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Wraith Protocol Released! - Verge Set To Moon?

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Verge has seemed to of finished its consolidation period and seems ready to moon! This privacy altcoin is one that we have followed since the beginning of January, and now it seems poised to shoot to the moon early here in 2018. We take a look into the altcoin world of Icon coin, a cryptocurrency using the blockchain to become a massive decentralized network. This is one of the best altcoins of 2018, and is definately a crypto to watch this year. Medium Article on Verge: https://medium.com/@ekryski/verge-xvg-isnt-a-scam-it-s-misunderstood-ab46fb88e55 Verge Website: https://vergecurrency.com/ Cryptocurrency Market Caps: https://coinmarketcap.com/ Top 5 Altcoins Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Top 5 Altcoins to hold in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Les42... Top 5 Altcoins under $1 in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLthj... Create an account at Binance and start trading for free: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15825150
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Text Comments (86)
InspiredSkill (7 months ago)
Can i ask simple question?How Verge will go to the moon with wallets that sucks?!is about month where people are complaining and they still didn't fix it!I have no idea where are my coins now but i gues i will never find out!I am also guesing that this is the reson why the price back down..i am not the only one who loose money..So privet coin with wallet that sucks i think is buble..
Late Grower (7 months ago)
so why verge dropped to $.08 as of today 1/27/18??
Daniel Kelso (8 months ago)
Well this ain’t panning out.
Ali Pinar (8 months ago)
all those shitt coins going to moon,these are groups of guys pump and dump buying a coin and then making a video about it and when you sheeps buy it they sell it!
Cali_Life Style3 (8 months ago)
I have 1600 verge coins at 19 cents let’s hope it goes past a dollar 🙏
beldengi (8 months ago)
You've all been fooled.
Ma R (8 months ago)
Please give me Verge DA23ycnf9aPdX7XyaLEGLMthq7DFqCuZL7 Thx!
GameCore (8 months ago)
i gave you 1900 verge :) check your wallet
manas sarma (8 months ago)
Nothing going as expected...but guys please don't invest like frenzy to become 2x richer the next day...you may get hurt. As far as xvg is concerned it has high competition in the area of privacy coins.
Ben Hansen (8 months ago)
Shetoshies...? :')
Your Altcoins (8 months ago)
I'm an amazing english speaker, this is totally obvious ;D
David Benites (8 months ago)
MintCoin MINT to 5 cents!!!
HeroscapeQuest (8 months ago)
Do you think its to late to get into Verge or Neblio?
islandonlinenews (8 months ago)
HeroscapeQuest that's like asking if it was too late to get into bitcoin at $1, you are early.
Flying Dutchman (8 months ago)
Got in xvg around 900 sato me Hodl or die .
Bobby (8 months ago)
27 cents now back down to 20 lol
CryptoJon (8 months ago)
Mark my words, Distributed Artificial Intelligence (CELL) is the next big thing. 3 months from now, 100x
C R (8 months ago)
XPD KUSH good low cap coins kept weekly profits strong both on CRYPTOPIA
Carlos Marion-Landais (8 months ago)
What is your opinion on Rimbit (RBT)?
Kurai (8 months ago)
I sold verge after that new year fiasco
GameCore (8 months ago)
Verge to the mooooooooooon
GameCore (8 months ago)
Kurai .CSGO haha ;)
Devan Parsly (8 months ago)
How much coke did you huff before making this video? Geezus
Devan Parsly (8 months ago)
Sorry I cant listen to you
Mark Amaranto (8 months ago)
its funny in your chart on binance all the coins on the right are actually all amazing coins
Duke Nukem (8 months ago)
* Bitcoin (BTC) * Etherium (ETH) * EthLend (LEND) - Preparing for take off !!! * EtherParty (FUEL) - Preparing for take off !!! * Horizon State (HST) * Modum (MOD) * Binance (BNB) * VeChain (VEN) * Quantstamp (QSP) * Power Ledger (POWER) * Unikoin Gold (UKG) * 0x (ZRX)
Marco sdcali (8 months ago)
invest in verge and fun fair coin and tron and cardano
Qnz Finest (8 months ago)
Yea and it’s nearly where it started...
mekaniklshouldrs1 (8 months ago)
BLUE to 1 billion. Lets go
TeamDM24 (8 months ago)
SNC (SunContract)! Check it out people! Low market cap, great project, and has a lot of room to go! Please make a video or give me your thoughts on it!!!
JJ BRADDOCK (8 months ago)
lets hope it makes it to $1. Best Privacy protocol going.
