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Bitcoin News | Joby Weeks Lost $700,000 & BCH Fan Steals A TANK! w/ Roger Ver

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All the latest Bitcoin news, presented this week by Roger Ver, ceo of bitcoin.com and Joby Weeks of BitClub. If you want weekly updates on all the latest bitcoin cash news, developments and announcements make sure you are subscribed. -- Show notes: ► https://coinfundr.co - Crowd funding done right using bitcoin cash ►http://lighthouse.cash/ - Another great decentralised crowd funding application ►https://www.cryptocribs.com/ - Rent apartments/rooms (similar to airb'n'b) but pay with cryptocurrency ►Zencash 51% attack - https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-in-brief-monday-zencash-targeted-in-51-attack-ticketfly-hijacked-for-ransom/ ► Miners Choice Initiative - https://news.bitcoin.com/nchain-coingeek-reveal-miners-choice-initiative-for-bch-dust-limit-and-fees/ ► https://chainfeed.org/ - Chainfeed is a global LIVE newsfeed powered by Bitcoin Cash blockchain. ► https://liberland.org - Learn about Joby Weeks' project Liberland. Free Republic of Liberland (hereinafter “Liberland”) is a sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia on the west bank of the Danube river ► http://cryptonize.it/ - Order anything from an online retailer and pay using bitcoin cash. -- ► Subscribe Now For More Content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCetx... ► Follow us on twitter for moment by moment updates: https://twitter.com/bitcoincom -- ► What is bitcoin? -- Bitcoin is one of the most transformative technologies since the invention of the Internet. Bitcoin.com stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that Bitcoin provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network which empowers people to not be marginalized by governments and financial institutions. Bitcoin is freedom. -- ► Want some free Bitcoin Cash? Grab some from https://free.bitcoin.com/ -- ► Who are we? -- Bitcoin.com is your premier source for everything Bitcoin related. We help you buy, use, and store your Bitcoin securely. You can read the latest news or engage with the community on our Bitcoin forum. We also provide helpful tools and real-time market price and chart information, as well as Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin events information. -- ► Follow Bitcoin.com Here: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bitcoincom Instagram: https://instagram.com/newsbitcoincom/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buy.bitcoin.... Website: http://bitcoin.com Telegram Channel: https://t.me/bitcoin_tv Podcast: https://podcast.bitcoin.com/ Bitcoin Store: https://store.bitcoin.com Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCetx... Topics covered: Bitcoin cash, bitcoin, bitcoin cash jeepney, bitcoin price, crypto show, bitcoin podcast
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mambang berasap (1 month ago)
Bittrex still using bitcoin legacy address... Smh
Ricky Tim (1 month ago)
Haha really I have also hear about Mr Robert on Facebook also it seems his system is working very fine ....
David Tron (1 month ago)
Nice and very informative ,but the question is have you mined with Mr Robert’s mining pool see how profitable it working ?for me with just little contract I can mine higher amount of Bitcoins within a short time with the help of Mr Robert’s Mining strategy and trends .So I recommend you contact him for more info WhatsApp +15186221026
David Tron (1 month ago)
Nice video have anyone heard about Mr Robert mining pool
Chretze (6 days ago)
Just to clarify - There's a big difference between Bitcoin and BitcoinCash
Edward Gutierrez (12 days ago)
Bitcoin Cash has first mover advantage since it’s the one that actually works like cash right now.
shortfu (1 month ago)
All these Bcash shill and #bcash still have less daily transactions than dogecoin. Roger Ver is a fraud.
JJ Nove (1 month ago)
Your a Fan roger listen to yourself your felonies make you narcissistic... asshat keep your nose up lol your a joke
Phil Andrews (1 month ago)
thanks for doing this for the bch community
Sergio Rodriguez (1 month ago)
- without out - absolutely no proof - the guy in this following video is accusing roger ver of price manipulation and insider trading -- check it out - https://youtu.be/KzLM5BlZS8I
cricketkakeeda (1 month ago)
sometimes BCH transaction takes hour hours to confirm.
