforms and not Coins is a potentially a better idea on a long run?
Spoolin Shawn (10 months ago)
wow all of these were winners since the time of this video!
Raymond Garcia (10 months ago)
Excellent video. I appreciate the time you put into this. I believe in crypto wholly and excited to be involved in your top 3 coin choices. You have been correct so far.
ser6791 (10 months ago)
Investments are a part of many peoples life! Everyone wants to raise some money by investing in a project. I can recommend one really good project which worths everyone attention! The name is TokenGo and the idea of this project is firstly to help people to start their own blockchain based project with their own crypto! All this with minimal expenses. And secondly, on this platform will be also avaible mining! It is the first platform which combine such a opportunities! Now is the presale period. Join!
Juan (10 months ago)
What if i buy a bunch of each of the discussed cryptos and hold them for a couple/few years ?
scribble6766 (10 months ago)
Does anyone know how to change crypto back as fiat into the bank account, for instance ANZ? Seems our Aussie banks don't really like this exchange.
scribble6766 (10 months ago)
I reckon litecoin is a good investment. I know it went down the last couple of weeks, but I strongly believe it's going to turn out well.
Nice video
cryptoslice (11 months ago)
Your videos are good i have a long way to go :S.
cryptoslice (11 months ago)
Go litecoin and ethereum
jewerly design group (11 months ago)
NEOGOLD IS BACK. You have been warned the time is now.
Lukeylukason (11 months ago)
Great info mate, Cheers! Would you still stand by these 5 since the video was made 4 months back?
Cryp2Day (11 months ago)
Red Pulse was already on my list but your video rocks mate. Check out my video about Bounty! It's a really really great concept! <3 Love
Orie Lawrence (11 months ago)
Michael Bell (11 months ago)
Can you do a full review on Decred? They have a PoS system and governance. Thanks
Harpreet Singh (11 months ago)
Thanks for making this video
ajay trivedi (11 months ago)
nice video bro thumbs up u have really knowledge can u please give your view on bitcoin cash,btg,stellar and on nebulas? thank you
Ewan Yeo (11 months ago)
TenX is an awful choice! Hosp's complacency has cost the company valuable first mover market lead against competitors like Monaco and Centra who have gained the upper hand. Also there is no denying the fact that TenX has slumped from a market cap position of 14 to current 88th spot. It won't even be in the top 100 in a week. The death blow it just received from Wavecrest makes their cards currently unusable! TenX is far from safe in fact it's one of the most high risk gambles you can make in cryptocurrency.
Raelene Parker (11 months ago)
Very informative vid. Thanks for your efforts.
Tina Fosse (11 months ago)
Yes: Cryptocurrencies changed my life too. Thank you for your easy to understand and follow, well made and passionate clips.
Kousha Kousha (11 months ago)
Thumbs up mate. I wish I had watched this in November last year
frances amélie (11 months ago)
And what do you think about ripple ?
vlcturbz (11 months ago)
Which brokers do you recommend for Australians doing bitcoin?
Agustin nava rodriguez (11 months ago)
how can i buy ripple or ADA in australia coinspot is not working properly please make a video about that.
Linda Mills (11 months ago)
I like your highly insightful, simply explained and professionally presented presentations! I also like the fact you can see you versus just a voice over. because you are quite cute...
Rebecca Clarke (11 months ago)
Thank you so much for the great basic explanation. I am a Crypto Dummy, just starting out, reading & researching and then taking it all in to make decisions. Your channel is honest and simple and I am off to watch more
Abdul Waseem (11 months ago)
Good stuff jus add ripple and cardano and ltc
Mark Gibbs (11 months ago)
Can you help me please i have set up my coin base account i live in Perth Australia and my WEEKLY limit is only set at $250.00 a week how can i increase the limit please. What can i do???????
andrew french (11 months ago)
safest investments right now are the privacy coins, for obvious reasons. and my pick for the safest privacy coin would be Deeponion. take a look for your selves as thats always the best thing to do. but do have a look at it. it's gaining support at a fast rate at the moment
Hafeezur Rehman (11 months ago)
0x62C71A804Ba92A94466c879BaBdD19a899Cc32dd Is there anyone who can reward me some ethereum . Thanks
Paul D (11 months ago)
Worst decision of 2017, selling my OMG for $8
Daclaem Toth (11 months ago)
buy back at 20$ ; you ll be good at the end of the year
Nicole Chan (11 months ago)
"...a medical doctor..speaks 4 languages...a very very smart guy" gotta say I begin to doubt your video when I got to this.