BostonBum02 (8 months ago)
Does Bread have Charlie Lee involved in the project? I keep hearing rumors he's in on the project, but can't figure it out. Thoughts?
Derek LaQuatra (8 months ago)
is that you krojack?
pandoro2003 (8 months ago)
I watched you video other videos so I bought some verge, today when I checked it was at 1100 satoshi so I opened an order to sell at 1500 before going to gym just for fun, I was thinking "what are the chances..." guess what happened? it went back to 1400 right after i sold at 1500 lol
Certified Finest (8 months ago)
pandoro2003 lol why’d you delete your comment
Certified Finest (8 months ago)
pandoro2003 dam u rich now bro?
Briand Joyce (8 months ago)
Devil Dog (8 months ago)
Sometimes it takes a day for the nws to get full circulated. Verge to 50 cents to a dollar.
Alfonso Asencio (8 months ago)
Can you do a video on  Footy Cash (XFT) Great Project, Fantasy Sports and Privacy. Low Market Cap
Jin Cheng (8 months ago)
What is your Twitter
Frank Stam (8 months ago)
just purchased some today at 17 cents, lucky me!
Frank Stam (8 months ago)
I sold at 22c ! lol to you mofo
Sunset (8 months ago)
What is the Wraith Protocol?
I got out of verge. APPC is set for blast-off!
Roman N (8 months ago)
Hyperthetical Cryptkeeper same, fuck verge
Eslam Elgazar (8 months ago)
should i sell verge now?
GameCore (8 months ago)
No dont sell hodl
Maarek (8 months ago)
Yes, sell cuz the price is going down to 1000 again
metal garurumon (8 months ago)
Moon time .this Verge is sleeping Giant and possibility overtake Bitcoin
zzzh (8 months ago)
nice joke..
Crypto Gomez (8 months ago)
metal garurumon (8 months ago)
This Verge Will have smart contract in q1 2018. The Same as ethereum. Faster than bitcoin, cheaper than bitcoin. And of course as fast as ripple,. And have ability better than monero. This coin have everything that u want as the real Bitcoin
Devil Dog (8 months ago)
bitcoin takeover? NO. top 10 ? Definitely. Love the enthusiasm though.
KillMe Please (8 months ago)
I fapped to their twitter announcement. It was the best ejaculation i ever head.
"Soon you'll be stroking it thinking about money"-wolf of wall street. ..To force yourself to ejaculate to money or something else with illuminati or esoteric symbology is a ancient form of Sigil Magic. True story
PauloRckOFC (8 months ago)
yeeah verge to the moon !!
Lukaku's First Touch (8 months ago)
LOL Verge is such a joke.
Ik hi (8 months ago)
Jon Snow go back under ur stone and go buy more xpr u head is empty
legend (8 months ago)
Snow Jon nothing know you
Buzz3210 (8 months ago)
Great reply Ha Ha
Buzz3210 (8 months ago)
sounds like you may have missed out and anyway if its a joke what are you doing here
Chris (8 months ago)
Winter is here...
BiggieGames (8 months ago)
oCaVEMaNo87 (8 months ago)
You're my favorite youtuber on cryptocurrency. You update fast on new news, and have good quality, Keep it up manAaa🖒🖒🖒
BostonBum02 (8 months ago)
I found out about coin market cap changes on outliers from this channel! Hours before any other channel. It was huge for my network of friends in crypto trying to figure out what happened.
Yusuf El (8 months ago)
The wraith protocol is a joke what do you expect from a doge coin fork. This is coin is still here because of the community and it looks ‘cheap’ but it in reality it’s expensive
Go Yourownway (8 months ago)
Dude...I was coming to your channel to ask you to do this video. You're quick!
Crypto Fanatic (8 months ago)
Don't miss out on MED now in the top 100 coins and set to be added to several new exchanges shortly. It will take off 5x easily.
Basketball Nation (8 months ago)
Verge to $1
Chris (8 months ago)
The future...
GSHeverything _27 (8 months ago)
Verge is at 24cents now, wowwwwwww
Goham (8 months ago)
you are crazy fast , just saw the announcement 10 mins ago
Damien Whyte (8 months ago)
Check out micro coin RBT (Rimbit) on Cryptopia! Over 700% in the past week with over 4000% for the month and still only a market cap of $2.5m.
Syahmi Imhays (8 months ago)
i bought after i saw your tweet. hope it is not too late
Muhammad Ali (8 months ago)
Have a look at TOA.
Eric Moseley (8 months ago)

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