MORLEY-NATOR (1 month ago)
No mention of the market or when BCH might go up.
Major Baron (1 month ago)
Jobys a riot! Like st Nicklaus....hey is that the capital of Liberians? Jobs your wife’s a saint....may the capital should be st. Stephanie.
Major Baron (1 month ago)
I mean Liberland
Andrew Manley (1 month ago)
Steven Giji (1 month ago)
Bitcoin cash is Bitcoin ? Man you are going back to jail.
O G (1 month ago)
Scam coin
Attila Banovits (1 month ago)
Roger ?!? I have a great question. What’s the difference between a BCH address VS a copay address . For example, as bitpay uses a BCH copay address. And lastly I sent a payment to a BCH address using a BCH copay address, but that address didn’t recognize it
Kiwi AustEcon (1 month ago)
I want uber to accept bch. You already pay via smart phone!!
Nandi Bear (1 month ago)
I like the intro (audio and visuals)! Equally cool is the fact this week's episode of Roger's Bitcoin roundup takes place on a yacht in Monaco, a very cool-looking location! Thanks also for the update regarding Liberland (an island country between Serbia and Croatia). Apparently some energy projects are in the works and citizens might receive something similar to dividends in crypto (from mining activity which will be powered by the energy projects in Liberland!).
tofu1077 (1 month ago)
mary sunshine (1 month ago)
Weeks is a con man and I'm assuming Ver is too or he wouldn't still be associating with the creep.
destinicoach (1 month ago)
"Liberland" is on stolen land.
The Crypto Sphere (1 month ago)
so much shilling lol
Nelson Perez (1 month ago)
The dude has 50M USD in bitcoin mining equipment sitting idle?!
sshawn18420 (1 month ago)
Wow what a good video, Toby makes me laugh when he laughs. Also roger has a great sense of humor also
Tomislav Džepina (1 month ago)
shilling bch :)
Looks like Roger Ver's fruity ass is not interested in what he's saying at all... Probably because Joby didn't call Bitcoin out of it's name. But look how much she talks about BitcoinCore BTCC (the.bitcoincore.cm)...
BCash sucks BitcoinCore is where it's at, https://thebitcoincore.cm
GryMrphY (1 month ago)
Jody sounds like he was sampling some of silk roads products before filming 🤣
Crypto Maniac (1 month ago)
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Edward Patel (1 month ago)
Through the video has a good earning strategy for bitcoin ,but with the mining pool of Mr JOHN HERMAN NEWTON , am making a difference on earning bitcoin , in less than two week am earning 0.5 to 1 BTC with just 0.1 BTC .So i suggest you contact him for more details: ([email protected])
VC-Crypto (1 month ago)
Wow how fake are the positive comments. ..I have to stop watching as well it is so cheesy
Immortal Elf (1 month ago)
Digibyte is a shit load faster than btrash... Buy Digibyte before the moon!!!
cedracine (1 month ago)
JJ Dawson and other crypto kiddies or newbies, here's a little bit of history for you: Bitcoin exists since january 2009. BCash is an Altcoin born from a Non-Consensual Hard Fork off from Bitcoin Aug 1st 2017. Most of Bitcoin ABC code is simply copied from the original Bitcoin code. BCash has been created by Jihan Wu (Bitmain) and Roger Ver so they could continue to abuse the mining efficiency using Covert ASICBoost patented tech by Bitmain on his Antminers which SegWit (softfork consensual upgrade on Bitcoin network) did block! - Any other argument is BULLSHIT! (even those two owners of BCash and their friend Fake Satoshi Craig Wright won't admit) Segregated Witness as well fixed the Transaction Maleability bug, but baby dev at ABC (bcash) stripped it away! I mean BCash transactions can partly be rewritten!!! (Was as well the case/risk with BTC before version 0.15.0!) So Roger Oedipus Ver has the right to pretend building bigger cargo ships to transfer value is better scaling... Bitcoin has chosen to invent the Airplane with second layers solutions to i.e. allow instant and free transactions via Lightning Network (as well as Atomic swaps making Bitcoin, Litecoin and other SegWit enabled coins able to be interoperable/exchangeable). How much does a Levi's jeans cost? Here in Cambodia, the sellers at the market will swear they sell Original Levi's for $5 or 10, they might even have the rivets and all the stickers... but shitty cut and low quality as they are Copies! I personnaly prefer to pay the price for a good looking, good quality original 501 or a unknown brand if it has a decent fit and look. How about you BCashers? - Seems you prefer the cheap, low quality, sold through lies, Pretentious Copy! Up to You! But stop pretending your cheap copy is the real stuff!