Mohd Sukor Mohd Razaly (11 months ago)
cardano the best top speed market capital . 12 billion only take 80 day!!!!!!
Mohd Sukor Mohd Razaly (11 months ago)
cardano lunch 29/9/2017 today 21/12/2017 just 80 day market capital cardano rise up to USD 12 billion cardano market capital 12 billion just 80 day bitcoin need 6 year Erthereum need 2 year
Mohd Sukor Mohd Razaly (11 months ago)
year 2017 top big profit Erthereum neo ripple iota ada year, 2018 ada iota neo Erthereum ripple tron lisk
Imtiaz Ali (11 months ago)
Hi, what's the best crypto exchange to buy Ripple, IOTA and Bitcoin Cash except for the Coinspot since I haven't been verified yet. Any help would be highly appreciated! :)
AMIT Patel (11 months ago)
very well done video to the points. You got a new member now :)
The art of competition (11 months ago)
why do you think pump and dump is immoral ?
Mujtaba Mehmood (1 year ago)
If you really wanna millionaire.. buy Cindicator (CND) .. see their project and idea. Their app is live since last two years and they have got significant funding from Institutional investors. Other huge potential currency is QASH.
saba fayaz (1 year ago)
Interesting update about future investment. Every crypto currency increase now a days,in my opinion deeponion is a better option for investment, it's an anonymous crypto currency. And a better option for investor to invest. Deeponion increase gradually,and it's a good thing.
yitzhak Abecassis (1 year ago)
Blackcoin will make it in 2018
Keanu Quirk (1 year ago)
Mate thank you so much for making these absolute world class videos... your passion and authentic vibes is seriously motivating. POWERFUL
mosako 9990 (1 year ago)
No 1 best buy before new year 2018 ADA End 2018 ADA toich USD 1,000
Dodahbay (1 year ago)
XzodiaLord (1 year ago)
Really enjoyed your video mate, very in-depth as compared to some other reviewers, who have good crypto pics as well but don't delve into detail and fundamentals as thoroughly as you have done. I recently got into cryptocurrencies, thinking about them a little too much as well, I feel you! It's a very exciting and innovative space.
Thanks! :)
lotjeboerboel (1 year ago)
Nice down to earth video and clear explanation. Nice to watch and thanks for sharing. I hodl 4 out of your top 5 coins for the mid/ longterm. What I'm missing in your video are the anonymous crypto currencies. In my opinion, as governments are creating rules / legislation to gain controll in the crypto world, we will see a big shift to anomymous cryptocurrencies. I'm hodling 2 of those for the mid/ long term. First the most Obvious, which is monero. Monero has growing adoption and is at this moment the most anonymous of the top 5 anonymous crypto currencies. Next to monero I think that DeepOnion has a great future ahead. As far as i can judge, DeepOnion is the most anonymous due to native TOR integration and and they have great features coming and the most active community. If development team is able to deliver according to roadmap, then they will be able to compete with Monero in the mid/long term. I would love to see you do a video on anonymous cryptocurrencies. keep up the good work !
George K (1 year ago)
vbuterin 23 points 21 days ago I did not buy any tokens. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consider this before you buy TenX tokens guys.
George K (1 year ago)
Vitalik is not longer exist as an investor on TenX
Osama Khalique (1 year ago)
Its a very informative and good video, really liked it, but how would you rate deeponion?
Zmerol (1 year ago)
I've just recently gotten into cryptocurrencies and trough different channels in youtube as well as reading as much as I have been able to these are exactly the coins I've put my money in. but i decided to invest at DEEPONION this crypto is higly secured and 100% anonymous coin , the community is very active as well as the developers and moderators . The project have a big potential and explode soon.
Ali Hassan (1 year ago)
i dont hold any bitcoins or other major crypto currency . but i sold my bitcoins and bought DEEPONION after researching the deeponion and i am sure DeepOnion future is promising. i invested in it about one month ago and i am in good profit. DeepOnion has wallet connected with TOR network making transactions secure. DeepSend is the major feature of Onions waiting for its release
Mark Dom (1 year ago)
I like the style of your video. I agree that Ethereum is one of the safest long term investment and for me, It should be number 1. Ethereum is back by many giant companies like microsoft which is why it will be successful in the long run. Hey, recently I found a good coin which I think has a potential, it is called DeepOnion. It is a cryptocurrency who uses TOR which explains why it is fast and anonymous. Would be cool if you check this out.
amit kumar (1 year ago)
Nice video but i think you should also consider deeponion coins in your list to invest for safest long term cryptocurrency. This coin shows good result in short duration after its launch.
repenta carry (1 year ago)
i have gained another knowledge in the cryptowolrd this video can help many people
Ldane Qubain (1 year ago)
Cant say the same but i think you got some good speculation on your own coin to invest. I had invested in some coins with just the guidance of random users but it did not work out. I missed out a lot of great coins for long term because of wrong people to listen to. Right now i am investing in deeponion and so far im positive to its success. Try adding it on your list if your encounter it.
FreeganMexico (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for your point of view mate, I think I will have to thoroughly review each of them because I have not seen some of them as the most popular options among different specialists, and it is always good to expand the landscape of options to invest. I am also investing in the popular Iota and Cardano, and recently I have included DeepOnion in my portfolio, because it seems to me that for the interesting roadmap they have and the work that the team of developers is doing to offer an interesting product, that altcoin is very undervalued and I would expect a big growth of DeepOnion for 2018. Any opinions?
kyle jao (1 year ago)
i like how you explain everything in this video hope i could do what you are doing right now :)
Oyewale Alabi (1 year ago)
Thanks for your amazing work all the time. I agree with your submissions on this, but what do you think of deeponion? It's also a good cryptocurrency with a deal of potential. It's also a coin that is good for hodling for a long term because it's gonna be a boom soon. This is still the right time to buy it as the price is still below 5$
lz dong (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing the video. What do you think of deeponion? I feel good. 2018 hopeful Have a chance. Can video chat this.
rui wang (1 year ago)
Bitcoin is not anymore a good currency to invest as due to large number of people and experts keep saying about the downfall. However, I solely believe that new coins such as DeepOnion can take the lead by 2018. So I have invested in that. Overall a good video you've earned my subscribe
Curt Schwarz (1 year ago)
Wish I watched this back in August !
Great video man. I believe in omg as well. I have always wantes to get into it. I finally did last night. Another coin you should really look into is DeepOnion. Its a privacy coin that has great unique features and great actice dev team. The community is rapidly expanding. Deeponion currently very undervalued
DAILY TRADER (1 year ago)
Best advice for 2018: Invest now in altcoins and DIVERSIFY! my top 5 LIST: litecoin ether deeponion dash bitcoin gold
何源彬 (1 year ago)
Very informative video. Due to the Bitcoin insane fees, I think Litecoin will continue to grow. One should also consider the anonymous cryptos, like DeepOnion. It is natively running on the TOR network and is also growing fast ?
Mario Rossi (1 year ago)
Yo man, nice video and great channel!! I'm quite new about this world, why don't you make an entire video about DeepOnion? DeepOnion is a quite new stuff that is focused on security, and all the transaction uses tor blocks. Is pretty awesome, and his value is increasing really fast!!
Tam Dc (1 year ago)
Nice video! Subscribed! My question is if I do not want to be safe because high profit comes with high risk. I want to invest some new coin, some potential coin. Nowadays I see many people on social network talk about the anonymous coin, which can help us with untraceable payment: DeepOnion but I'm not good at technical then I don't know what is this feature, what is different between that coin than others? Can you make a video of this coin or some coin are anonymous? Thank you :D
尘土 (1 year ago)
I like DeepOnion very much, how many USD do you think the onions will rise to?
kaikai wang (1 year ago)
Thanks Beau ,Have you ever heard of Deeponion?Deeponion is really popular recently. Is it worth investing in?
Jack Burton (1 year ago)
That's a good list man..but i would have added IOTA and LTC too...and i would also focus on some outsiders..i mean some coins that don't have a huge marketcap yet but that still have lots of potential..for instance recently i have discovered a new privacy coin named DeepOnion...this coin works over the TOR network so every transaction is completely anonymous and secured...DeepOnion is growing fast..almost 3$ at the moment..an it has got a very low supply..only 25.000.000 Onion in total...i think it's a very good investment at the moment..
Jefferson Dizon (1 year ago)
Informative and a really great video. Subbed to channel and liked the video. You got me there :D. I like all of your 5 coins to be invested. Please also considered my top anonymous coin to be hodl for long term investment which is the Deep Onion. I keep an eye on this project because i saw its roadmap which is really great. Added to this, its uses TOR blockchain network to make untraceable payment transactions. Also the DeepVault feature for file integrity. Hope you will create a video about it someday.