Alberto Barreto (1 month ago)
technical analysis with reasoning, it is a matter of taking risks, and learning to make the trade to obtain good profits, is a very high cryptomoney, even if it is not very stable, because of its rise, and its fall
bitcoin.com 6.6k Subs?? Who is this BTC original?
Wynand Olivier (1 month ago)
Here is a question: If Bitcoin Cash surpasses Bitcoin in price value and adoption, will the name chance from Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin and current Bitcoin to Bitcoin Core or will it always stay as Bitcoin Cash BCH?
Wynand Olivier (1 month ago)
So if you could buy Bitcoin at $1000 who won't go all in??? So why don't you just buy Bitcoin Cash!!!!!!
Map to Success (1 month ago)
Bitcoin cash is still strong I could use that 700k that guy lost though good thing he found Bitcoin cash useful after!! 💯💯
Allen Allen (1 month ago)
Someone should assassinate Rodger
Drink Wolf Cola (1 month ago)
he is crypto poison
Sterling Soublet (1 month ago)
I was thinking BCH was Bernarnold from WestWorld. BTC is Ford. Deloris is...Litecoin? 2019 is the end of season one.
Roger, thank you for ALL you do for the Crypto Currency market. We signed up for COINFUNDR as per your recommendation, any support or sharing for our project would be greatly appreciated: http://bit.ly/CoinFundr - Thank you again for ALL you do, Keep mining, investing and sharing the wealth of knowledge my brothers and sisters! If anyone wants to donate to our Christian Outreach ministry and music/book publishing project, please send directly to our BitcoinCash wallet here: qr3sefamq3j7xtl82e4lrtype7n8pnhe6ysgs73hwj - God Bless always and forever!
Paul Maritz (1 month ago)
Awesome stuff! Exciting times. :-)
aKaFlows (1 month ago)
You guys are so insecure about bitcoin cash being better than bitcoin that you have to mention it like 100+ times in one video. bitcoin cash is a temporary solution for cheap transactions. Once lightning network comes out no one will talk about bcash.
Frederik Harmer (1 month ago)
bch for long term richness
YourTV Unplugged (1 month ago)
Hey Roger, these are some truly exciting times right now! Ever since I recognized that BTC had been hijacked I've been all in for Bitcoin Cash! Initially when the fork happened I didn't really know what was going on and I was worried about it, as if BCH was the bad one trying to hurt bitcoin (little did I know then)... And likely I a bit of the propaganda that I had heard I probably bought into it at that time... Well I think it took until around December of last year when the 1MB cap was hit, pending transaction volume hit it's ceiling and fees became so high that I couldn't even send any bitcoin or else I would have basically given it all away just to send the amount I wanted to send (because the fees were even higher than I was trying to transfer). So the money was essentially trapped! That's when I started looking into it more and like wtf I thought they were going to increase the blocksize so this wouldn't of happened what's going on?!! That's when I discovered the truth about BTC's development being hijacked and blocksize artificially limited, and the connections of blockstream to the central bankers, and the censorship and propaganda, etc, etc, and then everything just made sense! The BCH fork was not the one trying to hurt bitcoin, but the exact opposite was the case, it came from people that recognized before even I did all of the above that I mentioned the whole picture. So BCH was the answer to save bitcoin and regain control of it's development back to the people away from the bankers that had seized it purely to limit it's usability and halt it's growth and eventually destroy it altogether! Bitcoin Cash for the win, because BTC has been set up to lose! It's as simple as that BTC can't win because it's been rigged to fail... Bitcoin Cash can't lose, because it's actually usable and is everything bitcoin was meant to be reborn again! They tried to take it away from us, but we just rebuilt it better again! Thank you Roger (and everyone else that made this happen!) for your foresight and doing what needed to be done! So that we can truly make the world a better place, instead of letting bankers keep it as a shitty one that they control and keep shitty intentionally! When we have the tools to improve life for the good people of the planet, then they can't stop us from doing so! :)
aKaFlows (1 month ago)
damn that guy is realy sucking roger's balls to make him like him
D B (1 month ago)
Martin Leaker (1 month ago)
Joby is a shit name! lol sorry!
Giak Q (1 month ago)
I was sceptical about bch for months until I took the blinders off. I decided to investigate what bch was about and after reviewing it (ignoring all the negative talk about it), I came to the conclusion that it was time to invest.
Christopher Harris Jr (1 month ago)
great video, i love the banter you guys are funny
T-Jin (1 month ago)
03:00 what does it matter that it's not here right now lol xD
Matthew Jenkins (1 month ago)
Roger you are one of the great "simplifiers" of our time, it is your superpower, guys like Joby are successful, but they are all over the place and would never be able to sell my dad. But in fairness, I have not sold my dad yet either.
T-Jin (1 month ago)
shitcoin crash
THE TIGERS THIRD EYE (1 month ago)
Is Liberland a crazy free kingdom where everyone drives a tank & crypto rules?
CryptoGame (1 month ago)
As a trader and a data person i am not married to any coin. However when I need to complete a transaction involving sending crypto, i do it via bch. Also the trading volume of bch in a 24 hour period is usually 3x that of btc. This is an indication that bch has more value for daily use than does btc and more potential as a storer of wealth.
YourTV Unplugged (1 month ago)
So Bitcoin Cash is what meets that criteria, since BTC/now just segwit coin which was once usable similarly became totally unusable due to corruption!
YourTV Unplugged (1 month ago)
Yea they've really made BTC unusable, it's likely just whales playing around trading these days on BTC... Where as BCH is actually being used and adopted by more and more people, you know to actually use for what it was meant for, as cash as a real form of currency that is usable for everyday things or big purchases too! You can depend on it... Would you want to depend on a BTC transaction going through? Like Joby I wouldn't want to lose 700k just because the 4m transaction took more than a day to get a single confirmation! Can't use BTC to buy a coffee (without paying a 50-100x fee just so you can pay the shop $5 for your cup of coffee), and can't use it to make a large investment or purchase (without probably losing a bunch of it and having to send more once they eventually get the reduced amount)... So if neither of those things can be used, then what use is it at all? They've completely killed BTC in my mind... So you might just be a trader wanting to profit off any coin that's viable to do so, but a person like me want's sound money that's actually usable for any transactions I may need to make, that I can rely on with the fees being reasonable and the transactions actually going through in a timely manner!
OOO (1 month ago)
BCH to the moon!!!
russell UK (1 month ago)
Thanks for wasting my time on a Bitcoin Cash commercial
The New Beginning (1 month ago)
Roger do you think BTC and BCH can be equally successful as far as mass adoption? Why or why not? Thank you.
YourTV Unplugged (1 month ago)
I think you know the answer to this, but okay: No BTC/segwit coin cannot be equally or anywhere near as successful and likely not successful at all since it's been hijacked and destined for failure. That's because BTC can't be used as cash, so regular transactions are out of the question as the fees are so high that your coin gets eaten up just for sending simple transactions, it literally disappears any time you want to move it. The way bitcoin works is different, the fees are a fluctuating amount based on the current transaction volume, instead of a percentage of what you're sending. So you could end up having to pay a higher fee than the amount you're even trying to send which just isn't fair to anyone and makes it unusable. It also can't be used as a 'store of value' either, because even as highlighted in this video even for transacting with large amounts like Joby says here, he transferred $4million and even payed the high fee and it took so long to confirm he was waiting a whole day and it still didn't get a confirmation that he lost $700,000 while the price dropped just waiting on the transfer to go through. So they've essentially already killed BTC because it's not really usable for any purpose anymore. Bitcoin Cash restored the usability of bitcoin and it's no wonder the world is adopting it by storm now that they're starting to recognize it's actually usable compared to BTC! Why would anyone adopt BTC when you can't use it for anything anymore? In fact since the block size is limited at 1MB last December when it tried to grow when more people were trying to adopt it, they were turned away by the extremely excessive fees because the network was artificially bottlenecked, pending transactions reached the ceiling and confirmations slow and unreliable and fees high... That's the most transactions BTC can do, so how could it ever grow more than that since it's been artificially limited to that cap? If you understand this, then you can understand why Bitcoin Cash is the only valid Bitcoin, the other one isn't good for anything.