Cant Decide (1 year ago)
Hey, thanks for your insight! WIsh I would have seen your video some months before :/ I would definitly have bought OMG then. I was thinking about it so often. Same with TenX and Neo, but as a crypto newbie at that time I wasn't able to see how much potential there was/is. Recently I am still searching for undervalued coins and with it I was thinking what could be a game changer in 2018. WIth more regulations on the raise I think anonymous coins could be a big game changer in 2018. So I looked in different ones and stumbled about DeepOnion, really undervalued in my opinion currently. There is a big community forming around this coin and it already made a nice price raise from .50$ to more then 4$, currently at around 2.5$ or so. But still, the coin is young and has nice features coming up, so could be really big one in 2018.
Ellie Collins (1 year ago)
Great vid! Cant help hitting the like button for this. You can also add DeepOnion on your list. Its one of the best privacy coins Im looking into now. Comparing it to other privacy coin, deeponion offers anonymity to transactions (regardless which one) over the TOR network and a very good feature called deepvault which lets u store documents on the blockchain. This is a sure major player by 2018
Ethin 9 (1 year ago)
Hello! You made a very good Video! Good to hear you from Australia and i hope to visit there one day. I find your Top 5 suggestions very useful. What do you think about the DeepOnion project? Comparing to those you mentioned, I think in these days we really need a good privacy coin that can protect ourselves better. I know the crypto world is changed, a lot of manipulations and cyber attack...How many Ethereum hacks happened this year? Anyway, thanks very much for sharing informations and i really hope to see your comment and future video of the DeepOnion project.
Stuart Dobson (1 year ago)
What actually is a Mechanical Technical Engineer?
Stephen Pillay (1 year ago)
Well done mate...you are legend!
Robbbyg (1 year ago)
Thanks for passing on your knowledge subscribd ☺
Inception1338 (1 year ago)
Hi! I would like to know what is your opinion on iota ?
Eddie Sanders (1 year ago)
You've got my support. Exciting times! Thank you.
Noas Art Music (1 year ago)
nice video, contains some knowledge that can help some people out. But can anonymous altcoints be considered a sleeping giant? All coins claim to be anonymous but there are only a view cryptos that are more anonymous then others. Like DeepOnion for example with 100% untraceable payments and highly secure transactions through TOR network. in my opinion thats what people want so has the potential to be a sleeping giant. But again, great video, we need more!
I think neo is better than others. It cost 39.6 usd. I have one suggestion. Deeponion. It is very promising. Tor integrated, Untraceable and anonymous. They have projects like deepvault deepsend. No ico. Coins are distributed through 40 airdrops. Whats your opinion? Just give it a try.
janu garman (1 year ago)
nice investment plan of these cryptocurrencies. all are good in there way. So what do you think about deeponion and investment in it. As a matter of privacy, this currency is best of all. and i have invested in it weeks ago and i am in 200 percent profit. what do you say about deeponion?
Meenu Thakur (11 months ago)
janu garman a
Ojetade Abiola (1 year ago)
I think with these video, i will make a wise decision on which Crypto currency i can make a long term investment. However, i have embarkec on a long term investment in DeepOnion. It is an anonymous crypto currency that has a high market value prospect. A crypto currenct that could boast of a $4 value at its peak. Investing in this coin will thrive positively and profitably on a long term investmenr. Its TOR network enhance security of your payment and privacy without being traced.
happenedtomorrow (1 year ago)
Great video and new subscriber here! I dont understand why people only hodl Bitcoin or Litecoin still today when other coins performs much better Roi since Ico or Roi/Time. Decentralization with blockchain technology are still evolving and they need to change to survive. But this change will not get around privacy concerns, that's why my main focus is on privacy and anonymity in financial transaction. We have some solution on the market but the newest is DeepOnion and it's much more better: invest today in anonymous cryptocurrency, innovative, cutting edge technology (TOR network based) with a vision to change our future and push the privacy to the next level.
Derek Jameson (1 year ago)
I really like your top 5 picks. Pretty safe long term. I would add Deeponion to this portfolio cause it is middle cap gem right now. Very big community supporters and true anonymous coin based on TOR network.
Clément (1 year ago)
Hi, I agree with this ranking. After, I think we need to diversify a little more his wallet. Five currencies seem to me insufficient. I have been investing for a few years in the world of cryptocurrencies and I realized that more diversity is needed. 10 cryptocurrency seems fine to me. For example, I recently invested in DeepOnion. I think it's a remarkable technology that offers relevant tools like DeepSend or DeepVault.

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