Yves Sinkgraven (1 month ago)
You would have to be clinically insane to compare the bitcoin hash rate with bcash rubbish. In one day alone last week the bitcoin network added more mining power than the total bcash mining power. If you pause the frame at 7:01 you can see how the guest is even doubting himself and his integrity going along with these lies. Roger is the worst, in every frame you can see the facial contortions as he lies through his teeth.
Kurdish Investor (1 month ago)
Roger what is your aim?
Kurdish Investor (1 month ago)
Fuck you Roger. Fuck Bitcoin and the Forks. Id rather buy Litecoin. Your community is so divided.
Kurdish Investor (1 month ago)
This is bullshit. How the fuck do you pay the miners BCH for a BTC transaction
Some Guy (1 month ago)
Centralized shit
Marian Murphy (1 month ago)
Mo ElTorky (1 month ago)
Am I the only one that whenever I say Bitcoin Cash I hear it in Roger's voice?
Mo ElTorky (1 month ago)
I've been trying to claim free bitcoin cash for a couple weeks now but keep getting the following message: 'Your account is too new to claim BCH.'
Steve Gurgon (1 month ago)
I had a transaction took a week to go through back in January with Bitcoin on an exchange..was a horrible experience as a newb
YourTV Unplugged (1 month ago)
Yea and that was exactly the point, they liked turning people away from Bitcoin by giving them a bad experience... And hey even if you wanted to stick it out through the bad experience, doesn't matter they limited the cap to 1MB, so the experience with that many people trying to use it at once is the end all be all limit. Why would that be the limit, we know that bitcoin can support way many more people transacting at once, so a 1MB limit is purely malicious plain and simple! It's clearly obvious to anyone that understands how it works!
OvertoneNight (1 month ago)
Roger, I want to help BCH adoption in Brazil. Can you point me in the right direction?
Luxo (1 month ago)
Bitcoin BCH!!!! 😆👍✌👌🌏 BiTCorporation BTC 🖓🖓🖓
635574 (1 month ago)
I see some shill saying it was bitcoin cash dev who stole a tank in a video right under this, and btw its not a tank its a APC. I dont know who it actually was and dont care.
Renaissance Novice (1 month ago)
Keep the videos coming
Patrik Banek (1 month ago)
Keep up the amazing work, love BCH and Liberland!
Jonathan Mogg (1 month ago)
650 Jeepneys in Manila is HUGE. Manila has 20m people the vast majority without a bank account. The visibility of this will not be missed. Also, Joby is a dude.
Kevincarcosa Abadies (1 month ago)
can anyone donate me some btc , to start my journey :(
Geoff Negus (1 month ago)
Your not helping the cause being associated with anything in Monaco. Says it all.
Geoff Negus (1 month ago)
Your not helping the cause being associated with anything in a Monaco,!says it all.
Nietzsky (1 month ago)
https://liberland.org. Gents, I like to play the game but I guard my private phone number, residence like my private keys. What do you expect? => next vlog's subject?
Un Banked (1 month ago)
#redenominate2dominate Remove the dust limits and get that velocity going!
Christo (1 month ago)
Roger why do you always attack bitcoin? Why can you not just say "here is bitcoin cash, this is why its nice..." and move on? Is it really necessary to be on the attack each and every time you speak?
Mariano Esteban Rossi (1 month ago)
Better if you guys (I means all of you , BTH, ETH, LTC, Monero, etc ) put some volume on market otherwise this will turn on a "good intention desert" with well known ended. push, push push!!
Bitcoin is now as cheap as it was back in 2011. If you have a Ledger Hardware wallet you can enter how many bitcoin's you want to send, it will give you the transaction fee. You don't to have any BTC in your wallet for this info. I just entered (100000) One Million BTC price to transfer with "Segwit" is $1.23 with Legacy it's $7.79. My own last personal BTC transaction was 11 cents to transfer $650.00. Bitcoin Cash and Roger Ver needs to stop insulting Bitcoin by providing misleading, false info which is driving people away from bitcoin cash. I use to view Bitcoin Cash in a positive way. No I hate it. Roger Ver sounds like a dirty politician/banker spreading falsehoods and lies.
Maxime Ordureau (1 month ago)
Well well, looks like you're having nice time in Monaco on a yacht. I recognize the background i live nearby ;) . Wouldn't mind meeting you guys.
Jason Bourne (1 month ago)
coinrail got done ....millions of Dent and others got taken :))
Kristen Tred (1 month ago)
I recomend *First Million Road* and have nice profits
Sean Russell (1 month ago)
A full explanation why Blockstream destroyed BTC... https://youtu.be/CP7DfiSBd6s
Michal Pecek (1 month ago)
So a miner doesn't know how to set appropriate fee when sending 4M USD and the supposedly waits a whole day before he calls a buddy, another miner who asks him to pay up in BCH to insert the TX in the next block. Yeah sure and now try the one about 7 dwarfs and Snow White. Please don't tell me that a guy like him doesn't check the proper fee when he is sending 4M USD at the time when all the news is full of Bitcoin crazy fees! https://blockchain.info/tx/31721482f66272e29f28c7045c0c3c24e2edae5f932bd194f88686378e343cda
Michal Pecek (1 month ago)
He supposed to be a pro. Not a guy who is using Bitcoin for the first time. The TX is 3kB. More than 10x of the typical TX and he paid "only" 50USD when he supposed to pay at least 200USD for that size at that time. It was stuck in mempool for 5 days.
jAMES Hans (1 month ago)
Totally his fault for expecting 51$ to be enogh as a fee for a single transaction
Style1.inc (1 month ago)
I have done all the steps then it says service not available just my luck guest I was to late to get some Bitcoin Cash at my address bitcoincash:qr2xg5hz4tlz8wa2p2qq5gxrd9sl2zhd4gmrf28jpy
MrAnnunaki1 (1 month ago)
Good video, 2 visionaries !
Kesevar (1 month ago)
Say a prayer for the weak-minded idiots who fell for the centralized scam known as bcash (bch).
The island on Danube river on border of Croatia and Serbia? There are few of them there, which one is it? Don't you think you can't actually build anything on there as it can easily flood?
If I was ever sure about anything, it would be that Bitcoin (Cash) system will change the world, for the better, and anyone that supports it by either mining, or converting their fiat into BCH, will benefit from it. The Pandora box has been opened. Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin, BTC with SegWit is not and that Lightning, being called as scaling of Bitcoin, is a scam created my bankers to suck you in into a system designed by them (the bankers) to work for them (the bankers) no different to how they designed fiat to work for them.
Tim Tayshun (1 month ago)
I have a question regarding BCH transaction fees at scale. If bitcoin cash reached price parity with bitcoin (BTC as store of value/ BCH as a P2P digital cash system) at say $10K for simplicity, I'd assume mining competition would become similar(?). BCH would obviously have quicker transaction times (assuming lightning bugs still lingering), but how would transaction fees compare? How do we know that miners wouldn't mimic the same supply/ demand forces we see in BTC. Thanks in advance.
Chris G (1 month ago)
Time will tell roger time will tell. So far not so much.
MrHarumakiSensei (1 month ago)
Question: if the lightning network ever proves to be practical, useful and successful, would Bitcoin Cash add it as an (optional) second layer on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain?
Alfonso Rocha (1 month ago)
Bitcoin.com wallet!! yeahhh!! Great Joby :)
Jay M (1 month ago)
Why are all bitcoins valued the same as the last one bought/sold? Shouldn't each be worth the difference between the money put in and taken out divided by number of coins?
MrKain134 (1 month ago)
Hahaha, that story. I am laughing my ass of. He had to pay somebody 4 million. So he made a BTC transfer of 4 million dollars with a 51 dollar fee. But then a day later it was not confirmed yet and that 4 million had turned in tot 3.3 million and the guy was freaking out cause he had to pay somebody 4 million and not 3.3 million and als long as there is no confirmation the exchange rate going down is HIS problem, not the problem of the guy he owed the debt too. So he called his miner buddy who said: I will make it get in the next block for 100 dollars .... in Bitcoin Cash. And the guy trows his phone down ... WHAT? I have to pay Bitcoin Cash to speed up a Bitcoin-BTC transaction???? That's it ... we are getting in to Bitcoin Cash. Also I would like a free t-shirt. Thank you.
YourTV Unplugged (1 month ago)
Okay I get it now... Since his buddy is a miner, he was literally going to make his miner specifically pick his transaction as one of the ones to put into his next mined block, but he didn't want BTC/segwit coin... He wanted Bitcoin Cash in exchange for doing the favor for him! :D Yeah because I mean who would want BTC, especially given the circumstance of the problem he faced, why would he want that problem too! lol :D
Carlos Salinas (1 month ago)
roger gay
Scott Holtzman (1 month ago)
I'm in Crypto for the T-Shirts! @Hexdek16 on Twitter
Johnny Lingo (1 month ago)
Joby Weeks and Roger Ver never had to BUY Bitcoin Cash. They got it for free, so doesn't matter to them whether bitcoin or bitcoin cash succeeds. They win either way
bdsmStore.com (1 month ago)
Your Bitcoin Cash comment should be the first thing people read when they visit bitcoin.com ... put that comment on top of bitcoin.com website to inform more people about BCH. “What Happened to Bitcoin? The Bitcoin Core (BTC) network is in trouble due to high fees and slow transaction times. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the upgrade that solves these problems.” Millions of people visit bitcoin.com Why can’t you put this way up on top of your website to let every single person who visits bitcoin.com know that bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin.

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The miners are interested in finding a nonce which will create a hash with certain characteristics. Lastly, they have to find a random value that they included in the header, which makes the computed hash over that header a value below a particular target. In other words, they do not have to agree to change the protocol. Though there are a few gold diggers attempting to fill their pockets and certain projects that aren`t viable and shouldn`t be encouraged in any way. For users running a complete node, it is a fairly painless procedure to upgrade the software to the newest version. The process of locating a new block to extend the blockchain is known as mining. Proof-of-Work systems utilize cryptographic hashing algorithms to create the action of mining a block a complicated computation. Our software is totally incompatible with altcoins. Changes and modifications to how that it works need to be approved by consensus and every CPU gets a vote. To start with, it`s essential to realize that hardware wallet users control entirely their private keys. Whether you`re bullish or bearish on Bitcoin Gold, you ought not lose your coins as a result of careless mistakes! On the 1 hand, it may result in making a coin that solves all the pending issues. There`s no currency or digital asset named Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Cash increases the range of transactions that may be processed per block. You could send any quantity of money, any place in the Earth, almost at no cost. You`ve made some great money already on the market, but you want more. For a wealthy individual, BTC`s price premium may be viewed as a plus. For someone without lots of money, BCH`s low price may look like a great deal for Bitcoin. If you have some concerns about the worth of Bitcoin after all forks, you need to be ready for a drop. The distinction is that not all of these suffer the chain split. The primary problem is Bitcoin imposes a hard limit on the magnitude of a block, the location where transaction information becomes stored. The end result is many straightforward wallets, called SPV wallets and very commonly found on your phone, will be quite confused about which chain is Bitcoin. In Bitcoin, the most important reason is known as the network effect.